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Poonam Pandey & Sherlyn Chopra Blame Raj Kundra For Their Entry In The Adult Film Industry

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The Raj Kundra case involving his arrest in making pornographic films for paid apps has just got murkier with fresh details erupting by the minute. While he is in custody till the 23rd of July, social media is currently abuzz with actresses Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey coming forward and blaming him to be the reason why they ended up in the adult film business in the first place. The two names were linked in the complaint filed against Kundra and now more details have emerged.

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Sherlyn’s statement recorded in this case is going viral. Reportedly, Sherlyn was paid Rs 30 lakh for each project she did with his media company and so far, she had done about 15 to 20 projects for Raj.

According to another report, Poonam Pandey had filed a complaint against his company back in 2019. Her app was a client of Raj Kundra's firm Armsprime Media and she saw some disparity in the revenue. It was also claimed that even though the contract ended between them, Poonam Pandey stated that Raj Kundra’s firm was using her movies and footage discreetly without authority.

She also filed a complaint stating the firm was illegally using content featuring her after the termination of her contract. The same company also developed apps for actresses Gehna Vashishta and Sherlyn Chopra.

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However, earlier this year Raj Kundra had claimed to have sold his shares of the company and had even submitted the documents of his investments and exit formalities to the legal authorities. Whatever the case maybe, it surely is getting murkier by the day!

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