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    F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz

    Friends Quiz India: Friends fans, how many of these were you able to get right? View the full article
  2. Presenting an all new show - all about relationships! We received some questions around dating and sex from our audience on Instagram, and we have the expert Anupriya answering them all for you. Enjoy the new show! For more such videos, stay tuned to MensXP. View the full article
  3. We have often seen rappers and musicians collab with sneaker manufacturers and come up with some of the most iconic sneakers of all times. Kanye West, for example, practically revived Adidas’ sneakers line up, with his iconic Yeezy line of sneakers. © AFP Now, Billie Eilish seems to be the latest pop star to take sneaker designing and launching her own line of sneakers. © Instagram/billieeilish Billie Eilish is all set to release her new line of sneakers, which were made in collaboration with Nike’s Jordan. The sneakers will be a refresh of the classic Air Force 1 silhouette, with some minor, but mighty impressive tweaks. © Instagram/billieeilish Weeks before the launch though, images of the refreshed sneakers were ‘leaked’ online. The 'Bad Guy' singer has been a massive sneakerhead ever since she came into the public eye. Pick any of her public appearances since 2015, and you will see her wearing some of the coolest kicks any sneakerhead would give a leg and an arm to have. © Instagram/billieeilish Naturally, it was only time before she too got into the sneaker game. Going by the ‘leaked’ images it might be a little hard for a regular person to spot the difference between a regular pair of Air Force 1’s and the ones designed by Billie Eilish, which are being called the Air Jordan 1 KO. © Hypebeast First off, there are the obvious neon colourways that we will be seeing. On the tongue, instead of a label that says “Nike Air Jordan,” we see her signature “Blohsh” insignia or the image of a man with his shoulder raised. © Hypebeast Other than this, we also see that in the insole, we get Billie’s own branding instead of the traditional Air Jordan branding. The original package will also contain a small notebook, alluding to Billie’s abilities as a songwriter. © Hypebeast The sneakers are set to drop in a few weeks and major sneaker publications are expecting it to cost around $120 dollars. While there are no reports about the kicks coming to India and if they eventually do drop here, be prepared to shell out about Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 for a pair. © Hypebeast Sneakerheads, especially if they’re hardcore fans of Billie Eilish, better get their hands on these when they can, because within days of these dropping, before they show up in the resell market at exorbitant markups. View the full article
  4. In this episode of Chronicles of Bhadwa, Bhadwa takes you through his brave experience of fighting Chinese. Salute. View the full article
  5. “Sexuality shouldn't define anyone. It doesn't define me. Love should be at the core of what you do.” - Jessie J (Singer/Songwriter) When I came out as bisexual in 2015, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by friends & family that understood and supported my decision. But, many are not so fortunate. We hear stories about parents rejecting their kids, queerphobic messages on social media that hamper our mental health and just a fear of being cast off by society. Even though we are all moving towards creating a more inclusive and accepting world, every member of the LGBTQIA+ community faces some stereotype or other on a daily basis. © A Little Late With Lilly Singh I was subjected to my fair share of creepy, indecent and crass remarks as a bisexual on dating apps. Yes, you read that right, even people our age who are supposed to be “woke” and “inclusive” have no understanding of how to speak to an out and proud queer individual. So, grab your notebook and take note of things that no bisexual wants to hear: 1. “Threesome?”This is a patent question that I get asked on every dating app that I have ever used. As soon as my match finds out that I am bisexual the only thing that they are interested in knowing is whether I have in the past or would be open to having a threesome in the future. © Instagram/ Pritish Nandy Communications My sexuality is not a way for you to live out your sexual fantasy! 2. “I Can’t Even Imagine Being With A Man”Okay? So, don’t. Me being bisexual is not an indication for every straight man to walk the same road but it is definitely time to learn what not to say! Finding other men attractive does not make you gay, complementing their outfit does not make you gay, having a fashion sense does not make you gay similarly matching with an LGBTQIA+ member is not an opening for you to showcase how straight you are. __ECOMPRODUCT__1800__ 3. “Your Oral Skills Must Be Through The Roof”Whenever I hear this statement, it makes me want to delete the app and give up on mankind. It is crass, cheap, in poor taste and just unsophisticated to make this statement. MensXP Me being bisexual is not about my sexual skills and it is statements like these that will make every straight & bisexual woman cringe and unmatch. 4. “Are You Sure You Are Not A Lesbian?”If I had a rupee for every time someone asked me this question, I would 100% be a millionaire. What people fail to understand is that bisexuality is not a pit stop towards becoming a lesbian. There are many people who are curious about being with the same sex and while that is absolutely okay, it is important to remember that Bisexuality & Bi-curiosity are two different things. __ECOMPRODUCT__1801__ 5. “Bisexuality Is Not A Real Thing”This is the statement that makes every other line seem insignificant. Whether you are gay, lesbian, trans, asexual or a part of the LGBTQIA+ community in any other way, you have heard this statement in some form or other. © Instagram/ Happiest Season I can choose to love both men & women, I can choose to build a relationship in the way I see fit. Bisexuality is real because it is what I feel! To Wrap It UpIt is 2021 and the time to fix our mindset towards the members of the LGBTQIA+ community is long past gone. This Pride Month, we need to start listening to our queer friends and family members, we need to fight for their right to love and most importantly we need to educate ourselves so that every one of us can be a true ally to this community. Explore More View the full article
  6. ‘Checkmate COVID’ was a charity event that was supposed to be about raising awareness and funds for those struggling under the ongoing pandemic in India. Instead, it turned out to be a display of how far some of our biggest celebrities would go to win the smallest of accomplishments. On Monday night, Indian Chess Grandmaster and coach Srinath Narayanan shared a couple of screenshots of two massive names of the Indian film industry - actor, director, and produce Kichcha Sudeep as well as producer Sajid Nadiadwala, both of whom had their accounts banned by for using unfair means to win matches. Everyone suspected this. I didn't want to be the judge, jury, executioner. Now the truth of this whole thing is out and clear. — Srinath Narayanan (@nsrinath69) June 14, 2021 On Monday morning, news broke that India’s youngest billionaire, Nikhil Kamath had cheated to win a match against the biggest name there has ever been in the history of Indian chess - Viswanathan Anand and that the event organisers had banned Kamath’s profile for similar reasons as well. Later in the day, Anand put out a very subtle tweet that was full of context while expressing he had no awareness of his opponents using computers and other people’s intelligence to try to beat him. He added that he had expected everyone to keep the ethics of the game in mind while playing. Yesterday was a celebrity simul for people to raise money It was a fun experience upholding the ethics of the game.I just played the position onthe board and expected the same from everyone . — Viswanathan Anand (@vishy64theking) June 14, 2021 “Yesterday was a celebrity simul for people to raise money It was a fun experience upholding the ethics of the game.I just played the position on the board and expected the same from everyone,” he wrote on Twitter. During the day, Kamath not only acknowledged the fact that his 99% accuracy match against Anand was a result of additional help from computers and other people, but he also apologised to the Indian legend on a couple of occasions. @vishy64theking in my head, it was just a fun game we amateurs were playing against the greatest chess champ from India to raise funds for charity. But still gives no excuse for what I did. It was wrong and I sincerely apologize. — Nikhil Kamath (@nikhilkamathcio) June 14, 2021 “... in my head, it was just a fun game we amateurs were playing against the greatest chess champ from India to raise funds for charity. But still gives no excuse for what I did. It was wrong and I sincerely apologize,” Kamath wrote in response to Anand’s tweet. Unfortunately, with a trend forming with all the major celebrities trying illegal ways to show their dominance on the chessboard, fans have started questioning whether someone like actor Aamir Khan or cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal - an avid chess player in his childhood, would have also used these hacks or were they clean? guess only Arijit and Aamir played honestly — Priyanka ✪ (@eruditepriya) June 14, 2021There were others. Manu Jain, Yuzi and Ritesh. Yuzi is a hardworking sportsperson, he would not stoop to such a low or disrespect a legend. He loves Cricket and Chess. If anything, he might have seen the other games and knew then and there what was happening and felt disgusted. — Nitin Jain (@nitin525jain) June 15, 2021Almost everyone cheated except Chahal — Shashank KR (@Shashan93230927) June 15, 2021 View the full article
  7. Some Microsoft employees chose to sleep in the software company’s data centres during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. While most of Microsoft’s employees worked from home after the breakout, some employees were so important that they had to work on-site. Microsoft has several data centres that contain servers for online services like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Xbox Live and other cloud-related infrastructure for third party customers. Essentially, Microsoft workers slept at data centres so that we could enjoy these services while stuck at home. © Microsoft Speaking to CNBC, Kristen Roby Dimlow, corporate vice president for total rewards, performance and human resources business insights, said “I heard amazing stories about people actually sleeping in data centres,” “In certain countries, there was huge lockdown, and so we would have our own employees choose to sleep in the data centre because they were worried they’d get stuck at a roadblock, trying to go home.” Data centres aren’t the ideal place for someone to sleep as hot air dissipated from servers and cold air comes from cooling units to prevent the servers from overheating. It's not known where exactly Microsoft employees slept and how many. © Reuters Having said that, employees were allowed to work from home if they needed and felt anxious coming to data centres. Employees were also provided transportation to and from these data centres and were allowed to stay in hotels. “We had to in some cases go to shift work, day and night, to get the work done within the same schedule,” Walsh said. Microsoft is now introducing flexible working for most of its 160,000 employees around the world. The new policy will let employees spend less than half their week working remotely without manager approval. Microsoft also installed eye-level cameras in meeting rooms so that people can make eye contact with their virtual teammates. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has already said that he believed most employees would still want a desk in physical offices, rather than working from home permanently. However, the company said that employees who returned to the office in spring 2021 are spending much less time than they did before the pandemic. View the full article
  8. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha is for sure one of the biggest films in India since the turn of the century. The Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer, set in the partition era, was a massive hit when it released and remains a film that people continue to revisit to this day. From songs like Main Nikla Gaddi Leke to iconic scenes like Sunny Deol uprooting a hand pump and mouthing slogans of Hindustan Zindabad in Pakistan, this movie has its own separate fan base. The movie has completed 20 years of its release and many people back then wanted to know director Anil Sharma’s vision behind the iconic hand pump scenes as many intellectuals questioned it and called it a very impractical approach. Sharing his vision behind the scene, he told Hindustan Times, “When I was writing the scene, I felt like throwing the entire building on Amrish Puri (his character, Ashraf Ali). But that was not practical. So, I decided to put the handpump in the scene. It was not just about uprooting the handpump, it was an outburst of emotions. It was symbolic." He added, "When people asked me how can it be possible, I told them, 'When Lakshman needed sanjeevani (herb) in Ramayan, Hanuman picked up the entire mountain.' Tara Singh may not be Hanuman but he can uproot a hand pump. We believe (in Hanuman's deeds) as we are emotionally involved. It (the scene) was creative liberty we took, and every person sitting in the theatre watching Gadar: Ek Prem Katha related with the emotions and clapped for the sequence. Many intellectuals do not understand this as they believe in working on logic alone." Here’s the video of the scene: The director also gave it back to those who found it too far-fetched and said that they aren’t emotional enough to understand the outburst of Sunny’s character Tara’s anger. “Not many people agreed with the scene when it was written. Most intellectuals felt it was too far-fetched. I do not say intellectual people are not emotional, they are. But they believe in logic, they believe two and two make four. But for emotions, two and two can make five, or, even ten. There are no definitions for emotions and that scene was about the emotional outburst,” he said. © Zee Studios He further elaborated, “People lay down their lives for their country, a mother may do so for her child, or lovers sacrifice their lives for their loved ones. These do not fall under any definition of logic (but they do happen). Love can be defined beyond logic. Logic is a very materialistic thing, that involves mathematics and science. But few things are beyond science.” © Zee Studios The movie is etched in the hearts of the Indian audience. Gadar broke the record previously set by Sholay for most tickets sold for a Hindi film. In another interview with Indian Express, he talked about the success that the movie got and compared it with the Titanic. He said, “When I was making Gadar, I understood that it’ll become India’s Titanic and it did become one. When the record of tickets was revealed, we got to know its sale was even more than Titanic. Such was its footfall. To this day, it is said that Gadar had the maximum sale of tickets and footfall seen by any movie in India. We’ve had bigger filmmakers in our industry, but this is God’s blessing that my film created such a record. You see the magic is still the same when it airs on television even today.” Do you agree with his statements? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  9. With the World Test Championship finals less than four days away, the International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed the division of prize money which will be split into all the squads that participated based on what was their final position at the end of the tournament. Prize money distribution by ICC for World Test Championship participants: Winners - 11.71cr. Runner ups - 5.85cr. Australia - 3.3cr. England - 2.5cr. Pakistan - 1.5cr. Rest of the teams - 73 Lakhs. — Rohit1️⃣8️⃣ (@rohit_rathod18) June 14, 2021 Essentially, the winner of the one-off final between India and New Zealand will bag $1.6 million or roughly Rs. 11.71 crore while the team at the losing end will receive $8,00,000 (approximately Rs. 5.85 crore. In the case of a draw, both sides will end up splitting the money equally as they will also share the title. And while we are yet to see who wins the big money and who becomes the runners-up, prize money for the rest of the squads has already been allotted based on where they stood in the WTC points table. Winner of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) final between India and New Zealand will take home the prize money of USD 1.6 million along with the ICC Test Championship Mace: International Cricket Council — ANI (@ANI) June 14, 2021 Therefore, Australia (3rd) will receive Rs. 3.3 crore, England (4th) will receive Rs. 2.5 crore, Pakistan (5th) will receive Rs. 1.5 crore and the rest of the teams that participated will get Rs. 73 lakh each. Fans of international cricket were thoroughly surprised after learning how big of a prize-money the ICC has kept for the top two sides and also the fact that every single squad playing in the tournament will receive some sort of hefty token regardless of how nicely or poorly they did. Having said that, trolls and critics of the Pakistan squad did not let this opportunity pass by and started “congratulating” them for whatever amount they will be getting. Now imran khan will take this 1.5 cr to reduce loan from china — 🇮🇳KING KOHLI (MASKED) (@Doc_Cricketer) June 14, 2021PSL ka budget badh jaayega chalo achha hai — Cricket lover (@Cricket18_17) June 14, 2021PCB rn — Ram ch. Bhatra 🇮🇳 (@rcbhatra) June 14, 20211.5 Cr will definitely boost the economy of Pakistan — Ayush (@shutupayushh) June 14, 2021pakistan ki economy aachi hu jaayengi — 𝙰𝚋𝚑𝚊𝚜 (spy) (@whoabhas) June 14, 2021The Indian cricket team had themselves a practice intra-squad match just to warm up to the English conditions while the New Zealand squad as intimidating as ever, especially after winning the two-Test championship against England, despite their skipper Kane Williamson sitting out with an elbow injury. Assuming that the injury isn’t too severe, the skipper should be back before the big game. Virat Kohli and the Men in Blue will lock horns against the Blackcaps for the first-ever World Test Championship between 18-22 June at the Ageas Bowl cricket stadium in Southampton. View the full article
  10. For most of my teenage years till young adulthood, my father and I had shared a relationship burdened by unmet expectations, unfamiliarity and emotional distance. What often confused me was the drastically different man our friends and family described, as compared to the person I experienced at home. As is common with most Indian dads, mine also preferred a relatively inaccessible demeanour within the confines of our house. Growing Up Distant This often left my young mind a tad concerned as well as disoriented. For he was also the man who accompanied my mother to all my PTMs, took interest in my hobbies and kept tabs on my accomplishments. While I appreciated him for all this, I still wasn’t able to get through to him emotionally, or so I felt. The inability of our relationship to enable a connection between us turned us into strangers. © iStock I may have been 15 when my grades started slipping; after all I had just been introduced to the fantastic world of sports. My new found rebellion found a way to irk my father. Truth be told, I was just glad it elicited a reaction. I seemed hell-bent on testing every boundary that had been set. From here onwards the rules of engagement had changed. For the next few years, my father and I constantly found most of our interactions, even innocuous conversations, regress into elaborate arguments and clashes. Shared VulnerabilityBy the time I reached college the gulf between my father and I had widened into a full blown cold war, we’d barely see each other since I preferred never being home. Winter was fast approaching, but not faster than the news of my grandfather’s demise. I remember easing into an emotionally catatonic state as I entered my house. For most parts of my childhood my grandfather had been my primary caretaker, he witnessed my first words as well as my first steps. I’d often wondered how my father and grandfather could have been such polar opposites. I guess we really do try to avoid turning into our fathers. © iStock My dad was standing in the corner, gathered in his emotions, a few feet away from my grandfather’s resting body. He made his way to me through the horde of people that surrounded him. With tears flowing rapidly, he hugged me. I had never seen my father be vulnerable, let alone cry. My mind went from confused to conflicted to calm. As my eyes started to well up, I realized that our cold war had started to thaw. Things Change, Sometimes For The BetterIt was several years later, after my father had retired from his work, that him and I actually struck up a proper relationship. Ranging from politics to piety, we picked each other's brains on everything under the sun. It was on one of those nights where we bonded over a drink that I asked him," Dad, why did you never show this side to you while I was growing up?" He told me," I always wanted to. But I felt that it was my responsibility to ensure you didn't face the difficulties I did while growing up. We don't come from a lot of money. So my priority was to ensure that you guys never went hungry. And you can now understand how stressful things get at work. I never wanted to bring the stress home, but I guess that was the price to pay, or so I thought. Also, emotions were not my forte back then. I was barely holding things together, and showing any of that to you... it just wouldn't have been a good influence on you. Seems silly in hindsight, but it's the truth." © iStock The man I saw cry that day may have been imperfect, but his tears made me realize that he was a man of his circumstances as well. A creation of his times. And unfortunately, times had been tougher back then, with crueller and harder demands. In our attempts to view our fathers as all knowing, all powerful superheroes we forget that they were young immature humans at some point as well. Although I wish I didn’t have to wait 25 years to realize that my father could also be my best friend, but I'm glad the realization eventually dawned upon me. View the full article
  11. When one mentions the term Sarkari Naukri, most people will picture the quintessential government employee from that famous series Office Office starring Pankaj Kapur as Mr Mussadi Lal, who is an aam admi facing the wrath of people working in a government office. Trust me, we all have grown up listening to the tales of how an uncle employed in the LIC or the SBI is enjoying the perks even after retirement and that a corporate job will never give you that kind of respect which comes with a government job. However, there is more to this tag than mere white-collar jobs requiring you to sit at a desk and work from 9 to 5. Here are some high-risk government jobs which are not just cool but extremely rewarding for anyone who dares to take them up: 1. RAW Agent © BCCL We all have watched enough movies to get an idea of how the life of a secret agent or an undercover cop is layered with risks. While the adrenaline rush is an advantage for some, this job is extremely tough and requires you to risk your life in the name of national security. 2. DRDO Researcher © DRDO Not all engineers go to IIM’s or land up a software job. Some of them have the passion to do some mad research and contribute to the country’s military technology and that’s where this dynamic profile comes into place. The risk is not physical as such but your research contributes to the future of technology so, naturally, the recruitment process is tough. 3. ISRO Scientist © TOI Another extremely high potential and risky government job out there. ISRO is the national space agency and the reason behind India’s success in the space technology world. Being a scientist here means you carry a lot of trade secrets and while that’s thrilling, it is an extremely rewarding service to contribute towards the country’s bright future. 4. The Armed Forces © Twitter No amount of justification can probably explain the daring and the risky nature of this commendable job which constitutes not just the Indian Army, but our Navy, Air Force and even our brave coast guards. The wonderful brave defence personnel who are working day and night for the protection of this country are the very reason we get to sleep in peace. 5. Forest Ranger © YouTube This government profession is also for the daring at heart. As the name suggests, your job as a forest ranger mostly consists of you guarding and protecting the flora and fauna, the wildlife and even the tribal life of the area designated to you. One needs to hold a bachelor's degree in a field related to Zoology, Agriculture, Botany or anything from this field and clear the Forest Reserve exam ( both written and physical). You get to live in the lap of Mother Nature, travel to lands restricted to the general public, while protecting the land at the same time. 6. Intelligence Bureau Officer © Twitter Another important government job related to the field of national security, an IB officer’s duty includes staying vigilant 24*7, making plans to keep our country safe from outside terror activities and threats and predict future attacks. 7. Archaeologist © Twitter_joseph T Noony One needs to clear the UPSC exam to be recruited by the ASI and work as an archaeologist in India. The main risk that one faces is saving the origins of any piece of the history they touch or research. This is a very satisfying government job for people who are passionate about human history and wish to contribute to this field. View the full article
  12. Indian Idol has been one of the longest running and most watched singing reality shows since it first aired in 2004 (yeah, we were kids). The craze around it is still the same as before and if anything, it is bigger than ever with a huge following. People not only watch the show religiously but hype up their favourite contestants, share their opinions and if need be, don’t hold back from calling out any biases or unfair decisions on the show via social media. © Instagram That is how much the desi audience is involved with the show and its contestants. It is also evident by the number of views on the Indian Idol performances on YouTube. It’s astounding. Some of the best and outstanding performances of the current season have surpassed the 10 million views benchmark but it is all for a reason. © Instagram These performances are hair-raising to say the least. I mean, I might have watched a couple of performances about a dozen times while writing this, because they are so darn good. Not only did they get a round of applause and a standing ovation but also got the fans going back to them and listening to them on loop. © Instagram In case you are wondering which of the performances touched the hearts of the audience the most, here are seven most viewed videos on YouTube that the fans can’t seem to get enough of. 1. ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ by Arunita Kanjilal: 54 million Arunita sang this song originally sung by the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and got a standing ovation by all three judges in the end. This performance also got her a spot in the Top 14. 2. ‘Shayad’ by Pawandeep Rajan: 31 million The audition video of Pawandeep Rajan who is now one of the most loved singers on the show is also viewed over 30 million times. He performed a song from Love Aaj Kal on a piano and got a golden ticket. 3. ‘Teri Mitti’ by Pawandeep Rajan: 27 million Another of Pawandeep’s performances, which is among the top viewed, is a patriotic song from Akshay Kumar’s Kesari on the occasion of Republic Day. His soulful voice made everyone in the audience emotional and teary-eyed. 4. ‘Keh Doon Tumhe’ by Arunita Kanjilal and Pawandeep Rajan: 25 million When two of the best contestants on the show come together to perform, it is obvious that the video will blow up with likes and comments. Arunita and Pawandeep’s rendition of ‘Keh Doon Tumhe’ got even Neetu Kapoor grooving to the tunes. 5. ‘Mann Kyun Beheka’ by Sayali Kamble and Arunita Kanjilal: 19 million Sayali and Arunita picked this very melodious song which was sung by Lata ji and Asha Bhosle in Rekha’s Utsav. It’s safe to say that the young duo did complete justice to the song and the OG singers. 6. ‘Mere Kismat Mein Tu’ by Arunita Kanjilal: 19 million With Padmini Kohlapuri as the guest judge, Arunita sang a song from her movie Prem Rog that made the actress lip sync while enjoying her performance. 7. Medley by Pawandeep Rajan: 17 million Pawandeep sang a medley of ‘Ye Zameen Ga Rahi Hai’ and ‘Hoga Tumse Pyara Kaun’ in the same episode where Padmini Kolhapuri and Poonam Dillon were guest judges. His performance was so amazing that Himesh stood up and started dancing in between. © Instagram And, here’s a bonus. Not just contestants, but the set members of the show are just as talented. A crew member Yuvraj who has been working on the set since past few seasons finally showed his singing talent by performing ‘Khel Mandala’ and left the judges and everyone stunned. The video has got 19 million views and is one of the most watched performance videos on YouTube. He got a standing ovation by the judges and the audience couldn't help but sing praises for his marvelous performance in the comment section. View the full article
  13. Investigative mystery shows work for most of us on so many different levels. © Netflix First, they allow us, the viewers to play the detectives, like most investigative shows. Plus, they also scratch the itch that we have for a good thriller story that is shrouded in mystery. Whether you pick literature, cinema, TV shows or web series, this is a formula that has always worked. © HBO These are shows that keep you engrossed, that just grab onto you and keep your attention hooked. A really well made investigative mystery show like the Mindhunter will always find a cult following. © Universal Television Distribution Here are 6 investigative mystery shows that are, simply put, brilliant in every sense of the word. Almost as good, if not better, than Mindhunter: 1. Freud You’re literally watching Sigmund Freud, as an amateur detective, who’s investigating a spat of murders and disappearances. As if that wasn’t cool enough, we see Freud get entangled with a ‘psychic’ and some occult. Think Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows but on a better budget and shot in Vienna. 2. The Alienist If you haven’t watched the Alienist, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The show is masterfully made and has a very gripping story. You follow a group of amateur detectives (one’s a psychiatrist, one’s a cartoonist in a newspaper, and one’s a secretary) through the New York of the 1890s as they try and solve a murderer who kills young prostitute boys. The second season is just as gripping, so you’re sorted for a whole weekend’s worth of binge. 3. Broadchurch Now, this is a show that not a lot of people are aware of, but if you are one of the few people who have actually watched this show in its entirety, you have great taste. This is one of the best British television shows ever made, that’s just a fact. Of course, visually, the show is stunning. The story and the character development between each season is phenomenal. If you haven’t watched this yet, do yourself a favour and, watch it as soon as you can. 4. The Killing The Killing is again one of those investigative mystery shows that follows all the classic tropes. With that being said, the story feels very fresh. Do keep in mind, that this one is a little slow-paced at times. However, the show is absolutely worth a watch. 5. The Sinner As opposed to most investigative mystery shows, which explore the ‘who’ of the crime, as in “whodunnit,” The Sinner investigates the why. And don’t assume that these are your run of the mill criminals, they’re not. Instead, we get to see a series of very ordinary people, murdering, looting and committing some of the most heinous crimes, without any memory of them doing it. Seriously, this is a show that will keep you hooked till the very end. 6. Maigret Maigret is not suited for everyone. This is very slow-paced, and it does test your patience if you’re only interested in the story. The show has many nuances about class, gender, and a number of socio-political issues. But at its core, it is an investigative mystery. Also, this is a great reminder for everyone who knows Rowan Atkinson just for his character Mr Bean. The range that the actor has is phenomenal. 7. True Detective Come on, you don’t expect us to have to explain to you why this is on the list, now, do you? This is hands down the best show on the list, especially if you’re one of those fans who only consider the first season. Don’t get us wrong, the other two seasons are phenomenally made and are definitely worth a watch. But they don’t hold a candle to the first season. Actually, nothing does. Also, if you aren’t in awe of Matthew McConaughey after watching this show, get yourself tested, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Which of these shows do you think is the best of the lot, and maybe even better than Mindhunter? Think there’s a show that we missed out here? Do let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  14. The way we consume content these days has changed. Thanks to the upsurge in OTT platforms, we can now sit comfortably at home and enjoy versatile movies and shows. Bollywood stars, too, aren't a newbie to the OTT world. In 2020, several actors made their debut in this arena, including Abhishek Bachchan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sushmita Sen, etc. The year 2021 will also witness an ingress of more B-town actors into the OTT space. Check it out. 1. Shahid Kapoor View this post on Instagram Shahid Kapoor will mark his digital debut in 2021. He announced that he has been working with Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK for an action-thriller series, which is untitled yet. He will be seen opposite Rashi Khanna. As per the news, this is an exciting project teemed with action scenes. Besides that, Shahid will also be seen in Jersey. 2. Madhuri Dixit Nene View this post on Instagram Madhuri's Dixit Nene needs no introduction. While many shows and movies create a buzz in the OTT arena, fans are awaiting Madhuri's Finding Anamika. As per reports, it's a suspense drama series in which a superstar goes missing. The show includes shocking lies and secrets that will keep us on the edge of our seats. Let's just hope that's true! 3. Ajay Devgn View this post on Instagram Ajay Devgn is all ready to set his foot into the OTT arena. He will debut in a crime-thriller, Rudra - The Edge Of Darkness. As per reports, it's based on the British series Luther. In an interview. Ajay mentioned that it's a highly intriguing story, and playing a cop is not new for him. Moreover, the character is intense and is possibly the greyest character he has pulled of late. 4. Sonakshi Sinha View this post on Instagram Sonakshi Sinha has given some power-packed performances in Bollywood. She is another star to join the OTT hood. The upcoming web series has been tentatively titled Fallen, and Sonakshi essays the role of a cop named Anjali Bharti. What we also know is that it's based on a real story. The cast wrapped up the shoot in March this year. 5. Juhi Chawla Juhi Chawla will be seen in the OTT space as well. Amazon Prime Video recently announced its next series, starring many female celebrities, including Karishma Tanna, Sahana Goswami, Soha Ali Khan etc., for the show named Hush Hush. There isn't much news about the show, but it's touted as a thriller drama. View the full article
  15. As compared to the other members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of the transgender community have it harder in India. The stereotypes that the community is shrouded with certainly doesn’t make their lives easier. © BCCL Starting from being denied basic healthcare amenities, and housing, to being denied education and government jobs, people of the transgender community have faced endless trials and tribulations. © BCCL This is where our elected governments should come in, ideally. Over the years, some state governments have stepped up and introduced legislation and policies that made their lives easier, in a very proactive manner. Other states, well, not so much. © BCCL Here are 6 instances where state governments have stepped up and introduced initiatives, that have helped the Transgender community, massively: 1. Assam Allowing Trans People To Register For Civil Service Exam © BCCL Back in October 2020, the state government of Assam added ‘transgender’ as an option in the gender category for their state civil service examination forms. This made them the first Indian state to do so. This means that people from the community in the state can now get recruited as state police officers and as other different civil servants. 2. Odisha Police To Now Recruit Transgenders, Issue Application © BCCL The Odisha Police recently announced that they would too will start recruiting transgender people for posts such as sub-inspectors and constables. Furthermore, they have invited applications for the same. 3. Tamil Nadu & Kerala To Pay For Trans People's Gender Reassignment Surgeries © BCCL In 2018, Kerala became the second state after Tamil Nadu to offer financial aid to Trans People, who chose to go for reassignment surgery. Both the state governments offered up to Rs 2 Lakhs for the surgery, and some other costs for therapy sessions to adjust to life after reassignment. Tamil Nadu was also one of the first states to have a Transgender Welfare Board, which was established way back in 2008. 4. Pension Scheme & Other Social Security - Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh & Andhra PradeshOver the years, some states have introduced several social security and pension schemes for people of the Transgender community. Although this isn’t exactly a solution, it has been noticed that states which have some form of a welfare board or social security program, start paying attention to issues such as education and jobs. 5. Dedicated Medical Boards & Sub-Committees For Trans People By Himachal Pradesh © BCCL Healthcare, in particular, has been one area where trans people have faced some of the most biases, mainly because of administrative issues, not medical ones. This is particularly bad in government-run hospitals. Back in 2016, Himachal Pradesh’s state government established dedicated Medical Boards & Sub-Committees, who were tasked with ensuring that the issues trans people have to deal with in getting adequate medical care, is dealt with urgently. 6. Maharashtra’s Transgender Welfare Board & Their Focus On EducationThen, there’s Maharashtra’s Transgender Welfare Board, which was set up in 2019. Apart from conducting health programmes and providing education and employment opportunities to transgender people, the board also facilitates students in the state, who wish to apply for scholarships. They also have numerous welfare programmes, which aim to make it easier for trans people to avail government schemes and benefits, in a timely manner. The Bottom Line… While these states may already have robust systems in place to make lives easier for trans people, it is not enough, and a whole lot more needs to be done. Reservation in educational institutions, government jobs are just a few of the things that are being deliberated. Other states seriously need to pull their socks up. Most of them have only declared their intent to implement policies and measures that would help bring trans people for problems specific to them. Some, have not taken any actions, or haven’t made any such declarations at all. View the full article