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‘Girls Talk With Boys On Mobiles & Run Away’ Says UP Women’s Commission President, Gets Trolled

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In a statement that would make any sane person doubt if we’re living in the 21st century, the president of the Uttar Pradesh Women’s Commission made a statement, saying that girls who talk with boys using their cell phones, later run away with them.

UP Women’s Commision: Girls Who Use Phones, Elope © ANI

As if that statement wasn’t incendiary enough, Meen Kumari, the president went on to say that the mother of the girl is responsible for this, because of her “negligence.” FYI, she was elected as a member of the district panchayat, twice, before she took up this position.

BIZARRE comment by Meena Kumari, a member of the UP Women Commission.

“Girls should not be given mobile phones. They talk to boys and later elope with them.”@NCWIndia @sharmarekha ji, do you approve of this statement?

— Prashant Kumar (@scribe_prashant) June 10, 2021

Uttar Pradesh isn’t exactly known for its stellar reputation for women and their safety. One can’t help but wonder why exactly. But if this is the sentiment that the state’s Women’s Commission and its members have, one doesn’t need to think too much, as to why women feel particularly unsafe in the state.

UP Women’s Commision: Girls Who Use Phones, Elope © BCCL

While speaking to the press while presiding over a meet-up where the commission was listening to complaints from several women in Aligarh, the president made an appeal to the parents, that they shouldn’t allow the girls in their family to have mobile phones.

UP Women’s Commision: Girls Who Use Phones, Elope © iStock

And if they do allow them for some reason, then the parents should constantly keep an eye on the girls, and periodically check their phones.

Later, when she was trying to clarify her remarks, she claimed that girls from villages don’t know “how to use phones in the right way.” She also commented on how smartphones are used to consume inappropriate content.

UP Women’s Commision: Girls Who Use Phones, Elope © iStock

Do keep in mind, that all this was in response to a question about a sharp rise in alleged rape, molestation and harassment cases in the area. 

This obviously did not go down well with the people present at the meet-up, as well as on Twitter.

Me to Meena Kumari ji

— 𝓢𝓱𝔀𝓮𝓽𝓱𝓪 (@shwetha0811) June 10, 2021

Bizarre Logic
Mobile phone nahi thaa tab Meena Kumari Rajkumar ke saath bhaag gai
Pakiza dekhi nahi kya

— Nandini Idnani🇮🇳 (@idnani_nandini) June 10, 2021

Really mothers responsible h baccho k bigdne k lie.sick mentality 🤦‍♀️

— Shivani Arora (@shivani100000) June 10, 2021


— Sujeet tiwari (@Sujeet958) June 10, 2021

Aise to love marriage khatre mein pad jayega...

— Omkaaar (@Omkaaar92) June 10, 2021

She has lost senses. If phone is not allowed for the girls then first take them away from boys. Equality is a fundamental right.

— Shivay (@shiv24ani) June 10, 2021

I guess govt should reduce retirement age to max 40yrs ...either we should get used to such silly statements

— Sanitiser (@Tirthsi38148566) June 10, 2021

Is this lady in her sane state of mind?? Ya man just blame mother, phones etc. My god it's just absurd.
Lady WCM resign from your post, people like you are reason for women oppression.
So when mobile was absent, girls did not elope? Girls did not elope who had no mom?

— Smita mahesh 🇮🇳 (@smita_mahesh) June 10, 2021

— Vineeth Sastry (@VineethSastry) June 10, 2021

Is she high on drugs or something?? Who makes such idiots members of a women's commission?

— logically indian (@RayDurba) June 10, 2021

Say what you will about politicians, especially the ones from UP, they do know how to stay relevant in the news. And, about keeping us entertained.

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