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  1. Your character comes out of a deficiency of those fulfillments in your life although a lot of folks do only play with video games. My advice is to take stock of yourself and determine what goals you want in life- create progressions towards these endeavors. RuneScape will always be an appealing option because, not only are the targets easier to achieve than irl objectives, but Runescape is continually tapping into your requirement for a pursuit of RS gold goals (think the way the xp floats toward your complete xp when you are skilling, how your complete killcount increases with each kill) causing more instantaneous gratification. Have an aim, compare yourself to that you were yesterday, locate peace brother. I'm not sure it is. You see, there is a singular banana worth 125gp about the exchange, but in practice its much more like 160. As me and my buddy are going to do it together in the future I really don't have access, but this still makes them interesting as a source of money right. So, first up I attempted port khazard, dumping them in the bank and buying 15 bananas at a time. There is A round trip rather quickly, but the world hopping is slow, and the gain isn't wonderful. I realised that you can put bananas into baskets. Though bananas are more costly than the grand exchange would imply unfortunately, which makes them simply a means of condensing bananas into stock space for 891 a pop now bananas into baskets is rewarding. Purchasing peanuts from the vent 5-15 at some time and filling baskets, even before planet swapping and doing it again, causes a gain of per hour. Its ok. The problem is, only taking flour from the oak larder and sending it to the lender includes a gain of 1 million best in terms of activity that is rewarding. So its not even close for a whole lot longer work. While without ape buying bananas may be out of this window, you will find just two still sources of bananas: The cheap OSRS gold banana plantation, in addition to the spell bones. A preliminary evaluation of the banana plantation indicated that it would be slower than flour, which is a shame. Is there some sort of place in Runescape where bones are common? Can you receive a large quantity of bones anywhere? The boneyard is something, as it happens, and you're able to get there reasonably quickly with teleports. Today, flour is roughly 300 gold per second, supposing that you market it on the marketplace for 200 and you make no errors (which is not too hard), which makes that the figure to beat
  2. I don't know anybody with a job who spends and golfs per week, 15 hours golf. My dad spends 15 hours a week golfing. He is also retired and that RS gold is the only consistent thing he does. Watching TV is hardly comparable because it's an activity you can have on in the background and still do anything else. You ca background RuneScape. Even AFK skills need you to be interacting and looking at the display at least every 20 seconds, and that's for the many AFK abilities like fishing. My friend's an analyst and he's got a tiny group that goes golfing almost every other day spending two hours in the range and sometimes playing twice on the weekends. Woodcutting or MLM are a few activities that require hardly any interaction you can perform on cellular when doing other tasks. Consolidating maxing an account in to total hours and ignoring how long people spend watching TV while they're not multi tasking is ignorant. In addition, I have friends with normal jobs that are hooked on Netflix pretty much that can binge a documentary at evening or people who go to the gym everyday. You've defended excessive runescape playing more than 1 event and that is just a recent one that was easy to discover. It truly seems like you have a problem that you're having difficulty visualizing to, else why would you be doing this exact same weird thing on more than one occasion? But in case you've got a family that includes a spouse or kids, you should really try to settle back and evaluate and possibly look at specialist literature at what constitutes a gambling addiction. This was your decision and everybody else's pleasure of Runescape shouldn't be harmed by designing Runescape around the time-availability of people who have made life decisions that lock them from being able to spend up to a hobby as other people. Your child's well-being is valued by you within the market but a lot of us do not. Many folks see time spent playing a game as more attractive than raising a kid and don't want kids. That's kinda the point of the thread; many individuals who make this cheap OSRS gold argument seem to be pushing their values onto others, which makes out just like their choices to raise a child are more virtuous than playing a video game and as such everyone else should appeal to them. Technically those who choose to have children are making an extremely selfish choice.