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  1. Apple has been making great strides when it comes to audio products and it has now culminated to a product that we’ve been wanting for years. The AirPods Max was recently announced for Rs 59,900 which may not be as accessible to everyone after a year of misery. However, after using the headphones for well over ten days; I can confidently say that these headphones are one of the best consumer audio products ever made. While it might be a great audio product, there are a few choices here that baffle me when it comes to accessories and I shall get to that soon enough. Here’s everything you need to know about AirPods Max and my experience with it: Design © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Usually, headphones are built well enough for everyday use, however, in the case of the AirPods Max, Apple has taken it to the next level. The entire housing of the headphones apart from the mesh headband is made on aluminium. If you want to know what peak luxury design feels like, the AirPods Max is your answer. However, since the headphones are made of aluminium; it does add extra weight. To compensate for the weight, the headband is also quite different from what I am used to. It uses a mesh headband which reduces the pressure put on your head due to the weight. In our usage, I did not feel the weight at all thanks to this mesh headband and makes using metal headphones quite viable. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla My major issue with over-the-head headphones is a personal one since I wear glasses. Many a time I have found myself taking a break from over-the-head headphones as it causes quite a discomfort. In the case of the AirPods Max, after using it all day while working and writing stories; I did not experience the same discomfort. The insides of the earcups have a fabric padding which means these headphones are not ideal for use at the gym. On the outer side of the earcups, you will find four microphones on each cup that help in the noise cancellation feature and three additional microphones for voice pickup or making calls. On the upper right side of the earcup, you will also find a digital crown style dial that is used for music playback. The crown can also be used to adjust the volume by simply rotating it to either side. Right next to the Digital Crown dial, there is a dedicated button that can be used for activating or deactivating noise cancellation as well. Additionally, the headphones also come with an Optical sensor (each ear cup), Position sensor (each ear cup), Case-detect sensor (each ear cup), Accelerometer (each ear cup), and a Gyroscope (left ear cup) sensor. I Thought Cases Were Meant For Protection © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While I do love things designed by Apple, in general, including these headphones, I really can’t justify the carrying case that comes with the AirPods Max. The main purpose of any case that comes with a headphone is to protect it from damage, scratches and dings. However, in the case of the AirPods Max; the carrying case does none of it. The only thing it is good at doing is putting the headphones to sleep when enclosed. It seems like the case was designed by an entirely different team which was not on the same page as the audio team. At best, the case only protects the earcups fully from the side which is not enough for a pair of headphones that cost as much as an iPhone. The most vulnerable part of the headphone is the mesh headband itself and it gets no protection whatsoever from the case. Even the bottom of the case does fully protect the earcups from fall damage. Thankfully, third party companies are now working on cases for the AirPods Max and make up for Apple’s mistake. I do have to say that I love the leather-type material of the case however it would have been a better offering if it protected the headphones. Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation and Features © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Now that I have that rant out of my system, it’s time to talk about what makes these headphones great. The AirPods Max are the pinnacle of great wireless audio products that is currently unmatched by its competitors. The sound quality is at par with some of the higher-end professional headphones that I use for mixing tracks. Every individual instrument track can be heard clearly and feels layered on the AirPods Max. The headphones shine the most when it comes to balancing low and mid frequencies which left me quite astonished. Mids don’t particularly the overpower the rest of the frequencies and is quite beautifully controlled. The high frequencies are extremely clear as it breathes life and excitement into punchier sounds and vocals. The AirPods Max might just be the best tuned wireless headphones I have used this past decade. Having said that, if you like to adjust your EQ there is no way to do that apart from using preset EQs from the settings menu on your iPhone. While you can adjust the EQ manually if you listen to music via Spotify, there’s no way to do that with Apple Music at the moment. So, if if you like to amp up the bass in your tracks or tone down the highs, you might be a bit disappointed here. One of my favourite features on the AirPods Max is its ability to use ‘Adaptive EQ’. The AirPods Max adults the sound according to the fit and seal of the ear cushions. The headphones use software and sensors to measure sound signal delivers to a user and adjusts the mid and low frequencies accordingly. Apple may not provide a manual EQ adjustment feature, it does however make up for it with this one feature. The AirPods Max marquee feature might be its sound, but that has been perfectly paired with great Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) performance. The outward-facing microphones at detecting ambient noise and isolate it when you’ve got ANC mode turned on. I couldn’t test the headphones outdoors but I’ve three particularly loud dogs. In my test scenario, the headphone was able to isolate the barking sounds from all three dogs quite effectively without comprising the integrity of the sound. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Noise cancellation also adapts according to fit and movement in real-time which means you can use them without hearing ambient noise when walking down the street. However, if you do wish to hear sounds from your surroundings, you can simply press the dedicated button to switch to ‘Transparency Mode’. This lets in ambient noise into the headphones and you can hear the surrounding sounds quite clearly as well. This is best used when you want to have a conversation with someone or want to be mindful of oncoming traffic on the street. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla For people who love to watch video content on their iPhones and iPads, the AirPods Max truly utilise the Spatial Audio feature to its full potential. It gives an atmospheric vibe to the sound and feels like as if you are watching content on a surround sound system. It’s immersive and comes very close to a home theatre experience. Having said that, you do need to watch the content of Apple TV+, Netflix or Prime Video that supports 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos sound. The headphones use the gyroscope to track a user’s head movement and remaps the sound field. No other headphone does this at the moment and proves Apple’s commitment to offering superior sound with their audio products. Battery Life © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Max are rated to last 20 hours on a single charge while using ANC and in our tests, it comes quite close to that claim. If you want to save battery or turn off the headphones, you do have to put it inside the protective case that comes with the headphones. Battery life on the AirPods Max is long enough so that you can use it in some of the longest flights as well. Having said that, there is no additional audio port so that you can still listen to music in the event of zero per cent battery. You can, however, use a Lightning-to-Lightning or a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone cable to continue listening to the audio on your preferred device. I managed to use a Lightning to 3.5mm dongle and used it with the PlayStation 4’s controller for gaming sessions. The headphones were able to offer directional audio in games like Call of Duty: Warzone. The Final Say © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Max gets many things right with its luxurious design and incredible sound performance. They sound fantastic and additional features like spatial sound, adaptive EQ and noise cancellation to enhance the overall experience. The AirPods Max are perfect for music listeners and movie watchers alike. However, I do feel Apple needs to go back to the drawing board when it comes to the case as it offers little to no protection. If you have been wanting the ultimate wireless headphones for your Apple device, the AirPods Max should be on the top of your list. View the full article
  2. India has officially started the COVID-19 vaccinations and the drive started with Manish Kumar, a health worker from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS). The drive is going to prioritise vaccinations for healthcare and frontline workers via more than 3,000 sites across the country. “I have had a very good experience. Have no qualms in taking the vaccine, and by doing so, I continue to serve my country. People have absolutely no need to worry over this. Any fear that I had before, has now gone away. I believe everyone should get vaccinated “ said Manish Kumar after getting the vaccine. © Twitter/ANI The launch of the rollout began from 10:30 AM today and will work similarly to how elections are administered in the country. Health workers will be armed with three hard copies of a beneficiary list and upload date to India’s official Co-Win portal. Currently, the vaccinations are only being administered to individuals above the age of 18 and the world’s biggest inoculation drive against the novel virus is expected to be completed in the next few months. #WATCH केंद्रीय स्वास्थ्य मंत्री डाॅ.हर्षवर्धन और एम्स के निदेशक रणदीप गुलेरिया की मौजूदगी में एम्स में एक सफाई कर्मचारी को कोरोना वायरस का पहला टीका लगाया गया। #COVID19 — ANI_HindiNews (@AHindinews) January 16, 2021 Videos of the first vaccination are now being shared online on Twitter as it was administered in the presence of Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. This moment marked the start of COVID-19 vaccination in Delhi and represents the symbolic significance of paying homage to healthcare workers who have been at the frontline ever since the pandemic hit in the country. © Reuters This marked the start of Covid-19 vaccination in Delhi with healthcare workers, who were at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, getting the first shots. Soon after, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers were vaccinated at AIIMS hospital. Additional doctors, nurses and healthcare workers will be given the vaccine later today at the LNJP Hospital in the presence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. © Reuters Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers were vaccinated at AIIMS hospital. A doctor, a nurse and a sanitation worker will be given the shot later in the day in the presence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at LNJP Hospital according to sources. In Delhi, the vaccination exercise will span across 81 sites and 11 districts at six government hospitals i.e. AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital, RML Hospital, Kalawati Saran Children Hospital and two ESI hospitals. Private sites such as Max Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospital and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital are also taking part in the inoculation drive. If you want to know more about India’s plans for the first phase of vaccinations; you can read all about it here. View the full article
  3. For most of you, grooming perhaps is an extremely important part of your daily routine. However, that doesn’t mean skincare stays at the forefront. Just like your beard and shaving, your skin needs regular care too. For those of you who are new to skincare, it’s all about using the right ingredients to treat your skin problems. This means that before even beginning your journey, you need to identify your skin type. In case you already know your skin type, it’s time to move on to the next step - the right skincare ingredients for your skin type. Keep reading and improve your skin in a jiffy! How To Recognise Your Skin Type ?Before seeing the best skincare ingredients for your skin type, it’s important that you know what your skin type is. There are four major skin types - normal, dry, oily and combination skin. If your skin is oily overall and tends to become shiny very often, your skin type is oily. If your skin is dry and flakey, you have a dry skin type. If your skin is neither too dry nor too oily, you have normal skin. If your skin is oily in the T-zone and dry elsewhere, you have a combination skin. Now that you know your skin type, let’s go through the best skincare ingredients for your skin type. __ECOMLOOKS__2434__ __ECOMLOOKS__2435__ __ECOMLOOKS__2436__ __ECOMLOOKS__2437__ The Bottomline It’s very important to know your skin type and the best ingredients for your skin. Skincare is all about the right ingredients, so make sure to do your research well. We have mentioned the best ingredients for your skin type, however, there are thousands of more ingredients out there. All with different purposes and for different results. Go ahead and begin your skincare journey! Explore More View the full article
  4. “Real men don’t wear jewellery” - statements like these are a thing of the past. In fact, jewellery for men has been one of the most trending types of accessory for a long time now. Be it Badshah’s rings or Ranveer’s necklaces, it’s about time that we embraced this trend without any apprehensions. If you agree, this article for you. Jewellery for men is not a new fashion trend, however, it is one of the risky ones. Not everyone feels confident enough to pull off jewellery. Well, worry not because we are here to break it down for you! Here are 4 simple rules that you need to follow while styling jewellery and you will be sorted! __ECOMLOOKS__2430__ __ECOMLOOKS__2431__ __ECOMLOOKS__2432__ __ECOMLOOKS__2433__ Final Thoughts For anyone new to wearing jewellery, following these tips will surely help you out. It can seem a little complicated at first, but trust us, sometimes it’s good to step a little bit out of your comfort zone. Let go of those apprehensions and explore your style! Explore More View the full article
  5. When Rishabh Pant came to keep wickets, most fans of the Indian and Australian cricket teams were surprised to see his agility behind the stumps, considering he had suffered a massive injury on his left elbow mere days away and had undergone numerous scans. It was later seen that the 23-year-old had heavily padded his left arm and had to take medical assistance on the field on Day 1 of the Gabba Test at the Brisbane Cricket Ground. Another day of Test cricket, another injury concern for India. Rishabh Pant being looked at by the physio Watch Day 2 #AUSvIND on Fox Cricket or Kayo: Live blog: Match Centre: — Fox Cricket (@FoxCricket) January 16, 2021 However, for Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne, the biggest concern towards the Indian southpaw had nothing to do with his on-field game but with the kind of eyewear he was sporting during the session. The Gabba cameramen didn’t have to try too hard to take notice of Pant’s goggles with fluorescent rims as they were shining extra bright and quickly caught the attention of the ‘Spin King’ who was commentating on the game for Fox Sports. #AUSvIND — (@cricketcomau) January 15, 2021 “What do you think of those shades that Rishabh Pant is rocking Skull?” Warne asked Kerry O’ Keeffe. “Straight out of the service station?” “They are servos aren’t they?” O’Keeffe replied. “And he bought flowers as well. “No, they are not getting me. You would want them to get scratched so you can just put them in the bin. Making fun of Pant’s sunglasses, Warne did not realise that the supporters of the young Indian batsman were loading an arsenal of their own for a quick response and surely enough, images began to flow on social media. @MarkHoward03 some late entries into the SK Warne Sunglasses hall of Shame — Heath Farnsworth (@farnsy1964) January 16, 2021Talking bad sunglasses are we @ShaneWarne? You really want to go there?#AUSvIND@FoxCricket @MarkHoward03 @gilly381 @BrettLee_58 — Freo ⚓ Pope (@FreoPope) January 16, 2021Shane Warne has called out Rishabh Pant for his sunglasses. Also Shane Warne:#AUSvIND — bet365_aus (@bet365_aus) January 15, 2021Shane Warne having the gall to call out anyone's taste in sunglasses. — Laurie Horesh (@LaurieHoresh) January 15, 2021Shane Warne chipping Pant's sun glasses. Got a mirror there yeah yeah? — Todd Norbury OAM (Self isolation world champion) (@norbs) January 16, 2021 The fourth and final Test of the Border Gavaskar Trophy brought along an early end to the second session of the first day as reports of a hail storm in Brisbane began to emerge. However, after some heavy rains for a little while, the covers were lifted, although the time to resume the game is still under speculation and subject to a pitch survey. By the end of the second session on Day 1, India were at 62/2 after 26 overs and trail by 307 runs in the first innings. Shubman Gill's early loss was followed by a disheartening end to Rohit Sharma’s innings, who is now being criticised for “throwing his wicket” to the Australian bowler Nathan Lyon. Sharma was looking steady while batting at 44 when he decided to go for a big shot but mistimed his shot and the ball ended in Mitchell Starc’s safe hands in the middle of the ground. View the full article
  6. Today, India finally starts the world’s biggest vaccination drive against COVID-10 which has infected more than a crore people in the country. The pandemic has already killed more than 1.5 lakh people in India, however, there is now good news. India will have over 3,000 sessions, around 100 beneficiaries from the 3 crore priority group that consists of healthcare and frontline workers as the rollout was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this morning. © Reuters The first phase of the COVID-19 vaccination starts with two approved vaccines i.e. ‘Covishield’ and ‘Covaxin’. The first phase of the world’s biggest inoculation drive against the novel virus is expected to be completed in the next few months. The exercise will be conducted for individuals above the age of 18, for the moment, and each site will function similar to an election booth. Workers will have three hard copies of the beneficiary list and the names will also be uploaded by officials to the Co-Win portal. Today’s list was uploaded earlier this week on Thursday and will follow similar steps in days to follow. © Reuters An official said: “The vaccination session is from 9 am to 5 pm. Whoever comes till 5 pm will be vaccinated even after 5 pm, just like how it happens in elections.” The vaccines that will be administered in the first phase will be free. “The Centre will bear the expenses for vaccinating the 3 crore priority population,” PM Narendra Modi said earlier this week. © Reuters Out of the two approved vaccines, Covishield is the Indian variant of a vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford called the AZD122. The vaccine is being developed and manufactured in the country by Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII). Currently, SII is capable of manufacturing over 2 million doses per day from a single line of production. © Reuters The company will be adding six more lines in the coming weeks to increase the output levels. Covaxin, the second vaccine has been developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech in partnership with the National Institute of Virology. At the moment, there are 1.1 core doses of Covishield and 55 lakh doses of Covaxin available for administration. Each person has to get two shots of both vaccines within the span of 28 days apart. India has already conducted three mock drills in preparation of the rollout and the exercise was carried out to test the logistical and operational capabilities for the rollout. View the full article
  7. Thanks to the backlash from WhatsApp users, the instant messaging app announced that it will “pause: the controversial updates to its privacy policies. The company wants to take more time to “clear up the misinformation around how privacy and security work on WhatsApp.” The new terms of service have been delayed for at least three months as the messaging app saw numerous users shift to other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. Having said that, WhatsApp has not announced that it will be making any changes to the policy during the three months of delay. © Reuters The new WhatsApp privacy terms allow the company to take user data from WhatsApp and transfer it to other Facebook-owned companies. WhatsApp later tried to reiterate the new terms via big full-page ads in newspapers but it wasn’t enough to convince users otherwise. Even after WhatsApp offering more clarity, the app still saw a mass exodus to Signal which, eventually, caused the messaging’s service to crash last night. The crash was caused due to the huge growth Signal experienced in one day. © Reuters WhatsApp said in a blog post that none of its privacy-focused features will be changing. The new policy is meant on helping users to connect with businesses which many users are still not comfortable with. Despite the backlash, it seems like WhatsApp will not be backtracking from its decision and will go ahead with the new terms, even if the users don’t like it. WhatsApp now faces its first legal hurdle in India where it faces a petition filed by Advocate Chaitanya Rohilla. The petition says the new policy gives WhatsApp the power to generate a ‘360-degree profile into a person’s online activity’ without any government oversight. It is also worthy to point out the WhatsApp’s terms of service for Europe is different from India and doesn’t even force its users to accept the new terms. © Reuters If you are looking to switch from WhatsApp for the time being, check out three alternatives that might suit your needs. If you are confused between Signal and Telegram, check out our comparison between the two apps and its privacy policies here. View the full article
  8. The third Test match between India and Australia became a lot more controversial than the notorious banter between Tim Paine and Ravichandran Ashwin when Indian Pacer, Mohammed Siraj approached the officials with a racism complaint. According to reports, Indian cricketers including Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah were referred to as “brown dog” and “big monkey” on Day 3 when the two Men in Blue were given the duty of fielding at the border, closer to the local fans. Well this is some proof...... #INDvsAUS #racism #AUSvINDtest — Rithvik Shetty (@Shetty10Rithvik) January 10, 2021 Now, Krishna Kumar, a fan of Indian origin has come out with an incident of racial profiling at the Sydney Cricket Ground and has explained in detail, how he was made to feel “stripped” and “watched” for no valid reason at all. According to a Hindustan Times report, Krishna was targeted for carrying four anti-racism banners to the cricket ground with messages like “Rivalry is good, racism is not”, “No racism mate”, “Brown inclusion matters” and “Cricket Australia more diversity please”. Keep defending racists...well Siraj/Sundar called grubs now at Gabba..This is what happens when racists and racism apologists are not shunned from sports altogether. Not just stadiums, social media, playing.. I mean altogether. @CricketAus @BCCI — Freedom_of_Expression (@1st_amend_ment) January 15, 2021 “He told me, ‘If you need to address this matter, go back to where you belong,” Krishna Kumar mentioned. “It was a very small banner. I made it out of my kids’ paper roll,” he added. “To me this a pure case of profiling,” he mentioned. “They changed their entire formation so the guy next to the boundary is standing right in front of me and facing me. I’m not looking for compensation, I’m not looking for free tickets, I’m not looking for a membership,” Krishna Kumar told The Sydney Morning Herald. © Sydney Morning Herald “I want justice. I want accountability. I was feeling stripped, feeling watched and I went there to fight racism. “Forget whoever you’re supporting. I thought it was important as a cricket fan and as a responsible citizen to basically stand up against racism. My wife is Australian, my boys are Australian, my friends are all Australians. I’ve been to the MCG, I’ve been to the T20 Women’s World Cup. I’ve never been abused or racially attacked,” he added. © Sydney Morning Herald The Venues NSW, on the other hand, have said that they are currently investigating the incident. “We are investigating the complainant’s allegations and we’ll make no further comment until our investigation is complete,” a spokesperson mentioned. View the full article
  9. Indian Test vice-captain Rohit Sharma was at 44 off 74 deliveries when he walked down the pitch to go for a maximum against a Nathan Lyon delivery in the 20th over of the first Indian batting innings at the Brisbane Cricket Ground, and ended up getting caught out at the hands of Mitchell Starc. After losing Shubman Gill quickly in the seventh over, the Men in Blue were still looking on pace to have a good day of Test cricket with a seemingly strong and steady partnership between Sharma and Test expert Cheteshwar Pujara, until the former decided to score in a hurry, couldn’t connect the bat properly and lofted an easy dolly in the middle of the greens. No.397 #AUSvIND — (@cricketcomau) January 16, 2021 Ever since Sharma joined Ajinkya Rahane and the Indian batting lineup following a 14-day quarantine in Sydney before the third Test, Sharma has batted in three innings, and his best performance (52) came in the second innings at the Sydney Cricket Ground. It is also interesting to note that on all three occasions, Sharma was dismissed by one of the Australian fielders catching him out. And now, the ‘Hitman’ is being criticised for unnecessarily going for a big shot and practically throwing his wicket, thereby causing a huge blow to the already struggling Team India at the Gabba. Sunil Gavaskar rips into Rohit Sharma for 'irresponsible' shot, why, why he wails as Rohit holes out to Starc at long on off the cagey Lyon for 44. India 2-60 as Rahane joins Pujara. #AUSvIND — Robert Smith (@OnyaDon) January 16, 2021What a fuckall shot selection from Rohit Sharma. There was at least a 150 for the taking. Just stat pad FFS on this wicket. #AUSvsIND #GabbaTest — Sathyanarayanan Sridhar (@TheDewFactor) January 16, 2021Rohit Sharma throwing his wicket away yet again. Too good to be doing that! #LoveWatchingHimBat — Amir Jeena (@Jeenz7) January 16, 2021What a disastrous shot to play. All set on 44 and getting easy runs without an element of risk. Needless and reckless by Rohit Sharma has put India on the back foot. #AUSvsIND #AUSvIND — Saurav Vaish™ (@sauravkvaish) January 16, 2021 The penultimate Test at SCG was the first international red-ball match for Sharma in almost one year. Fans and a few analysts were already sceptical about his inclusion in the Playing XI, considering his unimpressive average of 26 runs per game in the longest format of the game ahead of the 2020-2021 Border Gavaskar Trophy. Another reason for the Men in Blue to worry about is that Sharma limped in a quick moment just after hitting the shot that got him out. Ahead of the series, the Nagpur-born was struggling with a hamstring injury that he’d picked up during the 2020 season of the Indian Premier League. Team India is already crippled with the number of injured top-tier cricketers being in double digits now and Rahane has been finding it extremely difficult lately to even come up with a decent Playing XI. With an innings and a half still left in the tied series, Sharma’s potential injury could be a massive blow to the team. View the full article
  10. Bollywood films have been our source of entertainment since childhood and movies have always set a narrative in our minds. Be it romance or family life, Bollywood movies have entertained us and have touched our hearts. But some movies made us cry our eyes out. So, here is a list of some of our all-time favorite sad Bollywood love stories that made everyone cry- Rockstar This Imtiaz Ali directorial stars Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri in the lead roles. Also, the film achieved cult status because of the stellar music by AR Rahman and the extraordinary acting by Ranbir Kapoor. Also, the song in the end Nadaan Parindey really made us cry our eyes out! Devdas The film stars Madhuri Dixit, Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead role. This was an extremely painful love story with an even disheartening and sad ending. Tere Naam The character which Salman Khan is playing in the film has a bad temper and a lot of behavioral issues as well. But, Radhe falls in love with a girl and both of them cannot be together which leads to him getting into constant fights and further losing his memory to amnesia. Chalte Chalte Raj and Priya meet a few times and fall in love with each other. In the film Raj is played by SRK who runs a small truck company and Rani plays the role of Priya who is a fashion designer and belongs to a wealthy rich family. They get married despite the difference in their family’s status and then Raj keeps on feeling the pressure of meeting Priya’s family expectations who is still struggling financially. Bewafaa The film stars Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, and Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles. In the film, Sushmita Sen who plays the role of Kareena Kapoor’s sister dies after giving birth to two daughters and Kareena gets married to her sister’s husband Anil Kapoor. This leads to the separation of Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor who were madly in love with each other. View the full article
  11. Seems like the nation constantly wants to know what’s happening with journalist and newsmaker Arnab Goswami. Every time one spots him trending on social media, a meme fest takes over as viewers continue to lose their ability to take his words seriously. © Republic Recently, advocate Prashant Bhushan, who is a public interest lawyer and activist shared leaked screenshots of WhatAapp conversations between Arnab and ex-CEO of BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) Partho Dasgupta, who is also currently swimming in the TRP scam case. These are a few snapshots of the damning leaked WhatsApp chats between BARC CEO & #ArnabGoswami. They show many conspiracies&unprecedented access to power in this govt; gross abuse of his media&his position as power broker. In any Rule of law country, he would be in jail for long — Prashant Bhushan (@pbhushan1) January 15, 2021 The TRP scam, in question, began last year in October when the BARC filed a complaint against a few TV channels (including Republic TV) and accused them of rigging their TRP numbers. The former CEO Partho Dasgupta and Arnab Goswami are being accused of rigging numbers. When the question of actress Rhea Chakraborty’s chats being leaked arose in the past, many claimed it was being done in national interest, ergo some are pointing out the hypocrisy over the hue and cry around Arnab’s chats being leaked now. As soon as the tweet became viral on the internet, people couldn’t help but joke about this whole situation. #ArnabGoswami Error! Filename not specified.Suddenness, the sheer suddenness of the moveError! Filename not specified.. So finally it is proved that Whatsapp is no more secure, neither end to end encrypted. Installing Signal. — Carbonated (@saqibhafix) January 15, 2021The whole situation explained in a video #ArnabGoswami — Manoj Tiwari(Parody) (@ManojMujra) January 15, 2021#ArnabGoswami :- What is this behaviour Zuckerberg ? Zuckerberg :- I am sorry Babu. Rhea & Karma smiling while reading this 73+ MB chat. — Ahmed Bilal Chowdhary ( احمد بلال چوہدری ) (@AhmedBilal_JK) January 15, 2021This is How Arnab's Chat leaked. Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.#See_Full_Image.#ArnabGoswami and #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy — बाबूराव गणपतराव आप्टे (@baburao__aapte) January 15, 2021 While people cant help but make memes about this situation, many others are exhibiting their angst towards the horrendous misuse of power that these chats reveal. The sheer power of #ArnabGoswami, a News Editor. Reminding me of Dileep Padgaonkar's infamous comment: I am the most powerful man after the PM. A man with zero accountability discussing scrapping of Art 370 with NSA Doval a day before the formal announcement @pbhushan1 — Poonam punekar (@PunekarPoonam1) January 15, 2021Whats the point of you higher education and degree plus your experience and age if you wasting on such issues which has no value addition to it?!! Just asking! What kind of example are you setting for your future generations? So sad to read venomous negativity from you always. — 🇮🇳 Kavita Damle 🇮🇳🦋Error! Filename not specified. (@KavitaDamle) January 15, 2021 A lot of people on social media are questioning the authenticity of these screenshots but turns out, that the Mumbai Police extracted data from BARC CEO's phone and these are apparently a part of that. Mumbai Police releases 500 pages WhatsApp chat between Arnab Goswami and Partho Das Gupta ( Ex CEO of BARC) — Abhijeet Dipke (@abhijeet_dipke) January 15, 2021 The alleged leaked chats reveal some crucial information, including how Arnab Goswami met National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval two days just before the abrogation of Article 370, especially the fact that he knew all about the Article 370 abrogation discussion. Some of the messages also suggest that the former BARC CEO allegedly sent a confidential note to Arnab explaining that he had jammed the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) and Goswami allegedly replied that he may meet the Prime Minister in this matter. The court hearing is scheduled for 29th January 2021. Until then, the High Court has withheld any coercive action against all accused. View the full article
  12. It doesn’t matter if it’s a date or a boardroom meeting, what matters is how well-groomed you look despite the occasion. There are certain grooming tips that take a longer time to make you look suave, but there are also a few grooming hacks that are actually less time-consuming and since you are always hustling, these can be literal lifesavers for you. Check out these 5 rather ingenious grooming habits that you didn't know existed. They are strange but quite effective: 1. Lip Balm & Shaving Cuts © iStock Shaving cuts can be very nasty, no surprises there. Rubbing some amount lip balm on your fingers and applying it on the wound will help control the cut. The wax texture of the balm will seal the cut and show rapid results in covering the clot. 2. A Soap Bar For Your Gym Bag © iStock After a strenuous workout at the gym and with your stinky clothes stowed in your bag, we know how your bag reeks after you come back home. Easy fix? Get a mini soap bar and just throw it in your gym bag. It's a long-lasting solution and it will resolve all your conundrums. 3. Control Bad Breath With Parsley © iStock So what if you don’t have any mint left with you before you step out of your house? At least you have some kitchen ingredients. Before you head out, take some parsley leaves and chew on it along with a clove. The enzymes in it can deodorise your bad breath. Rinse your mouth after this and you will be all set to make an impression. 4. Use A Blow Dryer On Your Razor For Longevity © iStock This may come as a shock to you but drying your razor is going to help you reuse it. Rust or grime on the blades can lessen the lifespan but using a hairdryer on it will save you from spending extra money on it. So, just 30 seconds out of your schedule and you will have a new razor all over again. 5. Conditioner Is A Good Option To Shave Down There © iStock Besides your traditional shaving foams, there are also some more options that will help shave down there blissful. If you wish to go full Brazilian, then do it right with a conditioner which makes for good shaving cream. The chances of you feeling dry after using a cream are higher but a hair conditioner, with its hair softening power, can control the accidental cuts. 6. Cut Your Nails Right After Showering © iStock Nails absorb water and in turn, help you get extra soft nails, especially after a cold shower. This is a perfect time to clip them off as they are flexible and the chances of you getting cuts are quite less. View the full article
  13. One of the best things about using Apple's 'Apple TV+' streaming service is being able to experience spatial audio on the AirPods Pro and the new AirPods Max. Although the streaming service doesn't have the best content when compared with other platforms, it does have such awesome features. Well, now it looks like even Netflix is testing spatial audio. If everything goes to plan, then the spatial audio support might roll out for iPhone and iPad. © Unsplash Netflix already offers a variety of surround sound content, so we won't really be surprised if Netflix manages to pull it off. Spatial audio converts the audio into virtual surround sound, making it a very immersive experience. If the report is something to go by, then it looks like Netflix will roll out the support with limited content. Spatial Audio, for those of you who don't know, lets you experience directional audio filters to “play sounds virtually anywhere in space, creating an immersive sound experience.” This puts surround channels exactly in the right spot, even as you turn your head or move your device. Here's Apple's description of spatial audio - "Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking brings the movie theatre experience right to your AirPods Pro. By applying directional audio filters and subtly adjusting the frequencies each ear receives, spatial audio can place sounds virtually anywhere in space, creating an immersive surround sound experience. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer in your AirPods Pro and your iPhone, spatial audio tracks the motion of your head as well as your device, compares the motion data, and then remaps the sound field so that it stays anchored to your device even as your head moves." It's also worth pointing out that only Netflix's highest-end Premium tier supports Dolby Atmos surround sound. So, it'll be interesting to see if Netflix limits Spatial Audio to the Premium subscribers too. © Unsplash As we mentioned earlier, there's no official confirmation on this feature's rollout just yet. So, we suggest you stay tuned to us for more info regarding the same. In the meantime, you can check out the Apple TV+ streaming service to experience Spatial audio if you own either a pair of AirPods Pro or the new AirPods Max. Source: 9to5mac View the full article
  14. There was a time when Kuldeep Yadav didn't have to worry about selection or his reputation as one of the frontline spinners for India. But, times have changed. © BCCI The chinaman, especially in the longest format, has struggled to keep pace with the likes of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja who remain the first-choice spin-bowling options for India. But, ahead of the 4th Test against Australia, India's growing list of injuries that ruled Jadeja, amongst others, out of the series decider was expected to hand Kuldeep an opportunity to make a comeback. © BCCI But, contrary to popular perception, India made four changes, bringing in Shardul Thakur, Mayank Agarwal, T Natarajan and Washington Sundar, but Kuldeep wasn't the one. The fact that the Indian team went on to hand Sundar a Test debut ahead of Kuldeep further raised eyebrows with cricket pundits and fans slamming the decision. At the lively track of Gabba, Kuldeep's variety in leg-spin and the bounce wrist-spinners tend to get at the ground should have been sufficient for him to get selected. But, the decision to keep him on the bench left many baffled. People were blaming Kohli for dropping Kuldeep, now Rahane preferred Sundar over him. Poor selection from Rahane #GabbaTest #AUSvIND #kuldeepyadav — Keep your cool, mate (@MissSwiftFan) January 15, 2021You got to be kidding me...!!!! #washingtonsundar in place of #kuldeepyadav must be a very big risk to take #AUSvINDtest #AUSvIND — Sagar Karur (@karursagar) January 14, 2021Unfair with #kuldeepYadav , he should be playing ahead of sundar. Definitely better option than sundar plus you can play sundar also instead natrajan Poor selection #AUSvsIND — VCR (@VCRanjan) January 15, 2021Feel for #KuldeepYadav. Stars seem against him #AUSvIND #INDvsAUS — Rajiv Ramanujam (@vernal_equinox) January 15, 2021#kuldeepyadav should be in playing XI in place of Saini or Shardul #IndiavsAustralia #IndianCricketTeam #rahane — Sujit Khamari (@sujit_khamari) January 15, 2021Feel for @imkuldeep18 not getting a chance in this match especially when Ashwin is injured.#INDvsAUS #AUSvIND #brisbanetest #GabbaTest #kuldeepyadav — Soham (@Soham718) January 14, 2021Definitely #KuldeepYadav deserves place in playing XI he should have replaced with Shardul Thakur or Washington Sundar Am ok with Natarajan he has talent and he deserves it infact Natarajan could have picked in 3rd test instead Saini #AUSvIND #INDvsAUS #CricBuzzChatter — Vinnu Namburi (@vinnu1239) January 15, 2021Kuldeep was India's second specialised spinner for the tour of Australia and he also has a five-wicket-haul in Australia that came during the Sydney Test of the 2018-19 Border-Gavaskar Trophy. While the Indian leggie would have surely been a little disappointed, Sundar bowled 22 overs and recorded figures of 1-63 on Day 1 of the 4th Test in Brisbane. View the full article
  15. In this fast paced world running on the fuel of the magic of internet, anything and everything can possibly happen. Some people make billions, some unfortunate ones get locked out of their bitcoins, some find love and some sadly, fall prey to insane level of phishing attacks. Nidhi Razdan, one of the most famous faces in Indian media and NDTV’s ex- editor, hit the headlines last year when she announced that she was quitting the industry after 21 years of service after being offered a job at Harvard to teach journalism. She broke her silence today and surprised her followers on social media after confirming that it was in reality a ‘fake’ job offer and she ended up being a victim of a phishing attack. I have been the victim of a very serious phishing attack. I’m putting this statement out to set the record straight about what I’ve been through. I will not be addressing this issue any further on social media. — Nidhi Razdan (@Nidhi) January 15, 2021 Her Twitter feed is flooded with messages filled with regret and sympathy because obviously, this is no joke and indeed a personal sad news for anyone. Vicious things are happening on the Internet! We have heard about phishing attack but not expected on that Level.. Power to Nidhi Mam@Nidhi @PrannoyRoyNDTV — Neeraj mishra (@neeraj_nirab) January 15, 2021This is shocking and am sure would be handiwork of someone not happy with your approach on political issues at NDTV particularly critical of this regime. — Dinesh Dwivedi (@DineshDwivediSC) January 15, 2021A crime is crime doesn't matter who the victim of it. This is worse. May be it's persons mistake but it didn't make perpetrators clean. People need to understand they shouldn't mock her.. Everyone does make mistakes in life. But humiliating & ridiculing them for it is not right. — Lone Wolf 🖤 (@love_lonewolf) January 15, 2021 While some people indeed have wise words to share, there are a plethora of tweets which are trolling her and even urging her to join Whatsapp university. it took seven months to figure this out? the nigerian prince obviously missed a mark... — Dylan Mohan Gray (@DylanMohanGray) January 15, 2021Thank you for @Nidhi for setting yourself up as an example of WhatsApp university professor, earlier we used to have Whatsspp University students onmy — Thakur Vishal Singh (@vksingh805280) January 15, 2021I am sorry babu. — Harvard University (@havarduni) January 15, 2021She has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police and we hope she finds out who tried to pull such a cruel prank on her. Nidhi shared the happy news of joining Harvard University around seven months ago. Many people are questioning the credibility of her research on this job offer and also wondering how the visa process was initiated without any credibility, but nevertheless, this is indeed a sad mockery of someone's profession. Nidhi has been working in the media industry for over two decades and is the daughter of former editor of PTI. Phishing attacks are a serious criminal offence and often lead to people losing a lot of valuable information to attackers. Here’s hoping that she can begin a new inning of her professional journey once again. View the full article
  16. A depleted Team India had another injury concern after seamer Navdeep Saini sustained a groin injury during the first day's play in the 4th Test against Australia at the Gabba. The Indian bowler was bowling to Marnus Labuschagne when he complained of some pain in the groin area before going off the field to get some scans done. UPDATE - Navdeep Saini has now gone for scans.#AUSvIND — BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2021 With Saini off the field, Rohit Sharma bowled the last ball to complete the over and Prithvi Shaw, who has been left out owing to his poor form, came on as a substitute fielder. With India already paying dearly due to the injuries to key players, Shaw almost added Rohit's name in the growing list. In the 53rd over, Washington Sundar was bowling to Labuschagne who pushed the ball to midwicket and set off for a quick single. As the Australian batsman completed the run, Shaw picked up the ball and tried to have a go at the non-striker's end. But, rather than making some sort of contribution to his team, Shaw's wild throw caught Rohit, who was standing in the middle, off guard and could have easily injured the Indian opener. ? Friendly fire ? Live #AUSvIND: — (@cricketcomau) January 15, 2021 Thanks to quick reflexes, Rohit managed to block the throw with his hand as the ball crashed onto the ground. A video of the entire episode was shared by Cricket Australia (CA) that showed Rohit in disbelief and a bit of pain. One way to get your opening spot back for the next series! #IndvAus #Cricket — Brad Hogg (@Brad_Hogg) January 15, 2021 The incident saw Shaw becoming the butt of all jokes on social media as fans took turns to poke fun at the youngster. Amongst all the memes, Aussie bowling legend Brad Hogg also pulled Shaw's leg in a hilarious tweet. "One way to get your opening spot back for the next series!," he tweeted. Here's how others reacted: Prithvi shaw giving his best to do comeback in Indian playing 11 ???? — Circuit ?? Expert (@Being_circuit) January 15, 2021Not in playing XI but still contributing for Australia, Prithvi Shaw _/_ — R A T N I S H (@LoyalSachinFan) January 15, 2021Was maybe trying to concuss Ro so that he can get to bat lekin nishana chook gaya. — Mayank ???? (@ImMayankB) January 15, 2021rohit to shaw — Officialthakur3232 (@amansikarwar151) January 15, 2021everything he is touching is turning to panauti rn. poor guy — Mohit Sharma '???' (@Trendy_Baba_) January 15, 2021 While Shaw did witness a forgettable moment, India fared well especially amid the notable absence of their key players. The likes of Mohammed Siraj and Shardul Thakur gave the tourists an early breakthrough. But, Marnus Labuschagne stuck in there and slammed a brilliant ton to stabilise the innings for the hosts. Test debutant Washington Sundar did well to get rid of threatening Steve Smith before T Natarajan gave India vital breakthroughs after dismissing Matthew Wade and Labuschagne in quick succession. Despite the dismissals, an unbeaten 61-run partnership between Tim Paine and Cameron Green saw Australia ending Day 1 at 274 runs with the loss of five wickets. View the full article
  17. Dino Morea, despite being low key in the Bollywood industry right now, still continues to impress us whenever he is spotted. While his acting skills have been praised quite often, we also can't forget that he has been on the forefront when it comes to the fashion world as well, and that too from the 90s. For the unversed, Dino, besides having avant-garde style sensibility, is also a sneakerhead, who has never shied away from flaunting some of his zany pieces. © Viral Bhayani Take a look at this one time, when Dino wore a pair of sneakers, inspired by 'Sonic The Hedgehog' and garnered all our attention with this pair. © Viral Bhayani While this was his festive look, he was also recently spotted stepping out of the gym in a rather relaxed attire. We really liked the cool aesthetic of his gym outfit. However, the pair of sneakers he wore, was the real deal here. Let's talk about his outfit first. © Viral Bhayani The hoodie, clad with blue shorts, makes for a perfect gym look. © Ajio Now, coming to the pièce de résistance are the sneakers that Dino is wearing, which is by Skechers. These sneakers are called Go Run Fast-Quake Shoes and are made with the usual lace-up style with a round toe. © Viral Bhayani Speaking of the trend, while some brands are designing these shoes intentionally, celebs these days are letting their shoes just be the way they are, instead of putting in extra effort to clean them. Dirty or not, we think the pair looks really dope and someday, even we would like to wear such a statement style to the gym! We like how he has layered the hoodie over a bright blue T-shirt. That, paired with a printed bandana, is a head-turning statement. Also, you just can't miss his bushy, unkempt beard, which makes him look like a million bucks, even at the gym. The reason why we liked this pair is because of its overall style but the fact that Dino let the sneakers remain dirty and didn't clean them, proves that the man is into trends and doesn't mind it even if his shoes look a little smudgy. View the full article
  18. Irrespective of the profession, it's always difficult for a young kid to live up to the reputation and break away from the stardom of their popular parents. And, the world of cricket is no different. The gentleman's game has witnessed precocious talents who struggle to bloom naturally like other kids, without the burden of their famous last names. But, when you're the son of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the weight of expectations to carry on the legacy of one of the greatest batsmen the sport has ever seen is a little too much. © Twitter/@BCCI Arjun Tendulkar is no stranger to the spotlight and the media attention that he continues to garner ever since he showcased his capabilities as an all-rounder in his teen days. The youngster made it to the Mumbai U-19 side in 2017 before graduating to the India U-19 squad a year later. He was part of India's Youth Test tour to Sri Lanka in 2018 and also played for the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Young Cricketers in the Second Eleven Championship in England. Another Tendulkar makes his senior debut for Mumbai. Playing against someone his father has battled in many an enthralling domestic encounter, Haryana. Go well, Arjun Tendulkar, it's not easy being the follow up act of a legend. — Joy Bhattacharjya (@joybhattacharj) January 15, 2021 But, his biggest break came on 15th January when the 21-year-old was handed his debut for the Mumbai senior team in the ongoing Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. The bowling all-rounder was included in the Mumbai line-up for their much-anticipated clash against Haryana in the domestic T20 competition. While it was undeniably a big step for the youngster, Arjun, perhaps a little nervous, failed to make a mark on his debut. With Mumbai bowled out for 143 runs, the left-hander couldn't get a chance to bat. ' And, his team and fans would have hoped that Tendulkar Jr might contribute with the ball. Here's the exclusive video of Arjun Tendulkar getting his first wicket!! Wicket on debut ️#SyedMushtaqAliT20 #SyedMushtaqAliTrophy — Vinesh Prabhu (@vlp1994) January 15, 2021 And, Arjun did make his presence felt, getting rid of Haryana opener Chaitanya Bishnoi (4) in the fourth over. But, from thereon, it proved to be a downslide for Arjun as Haryana batsmen hammered the youngster all around the park at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. With a lone wicket to his name, the left-arm seamer emerged as the most expensive bowler, conceding at 11.33 runs an over, of the match. #SyedMushtaqAliT20 Arjun tendulkar went for 15 runs in his 1st over — varun giri (@varungiri0) January 15, 2021 Just like Arjun, the performance of Mumbai in the ongoing T20 competition has not been up to the mark, so far. The Suryakumar Yadav-led side was blown away by Mohammed Azharuddeen's 54-ball 137 during their loss to Kerala in their opening match. Their poor run continued in the tournament as Haryana romped to an effortless eight-wicket win, pushing Mumbai to the last spot in Group E with not a single point against their name. View the full article
  19. The 2020-21 Border Gavaskar Trophy has been a true testament of the character of the Indian cricket team. Struggling to put up enough players for the Playing XI ahead of the fourth and final Test of the series at the Brisbane Cricket Ground, the Men in Blue are trying their best to ride the tide in the most efficient way possible. With some of the most well-seasoned Indian bowlers like Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav and now Jasprit Bumrah being unable to play for the team due to severe injuries, the Indian bowling attack lacks the presence of a veteran pacer who could impart some useful knowledge in between overs. From Test cap 298 to 300. Mohammad Siraj offers T Natarajan some advice learned from his brief time on the Test circuit. LIVE COMMENTARY: #AUSvIND #INDvAUS — FlashScore Cricket Commentators (@FlashCric) January 15, 2021 So, the players are making the best out of what they have. On the first day of the Gabba Test, one such example could be seen in Mohammed Siraj who was found walking up to T Natarajan between overs, to encourage him and give him a few words of advice that might work in his favour against the Australian batsmen. Experience tracker for the bowling attacks India: Sundar + Thakur + Saini + Siraj + Natarajan = 4 Tests Australia: Cummins + Starc + Lyon + Hazlewood + Green = 249 Tests#AUSvIND — no_love__ still_single (@LuvhrtzzA) January 15, 2021 Siraj, who himself made his international debut in the longest format of the game during the Melbourne Test of the on-going series, has just two matches under his belt. But under the given circumstances, it makes him the most experienced pure pacer on the field for the visiting side and he is not letting his boys down. Natarajan, on the other hand, made his international Test debut at the Gabba and has been extremely impressive with the ball. Bowling more than 10 over in one match for the first time in his international career, Natarajan has already scalped two wickets, including the centurion, Marnus Labuschagne. Natarajan getting labuschagne #AUSvIND — ‍️ (@Gkumaarrr) January 15, 2021 Yet another Man in Blue, Washington Sundar, is also having a decent international Test debut. In 20 overs, the allrounder has given away 50 runs while removing Steve Smith from the crease off a Rohit Sharma catch. However, injury woes might continue for Indian skipper Ajinkya Rahane as yet another pacer, Navdeep Saini, had to be taken for medical assistance early on Day 1 with a possible groin injury. Eventual reports confirmed that Saini was also taken for scans. Navdeep Saini has gone for a scan. Rohit Sharma is warming up — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) January 15, 2021 View the full article
  20. Rishabh Pant has gone through a lot during the ongoing Test series between India and Australia. He scored a century in Sydney during a practice match against Australia A, was criticised by his own fans for not being a good wicket-keeper, got his elbow smashed by a Mitchell Starc delivery and then, was hailed by the fans for playing the best international Test innings of his career. View this post on Instagram However, all those things do not provide him with immunity from getting sledged by his own teammates when his excitement and overzealousness begin to cloud his judgement as a cricketer. During the 84th over of the first Australian innings, debutant T Natarajan’s delivery rushed past Australian skipper Tim Paine’s bat and into Pant’s hands. There was a fair bit of space between the bat and the ball but the keeper was convinced that there was an edge. Rishabh Pant was heaps keen on this one but he was getting donuts from the cordon! #AUSvIND — (@cricketcomau) January 15, 2021 Upon gloving the ball, Pant found himself to be the only one appealing to the umpire for a caught-behind and while the official refused to raise his finger, all of Pant’s excitement turned towards his skipper, Ajinkya Rahane to go for a DRS review. The cameras caught Pant almost begging a laughing Rahane to take the review while the captain kept his hands behind his back and shared a couple of jokes with his deputy in command Rohit Sharma almost simultaneously. lmfao pant is hilarious — ً (@Iabuschagne) January 15, 2021 Cheteshwar Pujara and Sharma were also on the hapless keeper’s case and continued to laugh while Pant maintained an angry expression on his face. It is rather refreshing to see the Men in Blue sharing a couple of jokes and still taking the Brisbane Test in a fun spirit, especially after losing so many of their extremely talented mates to unfortunate injuries. That genuine reaction from Rohit Sharma though! — Anuj Kulkarni (@IamAnujKulkarni) January 15, 2021 At the end of Day 1 of the Gabba Test, Australia are at 274/5 after 87 overs. Marnus Labuschange 108-run innings added a significant balance to the Australian batting side after losing names like David Warner, Steve Smith and Marcus Harris early. For India, Natarajan’s 2/63 stint after 20 overs remained the most impressive performance for the bowling attack, followed by Mohammed Siraj’s 1/51 outing. View the full article
  21. A good hairstyle is an extension of your personality. Your hairstyle and grooming can level up your overall style within seconds. Because of this very reason, taking good care of your hair is extremely important. This includes knowing your hair type, getting the right haircuts and above all, using the right hair care products. While investing in good products is the best thing that you can do for your hair, we understand that it can be a little heavy on the pocket. Worry not because we did our research well. Not only did we pick the best men’s hair products under Rs.500, we also made sure that these products are enriched with effective natural ingredients. Go ahead and check them out! 1. 9 Herbs Enriched Head Massage Oil Not many people use hair oils anymore but it is one of the most effective remedies to treat damaged hair. This particular hair oil is enriched with not one but nine different herbs that strengthen and smoothen your hair. Free from any kind of harmful chemicals, this hair oil will treat your hair fall problems in a jiffy. __ECOMPRODUCT__988__ 2. Strong Hold Hair Wax Finding the right hair styling products while staying under budget is not an easy task. Lucky for you, this particular hair wax by Ustraa will help you get a professional hairstyle without having to go to a salon. It has a matte finish and provides strong hold for hours at an end. __ECOMPRODUCT__1067__ 3. Headspace Styling Gel If you’re in search of a product that gives a light hold and looks natural, this product is perfect for you. It’s enriched with aloe vera extracts, olive oil and rice extracts that not only style but also repair your hair. Give your hair the nourishment it needs with this unique formula. __ECOMPRODUCT__1068__ 4. Anti-Hairfall Shampoo If you are suffering from severe hair fall, it’s about time you tried this shampoo by MensXP Mud. It’s infused with all-natural ingredients which are known for boosting hair growth and reducing hair fall. With the goodness of bhringraj, brahmi, volcanic black clay and saw palmetto, this one is sure to become your all time favourite shampoo. __ECOMPRODUCT__288__ 5. Keratin Repair & Shine Control Strengthening Hair Mask If you are tired of your dry and damaged hair, try out this hair mask. For those of you who have never tried a hair mask, it’s meant to nourish, condition and smoothen your hair. In other words, if a basic hair conditioner can’t get rid of the frizziness, this mask surely will. __ECOMPRODUCT__1069__ 6. Play It Coal: Detoxifying Shampoo Bar Shampoo bars have just started making a comeback in the beauty industry. If you haven’t tried a shampoo bar yet, you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff. A shampoo bar is meant to deeply cleanse the scalp without being too harsh on the hair. If you are struggling with an oily scalp, try out this shampoo bar. We promise you won’t regret it. __ECOMPRODUCT__1070__ 7. Hair Serum Lastly, we have a hair serum for men by Whiskers. A serum is essential for men who have dry hair. This hair serum will calm down any frizziness in your hair and nourish it from within. It’s a very lightweight formula that gets absorbed within seconds. It also provides protection from sun damage which can actually lead to premature ageing of the hair. __ECOMPRODUCT__605__ The Bottomline There you go, these were some of our tried and tested hair products for men. Who said you need to spend a lot of money to look good? Tried out these products and hair game will be stronger than ever before! Explore More View the full article
  22. When Prime Video dropped the teaser trailer of Saif Ali Khan's Tandav, people were left asking for more and wanted to see the political drama on their laptop screens. According to Prime Video, 'the series takes the viewers inside the closed, chaotic corridors of power and uncover the manipulations, charades as well as the dark secrets of people who will go to any lengths in pursuit of power. It seems like the web series hasn't been able to meet the expectations of people who are clearly not pleased by the content and are calling it pure propaganda. People are also complaining of the poor script and have also pointed out that the music has been taken from the movie Joker and edited for the show. They are people who have advised to invest their time in watching South Indian movies because they have a realistic approach. People have lost their cool as they feel that the makers are justifying what happened in the JNU. People are even planning to boycott the show altogether. #AmazonPrime par ek Web series aayi hai #Tandav...Pura Librandupan dikha diya hai, Mahadev se f*** bulva rahe hai JNU ke azaadi slogans justify kar rahe hai Dalito par atyachar hota hai Indira Gandhi aur Sanjay Gandhi ki maut ka majak bnate hai Aur na jane kya kya#TandavOnPrime — Gaurav Nagar (@gauravnagar_) January 15, 2021Not satisfied. Pure propaganda. #Tandav #TandavOnPrime — darshik pathak (@darshikpathak) January 15, 2021It's poorly written, poor editing and the music looks like an edit from Joker. Such cliches are what is being filled up on OTT. #Tandav — J o h n Z a t z s k i (@johnzatzski) January 15, 2021#Tandav No need to boycott tandav because they are already are making shi!ty anarchist stuff with the tadka of propagandists artist like ayub who was standing in against of CAA without even reading it once. Wanna watch real stuff, go with south indian movies. — Sharad (@thekantapguy) January 15, 2021These madrachod's fundamentalists jihadists and liberals make fun of our culture religion and deities through movies and web series! and hurt our religious faith. And the government remains silent, After all, why are these dogs not acted upon?#Tandav — Sameer 🇮🇳🏻 (@iam_smirza) January 15, 2021Far from being a political thriller, #Tandav is a PR exercise for the only university in India that gets maximum media coverage. Biased plot aside, faulty screenplay and horrible performances destroy it anyway. #TandavOnPrime — Vanamali (@ONEMALI) January 15, 2021महा वाहियात ।#Tandav — Ammar Malick (@ammarmallick) January 15, 2021This show is just propagating views which are dangerous to society.Ban it #Tandav #bantandav — Nikhil Tyagi (@nickchamp26) January 15, 2021 One of the scenes has been going viral as people are bashing Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub for mocking Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shiva. People are upset with the fact that the makers always target the Hindu Gods thus playing with the sentiments of people. #Tandav on @PrimeVideoIN A anti-hindu agenda web series. Shri Ram and Shiva openly abused and ridiculed. Shiva says "What The Fcuk". What can you expect from characters like @aliabbaszafar #SaifAliKhan @Mdzeeshanayyub @GAUAHAR_KHAN — Accost (@Accost01) January 15, 2021Reading some of the positive reviews of #Tandav . Can't find anything story related. Only people rejoicing in giving it back to 'bhakts' and how Hindu gods are mocked. Anti-modi hote hote anti-Hindu and anti-India hote ja rahe ho tum log. I hope the realisation happens soon. — Shaani Nani (@shaaninani) January 15, 2021Yes.. Fun on shiv ji, PM tanasha, jnu types police attack n police shown in bad light, farmers protest, azaadi naare, n M people targeted... This #Tandav is totally propoganda based#TandavOnPrime — Crime Master Gogo (@vipul2777) January 15, 2021 Then, there's a section of people who are rooting for Tandav as it shows the realities of the era we are living in and are giving back to the 'bhakts' who are offended. #Tandav is a must watch for Left Winge Politics lovers and for those who hate BJP. JNU is portrayed as VNU .. same azaadi slogans are there.. Inquilab Zindabad slogans are there..the series starts with the slogan " kisaan ekta zindabad ".Watch it before it's too late. ️️️️ — suchetan roy (@suchetanroy1) January 15, 2021Watched first episode of #Tandav on @PrimeVideo. Very reminiscent of our times. Not surprised Bhakts already clamouring for a boycott. Waiting for the real thing in 2024. — Rohit Kuttappan (@RohitKuttappan) January 15, 2021#Tandav is a fantastic, mind blowing political series because some of the thing is very straight that some people can not resist — Vikas prajapati (@VickyStark3000) January 15, 2021Talking about the theme of the show, Creator, Director, and Producer Ali Abbas Zafar had earlier said, “Through Tandav, we take audiences into the power-hungry world of politics. As you watch the show, you’ll realize that there is no right or wrong, there is no black or white; the world of power is about the world of greys. I believe that content must be backed by credible performances and I am fortunate to have such heavyweights in the show. I’m excited that my debut as a creator-director in the digital domain is with Amazon Prime Video which will take this intriguing and gripping story of Tandav to millions across the world!” Apart from Saif Ali Khan and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, the show stars Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Dino Morea, Kumud Mishra, Gauahar Khan, Amyra Dastur, Kritika Kamra, Sarah Jane Dias, Sandhya Mridul, Annup Sonii, Hitten Ttejwani, Paresh Pahuja, and Shonali Nagrani among others. Do you agree with people's opinions? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  23. WhatsApp updated privacy policy in India has attracted a lot of attention ever since it was announced. In fact, a lot of users have even decided to ditch the app for other alternatives like Signal and Telegram. Now, a petition has been filed in an Indian court which says that WhatsApp updated privacy policy verges on user surveillance and threatens India's security. Earlier this year, WhatsApp said it reserved the right to share some data including location and phone number with Facebook and its units such as Instagram. This attracted a lot of attention and naturally, it pissed off a lot of its users. © Unsplash Of course, you can choose to ditch the app entirely and move to something else like Signal or Telegram. It's not an ideal solution since it'll be a task to move all your contacts and group chats to a completely new app but that seems like the only option for now in case you don't want to play by WhatsApp's rules. Following the outrage, WhatsApp did note that the new privacy policy update does not the privacy of the messages shared with friends or family. But the damage has been done and now it remains to be seen as to what comes out of this new legal challenge. Source: Reuters View the full article
  24. Update: Xiaomi has responded to the recent Investor's ban with a statement that has now been added to the story. Before leaving office, President Trump has placed Xiaomi under a new blacklist according to a report by Reuters. Xiaomi along with nine other companies have been placed on an investment blacklist by Trump and is alleged to be part of the "Communist Chinese military.” American investors are being told to refrain from investing in the company for the time being. © Reuters It’s unclear as to why Xiaomi has been put into a blacklist however the U.S. Government is making America Investors to divest their holding and have until November 11th to do so. It’s not known how this will affect Xiaomi however major companies like Qualcomm have invested in the company. “The Department is determined to highlight and counter the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) Military-Civil Fusion development strategy, which supports the modernization goals of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) by ensuring its access to advanced technologies and expertise acquired and developed by even those PRC companies, universities, and research programs that appear to be civilian entities,” the US Department of Defense statement reads about including Xiaomi in the blacklist. © Reuters The move comes after President Trump’s back and forth clampdown on Chinese companies who have been suspected of working with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Huawei was the first victim and was placed on its entity list which prevents U.S. based companies from doing business with the Chinese smartphone giant. Having said that, Xiaomi has not been put on the entity list as of now which means suppliers based in the U.S. can still do business with the Chinese company for now. However, this move does put Xiaomi in a dire position and could see Xiaomi see its business further targeted in the future. President-elect Biden’s administration could overturn the decision however when it comes to national security concerns, most presidents tend not to bend the other way © Reuters Xiaomi was blacked under Section 1237 of the National Defense Authorization Act. The executive order by President Trump mentions China's national security strategy where it forces companies to support and cooperate with the military. The order also claims that China exploits US investors by allowing companies like Xiaomi to get funds from American investors and exploits them. Not much was added on how Chinese companies exploit American investors however it seems this order is here to stay for a while. We can only know more about Xiaomi’s fate after the presidential transition takes place in about a week’s time and whether President-elect Biden might overturn Trump’s executive order or not. Xiaomi has now responded to President Trump's executive order saying "The Company has been in compliance with law and operating in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of jurisdictions where it conducts its businesses. The Company reiterates that it provides products and services for civilian and commercial use. The Company confirms that it is not owned, controlled or affiliated with the Chinese military, and is not a “Communist Chinese Military Company” defined under the NDAA. The Company will take appropriate course of actions to protect the interests of the Company and its shareholders. The Company is reviewing the potential consequences of this to develop a fuller understanding of its impact on the Group. The Company will make further announcements as and when appropriate” said a Xiaomi spokesperson to MensXP. Source: Reuters View the full article
  25. Day 1 of the Gabba Test between India and Australia at the Brisbane Cricket Ground has already seen some unfortunate fielding errors by the Ajinkya Rahane and team that has given the hosts numerous opportunities to keep adding to their total in the first innings. Labuschagne gets a life! Live #AUSvIND: — (@cricketcomau) January 15, 2021 However, one of the biggest debacles came at the hands of reserved player for the Men in Blue, Prithvi Shaw who ended up hitting his own teammate with the ball while fielding. Trying to get a run-out on Matthew Wade, Shaw caught the ball at squad leg and launched it towards the non-striker's end without giving the throw a second thought. However the ball never made it to the stumps. ⚠ Friendly fire ⚠ Live #AUSvIND: — (@cricketcomau) January 15, 2021 Upon reviewing the moment in slow motion from a different camera angle, it was found that Shaw had smacked his Test vice-captain Rohit Sharma in the stomach, rendering him in pain followed by anger. A closeup of Rohit Sharma’s face was good enough to see that the ‘Hitman’ was angry at his teammate but was trying his best to contain the emotions. Rohit right now🤣🤣 — Harish (@Harish01959302) January 15, 2021 Even the commentators were talking about how lucky Shaw was that the match was being broadcast all over the world and that there were multiple cameras around him otherwise he would have been in trouble and would have been looking forward to some not-so-kind words from the veteran. To be fair, one can’t be too harsh on Shaw for trying to go for a run-out as Wade was running with a lack of intent and had made up his mind that he was safe even before making it to the crease. Also, basic fielding intelligence suggests that the fielder in the middle of the thrower and the wicket should have ducked out or moved out of the way. You all are far too critical. Prithvi Shaw was just aiming for Rohit Sharma's stumps. — Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) January 15, 2021 Considering the already extensively injured squad that Rahane has been asked to play the Gabba Test with, a serious injury to Sharma would have been the worst possible thing that could have happened to the Men in Blue and might as well have been the final nail in their coffin. The Bleed Blue army was also thinking the same thing and here’s how some of the fans reacted to the incident: Shaw trying to find a place in playing X1 — Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) January 15, 2021Shaw to sharma : Na khelunga, na khelne dunga — प्रफुल्ल गमरे PRAFULL GAMARE (@prafull_tweetz) January 15, 2021shaw trying to replace rohit sharma for next test match LMAO XD — RealAadityaSinghOP0646 (@ROp0646) January 15, 2021Rohit's body language was like "Bol Rahane, kya karu main iska" — Naved Qureshi (@naved_qureshi) January 15, 2021 View the full article