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‘Crime Patrol’s Anup Soni Turned Real Life Investigator & Proved How To Take Work Seriously

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Taking pride in your work and loving what you do is a great feeling but when you are an actor, you get to play so many shades of different characters and that’s the beauty of this job. Now imagine an actor falling in love with what their character is doing and ending up doing that in real life as well.

Actor Anup Soni, whose claim to fame and the reason he is a household name today is hosting the crime investigation show Crime Patrol, has surprised his fans and viewers after turning into a real life crime investigator. He completed a certificate course in Crime Scene Investigation from International Forensic Sciences (IFS) Education Department and has been all over social media ever since he shared his credentials.

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While this is an inspiring post for his fans and many congratulations have poured in for him, some people on social media couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that he literally took his job too seriously.

Uss masoom ko yeh baat ki bhanak tak nhi thi, ki scripted hosting karte karte woh ek din real cases handle karne lagega

— क्षत्रिय आदर्श सिंह⚔️ (@Xadarshx) July 20, 2021

Meanwhile ACP Pradhyuman- kuch to garbar hai daya jo hume certified nehi kiya ?

— Double A । ডবল এ। डबल ए। 🇮🇳 (@ali818003) July 20, 2021

Tab tak ke liye savdhaan rhe satark rhe
J'ai hind
Aaj pta chala aisa bolne par bhi career m bohot scope hai

— Riya Barman (@the_icey_flame) July 20, 2021

Some people are upset that why are Daya and Abhijit far behind and someone should enrol them as well!

🤣🤣where is daya and Abhijit

— Hanan Majeed (@hananbhat01) July 20, 2021

Pata karo #Daya #Abhijeet

— Dibyendu Kumar Banik (@dkbanik1587) July 20, 2021


Now people who watched crime patrol should atleast get a participation certificate

— Jay D (@jaydawda) July 20, 2021

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