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  1. ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained are getting a new expansion later this month, the news comes a day after the official ArchAge Twitter account teased that something was coming soon yesterday, and it seems we didn't have long to wait to find out what. Via a press release from gamigo, the upcoming expansion for both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained will hit the games on March 25th and bring with it new quests to tackle, raids to encounter as well as introducing rifles into the game world for the first time. Via the press release: The fantastical online role-playing world of ArcheAge will receive a challenging new skillset. In gamigo’s expansion Akasch Invasion, brave heroes can face the dangers of Erenor in ArcheAge and its Unchained version with new abilities, participate in challenging quests and face the dangers of a new area in exhilarating raids. The update will be available for both versions on March 25. Along with the pre-sale start of Akasch Invasion, various ArcheAge: Unchained bundles will be available on gamigo’s own platform Glyph. ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained are having a busy month. Not only will the expansion be coming here soon, but the two games are currently undergoing server merges or "evolutions" as gamigo is calling it, with the Unchained merge happening last weekend. Additionally, new Fresh Start servers are coming to the MMO (conveniently on the same day as the new expansion, March 25th). The Fresh Start will include one server for EU and one for the NA player bases, and will work like other Fresh Starts by having the Auction House and Instances separated from the older servers. The ArcheAge Reddit is full of players speculating the reason for announcing this so close to the merge, with one Redditor saying this must be a way to recapture those players who quit following the land rush on the new merged servers. Mmopixel website would like to share more information with you. If you want to Buy ArcheAge Unchained Gold, follow our page at Wherever you fall on the Fresh Start spectrum, the new servers will be coming on March 25th, with more information being made available in the coming weeks.
  2. morinaking

    Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga

    At long last, Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga is reaching its epic end. The fourth and final chapter of Episode 5 – Judgment – is expected to arrive on April 27, bringing with it plenty of dragon-related rewards and resolution to a story that's been building steam for the past 18 months. “On April 27, join the fight to save Tyria from an elemental cataclysm – and tip the scales to ensure Jormag and Primordus can’t hide behind their mortal champions forever.” Work your way through the main storyline in Judgment and you'll have the chance to max out your Dragon Slayer mastery and gain access to rare new item drops. You'll also find plenty of new unlockable rewards – including a new cape, a dragon eye infusion to channel your inner Elder Dragon, an icy greatsword skin, and new dragon-themed minis. As part of that epic showdown between the two mighty, elemental dragons, Guild Wars 2 will add a bunch of dragon-linked rewards and an enormous world boss encounter that’ll see up to 80 players dive into the action. If you'd rather not take part in massive, public battles, the encounter will also be available in a "special private squad version" that lets up to 50 friends and guildmates tackle the same challenge. With epic bosses comes epic rewards and this narrative high comes with plenty of extra rewards. Alongside the final update to this season’s Dragon mastery line, players will be able to earn new dragon-themed rewards: a new cape, a dragon eye infusion to channel their inner Elder Dragon, a special icy greatsword skin, and new dragon-themed minis. The chapter drops on April 27, so please prepare some GW 2 gold in advance and get ready to get plunged into the epic finale battle between Jormag and Primordus soon.
  3. morinaking

    WoW Classic Update 1.13.7

    Blizzard posts the patch notes for the latest update to World of Warcraft Classic, providing details on all the new changes for the game. That age of “batching” in World of Warcraft Classic has come to an end with the introduction of Patch 1.13.7 today. Recently, Blizzard released the patch notes for the upcoming 1.13.7 update to World of Warcraft Classic that will come alongside scheduled weekly maintenance. The patch notes list different changes, particularly for various items and game buffs. It will also include several bug fixes and optimize the game's overall performance. According to the patch notes, update 1.13.7 will change the Chronoboon Displacer in World of Warcraft Classic. Players can obtain the Chronoboon Displacer by completing Chromie's quest in Andorhal and use it to store any world buffs for later use, including Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Warchief’s Blessing, and Spirit of Zandalar. However, players can't benefit from extra world buffs until they restore the ones in their current storage using a Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer. The patch will also apply adjustments to make beneficial buffs in World of Warcraft Classic comparable to debuffs. With this new buff priority system, players can HOT the tank freely without worrying about them losing Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer or another important buff. The spell batching window will be reduced from 400ms to 10ms, This will give many players a heightened sense of control when doing all forms of content. The World of Warcraft patch will also make adjustments to various items. It will improve the combat behavior of guardians summoned from items like the Vanquished Tentacle of C’thun or Defender of the Timbermaw, making them readily engage in combat more. The patch also resolves issues with the Barov Peasant Caller trinket and the Eye of the Dead trinket. The new patch will further fix a couple of bugs in World of Warcraft Classic, including the red glow effect of the Cryptstalker Headpiece. It fixes animation issues with the Brimstone Staff and Rhok’delar, Longbow of Ancient Keepers, and lastly City Guards will now properly respond to salute and wave emotes from players. Here are the changes coming to WoW Classic: Chronoboon Displacer Players who complete Chromie’s quests in Andorhal can obtain an ancient artifact of Bronze Dragonflight magic. Use the Chronoboon Displacer to store any world buffs such as Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Warchief’s Blessing, and Spirit of Zandalar for later use. Click the Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer to restore your buffs with their previous remaining durations intact. You may not benefit from additional world buffs until you have restored any that you currently have stored in the Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer. Gameplay Adjustments Beneficial buff priority system Beneficial buffs are now prioritized, similarly to how debuffs have been prioritized. This should help prevent situations where limited-duration or low impact buffs such as Renew, Rejuvenation, or 6-piece set bonuses would “push off” important buffs such as Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer or Flask of the Titans when used on a player that is near the buff limit. Mark of the Champion, Rune of the Dawn, and Seal of the Dawn’s benefits are now marked as “passive” auras and will no longer count towards the player buff cap. Spell batching removed The 400ms “spell batch” window has been reduced to 10ms. This should cause most players abilities to behave in a more responsive way, with damage and healing applied to targets faster. Certain operations in the game now resolve faster, such as purchasing multiple quantities of items from vendors rapidly. Paladin seals will now persist on the Paladin for a very short time after they’re replaced by a different seal, so that “seal twisting” remains possible. Naxxrammas There is now no area of the raised platform in Heigan the Unclean’s encounter space that is safe from Heigan’s mana burn while Heigan himself is on the platform. Fixed a few areas in the Heigan the Unclean encounter space where Plague Waves could overlap and deal double damage. Items Made several fixes and improvements to the combat behavior of guardians summoned from items such as the Vanquished Tentacle of C’thun, Defender of the Timbermaw, and Arcanite Dragonling to make them more likely to engage in combat in a wider variety of situations. Shadow Oil and Frost Oil can now proc while the player is on the Global Cooldown. Developers’ note: Shadow Oil is still bound by an internal cooldown, however, and this is intended. Resolved an issue that caused the Barov Peasant Caller trinket to only spawn 1 Peasant. Resolved several issues with the Eye of the Dead trinket: Spells such as Chain Heal and Prayer of Healing now only consume a single charge. Heal-over-time spells now properly consume a charge when used. Bug Fixes · The Cryptstalker Headpiece is no longer missing part of the red eye glow effect. · Resolved an issue that caused the Brimstone Staff and Rhok’delar, Longbow of Ancient Keepers to not properly animate. · City Guards now once again correctly respond to /salute and /wave emotes. As a reliable WoW Classic gold seller would like to share more news with fans. Welcome to visit our website: If you don't have time to farm WoW Classic gold, it will be a good idea to buy WoW Classic gold.
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    Will you still play Guild Wars 1

    Guild Wars might have been superseded by Guild Wars 2, but the original online RPG game’s still going strong. In last year, it was hit a very special milestone – its 15th anniversary – and, to celebrate, the devs have launched an update packed with shiny new weapons, in-game goodies, and more. The original Guild Wars first came out in 2005. By MMO standards, it’s ancient. Two developers have taken it upon themselves to keep the game alive and, in the process, have figured out how to make it better than it’s ever been. Preserving old games is a monumental challenge in the endless media avalanche year 2021. GW is a totally different game than GW2. Totally! Many folks who love GW don't like GW2 at all. Many players leveled 8 characters to 80 in GW2 and decided they were not having any fun, and returned to GW full-time. Many who love GW2 don't like GW, except as a vehicle to earn HoM points for stuff in 2. There are three campaigns and an expansion in GW. A campaign is a stand-alone game. You can play it with, or without the other campaigns. The expansion, Eye of the North, requires you to have at least one of the campaigns, in order to access the Eye. GW Platinum has Prophecies [the first campaign – set in Tyria] and Eye of the North [the expansion-the one that has the HoM in it.] GW Game of the Year has only Prophecies. This was the original game. GW Trilogy has Prophecies, Factions [the second campaign -- set in Cantha], and Nightfall [the third campaign --- set in Elona.] None of them come bundled with GW2. Most players who like GW, get the Trilogy and Eye of the North expansion. We found some comments from players about the GW: Player A: Supporting GW1 is back-ward thinking. I believe that the company should look forward, to things beyond even GW2. I would not like to see what limited resources they have now being split to support a game which has been on maintenance mode for years. Player B: Guild Wars 1 player base still thrives after well over a decade, but without proper support from devs the game slips further and further each day. Pvp nerfed elite skills are worse than regular skills (for example Savannah Heat vs Searing Heat). There is no reliable way to pack back Arena Net monetarily for the enjoyment we get out of the game (which is important if we want to support/for it to keep running) The community needs support. Despite some not so good reviews, players who like GW still show their love for this game, which is enough to prove the powerful vitality and attractiveness of this game. There are still people playing famed eight-year-old MMO Guild Wars 1, and developer ArenaNet has no intention of abandoning them. Join the millions of players worldwide who have become enraptured by Guild Wars, the award-winning online roleplaying game with no subscription fee required.
  5. Bethesda finally has an expanded version of The Elder Scrolls: Gateway to Oblivion, which includes a movie trailer and detailed information about the year-long adventure. Much like last year's Dark Heart of Skyrim expansion, Gateway to Oblivion will take players on a new adventure in the much-loved game, with multiple content releases scheduled throughout 2021. In this case, Gateway of Oblivion takes place over 800 years prior to the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and takes the quest player to clarify the ambitions and plans of the game's opponent, Dagon. ESO Creative Director Rich Lambert talks about Gates of Oblivion, Blackwood, and how they're unique from and similar to The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. ZeniMax Online Studios revealed the name of the new chapter (or expansion, if you like): Blackwood in Elder Scrolls Online on June 1 (PC/Mac/Stadia) and June 8 (PlayStation and Xbox consoles). In the new vision, ESO Gold still important for this game. Blackwood itself will add a region of the same name (between Cyrodiil and Black Marsh), a new trial version, new Delves/Dungeons/Quests and an all-new companion system that allows you to take adventures almost anywhere in a friendly environment (with the exception of PvP zones and modes) that can be upgraded and equipped with better skills and equipment over time. In addition, the new tutorial will allow you to choose exactly where to start when creating a new character. The first major release comes in the form of the Fire of Ambition DLC pack, which will be released on the console on March 16th, bringing two new PvE challenges to Tamriel - Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. These new Dungeon Quest players will attack Dagon with SH and will see fan-favorite characters like Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Dremora Lyranth join the quest. Things will kick off in a big way on June 8, when the Blackwood chapter begins. This new chapter will add Blackwood to a new area, with 30 hours of new story content related to the Gates of Oblivion adventure as well as new Slim Gate world events. On top of that, it will also add a new companion system, a new 12-player trial version, new public dungeons, standalone quests, world leaders, and updates and quality of life improvements. Fire of Ambition will set the stage for Blackwood in June, which will be the main story chapter of the year. Blackwood will "discover the plans of Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Daedric, 800 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Ob Quest." In addition to 30 hours of main storyline content, Blackwood has added sideline quests and many quality of life features. This extension will also add companions that travel with the player. ESO: Blackwood will be released on PC on June 1st and on PC on June 8th. The Elder Scrolls Online has a big year ahead, and it all starts this March with Flames of Ambition, and then Blackwood in June. For more news and updates on The Elder Scrolls Online, stay right here on mmosky.