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    Wearing 5x5 HD Lace Closure Wig

    Do you know the 5x5 lace closure wigs? Come to have a read. The 5x5 HD lace closure wig is still a relatively new technology, and many ladies are still unsure if they should try this wig. However, undoubtedly, this type of wig can add some beauty to any wearer. More than that, it looks natural and people won’t be able to see the difference compared with your natural hair. Today we delve deeper into why you should consider choosing a 5x5 HD lace wig. Why Should You Wear a 5x5 HD Lace Closure Wig? The 5x5 HD full lace 613 wig offers a more natural look compared to other types of wigs. The way they are built makes it almost undetectable for other people to see it, which is exactly what people want to achieve when choosing a wig. So if a wig that will make you look more natural is the thing you’re concerned about, this is certainly a good choice for you. The lace is extremely delicate and cannot be easily cut or manipulated, therefore it will help preserve the integrity of the lace material. This design is meant to help preserve the integrity of the original lace so that the hairline can be preserved and the hair never sees the inside of the wig. You can bleach or dye them to match your skin tone. This option opens many opportunities as it is a great choice that you can use for different occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, or graduation ceremonies. Additionally, they also come pre-plucked, meaning you will save time and money and won’t have to go through the struggle of plucking your 5x5 613 hair color. More than that, the hd 5x5 lace closure wigs are glueless and that’s what sets them apart as well. Many people are allergic to glue, not even having to mention the struggle that you have to go to put it on and take it off so this advantage puts it way ahead of any other choices. Wigs made out of synthetic hair are not of high quality and will not last long. However, the 5x5 HD lace wigs are made of human hair and are very high quality, meaning they will last for a long time. In the end, it is worth investing in a good quality 5x5 HD lace wig as opposed to a synthetic hair one. The 5x5 HD lace wigs are soft and smooth, just like your own hair. This also means that you will have to treat your wig on the same level as your hair - if you want it to last longer, just make sure you take care of it. You don’t have to buy separate hair products for your wig - the same products that you use for your natural hair can be used too. These wigs will also help you protect your hair. Low-quality wigs can significantly damage your hair, but HD human lace front wigs will not only enhance your look but also protect your hairline from dirt, dust, and sun rays. As you can see, this 5x5 HD type of wig is highly reliable, popular, and has a great reputation. They are also affordable, easy to do, and free of chemicals and toxins. They are the best choice for people who want to keep their natural hairline and look their best.
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    Top-Quality 3 Straight Wigs Online

    I will introduce them one by one for your references, please kindly read on. 1. Long Straight Hair Wigs Different hair lengths reflect different feelings. For example, straight human hair long wigs always make a woman look charming and mature. I always find girls with long hair is gorgeous. It takes a long time to grow hair. Especially from short hair to long hair middle of the process to raise the most difficult. Getting a long straight for yourself is easier and more convenient. 2. Straight Lace Front Wigs Firstly, I have to commend a high-cost performance wig type of lace wigs - cheap lace front wigs. According to different lace sizes, there are different types of lace wigs. Including lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, etc. Lace front wigs are the most popular of all these lace wigs. Then I will list some advantages of lace front wigs as below: 1) Natural And Complete Hairline Every lace front wig has a 13 inches wide lace frontal that can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. In this way, people can get a complete hairline, a more natural and real wig look. It also can help you to create the best styling result. 2) Comfortable And Breathable Compared to regular hair wigs without lace or lace closure wigs, lace front wigs have greater lace areas. Customers will feel more comfortable and breathable after wearing them. It is tight and busy for modern people to work and live. So it is important for them to feel peace and ease while wearing a wig. Straight lace front colored hair wigs can be a good choice. 3) Easy To Restyle Lace front wigs not just only have one color or one texture. You can restyle them by yourself at home fast and easily. 3. Straight HD Lace Front Wigs All the lace wigs in Yolissa Hair are made of high-quality Swiss laces. Next, I will introduce an upgraded version of Swiss lace - HD lace. HD lace is a high definition lace that is more transparent, lighter, thinner than regular Swiss lace. An HD lace front wig can melt into all skin colors perfectly. The HD lace will take you to the new height, wear your 613 bob wigs confidently without the fear of having your lace shown. Besides, all HD lace wigs have an extra 8% off now with code “HDWIG”. Come and get one. 4. Why Choose Straight Wigs? 1) Classic Look Straight hair is a regular hairstyle, but it is also the most classic one. The advantage of a classic is that it never goes out of date. And straight hair wigs are suitable for all ages, no matter you are a young girl or a mature woman. 2) Easy To Maintain Compared to other wavy hair wigs, straight hair wigs don’t have any curls and waves. So they are always not easy to get tangled and also are easier to maintain. Straight hair wigs offer convenience for people.
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    T Part Wig vs Lace Front Wig

    In this blog, we will introduce it in detail to help you understand this new product. For example, lace wig, headband wig, u part wig etc, but today a new arrival wig will be presented, that is T Part Wig. Sounds unfamiliar, right? What Is A T Part Wig? The lace width of the T Part wig in the front is 13 inches from temple to temple and 5 inches depth in the middle of the parting space and 1-inch width at the end of parting space. As the picture shows that it looks like a T shape, that’s why we call it a T Part wig. There are two clips at both side of the cap, and one in the back. The adjustable strap can be adjusted according to your head measure so that the wig will be stable and comfortable to wear. T Part Wig vs Lace Front Wig Compared with T Part 613 lace front wig, lace frontal wig has a larger lace size in 13 inches in width by 4 inches in depth. Besides the lace area, there are some discrepancies between them. As to parting space, the lace frontal wig can be parted freely, but the T Part wig suits the middle part merely due to the limited lace area. Another discrepancy is price, the cost of lace frontal wig is higher than T Part wig’s although they are made of the same premium quality human virgin hair. We all know that the cost of superb Swiss lace is a little expensive. Less lace area means cheaper cost. How To Wear T Part Wig? The method to install a T Part wig is akin to other wigs, so there will have several brief steps for your reference. Step 1: Braid your hair into cornrows, and wear a wig cap to prevent damage to your edges while applying the glue. Step 2: Put on the wig and make sure it aligns with your natural hairline, then cut off the excess lace. Apply wig glue along your edges and blow-dry it. Step 3: Pull out some strands of hair, and cut to create the baby hairs, use hair mousse to lay the baby hairs, then tie a scarf over the edges for a few minutes. Step 4: Apply some foundation or concealer to the parting and make it look like scalp, then use a stick wax and hot comb to flat the hairline and parting. Step 5: Keep the wig original look, or restyle, like crimped, perms, or curled, etc. That’s up to you. How to Wash T Part Wig? Washing the T Part wig is simple as well. Firstly, detangle the wig using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb before washing. Secondly, use the lukewarm or cool water to rinse from roots and ends and apply special shampoo throughout the hair, then rinse the hair with clean water. Thirdly, apply conditioner to the hair and avoid the roots because the conditioner would damage the knots and rinse again with cool or lukewarm water. Lastly, using a towel to pat the hair gently and hold it on a mannequin, and air-dry. Where To Buy T Part Wig? Yolissa Hair as a trusted human virgin hair extensions supplier aims to provide top-notch & affordable water wave frontal to our clients. Our team is timely to innovate and chase the trends to ingratiate the demands of women and helps women exude their glamour. In our store, you could rock the natural black, burgundy color, and honey blonde color T Part wig in different hair textures, the hair length in 12-26 inches is in store presently. Enjoy the discount and get your hair slayed. Anything about hair shipping, you can come to yolissa hair tracking.
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    Need Summer Sale Of Human Hair Wigs?

    Most people hate the hot, humid summers. But for some people, they also think summer is an attractive season. 1. Summer Is Coming The beauty of a woman regardless of the season. Many women are starting to plan for their new summer looks. A suitable hair wig is a must-have for summer. Winter passed, spring slowly in the past, the temperature is rising, that summer is not far away. Yolissa Hair has prepared a special summer sale for all new and old customers. With the summer sales in full swing, it makes sense to stock up on hair wigs for the coming summer. Please kindly read on and get more information about the summer sale, and create a breath-taking ensemble for the summer. 2. Summer Sale There's a growing appreciation that superficially similar groups of customers may have very different preferences in terms of what they want to buy and how they want to buy it. No matter what kind of hair wigs customers buy, they can enjoy the discount - an Extra 6% Off For All Wigs. With code SUMMER6, and even 7% off for two or more wigs with code SUMMER7. Buy more, save more. 3. Hair Wigs Recommendations For Summer Temperatures vary with the season. When summer comes, the air is stuffy and the temperature is so high. Sometimes the temperature in summer will creep up to just above 40 degrees. During this time, people are paying more for slimmer hair products. They prefer their hair wigs are more breathable, lighter, and more comfortable. All the hair products in Yolissa Hair are well breathable with 100% human virgin hair and imported thin net. People may not feel hot even when wearing them in summer, and they have no side effects, either. Below are some suitable hair wigs for summer just like the loose deep wave lace front wig, please kindly check. 3.1 HD Lace Wigs The reason Yolissa Hair recommends this HD lace wig is that because it has very light, soft, and thin HD lace. Different from regular Swiss laces, HD laces are super-thin, light-weight, and more comfortable for scalps. Wearing an HD lace wig not only comfortable but also can make the hairline more natural and highly undetectable. HD laces can melt into the scalp perfectly, and match all skins, no more lace tinting. There are four different lace sizes of HD lace wigs: HD 5x5 lace closure wigs, HD 6x6 lace closure wigs, HD 13x4 lace frontal wigs, HD 13x6 lace frontal wigs. People can choose their preferred HD colorful ombre wigs according to different needs. 3.2 Short Bob Wigs Summer with short bob hair will be absolutely amazing. Not just for comfort, layered bob wigs also can give volume and movement to the hair. Besides, a bob wig works well with both wavy hair and straight hair. And short bob wigs are also easier to maintain than long wigs. And we have a flash sale for bob wigs next week. Lowest to $35! And the most important is it can be shipped out in 24 hours for United States address, you can get it in 2-5 working days! Please pay attention to our flash sale next week and snap up! 3.3 Headband Wigs It should also be mentioned is headband wigs. Headband wigs are different from regular lace wigs. They are with ice silk fabric and Velcro at the back. Headband wigs only need 1-2 minutes to install with glue and easy to take off. It is suitable for busy girls and beginners. People can change wig styles easily by changing headbands. Every customer who buys a headband wig in Yolissa Hair can get three pieces of free headbands as a gift. If you want to see the coupons about human hair wigs, you can come to yolissa hair wholesale.
  5. You will find that HD lace wigs are always a hot commodity and also the hottest in the wigs market now. No matter you are new customers or regular customers, all of them like these HD lace wigs. 1. Advantages Of HD Lace Wigs HD lace wigs are one kind of lace wigs. The lace types of HD lace wigs in our store include HD 13x4 lace frontal wigs, HD 13x6 lace frontal wigs, HD 5x5 Lace Closure Wigs, HD 6x6 Lace Closure Wigs. The hair textures of HD lace wigs include water wave, body wave, straight, loose deep, deep wave, curly. If you want other hair textures, you can contact send messages to us, we also offer customized services. A. Lace Is Very Light, Soft & Thin, Comfortable For Scalp HD means “High Definition”, because HD laces are ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra-soft, and high definition laces. Everyone will feel comfortable and breathable after wearing them. B. Make The Hairline More Natural & Highly Undetectable The thinness and lightness of Brazilian u part wigs HD lace can make the hairlines more natural, more real, and highly undetectable. C. Melt Into Scalp Perfectly & Match All Skin, No More Lace Tinting The lace color of HD lace wigs is more transparent than regular transparent laces. So HD lace wigs can melt into scalps perfectly, and also can match all skin colors. People no need to do lace tinting. Many customers have been facilitated by HD lace wigs. 2. HD Lace Wigs Recommendations Believe everyone has had a basic acquaintance with HD lace wigs according to the above information. Then I will start to introduce some typical HD lace wigs in Yolissa Hair. 1) HD 13x6 Lace Frontal Wigs The HD 13x6 lace frontal wigs are the most popular ones of all the HD blonde lace front wig. Because this HD 13x6 lace frontal wig has the biggest lace area of all lace types. An HD 13x6 lace frontal wig will be lighter and more breathable than other HD lace wigs. And it also will make your wigs look more real and natural. 2) HD 5x5 Lace Closure Wigs 3) HD 6x6 Lace Closure Wigs HD 5x5 lace closure wigs and HD 6x6 lace closure wigs are similar. They are both different from HD lace frontal wigs. The HD lace areas of these two HD lace closure wigs are both smaller than the above 13x6 HD lace frontal wigs. And 6x6 HD lace closures are a little bigger than 5x5 HD lace closures. The main advantages of these two HD lace closure wigs are easier installations and cheaper prices. As the width of a lace closure is not as wide as the lace frontal. You can install a lace closure wig directly, even no need to use glue to secure it. It is more convenient than installing a lace frontal wig. Besides, lace closure wigs have smaller lace areas, so the prices of HD lace frontal wigs will also be more competitive and affordable. Maybe you can come to Yolisaa Hair for a look.
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    Hot Typical Water Wave Wigs Recommendation

    So do you know the wet human hair wigs? Have you found your favorite hair wigs? Which kind of hairstyle do you prefer? Wet look or dry look? We will talk about wet looks and dry looks today. 1. What Is Water Wave Hair? Water wave is one of the most special and featured hair curls. The shape of curls is like its name, as the water ripples. Water wave has moderate tightness hair curls. The water wave hair curls are not as tight and small as curly hair and are also not as loose as loose wave. I think that is the main reason why most women like water wave hair texture. Water wave have two different looks: wet look and dry look. 2. Wet Look Or Dry Look? Wet look and dry look are different hair looks each with their own advantages and disadvantages. I can’t say which one is better. You also just need to choose the one you prefer. 1) Fullness By the hair fullness, the dry look is fuller. On the other hand, the wet look is a little flat and thin. So the dry look can improve the volume and feel of a water wave hair wig. 2) Aesthetics Aesthetically, the dry look will be a little frizzy and lifeless. The wet look is brighter and more energetic like 360 frontal wigs. 3. Typical Water Wave Wigs Recommendation Having said all that, next I will do some useful recommendations for you all. 1) Water Wave 16-36 Inches 13x4 Lace Front Wigs This water wave long 13x4 lace front wig is always one of the best-selling water wave hair wigs in Yolissa Hair. Why it is always so popular? As we said above, the chic hairstyle definitely is one of the main reasons. Besides, 13x4 lace front wigs also are one of the most popular lace wigs which can offer women natural and real wig looks in their daily lives. And the longest hair length also has reached 36 inches that are more suitable for winter now. 2) #27 Honey Blonde Water Wave 13x4 Lace Front Wigs The hair color 27 water wave 13x4 lace front wig is similar to the above water wave long 13x4 lace front wig. The main difference is this colored wig has a more attractive #27 honey blonde hair color than the original black hair color. If you want to chase for a different look this winter. This wig will be a great choice for you. 3) Water Wave 5x5 Closure Wigs The main feature of this water wave 5x5 lace closure wig is its 5x5 lace closure. As the lace sizes of lace closure wigs are smaller than lace front wigs. The installation of this water wave lace closure wig is also more convenient and easier. It is especially friendly for beginners. The prices are also more competitive and affordable. 4) Water Wave 8-14 Inches Short Bob Hair Wigs Have introduced water wave long hair wigs above, now I will introduce a water wave short bob wig. Short hairstyles have different feelings to long hairstyles. Water wave short bob wigs make people look chic and lively. What’s more, short hair wigs are also easier to maintain. 5) Wet And Wavy Water Wave 13x4 Lace Front Wigs This wet and wave water wave 13x4 lace front wig is a magical water wave hair wig. Straight hair can turn into water wave after being wetted by water. Water wave hair also can be straightened to straight. One wig gives you two different hairstyles. Hope you can get the human hair wigs you like.
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    Top Hot HD lace wigs in Yolissa Hair

    Do you know hd lace wigs online? You can choose a wig that suits you according to your preferences or face shape. Come with me to learn about this hd lace wigs. For example, an oval face is considered by the public to be the most ideal and standard face shape, and its proportions are good. If you have this face shape, then almost every wig fits you well. If you have a square face, avoid straight hair and angular hairstyles. You can choose a layered or wavy style with a certain length to soften the angle of your face. If the face is rounder, the lower part will look more plump and round. You can choose a longer wig to complement the round face. For a heart-shaped face, you can choose a wig with some long and fine bangs on the forehead. Try to avoid a wig with a plump or high head, which will make the chin more narrow and disproportionately. If you have a long face, you must find ways to increase the width and reduce the length. You can consider wave-shaped or other curly wigs to supplement the width and volume of the face. Today in this article we will analyze HD human lace wigs with different curvatures for you. If you want to know more, just keep reading. HD deep wave hair wig The HD deep wave wig is made of high-definition lace and deep wavy virgin 613 bob wigs. First of all, the HD lace is very light and breathable, and it looks like it is invisible on the scalp. It is difficult for people to detect the wig. Compared with wave curling, deep waves have a smaller degree of curvature and more waves, and their bending directions are facing the same direction. They are very regular and look smaller and more subtle. The HD deep wave wig will give you a very natural look as if it is naturally growing from your scalp. This wig is very smooth and tight, and it can also be integrated with other types of wigs. If you have a more reserved and introverted personality, then this cute-looking wig is perfect for you. HD curly hair wig The HD curly wig is currently the favorite of wig lovers. This frontal wigs human hair has a tighter and more delicate curvature than a wave wig, has an irregular texture, and looks very plump and fluffy overall. This HD curly lace wig is very similar to the natural hair of intangible cultural heritage Americans, and with the effect of HD lace, it can be perfectly blended with human hair, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is human hair or wig. Curly hair can make you look more energetic and youthful. If you want to wear a wig in sultry weather or need to wear a wig for a long time, we suggest you consider a wig. In addition to making you more fashionable and energetic, It can keep your scalp in natural circulation with air, giving you the most comfortable experience. HD body wave hair wig The curvature of the high-definition wavy wig presents the letter "S" shape. Compared with the first two wigs, the body wavy wig has a larger curvature, which is the wave produced by curling larger straight hair. The wig provided by Yolissa Hair Mall is made of the best original hair and Swiss lace, without any irritating chemical process, avoiding the problem of damaging your scalp. The wavy wig looks more mature and natural. This wig is more versatile. Any person with temperament can control it perfectly. Different people will show different effects. They may be sexy and charming, or they may be Gentle and elegant. HD straight hair wig The HD straight hair wig does not have any curled parts and looks more healthy and natural. With a thick jet-black shawl and straight hair, it hangs in mid-air like a black waterfall. Straight hair has different lengths and shorts, and the results are different. Some people may look more subtle and gentle with long straight hair, while others may look cool and have a more direct personality with short straight hair. Of course, straight hair wigs will also exude a different breath according to your own temperament. The reason why straight hair is so popular is that it is relatively easy to take care of and it is convenient to create different hairstyle effects. HD water hair wig HD water wavy hair is the best-selling wig in the market today. Its curling degree is greater than that of curly hair and less curled than wavy wigs, just like ripples rippling from the water. Its curling direction is facing the opposite place, so the wig will look larger and fluffy, and it looks very dense. If you want to make your hair look very dense, you can consider this wig. In addition, this wig is easy to maintain, and you don’t need to engage in some special care steps. As long as you carefully maintain it in the correct way, you can guarantee a long life. HD loose deep hair wig The HD loose deep wave hair curls like a spiral, very similar to the deep wave, but the loose deep wave wig separates further than the deep wave. Compared with straight hair, you need to spend more time and energy to clean and maintain. Of course, if you pay a reward, this wig will make your wig more feminine and look more beautiful. At the same time, it can well modify your face, increase the volume of your hair, and weaken your facial imperfections to a certain extent. If you choose this wig, it will definitely attract people's attention continuously. The wigs of the HD series are wigs that allow the scalp to breathe naturally. The high-quality Swiss lace provides you with an absolutely comfortable wearing experience. Different curvatures will also bring different effects. You can choose a wig that suits your face shape and style based on the knowledge points shared above. If you want to get high-quality cheap human hair wigs at the best price, then you can browse the Yolissa Hair Mall, where there are 8A-level styles and types of wigs for you to choose from. Come to Yolissa to select the human hair wigs you like such as human hair headband wig.
  8. Come to know some knowledge about the hairstyles of female characters. Harry Potter is a series of magical literary novels written by British writer J.K. Rowling from 1997 to 2007, with a total of 7 novels. The series has been translated into 75 languages and published in more than two hundred countries. The total sales volume of all editions is 500 million, ranking it among the best-selling novels in the world. Warner Bros. Pictures of the United States converted these 7 episodes of novels into 8 movies. With a total box office revenue of US$7.8 billion, it is the most popular film series in global history. Every role in the movie is loved by the audience. But today we will mainly analyze the hairstyles of female characters in movies. 1. Hermione Granger Hermione is one of the main female characters in the movie, and I'm sure a lot of people love this clever, quirky little girl. When Hermione was a child, her hair was mostly straight but very thick, like the Kinky Straight hair. Sometimes, the curvature of her hair is obvious. After comparing many pictures, I think her hair is more like a loose deep wave. Loose deep wave hair is better managed than deep wave hair, and the curvature is more pronounced than body wave hair. So if you want the same hairstyle as Hermione, you can buy a loose deep wave wig then cut a bang. 2. Ginevra Weasley Ginevra's hair is typically straight. It's not straightened by the hair straightener, but straight bob lace frontal in its natural state. With brown color, it makes the whole person look so quiet. The color of her hair looks more like the #8 color. If you like this color, you can try dying your hair at home. Or you can also buy brown wigs. There are many different brown colored wigs on the market and you can choose the one you like. Maybe you can try human hair headband wigs. 3. Luna Lovegood Luna is one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter. She was a bit eccentric but she had a great insight into human nature. Her golden hair made her look like a fairy to me. Like Hermione, Luna's hair was also straight most of the time. Her hair was also fluffy and thick. Her hair texture is more like body wave hair. Body Wave Hair is easy to create and all you need is a curling iron. If you would like to buy a wig like her hair, then #613 blonde wig is your best choice. 4. Bellatrix Lestrange She is probably a character that many people hate when they mention it. She is cold-blooded and vicious, has a sadistic nature, and has almost abnormal worship of Voldemort, willing to do evil for Voldemort. So black curly hair is more in line with her character. But the curvature of her hair is not fixed. Sometimes it looks like deep wave hair, sometimes it looks like water wave hair. If you want to try different types of hair but are afraid of harming your hair, then you can buy lace front wigs human hair. If you do not know how to choose the wig you want, come to Yolissa Hair. We will help you find the wig you want. Hope you can come to Yollissa Hair soon.
  9. yolissahair

    How To Maintain Healthy Human Hair Wigs?

    If you are going bald as a result of chemo then these real lace front wigs can be a lifeline for you. Real hair wigs are effectively accessible at our online wig shop or real wig store. In reality, the real hair wigs are profoundly sturdy and can last up to 1-2 years. Real hair wigs also need be looked after just like your own hair. Consequently, it is of extreme significance to look cautiously after your hairpiece. If you desire a beautiful and dazzling look, contribute with some quality time with a negligible effort to your hair wig care. In the event that you are not aware of the appropriate method to upkeep your hairpiece then leave it to us to guide you. Today we will introduce you to a few helpful hints which you can use to expand the life expectancy of your wigs. Wash your real hair wigs frequently Wearing wigs doesn‘t stop you from washing your colorful ombre wigs fuzz. Real human hair wigs should be washed frequently as it is natural hair and requires care. The real hair wigs also get tangled just like your own hair and untangling your wig should be done the same way. The untangling of hair helps in the smooth washing of your hair. While washing the real hair wigs, put them in a bowl or bath and marginally wet them. This progression will forestall the tangling of hair in the bowl. You can then apply a modest quantity of a decent quality cleanser on wig hair to shape a slim foam froth. After that, complete the washing of your hair by using a smooth towel. Take care not to wring or rub the wig hair while air dry it. You should be very careful though, washing your wigs frequently is advised but washing them too frequently can lead to breaking of the hairdos. Pay attention to the products you use We are conscious that you have invested a very decent amount of money in buying a human hair lace wig, but your wigs cannot heal themselves just like your natural hair. That is why we suggest that you choose high-quality hair products to prevent damaging your t part wigs. Purchasing the products for your human hair wigs is crucial as this will ensure your wig will last for a long time. After drying your wigs, apply a decent quality conditioner to keep them freeze free. The best approach to keep your trim front wigs prepared to style is to drape them on a wig that represents drying and when not being used. An appropriate human hair wig will give you the best styles; truth be told, ribbon front wigs are an incredible channel to display your sharp nature through various wigs. Avoid factors that may damage your human hair wig One of the main reasons for the staining of real hair wigs is the effect of direct sunlight. Thus, you can always wear a scarf when going out in direct sunlight. Additionally, exposure of your wigs to hot water, salt water, and chlorinated water will lead to the staining of your wig. Also, wearing your wigs to bed can lead to damaging and slowly destroying the wig, which you may want to avoid. The best solution for that is to have a wig stand smaller than your wig head in order to prevent your wig from losing shape as a result of stretching. Keep in touch with your hair stylist Despite the fact that wigs give incredible adaptability to styling your real wig hair, styling it is a ton of unexpected errands in comparison to styling your common hairs. Thus, we recommend routinely counseling your beautician to get some personalized tips that will help you maintain your favorite style. There are other tips and factors that may influence your human hair lace wig’s lifespan, however, starting with the ones above will already insure your respect for the basics as a wig owner and your investment is bringing you to return on a longer-term. Hope you can come to see yolissa hair wigs.
  10. yolissahair

    Why choose a body wave wig?

    If you have lost part or all of your hair, or maybe you just want to try a new hairstyle and don’t want to dye your hair, cut your hair, you might consider wearing a wig. The quality and price of wigs vary, so for beginners, searching is quite difficult. I hope this blog can help those who don’t know much about wigs. There are two kinds of wigs: synthetic and human hair, As you guess, human hair provides the most natural look... There are so many options for human hair wigs. Today, we will mainly introduce the body wave wig. What is a body wave lace wig? Body wave wig is a kind of wig with various lengths and lace sizes, it has a loose curl and a natural looking wave. The body wave 13*6 wig and body wave 13*4 wig are hot selling, you also can choose different lace to fit your skin: Swiss HD lace with transparent color or Swiss Lace with middle brown color. If you are ready for a party or other occasions, this wig also supports different colors, such as 613 color or brown color. Why choose a body wave wig? 1.Natural Looking The natural color body wave ombre wigs do not use chemicals for style or bleach, you can use it in its natural color or color it according to your need. The wigs are pre-plucked with baby hair, it looks very natural. 2 . Free shedding You will not regret to choose the body wave, the wig was sewed by hair bundles with front or closure, the front or closure with double machine weft, it is tight and neat, the bundles are soft, tick and silk. So the wig is very hard and long last .no shedding, no tangle, and entirely hand sewed. 3: Durability The body wave wig is extremely durable, allowing you to straighten it with a hair iron and other tools just like you would use your hair, If you want to wear it body wavy again, please wash your hair gently. It is recommended that you let it air dry, as it may cause excess volume or uneven texture. 4: loose curl Many people said that the body wave wig can't keep wavy or curly after they washing it. Almost all people have this problem, it is because the bode wave does not use chemicals to keep the curl. The body wave wig is very natural human hair. How to take care of a body wave wig? Proper maintenance is essential to prolong the service life of 613 lace frontal wigs. If properly maintained, the typical lifespan of human wigs may be as long as several years. Firstly, the wig needs to detangle from top to end by using fingers, or a Wide-tooth comb. Second, put the hair in co-water or warm water for 5-10minutes, washing it with gentle shampoo once a week. and then use the conditioner to deep condition it. Third, using a hairdryer to dry the wig or let it dry naturally, then comb it with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. We do not suggest you always restyle the wig or over bleach it, which may hurt the lace and cause problems. Last, apply some natural oil to the hair to help the hair soft and wet, especially at the end and crown. Come to get one!
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    Common Mistakes About Wigs

    Hello: Ladies and Gentlemen! Usually, human hair wigs are more fragile than our hair, especially for colored hair. So if we want to achieve the maximum lifespan and the best appearance of our wigs, it’s very important to take proper care of the human hair wig. There are some commons mistakes about using wigs. 1. Too much Heat Heating Tools make it easy to manage the style of your wig. But when your wig comes to synthetic, applying too much heat will damage your hair. If you are not sure whether your wig can be heated, please read the label before ordering. Yolissa hair offers 100% human hair wigs like 613 bob wigs, there will be no problem to use a curling wand or straight iron on it, the hair just like our own biological hair. 2. Improperly washing your piece Do you know how to wash your wigs the right way? First and foremost, that will be better to use the products formulated and the comb designed for wigs. Also, using cool water to wash your wigs rather than hot water. Too hot water will cause hair shedding. And Do you have any idea about how often should the wigs be washed? Every 5 or 6 weeks will be good. However, if you’re around heavy smoke or strong odors of any kind, you should wash it more often. 3. Purchasing inappropriate wig size Wearing the wrong wig's size must be uncomfortable, if the wig size is large, wigs could slip, if it’s small, you will feel tight, or worse, you will feel headache. Therefore, choose the right cap size is very important. Measuring for a wig is very easy, here is a picture for your reference. Did you measure it correctly? And I would like to say, at Yolissa online shop, you can purchase wigs in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. While medium size wigs tend to fit about 95% of customers. Well, If you don’t have any wig when you read this blog, you should not miss Yolissa 100% human hair wigs. And I would love to share with you some of our top-selling wigs. First one, Hd lace body wave lace front wigs. Real Hd lace wig, high quality, no shedding, no tangle and most important, hd lace match all skins, I believe you will love it. Second one. Curly Hd transparent lace wig, new arrival, we have 5*5 lace closure wig, 6*6 lace closure wig, and 13x6 lace front wig, you can choose the type that you like. The last one, straight headband wigs like Coily Hair Headband Wigs, and it’s very friendly to the beginner, only need 5 minutes to install, no glue no lace, you will love it.
  12. yolissahair

    Headband Wigs

    Hello: Do you know headband wigs? The human hair wigs are fashionable in 2020, especially in recent months. As a kind of enduring new hair wig, headband wigs have many advantages, today I will talk about it in detail. 1. What is the headband wig? Every wig in Yolissa Hair is made by 100% human virgin hair bundles, so do headband wigs. The difference between a headband wig and a lace wig is about the usage of lace. A headband wig doesn’t have lace, it is only made of ice silk fabric with Velcro at back. A breathable elastic net cap covers 3/4 of your head, an ice silk headband covers the rest part. So it is also called a human hair half wig. 2. How to install headband wigs? Headbands wigs are user-friendly hair wigs. Normally you only need to take 2 minutes and 5 steps to complete an installation. 1) Brush your hair backward 2) Wear and tight the wig with Velcro 3) Makeup your baby hair naturally 4) Wear a headband and do stylish as you like 5) Exchange hairstyles freely 3. How many styles can you get for 1 headband wig? A headband wig can support you to have multiple different hairstyles. We will talk about it today from three aspects below: 1) Hair textures There are eight different hair textures available on our website now, including curly, loose deep, deep wave, straight, body wave, kinky straight, afro kinky curly, water wave. You can pick up one of your favorites directly. 2) Hairdo Headband wigs can support to do some simple and classic hairstyles, you can do ponytails or buns, or you can just put your hair down directly. 3) Hair accessories Hair accessories also can assist you in doing hairstyles. Like glitter crystal headbands, rhinestone headbands, hairbands, ribbons, and scarves. Now buy one headband wig in Yolissa Hair, you can two pieces free headbands as a gift. And you also can get the crystal and rhinestone headbands at a low price from the “bonus buy” on the checkout page. 4. Why headband wig is popular? Fashion is changeable that the forgotten eventually gets picked up again, to be re-conditioned to be deemed fashionable - in a retro way. Headband wigs also come back into fashion in this way. As in recent years, retro style is very popular and it has always stood on top of the trend. That’s why headband wigs introduced the craze for this kind of hair wigs and most people are wild about this new hair product. 5. Headband wigs buy one get one free Buy one get one free wig is a new sales-promotion method in Yolissa Hair, also named wigs combo sales. You can get two headband wigs in different hair textures or different hair colors in one order. Besides, we will also offer five pieces headbands randomly as a free gift for your headband wigs combo order. Colorful headbands can help you complete the hairstyles every day. Do you join the big promotion--Black Friday! Good news! Yolissa has many coupons even if the festival has been gone.
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    Human hair wigs--Beginner-friendly Wig

    I will introduce some knowledge about human hair wigs. There are the top 7 key Points of a Beginner-friendly Wig. (1) Glueless Cap The fact is that many women prefer the convenience of glueless full lace wigs. Some women are not looking for long-time wear, those who wear wigs for beauty and fashion purposes, for example, so they will appreciate being able to easily take off their wigs before going to sleep each night. No tape or glue, therefore, makes applying and removing a wig a very quick and convenient choice. (2) With an Elastic Band Add an elastic band to a glueless cap will help better secure the wig and flatten the hairline. (3) A Cheaper Closure Cap Instead of a Frontal Cap What is the difference between lace closure wigs and frontal wigs? Both them are cheap lace wigs human hair. Firstly, unlike sew-in lace frontal wigs, owning a lace closure hairpiece doesn't require a whole lot of experience to care for and maintain it. The most work you could ever do on lace closure wigs or extensions is washing, conditioning, and styling it. For lace closure wigs and extensions, it technically involves taking it off at the end of the day and putting it back on the next day. Whether you're going for a sew-in or lace closure wig, they typically last longer than a frontal, with proper maintenance Second, with the same parting inches, the size of a lace frontal is larger than a lace closure, which means it needs more hair and hand-tying work. For this reason, lace frontals are normally more expensive than lace closures. And thus, human hair lace front wigs are more expensive than a lace closure wig. What does "bleached knots" mean? It is the method to hide visible hair knots on your wig. Bleached knots make the hair appear like it is growing from the scalp. The bleaching of knots involves chemical processing that alters the hair. If you do not wanna bleached knots by yourself, you could buy Premade Fake Scalp Wigs, which have bleached knots.(4) Bleached Knots (5) A Pre-plucked Hairline And what is a pre-plucked hairline? The pre-plucked hairline is the natural-looking hairline that has pre-plucked baby hair. When a wig is pre-plucked, the density of hair on the forehead is thin, which is exactly how it is in the real hairline. If you look at your hair strands, you will see some short baby hair around your hairline as well. Two of the common mistakes a wig beginner often makes are over-bleaching and over-plucking. So buying a wig with bleached knots and a pre-plucked hairline is very important. (6) Easy to Wear Everyone dreams of having a wig that they can just shake, put on, and go easily as wearing a dress. But just like makeup, we cannot get a perfect look with no effort. How does the wig stay attached to my head? We can make it easier to wear by adding a fake scalp and doing all that we mentioned above. For girls who have sensitive skin and cannot wear wigs using glue, comb wigs with bobby pins can help the wig stay in place. In short, a beginner-friendly wig should be easy to wear. Even better, it should be worn without using glue to avoid ruining our edges, with bleached knots and a pre-plucked hairline, so that we don't need to do anything before putting it on our head right out of the box. And an elastic band will help the wig stay in place and flatten the hairline. We don't always have enough time to try on a wig before going to class or work. And the cheaper price is very important for wig beginners because we don't want to waste money on practicing. (7)Sizing up wigs for beginners When it comes to size, the average is our most popular choice. Around 90% of customers opt for an average cap size which has a circumference of 22”. Even if you don’t fall into this exact fit, all hair weave comes with adjustable pull straps which give around an inch either way so your wig can be tightened or slackened to fit snugly on your scalp. There are many other human hair wigs like 30 inch 613 full lace wig, ombre wigs. Maybe you can have a try.