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  1. Wigs are worn by different kinds of people for various reasons. But they have one same mentality that they do not want to be recognized as wearing wigs by others. So here comes a question how to make your wig look more natural? Wigs are a great invention, as they rebuild confidence of people who suffer from hair loss and alopecia. What’s more, it’s beneficial for women to change their hairstyles without doing harm to their own hair. But when there is someone who point out it’s a wig on your head, you will not feel at ease and confident any more. Therefore, we have to know how to make our wig look more natural and avoid above awkward situation. Here are some tips. 1.What you have to consider before you buy a wig? 1.Choose a cheap lace front wigs? Hair is the main portion of a wig, so it matters a lot. In market, there are a variety of materials to constitute “hair part”. No wonder human hair wig is the first choice, as the hair is real human hair. But synthetic hair wig made by chemical fibers will not look as realistic as human hair and it’s likely for people to doubt the authenticity of “hair part”. 2.Choose a right lace If you are ready to buy a lace wig, section of lace should not be neglected. The higher quality of lace is, the softer and thinner it is. Ly lace is a good option. As it’s is highly transparent, thin and soft with smaller knots, which means it could melt to any skin color well and create a natural hairline. But for regular lace like transparent, medium brown, or dark brown lace, you have to be determine the lace color according to your own skin color. Now invisible wigs for sale is available in supernova hair website, welcome to have a try. 2.Choose a suitable hair color Choose a hair color that match your own hair color, as it will give the illusion that hair is growing from your scalp. And the universal rule tells us to choose a hair color to be as close as possible to your skin color tone. It means people in dark skin color choose a dark hair color, while light hair color will be more suitable for the light skin. Below comparison for human hair bundles could verify the rule very well. 4.Choose a proper wig size. If the wig size is too small for you, it may cause headache and moreover, wig will slide back on your head and reveals your scalp or hairline. On the contrary, if your wig is too big, there will wrinkling or buckling at the front of the wig. Therefore, only if choose a proper wig size, it could fit your head well and look natural . The premise for a proper wig size is to know your own head size. Follow below measurement way, it’s easy to know the your head size. 2.What you have to know when you wear wigs 1.If you are not good at bleach, then ask others for help, as both of under bleach and over bleach will make your wig more like a wig. Or you could choose LY Lace wig, as it’s knots are small, no bleach will be needed. 2.Before you install your wig, keep your own hair are neat and flat under a wig cap. If your own hair is thick, you’d better braid down your hair, otherwise, you will look strange with a swollen head . 3.Don’t use your fingers to apply glue to your frontal. Gel will dry white when it’s mixed with your sweat and oil, which will leave your frontal messy. Instead, use the back of a comb or something else. 4. Expose your hairline as well as parting and add concealer that match your skin on them if necessary, which will make your wig more realistic. But notice sometimes too much product will mess the stuff up. Pay attention to above tips, wig will be more real and natural. Then it will be hard for others to notice that you are wearing a wig. Where to find good quality supernova hair human hair wigs:
  2. To make lace closure or frontal look more natural, you may have to spend much time bleaching the visible knots.However, it’s not easy and some problems may arise during bleaching, which leads to an unsatisfactory result. Here let supernova hair help you. Lace closure and lace front wigs are broadly used to make wigs, as lace material is thin, light, soft and breathable enough and could melt to skin well. And hair strands are crocheted to the lace by hand to mimic the natural growth of our own hair, but during which process, there will be visible dark knots left on lace. To make the lace front wig look more natural,most of people will bleach the knots. It means to lighten the original black color of knots by chemical lightener to make them less visible. What's common bleaching issues? While the bleaching process is a little complex and time-consuming, as you have to mix the lightener and dab it to the lace evenly, watch the color of knots fade and resin the lightener off and then let lace dry. Moreover, it’s not always successful to see the effect you want because of various reasons. Sometimes you may see the knots still there and as obvious as before after a long-time struggle of bleaching, while other times you may over-bleach them leaving a large section of hair from root brassy or yellow. Is there a good solution? If there is a risk to use a chemical way to make the knots invisible, how about using the physical method to hide them? So we introduce a new kind of beginner-friendly human hair lace front wigs. Different from regular lace front wig of which the frontal is made of one layer of lace, that of silk base wig consists of three layers of lace that’s designed to skillfully hide the knots. Without the knots, the wig looks more realistic and hair appears just as if it’s growing from the scalp. This wig helps you out of being bothered by any bleaching problems any more, as you do not have to bleach at all. And for frontal space it is available in 13*4 as well as 13*6, so it’s as deep and wide as enough for you to do any parting you like. Why not trying silk base wig? So why not having this new human-like scalp silk base wig? You will save your time for bleaching, and escape from facing any trouble caused by it. We have also already cut baby hair and pre-plucked hairline for the cheap wigs. It’s so convenient and beginner-friendly. Welcome to supernova hair and try it.
  3. It's not rare to hear the question that lace closure and lace frontal which is better? But before we get the answer, it's essential for us to know clearly about them first . The term lace closure and lace frontal are often be mentioned. When it come to which one to choose, people usually feel puzzled and do not know which one is better for them. Today supernova hair will lead you to finding the answer. 1.What is lace closure? Lace closure is square horseshoe-like lace with hand-tied hairpieces on it. It’s designed to close off install, and that’s where word “closure” come from. It’s typically 4*4 inches, which means it's 4 inches deep and 4 inches wide. But with the increase in demand of customers, they are tailored to more size like 2*6, 5*5, 6*6 and even 7*7inches and so on. They are usually placed at the center or side of the front part of your head to make room for part. Except for free part, they could also be pre-parted as middle part and three part according to its size. 2.What’s lace frontal? Lace frontal is a larger piece of lace with hair strands knotted in, which goes from one ear to the other ear. The most common lace frontal is 13*4 lace frontal and 13*6 lace frontal. It’s used to cover the entire front hairline for people especially who do not have edges, and create a new natural hair bundles for them. Meanwhile, you do not worry about blending and leaving out. And as the lace space is large enough, you could part anywhere in your front head as you like. As our hairline is not flat but arc, to improve the experience of lace frontal, we have upgraded the traditional flat version to 3D version. It could attach to our head shape better, and feel more comfortable. Example for straight 3D 13*6 lace frontal as below. 3.What's the difference between lace closure and lace frontal? From above instruction,we could see the biggest difference for them is size, but because of which their other aspects have also be affected. 1.Size Lace Closure generally spread temple to temple, but lace frontal is a ear-to-ear type. So the coverage space of your head will be different, frontal could conceal the defect of half head and closure could be placed to where there is needed. Lace frontal allows you to pull all of your human hair weave back and all of hairline uncovered will still be natural. But if you do the same with closure, there will be track. 2.Install method Although both of them could be sewn in or glued down, they are usually installed by separated ways. Most of time, lace closures are sewn into our hair. People who are easily get allergic to glue will benefit from this way. But for lace frontal, people tend to glue down, which could help release the tension of scalp caused by sewing. 3.Cost As lace frontal needs larger lace area with more hair on it, the price will be higher than lace closure. But the premise is the lace quality is same. However, if you use them to make a wig, lace closure may need more bundles to cover the whole head, then the total cost for the wig may not be less than a wig made by frontal. In view of above analysis, it’s hard to say which one is better. As both of them has pros and cons. It’s up to your requirement. Choosing the one that you need most after you weighing their advantages and disadvantages. Supernova Hair Official Site: