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  1. It's been a long time since I turned 21. But the prevalence of fake ids among American college students is really a little high... I saw someone mentioned above that fake ID is a felony in the United States, which should be discussed in different situations (based on actual observation) : using a fake name/using someone else's name as a fake ID will be considered as identity theft, which is also a big trouble for local students, especially for international students. Use your own name and make one with a scannable fake ID of 21+ years old. Here is a discussion of situations that can be found in practice: if you are recognized as a fake ID by a waiter in a supermarket/bar/restaurant, in most cases, the ID will be confiscated/broken, and the restaurant manager will criticize and educate you for five minutes. ID recognition ability: supermarket > cheap university bar > bouncer bar > bar > restaurant >fine dining if the police found that the use of a false ID, in practice, the police focus on underage drinking, not the use of a false ID.