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Ranveer Singh’s Rs 15.45 Lakh Watch Is Way Quirkier Than His Classic ‘Bindaas’ Sense Of Style

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Whether someone is interested in men’s fashion or not, the reality is, they simply can’t look away when Ranveer Singh steps out, dressed up quirkily in all his glory

Ranveer Singh © Instagram/ranveersingh

That is what we love so much about his sense of style - he operates on extremes. Be it something very elegant and classy, or something very whimsical, and kitschy, the man knows how to carry anything and everything, with utmost confidence.

Ranveer Singh © Instagram/ranveersingh

Time and time again, we have seen him wear some of the quirkiest things that have ever been put out by a fashion label. We especially like the instances when he tends to go for watches that are just bonkers.

Ranveer Singh © Viral Bhayani

Recently, he did something similar. Ranveer was spotted at the Mumbai Airport wearing a rather dope-looking watch. But first, let’s have a look at his outfit.

Ranveer Singh © Viral Bhayani

In an outfit that can be best described as quintessentially quirky and way out of the box, Ranveer Singh was seen wearing a black coloured shirt with white floral prints. This shirt was paired with a pair of bell-bottomed style pin-striped pyjamas.

Ranveer Singh © Viral Bhayani

The pairing of the shirt and the pant was super stylish, without a doubt. We also loved how Ranveer added a whole new dimension to this outfit using his accessories. We really like the triangular sunglasses and the black coloured beret cap that he’s wearing.

Ranveer Singh © Viral Bhayani

Then, there are the silver sneakers that he’s wearing. They are zany and quirky in their own way. They look like a pair from Adidas’ Stan line-up. 

Ranveer Singh © Viral Bhayani

And then, there’s the watch that Ranveer is wearing. It clearly is one of the quirkiest pieces that we have seen him wear. 

Ranveer Singh © Viral Bhayani

The watch that he’s wearing is the Franck Muller Master Square, specifically the 6000 H SC DT R. The watch is remarkably different from most other Franck Muller watches that we have seen Ranveer wear before.

watch © Franck Muller

Apart from being a properly square watch, the hour markers have been marked in a very whimsical manner. The placement of the date function, is again, a bit odd. Most watchmakers usually keep the date functionality right beside the crown.

Ranveer Singh © Franck Muller

The watch normally retails for about $20,800, or roughly Rs 15.45 lakhs. It isn’t exactly ridiculously expensive, considering this is Ranveer Singh, but it definitely isn’t affordable for mere mortals like us.

Ranveer Singh © Viral Bhayani

All in all, that’s a pretty dope watch that Ranveer’s got there. The man clearly has expensive taste. Take a bow, Ranveer.

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