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  1. The period of the year dedicated to Team Of The Season has practically arrived, but EA Sports does not give up its usual monthly updates. In fact, on Tuesday 20 April it released the 1.19 patch for the console versions of FIFA 21, after having published it last April 15 on PC and Google Stadia. From 1 October, thanks to the EA Sports FIFA Tracker, the Canadian software house has given all users the opportunity to know all the bugs detected and confirmed in the game, so as to know the situation. So let's see the changes made to the game with Title Update # 14, the official name of the update. Notes on patch FIFA 21 1.19 FIFA Ultimate Team Fixed the following issues: When trying to compare the price on a research consumable item of the club which was in processing phase added to the transfer list, the player could have been taken back to the FUT Hub Transfers screen. when playing as the via team in a Squad Battles match, the equipped The ball object was not used. After giving up a file match during the Weekend League, the next match By default, it highlights the Forfeit Match box during the pause menu instead of the Resume Pairing card. [PS4/PS5/X1/XBX|S/PC Only] The team UI may be incorrect display that some player items were not eligible for the friendly FUT live of the three nations. Placeholder text was visible when trying to create a file new Team later already having the maximum amount of Teams. A specific UI flow involving FIFA Playtime Match limits may result in the game get temporarily blocked on the Squad screen. Changes in patch 1.19 on Career and general aspects Despite the importance of the Ultimate Team mode, EA Sports continues to curate the FIFA 21 Career with patch 1.19, even with just a few simple tweaks. The only point on which the update intervened was the problem according to which the games skipped with Quick Simulation unintentionally contributed to reaching the game limit set on FIFA's playing time. It is a regular update that focuses on some minor issues and bugs, it also makes some corrections in the display of certain things. Having excellent customer service team that works 24 hours every day, we can directly solve your problems and respond to your questions in time. All FUT 21 Coins at are from real and experienced FIFA players. Although mistakes happen during a transaction in online trading, the refund policy still gives you guarantee that you will get your refund if you place orders unsuccessfully or you receive no coins.