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  1. It goes well as planned, this Tuesday, Psyonix released Season 12 of Rocket League, which is also one day before Rocket Pass 4, undoubtedly, a slew of quality-of-life changes and improvements that you expected are available now. Competitive Season 12 During the Season 12 period, the players are required to complete placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate the Rank, and all the score of placement matches count towards the Bronze Season Reward Level progress. Starting a new season means Season 11 has ended, and take time to sort out the rewards of the previous season, you can be awarded the titles and items based on your highest rank achieved during the season. For different rankings of players, the rewards they receive are not exactly the same, and the most valuable ones are Grand Champion Rewards, what you get can be checked from the official site of Rocket League. Rocket Pass 4 Rocket Pass 4 begins on August 28 along with Weekly Challenges throughout the entire Rocket Pass. In other words, you don't need to complete the Weekly Challenges in front of the computer s on time, for example, the challenges in Week 3 can be completed in Week 4 even Week 5 until the end of Rocket Pass 4. During this period, you can unlock a new rally-inspired battle-car named Mudcat as soon as you purchasing Rocket Pass Premium by Keys, then you can get access to Pro Tiers by challenging. There is a G1 version at tier 25, and one GXT version at tier 70. A more updated list and hot fixes will be released in the coming weeks, and all is to do for bringing a better game experience to the players.
  2. Want to get headstart building your FIFA 20 Squad and making FIFA 20 Coins fast online in the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team? Do not miss FIFA 20 Web App! FUT Web App would be right before the game's official early launch via EA Access, offering Ultimate Team users a chance to open returning user packs and trade on the FUT 20 transfer market. FIFA 20 Web App FIFA 20 Web App Release Date EA have announced that the release of the FUT Web App will be available on September 18th, 9 days before its full game release date on the 27th of September. Official EA FIFA Web APP Link: FIFA 20 Web App The FIFA 20 Web app has been used to buy and sell players on the transfer market, and make FIFA Coins and open FUT packs and build your FIFA 20 squads. The FIFA 20 Web App can also be used to complete FIFA 20 SBCs (squad building challenges) and keep track of your daily and weekly objectives. FUT 20 Web is expected to be available from Wednesday, 18 September 2019. Using the FUT Web app you can access to: ● Special Squads (Including TOTW) ● Transfer Market ● FUT Store ● Squad Building Challenges ● Daily & Weekly Objectives ● Your Squads ● Your Club Items ● Your Unassigned Items Check for more news about FIFA 20 from fifacoinszone.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most popular MMORPGs in recent years, as one part of the Elder Scrolls series, it has rapidly captured the hearts of many fans in a multiplayer mode. At the beginning of the Elder Scrolls Online, all the players were forced to use a mandatory monthly subscription model, until it transitioned to a buy-to-play model with microtransactions and an optional subscription later. Gradually, the Elder Scrolls Online has attracted over 10 million online players, they can't wait to be transformed into special characters, jump into the Tamriel's adventure and complete a series of quests and challenges there, finally they returned with their own loot. Similar to other MMORPGs, it is the most question asked by players frequently, how to level up rapidly in the Elder Scrolls Online? Although we have been researching it for several years, it's difficult to figure out a definitive method, we have just summarized some of the methods that can be tried. In the Elder Scrolls Online, your level is determined by the total amount of experience points, so the first step is gaining the experience by completing the quests by using skills, NPC quests and guild quests, which is also one of the easiest ways to improve your characters. Once you kill a monster, you are able to get experience points. And the more skills you use, the more experience you can get during the quests. Then, choose a race which works best for you, you are allowed to obtain more experience bonuses with the races, and create a character who owns as much race bonus as possible. Skyshards are also major items to gain skill points, which can give you a bonus skill point to spend, so you can collect the Skeshards as much as you can in the Elder Scrolls universe. In the distance, they make shining very brightly to make it easier for you to find them, even you are approaching, they will make a loud sound. There are hundreds of Skyshards, if you are lucky enough, you can pick up some of them to get extra skill points. You can also earn experience by large-scale battles, in which the more actions you take like healing, inflicting damage, the more experience points you can get. What's more, you can help a strange player to fight against his enemies, the more your help, the more experience points you can get after the battle finished. Additionally, if you have spare time, you can craft some valuable items on your own, the items can be sold to make money, and you can earn additional experience points through it. After we kept trying, we discovered that it would take a lot of time to level up rapidly for most players, if so, you are recommended to store some ESO items in advance instead of your hard work.
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    Since Juventus signed an exclusive agreement with Konami and ended the relationship with EA, so the FIFA 20 will lose the Juventus name rights to PES 2020. To ensure original players be available in the following FIFA game, Juventus will have a new name called Piemonte Calcio to exist the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and other modes. Then what ratings can these players get? Will Ronaldo still be the player with the highest rating? Here fifa20 buy players website brings you the FIFA 20 Piemonte Calcio player ratings prediction features Ronaldo, Dybala, Chiellini and more players from Juventus. FIFA 20 Piemonte Calcio Ratings Prediction - Potential FUT 20 Juventus Player Ratings Do you think it will affect the FIFA 20 Juventus player ratings? Who will be upgraded and who is likely to receive downgrades based on the player performance and other attributes of the whole season? Here is the full list of ZAN OMG's FIFA 20 Juventus (Piemonte Calcio) ratings prediction as below, players who confirmed transfers to Juventus are included. Possible FIFA 20 Piemonte Calcio ratings Ronaldo - ST - Portugal - 94 to 93 Szczesny - GK - Poland - 86 to 87 Dybala - CAM - Argentina - 89 to 88 Buffon - GK - Italy - 88 to 85 Perin - GK - Italy - 84 Alex Sandro - LB - Brazil - 86 Pellegrini - LB - Italy - 65 to 74 De Ligt - CB - Netherlands - 83 to 86 Chiellini - CB - Italy - 90 Bonucci - CB - Italy - 86 Demiral - CB - Turkey - 70 to 78 Rugani - CB - Italy - 82 Cancelo - RB - Portugal - 83 to 84 De Sciglio - RB - Italy - 78 Ramsey - CM - Wales - 82 to 83 Can - CM - Germany - 80 to 82 Matuidi - CDM - France - 85 to 84 Bentancur - CM - Uruguay - 76 to 80 Khedira - CM - Germany - 85 to 83 Rabiot - CM - France - 83 Pjanic - CM - Bosnia and Herzegovina - 86 Bernardeschi - RM - Italy - 82 to 83 Douglas Costa - LM - Brazil - 86 to 85 Cuadrado - RM - Colombia - 84 Pjaca - LW - Croatia - 76 Mandzukic - ST - Croatia - 84 to 85 Higuain - ST - Argentina - 88 to 85 Kean - ST - Italy - 72 to 75 Check for more news about FIFA game from fifacoinszone.