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COVID Positive Minister Mopping Hospital Floor Proves There's No VIP Culture In Mizoram

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Mizoram's Power and Electricity minister R Lalzirliana has set a new benchmark in leading by example. On Friday, the minister was seen mopping the floors of a hospital where he is undergoing treatment for COVID-19 along with his wife and son.

And there are politicians like R Lalzirliana, the power minister of #Mizoram, who was seen mopping the floor of the Covid ward where he is recovering after testing positive.#Aizawl #Northeast

— Anupam Bordoloi (@asomputra) May 14, 2021

However, the minister's motive wasn't to embarrass the medical staff or authorities. “My motive in mopping the floors was not to embarrass the nurses or doctors but I want to educate and lead others by setting an example,” Lalzirliana said.

Lalzirliana had called a sweeper since his room was messy. However, since the sweeper could not come, he himself started mopping the floor. “Sweeping, mopping the floors or performing household chores are no new jobs to me. I used to do at home and other places when it was required to do so,” the minister said.

The photograph of him mopping the floor has gone viral on social media and people are lauding him for leading by example. Here's what people had to say

Those are the good leaders generally seen in northeast state.Even I had experienced at Gangtok when a top level bureaucrat cleaned the nearby area for some local event made by government.

— Subhra (@Subhra__sahoo) May 15, 2021

These r real peoples & real leaders.
Mizoram Minister R Lalzirliana is a normal human being not a robot like pampered babu or businessmen politicians that Modi Shah or many other north Indian leaders are!
Simplicity is totally missing from PM, HM down to last BJP Govt Ministers

— Capt G R Choudhary (@captgrc) May 15, 2021

These guys in the central govt should learn from here ... Humility is the hallmark if the great and the learned while arrogance is the mask the weak use to hide their weakness !!! Innumerable examples exist in history if the above facts !!

— Rajesh (@rmohan137india) May 15, 2021

Its all about upbringing Anupam.
Lalzirliana is sticking to its roots and routine.
I am happy such person still exist.

— Amitabh Dutta (@duttaamitabh) May 15, 2021

very powerful photo, he is protecting a health worker by doing this.

— Ravi (@raviohere) May 14, 2021

This entire generation of Mizoram politicians are legends. Self discipline is the dedrock of their politics. Salutes.

— shubhankar mukherjee (@shubhan48431879) May 15, 2021

Wonderful gesture from elected representative...

— mohit sharma (@mohit00005) May 15, 2021

This is not the first time Lalzirliana has mopped the floor. He had also done the same at Mizoram House during his visit to Delhi in the past. Moreover, it's become a recurring theme in Mizoram to denounce VIP culture. In the past, several ministers have been seen doing chores, using public transport or even cooking during community feasts during festivals. 

The minister along with his wife had tested positive for COVID-19 on May 11, after their son tested positive on May 8. After being in home isolation, they were shifted to the state's dedicated COVID-19 facility on May 12. “We are fine here. The medical staff and nurses are taking good care of us,” he said.

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