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    Just how long will WOW Classic last?

    Oh honor isn't farmed by these guys. They grief people. We needed to wow gold classic start making summoning alts to avoid the priests. It actually isnt even griefing. You need to have rolled on a PvE server if you wanted 100 griefless raiding. I hear this debate on forums and Reddit, but it is a lame excuse for behaviour. We do a lot of open PvP in BRM with alts or complete raids and it is highly entertaining, particularly on a balanced host where I am on. But, dispelling alts that dispell, just resurrect and die again every evening for several hours are griefing. You have to be able to maintain some basic equity, otherwise the outcome is a 99 percent horde server such as it occurred in a couple of cases. It's"griefing" technically, if you want to talk about open and fair PvP, but entire world PvP is seldom open and fair, and these types of things aren't doing anything out of the bounds of normal play. So it wouldn't meet the"griefing" definition blizzard uses. They've stated before that outside of essentially personally targetted attacks that neger finish, so long as it isnt exploiting, it's fair play. Running back and forth ressing and perishing 10 secs later isn't exploiting. The identical way grabbing each buff that is possible and running round the world isn't exploiting. They arent preventing you from playing WOW Classic or ruining your game experience. They arent even wiping out your raid once. Possessing a series of world fans to min max your raid is not a part of their center experience.I really don't care about the Blizzard definition, since I'm not reporting them for anything. I understand that they are permitted to do it, the point is that just because you're able to spend 5 hours a day making people miserable, maybe it is not the way WOW Classic was meant to playwith. What causes this behaviour problematic is that individuals will realitate where it got out of buy classic wow gold control and we've seen some instances. When pvp gets toxic enough that after faction only transfers off a server, they evidently did not see this within their"core experience", and it is exactly the kind of behaviour which you are defending. Just how long will WOW Classic last?