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    How to make a good wig

    To date, in the field of HR technology, there have been breakthrough developments in terms of bottom materials, hook work, and enhanced technology. Therefore, when people talk about wigs again, a mature HR product must have the following elements: 1. Origin. Must use high-quality hair. And according to the customer's own hair to match, to ensure the color, curvature, thickness, texture and other coordination. 2. Bottom material. Must choose environmentally friendly, invisible materials. For example, the newly introduced raw materials such as silkworm screen and biomimetic film are not only taken from natural plants and animals, but also have a thickness of 0.03mm after high-precision processing, making it impossible to detect any marks after wearing, and they are light and comfortable. The base material of the hooked hair is closely attached to the human skin, as if the hair grows from the scalp, which is natural and realistic. 3. Go work. The latest 3D weaving process can reach the hair that is hooked up, and can be combed at random in any direction, like natural growth, for you to truly realize the dream of easily creating various hairstyles. 4. Enhanced technology. In traditional hair weaving, there is always a black knot on the bottom of the hair, which is extremely unattractive and unnatural. The newly developed hair root skinning and hair transition technology make the final wear effect beyond imagination. It can make the color at the root of the hair completely integrate with the skin at the top of the head, and the unique hairline repair on the forehead makes the density transition from thin to dense, and truly reproduces it at the microscope If your wig meets the above characteristics, it is a good wig
  2. Tinashehair

    Hair Features

    The growth of human hair and the maintenance of healthy state are inseparable from nutritional support. So have the healthy hair is very important for us. 1. First, the beautification function Hair is essential to the overall image of the individual, and has long been referred to as the "second face" of humans. 2. Second, the protective function of hair Hair can protect the scalp and brain, prevent and reduce some adverse effects and damage to the external environment (such as contact dermatitis). In human infants and young children, this kind of protective function is particularly prominent because the bones at the top of the head are not fully developed. 3. Third, sun protection for hair Hair covering the scalp can effectively reduce the excessive exposure of ultraviolet rays in sunlight and protect the deep tissues of the scalp from radiation damage. 4. Hair temperature regulation function The medulla in the hair is filled with air gaps, to a certain extent, it prevents the external environment from being too cold or hot. Cold weather, blood vessels constrict, hair can keep a certain amount of heat in the head, and in the hot summer, the tube expands and the hair can radiate heat outward. 5. Hair drainage function Hair can drain water from the head skin after rain or bath and accelerate evaporation. 6. Excretion of hair The heavy metal mercury and non-metal element arsenic in the human body can be excreted through the hair. 7. Alert function of hair Before the lightning strikes, the hair will stand upright and form an electrostatic field. If you flee this area in time, you can avoid natural disasters. 8. The function of hair to judge disease Hair can be used to identify blood types, determine various trace elements, and diagnose certain diseases Lace front wigs https://www.tinashehair.com/product-category/wigs/13x4-lace-front-wig/