There are other changes in route, also.

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There are other changes in route, also. The Dragon Slayer 2 quest unlock proposal is becoming eliminated, five Runecraft will probably be inserted as a starting stat, and the Dramen team is being thrown into RS Gold the starting gear. You may check out the shiny new preview below, or visit Jagex's website for additional information.

The title underwent multiple iterations since its debut almost two decades ago and is these days better known by most as OSRS, though it is not the specific same match. Old School RuneScape or even OSRS is Jagex's attempt to introduce the game to a new generation of gamers without making substantial changes to the original formulation.

OSRS is a standalone game that does not require the normal RuneScape to run. While RuneScape 3, since it's often known, is very much alive and kicking as well, Old School RuneScape is a lot more popular and has a larger user base. But while Old School RuneScape remains an enjoyable and addictive game to this day, wrapping your head around its many systems and mechanics can take a while. Between worrying about your own OSRS gold, equipment, skills, actions and much more, there's really a bit of learning to do here. With that in mind, we put together a couple of tips and tricks that can help you get going on the right foot. This short guide will not teach you everything you need to learn about OSRS, but it will cover some very important principles.Old School RuneScape's most up-to-date poll is now live and -- if all goes well -- the game might be getting a brand new free-to-play pursuit. Below Ice Mountain is a novice quest that brings with it a new dungeon, but it will not be added into OSRS unless the neighborhood votes in its favor. All told, the present OSRS poll is requesting eight questions concerning the newest content. The most important is the very first, which inquires if Below Ice Mountain should be added to the match at all. Those that follow are only hoping to pinpoint which material is most interesting to this community.

Beneath Ice Mountain would see players detecting ancient secrets that lie under Ice Mountain. Finishing the pursuit would give you access to Ice Mountain Dungeon -- a brand new F2P dungeon"packed with combat chances, skilling activities, and a lot of lovely lore." Jagex said anyone who appreciated Forthos Dungeon will enjoy what it is doing with Ice Mountain Dungeon.

When the content passes the neighborhood survey, the pursuit and dungeon will release in OSRS Buy Gold April. "Willow, an energetic archaeologist (possibly Id so) is hunting for her next major discovery," reads the explanation for Below Ice Mountain. "She believes she's found the entry to historical underground ruins located to the west of Ice Mountain. There is a catch however - that the entry is sealed tight and she needs to reunite her old crew to help her break-in. Obviously, she must stay close to the ruins in order to lay claim to the find, therefore it falls to you to bring her rag-tag group back together for one final caper and a closing huge pay-off."

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