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  1. GeeHii Brain have no sodium and are high in potassium. They are great alone, on cereal, in smoothies ( you can freeze them- just watch out for the brain freeze). They also have tryptophan which may help you get some rest. Cautions for rosemary. Rosemary should be avoided by pregnant women, people GeeHii Brain with high blood pressure or anyone suffering from epilepsy - due to its ability to stimulate the brain. Some people may also find rosemary oil to be a skin irritant, so always dilute the rosemary in a carrier oil or do a skin test patch. Next time you use rosemary for cooking, take a GeeHii Brain crisp smell of the leaves. Just doing this can give you the aromatherapy benefits of this wonderful herb as well as the great taste! Keep a few fresh sprigs in a small vase by your desk, to invigorate you all day long.