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    Gf-machine Are Widely Used

    At present, more and more vegetable specialized households use gf-machine vegetable dryer as a popular drying method at present. The vegetable dryer produced by Lantian Machinery, a professional manufacturer in Henan Province, mainly dries vegetables by pure hot air, which is more suitable for large and medium-sized or household processing. It is not restricted by the weather environment, nor pollutes vegetables like earth kiln fire baking. Compared with electric baking houses, it saves energy and electricity. Generally speaking, vegetable dryer is used to dry vegetables with good color and luster, fresher, higher efficiency, less labor burden, energy conservation and better economic benefits. Next, we, the vegetable dryer manufacturers, will show you how to use the vegetable dryer to dry products with good quality and good quality. The drying process of vegetables plays a decisive role in the shape, color and aroma of vegetables. The traditional drying process can no longer meet the needs of vegetable drying. So, how can we use the vegetable dryer to dry vegetables with good quality and good quality? One: Preheating. Place the mushroom cap down flat on the tray of the Vegetable Drying Equipment, then place the tray on the cart and wait for it to enter the dryer together. After the cart enters the interior of the dryer, lock the door of the dryer and start setting a drying temperature curve. Set the upper and lower temperature limits to 45℃, make the temperature inside and outside vegetables reach 45℃, set the upper and lower relative humidity limits to 90%, and set the baking time to 1 hour. Second, remove most of the moisture. The upper limit of temperature is set at 50℃, the lower limit at 45℃; Relative humidity upper limit 65%, lower limit 45%; The time is set to 4 hours. After 4 hours of drying, the water content of vegetables has dropped to 30%-40%. Third, raise the temperature to further remove water. In the middle and late period of drying, with the decrease of water content, it is more and more difficult for the water inside vegetables to go out. Increasing the temperature is beneficial to the water discharge. Remember that cold air cooling and heating are not allowed to increase the evaporation of water. Before the vegetables are completely dried, the temperature difference fluctuation should not be too large, but only upward, otherwise the color and luster will be affected. The temperature is set to 65℃ for the upper limit and 60℃ for the lower limit. Relative humidity upper limit 45%, lower limit 35%; The time is set to 3 hours. 4. Raise the temperature and dry the remaining water. At the later stage of drying, the vegetables have basically dried up and the remaining water is not much, but it has not yet reached the technological requirements. We will raise the temperature upwards and set the upper limit to 70℃ and the lower limit to 65℃; The time is set to 2 hours.
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    Market Status Of Fruit Processors

    China is a large population and agricultural country, so the development of food industry is related to the life of every one of us. Food machinery is a series of products that provide food with post-processing, molding, packaging and other industries as well as Frozen Solution. It has developed rapidly in China and has a great market demand. Food industry is the pillar industry of our national economy. Food machinery is an industry that provides equipment for the food industry. China's food machinery industry started from the founding of the People's Republic of China in the early 1950' s. It has been developed and perfected gradually from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, from low to high, mainly after the reform and opening up in the 1980' s. It has gone through 60 years of glorious development. Especially during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, the Ministry of Machinery Industry put forward six major trends in the development of the industry, focusing on the development of six types of complete sets of equipment. In five years, a total of 1 billion yuan has been invested in technical renovation projects. The China Packaging and Food Machinery Industry Association and China Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation, established in the mid-1980s, have strengthened their industry management and expanded their exchanges with foreign countries. They hold China International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition every year, attracting manufacturers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, strengthening technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and promoting the development of new products. 75% of the existing products have been developed in the past 10 years. After 2000, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food types and quality requirements have also gradually increased, providing a broad development space for the food machinery industry. In the future, the development of the food industry will get better and better. With the improvement of people's living standards, people are more concerned about food safety. Therefore, the Fruit Processing Machine industry has certain advantages and many challenges in the face of the huge market.
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    Vegetable Drying Equipment Inspection Work

    Before using the Vegetable Drying Equipment, the correct inspection is a key part for everyone. We should carefully do a good job in all aspects of the inspection and have a better understanding of the whole thing. Only in the process of using it can we be guaranteed. Some people did not do a good job of procuratorial work before operation, thus affecting the normal work of the equipment. Before starting the vegetable dryer, we need to check whether the vacuum pump, especially the connection place of the pipeline, the packing place, the sealing of various inlets and outlets are in normal condition, and whether the overall response of the vacuum gauge is sensitive. These are all very formal checks that we need to do. In the process of inspection, we need to pay attention to all aspects of details before we can determine the specific situation. When opening the equipment, check the cooling water valve and the reaction of the entire pressure gauge. There are also various indicator lights, corresponding buttons and meters on the vegetable dryer. During the whole inspection process, people should check whether the grounding wire is in good condition and whether there is leakage. They should pay attention to some specific things correctly and check every place in place so that the equipment can work normally. For the use of vegetable dryers, lubrication should also be done in a timely manner. If some abnormal noise occurs during idling of the equipment, the source of noise should be carefully checked and eliminated. There is noise in the equipment and there will be differences in the whole situation due to various problems. Only after careful inspection can the next things become more smooth. If you want to know more about this, visit gf- Machine official website: , we will bring you more relevant information.
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    The Frozen Solution Cannot Be Selected Blindly

    A well-known Fruit Processing Machine customization company will have a good performance in quality, after all, the better the product will be more favored. In order to be better in quality, we should have a comprehensive understanding so as to bring more convenience to customers. If it is better in quality, it should have a comprehensive understanding, otherwise it will be difficult for customers to get approval in order to be better in quality. In order to meet the usage requirements of different links in different enterprises, there should still be a more comprehensive understanding. After all, the better products will be more popular. Product customization is strictly in accordance with the requirements of use. Not only is the quality better, but also the trust of customers, so we must have a comprehensive understanding in order to gain the trust of more users. In general, custom fruit processing machines and Frozen Solution cannot blindly select manufacturers. We must first evaluate the technical strength of service agencies in order to have outstanding performance in reliability. If it is better in quality, it will naturally be accepted by customers, so we still have to make comparisons to ensure that we can buy more in line with production needs. Only by better reliability can it be accepted by more users. After all, the better products will be more popular, so it is important to choose.
  5. gffreezedrymachine

    Fruit Drying Equipment Is Widely Used

    Fruit Drying Equipment has become an indispensable part of water fruit and vegetable drying. Fruit drying equipment is widely used. The technical content and role of fruit drying equipment are becoming increasingly prominent. In the past, the competition of selling products completely by price has become very large. The difference is that GF machine Fruit Drying Equipment has high technical content. GF machine focuses on the development of new products, and the benefits are significant. The following GF machine introduces the precautions for the installation and use of fruit drying equipment: First, the fruit drying equipment can add a hot air recovery system to recover the discharged hot air, speed up the air flow in the drying room, speed up the drying time, and increase the use of heat energy. 2. When the fruit is dried, pay attention to the reason that the speed is not reached, so when the temperature is raised, it cannot be raised to high at once, otherwise it will affect the quality of the fruit, pay attention to the uniform heating of the fruit, consider the direction of the wind, Hot air circulates from the fruit. 3. When using fruit drying equipment, it can reach any final moisture content required for drying, without being limited by natural conditions. It has mature drying theory and process technology, which can ensure the drying effort. Compared with gas, drying time period, production High efficiency, clean and sanitary, small footprint, long service life, safety and reliability, and labor saving. If you are interested in the application of the above equipment, please visit our official website, GF machine:
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    Freeze Drying Equipment and Process Monitoring

    Freeze drying is a specialized preservation method that was initially industrialized to preserve pharmaceuticals for battlefield applications. It is now broadly applied to enable the long-term stability of various fast-moving consumer goods, including medicines and food products. Traditional preservation methods involve dehydrating materials by gradually heating them to remove moisture, but this practice has a distinct lack of specificity. Nutrients and flavors can be removed from the material as a result, making it unsuitable for the preservation of composition-sensitive products. Freeze Drying Procedure There are several sensitive stages to freeze drying methodologies. Firstly, the material must be treated before being isolated in a freeze drying vacuum chamber. High purity solvents and gas species can be introduced to the material to enhance the end-product quality and optimize the drying procedure. Secondly, the temperature of the sample is gradually decreased at pre-defined increments, either through consistent reduction or cycle gradients. Different applications require different techniques to achieve the critical low temperature at which a material’s solid, liquid and gas phases can coexist. Whether it is achieved through rapid freezing or annealing, this critical point allows for moisture desorption from the structure as ice. The next stage involves drying the material at ultra-low pressures of just a few millibars and heating it to a precise degree to encourage sublimation, thus reducing the risk of moisture uptake. This part of the freeze drying process requires vacuum conditions to accelerate the phase transition of ice to water vapor. Liquid molecules are then removed from the adsorbent substrate of the material through a secondary drying process, which involves elevating the material’s temperature in conjunction with its adsorption isotherms. Typically, the pressure is further reduced to encourage a final stage of moisture desorption, before the vacuum conditions are flooded with inert gases. Each of these processes is application and product specific, with multiple integral parameters for ensuring materials are correctly preserved. Quadrupole analyzers are routinely used for process control of gas phase transition procedures. The HPR-30 gas analyzer, for example, is equipped to perform vacuum process control and leak detection with easy integration between a freeze drying condenser and chamber. It can detect the onset of secondary drying phase conditions with excellent degrees of automation, enabling improved repeatability of distinct procedures. This fully configurable system has a sensitive detection rate of 5 parts per billion, enabling highly precise sampling to support end-point detection. By monitoring the sample chamber composition at distinct stages of the freeze drying process, researchers can acquire real-time information for sublimated water vapor and potential contaminants. The HPR-30 has been successfully used in production environments for on-line monitoring, and in research environments for cycle development, optimization, and validation. Hiden Analytical supplies an exceptional range of quadrupole mass spectrometers for a dynamic range of industrial and research applications. Our gas analyzers are equipped for process monitoring of integral processes for various sectors, including food and pharmaceuticals. More information information about Freeze Drying Equipment and Process Monitoring, please check the Pre Processing Equipment supplier - GuanFeng, GuanFeng is a professional freeze dry machine and Pre Processing Equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with high-quality freeze dry machine product. Please contact us by check below link: if you interested in GuanFeng freeze dry machine.