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    Dalton Risner Denver Broncos Jersey

    Talking with Orange & Blue Radio ahead of the annual league meeting Cheap Dre’Mont Jones Jersey , John Elway and Vic Fangio believe the Broncos are on the right trajectory."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Broncos NewsBroncos Free AgencyBroncos DraftBroncos PodcastsBroncos 2019 ScheduleKey Offseason DatesCommunity RulesFull ArchiveBroncos StoriesScheduleRosterStatsOdds Shop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁旴reaking NewsBroncos 2019 Draft Class Announced脳Broncos podcastsBroncos ‘better on paper’ - the real test will be on the fieldNew,23commentsTalking with Orange & Blue Radio ahead of the annual league meeting, John Elway and Vic Fangio believe the Broncos are on the right trajectory. Broncos ‘better on paper’ - the real test will be on the fielddenverbroncos.comAndrew Mason and Brandon Krisztal of Orange & Blue Radio had a quick chat with John Elway and Vic Fangio today ahead of the NFL league meeting, and both the GM and his new head coach said things that should remind you why you can get excited about another season despite three bad ones in the recent past.Elway acknowledged straight up he knows why Broncos Country is frustrated and therefore was impatient at the beginning of free agency.“The No. 1 thing we have to do is win football games, right?” Elway said. “Obviously we haven’t been doing that the past couple of years so obviously everybody is getting a little bit frustrated in Broncoland, and I get that because we’re used to winning.”But Elway feels really good about the steps taken this offseason to fix that - beginning with hiring Vic Fangio and bringing in the staff former defensive coordinator wanted.Listen to "3-25-19 John Elway with Mase and BK on 1st & 10" on Spreaker.The next step was getting better at quarterback - and Elway is confident that bringing in Joe Flacco is an upgrade - while also adding talent to the team.“We decided to go with Joe and trade Case, and I feel really good about where [Flacco] fits in the new system we’re implementing,” Elway said, adding that getting defensive help, especially in the secondary was a must. “We feel really good about Bryce [Callahan] as well as Kareem [Jackson],” he added. “They will really give Vic a lot of flexibility. And with Ja’wuan [James] we solidified that right tackle position. So we feel really good about where we are.”When Mase asked about turning around the culture, Elway - the consummate winner - pointed out that winning games is the first way to do that.“We added talented football players but also good people - guys who care about football and want to win,” Elway said. “And the bottom line is to have guys in the culture that if thingsare not going as well as you’d like them to go, they’re able to pull you out of the nose dive if you lose one or two in a row.”And Elway knows better than anyone that that ability revolves primarily around the quarterback - and that’s ultimately why Flacco will be good for this team.“I think with Joe Flacco pulling the trigger, [the team] will have confidence in him because of his history in this league and the success that he’s had. He’s won a world championship Dre’Mont Jones Denver Broncos Jersey ,” Elway said. “[A winning culture] revolves around that position, and I think Joe will be that solidifying factor for us where we can start moving ahead.”Fangio talked with Mason and Krisztal and said that he definitely believes the Broncos “got better on paper” with their new free agent pickups, but the real test is when the team puts it on the field.And the coach believes strongly in helping players be their best selves by being honest and direct.“Make it simple. Show them examples,” he said. “If you can improve the player as a player, then everything else falls into place.” This is the “impossible” week to pick. Some teams are as likely to start players as bench them. Some teams have already mailed in the season and won’t try. Some teams will actually try, but it might be against another “mailed it in” team. And some games will simply take forever with neither team necessarily caring if they win.I’m not sure how much stock I would put in these picks is what I’m saying. Last Week: 12-4Overall: 151-86-2Miami Dolphins (7-8) at Buffalo Bills (5-10) 11:00am CBSThe Good: We get the garbage game over quickly.The Bad: Alcohol won’t have sunk in to make this game bearable.Prediction: Dolphins 20, Bills 17? Maybe? Detroit Lions (5-10) at Green Bay Packers (6-8-1) 11:00am FOXThe Good: Wisconsin has some delicious cheese.The Bad: Detroit as a whole. Ok, and the Packers too.Prediction: Lions 23, Packers 25Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10) at Houston Texans (10-5) 11:00am CBSThe Good: Each time I hear the owner of the Jag’s last name, I think of Captain Kirk yelling “KAHN!!!!” The Bad: The Texans might not really play all their starters.Prediction: Jags 6, Texans 20New York Jets (4-11) at New England Patriots (10-5) 11:00am CBSThe Good: The Patriots kinda suck this year and are a lucky 10 win team.The Bad: The Jets in general, and the fact the Patriots are still in the playoffs.Prediction: Jets 13, Patriots 23Carolina Panthers (6-9) at New Orleans Saints (13-2) 11:00am FOXThe Good: I’m going to the divisional round game in New Orleans!The Bad: That’s still a few weeks away. And the Saints likely rest their starters this week. Prediction: Panthers 10, Saints 23Dallas Cowboys (9-6) at New York Giants (5-10) 11:00am FOXThe Good: This game is meaningless for both teams so nobody has to suffer though it.The Bad: Except Jeff Essary and his Cowboy onesie PJs.Prediction: Cowboys 17, Giants 19Atlanta Falcons (6-9) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-10) 11:00am FOXThe Good: Tampa Bay has some bomb Cuban food and amazing places like Ybor City.The Bad: That this game is even being televised. NFL should pay the commercial sponsors for this.Prediction: Falcons 27 Dre’Mont Jones Denver Broncos Jersey , Bucs 30Cleveland Browns (7-7-1) at Baltimore Ravens (9-6) 2:25pm CBSThe Good: Baker freaking MayfieldThe Bad: That the Broncos don’t have Baker MayfieldPrediction: Browns 20, Ravens 24Oakland Raiders (4-11) at Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) 2:25pm CBSThe Good: Patrick Mahomes. Even as a KC Hater, I love that kid.The Bad: The fact he’s in our division.The Good Bonus: That the Chiefs are allergic to December & January success. Prediction: Raiders 27, Chiefs 31Chicago Bears (11-4) at Minnesota Vikings (8-6-1) 2:25pm FOXThe Good: The Bear’s record meaning they’ll mop the floor with Cousins.The Bad: Except they’re likely resting players so Cousins will play the JV squad and help his “can’t beat a winning team” stats.Prediction: Bears 17, Vikings 23Cincinnati Bengals (6-9) at Pittsburgh Steelers (8-6-1) 2:25pm CBSThe Good: The smug ass Steeler fans can use those annoying F’ing towels to wipe their tears with for missing the playoffs after blowing an insurmountable division lead.The Bad: They’ll likely still win this game so their smug ass tears won’t be as salty as they should be.Prediction: Bengals 20, Steelers 28Philadelphia Eagles (8-7) at Washington Redskins (7-8) 2:25pm FOXThe Good: Nick Foles when he’s not the actual starter of a franchise.The Bad: The Redskins’ front office management.Prediction: Eagles 23, Redskins 17Los Angeles Chargers (11-4) at Denver Broncos (6-9) 2:25pm CBSYou’re gonna hear the following from staff and fans alike: “You never root for for the Broncos to lose!” and “Draft order doesn’t mean anything” and “Real fans blah blah blah”Zip it, all of you. This season is a steaming pile of excrement. The ONLY thing the Broncos have going for them is their draft order and this year’s draft picks, which was only doable because we LOST the last meaningless game of the season. I’d contend that a REAL fan wants the Broncos to do the best possible thing for the franchise: you know, the name on the front of the jersey. And the best thing for this franchise to do is to get as good of a draft pick as possible because you want your choice of the better players instead of the “crapshoot” players.Real fans want the long term viability of the franchise. Real fans know that sometimes you have to crack a damn egg to make a delicious omelet. Real fans can see past “next week” and towards what’s best next year.Save the rah rah for your kids soccer games. In order for the Broncos to win, they must lose this game. As I said in a comment section when a commenter said “is there really a difference between pick #11 and pick #16?” I said “yeah, J.J. Watt was pick #11, Ryan Kerrigan was #16” So yeah, future hall of fame player or someone I had to freaking google. That’s the difference between winning a meaningless game and doing what comes so naturally (i.e. losing). Do you know who IS NOT available at #16? Von Miller isn’t. JJ Watt isn’t. Baker Mayfield isn’t! You want as high a pick as you can to get the player who won’t be there later. And don’t be “that guy” and say “Tom Brady was pick 199!” We get it, broken clocks are correct twice a day Bradley Chubb Jersey , sun shines on dog’s asses every now and again, and sometimes a 6th rounder is a hall of fame. But that isn’t a draft strategy. By pretending like it is shows that you need a crash course in Vance Joseph’s ‘Football 101/Football IQ” every week.Look, the Broncos are the sad ass punchline to the joke. We are. Time to wake up from your coma and realize that it’s been 3 painful and embarrassing years since we were good. Hell, it’s been 2 years since we’ve been competitive. If you want to stay in this trash heap with the rest of the garbage teams, by all means, root for a Broncos victory. If you’re sick and tired of being an embarrassment, then you realize that the draft is the way out, and increasing the odds of drafting a hall of fame player and solid starters in the subsequent rounds is the only way off said pile. So be a REAL and TRUE fan and root for the name on the front of the jersey instead of what your “feelings” in the moment want. Rooting for a win is a crime of passion, punishable by a lifetime sentence. Knowing that losing is what’s best for the team is called wisdom!Prediction: I don’t care as long as the Broncos get a better draft pick. Also: Chargers 31, Broncos 6 We don’t even have Phillip Lindsay to bail us out.San Francisco 49ers (4-11) at Los Angeles Rams (12-3) 2:25pm FOXThe Good: Kyle Shanahan’s coaching ability.The Bad: The Rams having a bye week before they figure their defense out.Prediction: Niners 18, Rams 20 Arizona Cardinals (3-12) at Seattle Seahawks (9-6) 2:25pm FOXThe Good: The Broncos not drafting Josh RosenThe Bad: Suffering through the “12th Man” nonsense yet another week.Prediction: Cardinals 3, Seahawks 24Indianapolis Colts (9-6) at Tennessee Titans (9-6) 6:20pm NBC SNFThe Good: Andrew Luck looks to be back.The Bad: Luck’s offensive line sucks as bad as Mariota’s game. Prediction: Colts 17, Titans 16
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    Maurkice Pouncey Jersey

    If you thought the next time you saw Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown it would be smoking a fat cigar and sitting next to former Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Johnson Artie Burns Jersey , then you guessed correctly. In a rare appearance since teasing a sit down interview with James Harrison on social media last week, Brown was back on his favorite social media platform once again on Friday promoting another upcoming broadcast - one that he claimed would address “all the negative speculations about my character.”In another segment of his Instagram live video captured by TMZ, Brown maintained his love of the game, regardless of any perceptions about his age. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.What all this means for his future is anyone’s guess, but given the remarks of Art Rooney II on Thursday, the answer to thatmay have little to do with what Brown says anymore. While there is every chance that sitting down with Steelers management could clear the air, it is doubtful the front office will pay much attention to his posts on social media, regardless of the “deeper details” he shares in the coming weeks.The possibility of a trade still hangs in the air and it would appear that might not necessarily be something Brown is opposed to either. Thursday night, I was watching the beginning of the Steelers/Panthers game at a Primanti Bros. in Garfield. Shortly after Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey crossed the goal line with a 20-yard touchdown catch to make it 7-0, visitors, a huge roar erupted on the other side of the bar. Were these people watching another contest, like soccer? Were they playing a super-intense game of trivia? No Sean Davis Jersey , they were watching Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster reel in a pass from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and take it to the house for a 75-yard touchdown catch and run to make it 7-7. Turns out, this Primanti Bros. had some of its many flat screen TVs tune into the NFL Network feed and others—including the one I was watching—tuned into Fox, which, for some strange reason, was on a seven-second delay.That was my only complaint about the Steelers ridiculously dominant 52-21 victory over the Panthers at Heinz Field. Do you have any complaints? Are you unhappy with McCaffrey’s first two touchdown catches in which Pittsburgh’s defense seemed to lose track of him out of the backfield? Hey, it’s the NFL, bleep happens. Do you expect the defense to never give up touchdowns? Look at how many touchdowns Carolina’s defense yielded to the Steelers offense—seven. Not only that, Pittsburgh didn’t punt until early in the fourth quarter, which, not coincidentally—and no offense to him—came immediately after backup quarterback Josh Dobbs entered the game. That’s right, Thursday’s handling of the Panthers was so harsh and thorough, Roethlisberger Ramon Foster Jersey , the quarterback who always insists on being out there with his guys, saw his final action of the night when he found rookie running back Jaylen Samuels for a six-yard touchdown pass to make it 52-14.There was 14:55 left in the fourth quarter. That touchdown pass to Samuels was Roethlisberger’s fifth of the night, a night that saw the decorated quarterback add more trinkets to his uniform, thanks to a perfect passer-rating of 158.3. I don’t know how to calculate a quarterback-rating, but completing 22 of 25 passes for 328 yards and five touchdowns is obviously one way to do it. Do you want to complain about running back James Conner not tallying 100 yards for the first time since September 30? He probably would have had it not been for a premeditated decision of lessening the wear and tear on him by dividing the labor to other backs—including Stevan Ridley and Samuels, who combined to match Conner’s total of 13 carries on the night. Even if you take away Roethlisberger’s 18-yard scamper—a play that occurred late in the third quarter and would have caused me to get evicted from my apartment building had he actually scored—Pittsburgh’s offense still tallied 120 rushing yards on 27 carries.Not a bad performance on a night that you decide to give your newly-minted workhorse running back a bit of a breather on a short week. Pittsburgh’s offense posted 457 yards—including 319 through the air and 138 on the ground. It scored on all four of its trips inside the red zone—an area on the field new offensive coordinator has become quite adept at in his first season in charge. The Steelers were eight of 11 on third downs—including eight of nine before—again, no offense to him—Dobbs replaced Roethlisberger early in the fourth quarter. The time of possession could have been a little better than 30:35, and it may have been had Carolina’s defense provided a bit more resistance. As for the Steelers defense, how can you possibly have anything to complain about? Keith Butler’s unit yielded a measly 242 yards and three touchdowns, with 60 of those yards and one of those touchdowns coming in garbage time. Seven of the Panthers 11 possessions ended in either a punt, a fumble or a pick-six. That pick-six was recorded by inside linebacker Vince Williams, who was the guy responsible for losing track of McCaffrey on his first touchdown just moments earlier. Outside linebacker T.J. Watt was the guy who pressured Panthers quarterback Cam Newton into the errant pass that floated harmlessly into Williams’ arms. Watt also had one of the team’s five sacks on the night Vince Williams Jersey , as the defense provided constant pressure on Newton, who looked far from the NFL MVP he was just three years earlier. Heck, even Chris Boswell got into the act, by kicking a 50-yard field goal and—believe it or not—connecting on all seven of his extra point attempts. Holy bleep, the Steelers scored seven touchdowns on Thursday! So, finally, I don’t want you to respond to this article with your usual “I don’t know....” or “Great win, however........” Save it. The only thing the Steelers gave you to complain about on Thursday was not being able to complain.
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    Is He A Red Zone Weapon We Just Can’t Pass Up?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsIs A Dream Of A Sleeper TENew Bryce Love Washington Redskins Jersey ,45commentsIs He A Red Zone Weapon We Just Can’t Pass Up?EDTShareTweetShareShareDonald Parham Is A Dream Of A Sleeper TEDonald Parham, TESchool: Stetson | Conference: Pioneer (FCS)College Experience: Senior | Age: 21Height / Weight: 6-8 / 243 lbsProjected Draft Status: 7th Round or UDFANFL Comparison: Ifeanyi MomahCollege StatisticsStetson StatsYearTeamGRecYdsYd/RecTDsYearTeamGRecYdsYd/RecTDsPlayer OverviewHailing from Lakeland, FL, Donald Parham chose Stetson University in central Florida to play his college ball, where he absolutely dominated the FCS competition.In 2018, he was the top receiving tight end in all of college football, averaging 146.6 yards on 9.4 receptions per game. His 2018 performance earned him consensus first team All American recognition and he was selected to play in the Reese’s Senior Bowl. At 6’8”, Parham looks like a man among boys in most of his film clips, evidencing a deceptive speed (4.67-4.75 40yd), masked by his gazelle-like strides. His 38.5” vertical jump makes him an attractive red zone target and a persistent 50/50 threat. Given his slight frame, there’s speculation that, if he’s to make it at the NFL level, it will be as a large slot receiver, as opposed to a pure tight end.Even in the pros, however, it’s easy to imagine him being a mismatch with safeties as he goes over the middle.StrengthsGreat handsExcellent catch radiusRed zone weaponRidiculously tallDestroyed lesser competitionUses large frame to box out defendersWeaknessesNot built to be an in-line blockerAverage speedUnsophisticated route running abilityNot particularly strong for his sizeMay be a slot receiver at the NFL levelLet’s see his workHow He Would Fit On The RedskinsTwo of the three Redskins’ tight ends are aging and or excessively injury prone. The other one is still very much a work in progress and doesn’t look to be more than “just a guy.” The 2019 draft is the year that the Redskins should be looking to pick up several TEs both in the draft and as UDFAs. Parham projects as a late round pick with potentially a very high ceiling who could play both the slot and TE. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to have a lot of value in the context of special teams. However Bryce Love Washington Redskins Jersey , with 36” arms, Parham has an unparalleled catch radius and the potential to be a quarterback’s best friend in the red zone. An injury that prevented Parham from playing at the Senior Bowl may help dampen his pre-draft exposure a bit, but make no mistake, he’s unlikely to be available after the final draft pick is made. Recently, a lot of players have been voicing their displeasure with the team in public. Jay and his staff (as any coaching staff should), have some issues with players NOT keeping their issues in-house. What is said behind closed doors is all fine and dandy - as long as it stays behind those closed doors, and is being dealt with man-to-man.D.J. Swearinger is the latest Redskins to publically criticize the team and/or its coaches. A few weeks ago, Mason Foster called out fans on an Instagram post that was meant to stay private; but got leaked. How about the comments from Zach Brown that “the writing is on the wall”. Brown seems to know his fate is already sealed with the Redskins, and wasn’t afraid of making that public. Add this to the comments Josh Norman made about fans not showing up to support the team at home, and you quite possibly have some issues. Add all this up, and you get...dysfunction!Are Redskins players trying to tell us something? Maybe, just maybe, this is worse (if humanly possible) behind closed doors?Is this the players way of saying changes need to happen - either at the personnel level, the coaching level, or all the way at the top?Is this a polite way of making a case for Gruden and company to be removed?
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    Quinton Bell Oakland Raiders Jersey

    The Raiders have a new G.M. George Blanda Jersey , and NFL Network needs a new lead draft analyst.Mike Mayock will be the next General Manager of the Raiders, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. The announcement could come as soon as today.Raiders coach Jon Gruden has been friendly with Mayock for years, and they have mutual respect from both having worked as television analysts.Still, it’s a surprising decision to hire Mayock, who has no experience running an NFL front office, to be in charge of the draft room. Just because Mayock is good at talking about the draft on TV Jim Plunkett Jersey , that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s good at making the decisions on draft day.Of course, Mayock won’t actually be the one making the final decisions. Gruden will surely have final say, and Gruden may have wanted a G.M. who has no experience getting final say because Gruden wants it to be clear who’s in charge.The Raiders have three first-round picks in 2019, and two first-round picks in 2020. Gruden and Mayock will need to use them wisely. ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) — The Oakland Raiders have signed free agent cornerback Montrel Meander and placed cornerback Leon Hall on injured reserve.Meander had been on the practice squad in Cleveland before signing with the Raiders on Friday. He was an undrafted free agent out of Grambling, where he had two interceptions his senior season.Hall played 10 games this season Charles Woodson Jersey , compiling 25 tackles and three passes defensed. Oakland also listed receiver Martavis Bryant (knee), defensive tackle Maurice Hurst (ankle), defensive end Arden Key (knee) and cornerback Daryl Worley (shoulder) as questionable for Sunday's game against Kansas City.
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    DALLAS (AP) A year after shaking up his team with trades at the draft that altered the landscape of the NHL Authentic Mitchell Marner Jersey , Stan Bowman isn’t letting on that he’ll make the same kinds of moves now.”I learned to never try to predict the future,” the Chicago Blackhawks general manager said. ”It’s difficult to predict the magnitude of changes as we go forward.”With teams like the Blackhawks eager to get back to the playoffs, the New York Rangers always in position to make a splash and plenty of big-name players in trade discussions, it’s hard to predict but easy to expect an eventful weekend of movement. Ottawa captain and No. 1 defenseman Erik Karlsson, Montreal winger Max Pacioretty, Buffalo center Ryan O’Reilly and Pittsburgh winger Phil Kessel are among the stars being bandied about in trade talk that could come to a head at or before the first round of the draft Friday night.”There’s been a lot of chatter this week,” Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli said Thursday. ”We’re involved in a lot of the chatter. I’ve said publicly we’d put our (10th overall) pick in play particularly for a defenseman. That, of course, has led to teams asking what we would put in play for. There’s been discussions on that.”A lot of discussions are ongoing on the trade front apart from the draft itself, which is expected to feature smooth-skating Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin going first to Buffalo, Russian winger Andrei Svechnikov second to Carolina and a whole lot of uncertainty after that.GMs finally got some certainty on the 2018-19 salary cap when the NHL and NHLPA announced it would be $79.5 million with a floor of $58.8 million. As Bowman said, the $4.5 million increase is ”better than it staying flat,” and it gives teams more room to maneuver on re-signing players or exchanging them.Aside from the deadline, there’s no better time of the year for trades than the draft , right ahead of the free agent negotiating period next week and with free agency opening July 1. Karlsson is the most attractive target by far because he can be a free agent a year from now, but the Senators aren’t showing their hand.”We have a good game plan,” Ottawa GM Pierre Dorion said. ”We aren’t going to talk (publicly) about specific players, i.e., Mark Stone, Cody Ceci, Chris Wideman, Erik Karlsson.”Florida’s Dale Tallon said he had spoken to about a dozen fellow GMs and is hearing mostly talk about so-called ”hockey trades” that are neither buying nor selling moves. Because players like O’Reilly and Kessel have many years left on their contracts, they’re more complicated moves.”Most of those big names are tied up for a long time,” Tallon said. ”I haven’t heard a lot about big names. It’s mostly deals that fill needs for teams, either a stay-at-home defenseman or a third-line or a fourth-line guy or a specialty player of some sort. Somebody’s trying to shake things up.”Shake things up? Sounds like the Rangers in most years, though they’ve gone into rebuilding mode after a fire sale at the trade deadline. They’re usually involved in rumors on big players, but GM Jeff Gorton wants to quell the speculation that he’s going all-in on trying to win now.”We’re going to investigate everything,” Gorton said. ”That’s what the job is. That’s what we want to do. If there is an opportunity to get a player and the price wasn’t too high then we’re going to look at it Nikita Zaitsev Jersey Kids , but for anybody that would be skeptical of a rebuild all you have to do is look at the last several months and over the trade deadline some of the things we’ve done. I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re trying to accumulate young players and assets and trying to get better and going to give these players an opportunity.”— ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Edmonton goaltender Cam Talbot knew he needed to be sharp early if the Oilers were going to bounce back Sunday against the skidding Anaheim Ducks.Talbot made a couple of key saves in the first period that gave his team momentum on the way to a 4-0 victory.It was a strong bounce-back win for the Oilers, who lost 4-0 to Los Angeles on Saturday night. They scored three goals in the opening period for the second time this season and controlled action on both ends of the ice despite being outshot 39-24.Leading the way was Talbot, who made 39 saves for his first shutout this season and the 20th of his NHL career.“I had to come up with a few big saves early and that gets the confidence going. I was just trying to weather the storm until we got going,” Talbot said. “We got the big goal early, never really looked back from there and just kept piling them on.”It was Edmonton’s fourth shutout this season and first against Anaheim since Jan. 25, 2017. The Ducks, blanked for the third time, have lost eight straight overall after winning four in a row and nine of 10.Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl — who both had five-game point streaks snapped against the Kings — got back on track with goals. McDavid, tied for fourth in the NHL scoring race with 62 points, has five goals and eight assists in his last seven games. Draisaitl, who is tied for ninth with 52 points, has seven goals in the past seven games.Jesse Puljujarvi and Kyle Brodziak also scored. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Caleb Jones each had two assists.It was just Edmonton’s second win in nine games but both have come during a four-game road trip, which concludes on Tuesday in San Jose.“It was a huge win. We are now on a good road trip and can turn it into a great one Womens Patrick Marleau Jersey ,” coach Ken Hitchcock said. “We went into the red zone and attacked more. We scored three goals because of the loose garbage we were able to pick up.”John Gibson made 20 saves for the Ducks, who are 0-2-2 during a six-game homestand — their longest of the season.“When you’re in a funk and in frustration mode, it’s the hardest thing in the world when you work and don’t get results and they score. That’s how it felt tonight,” captain Ryan Getzlaf said.The Oilers opened the scoring at 7:37 of the first period when McDavid finally was able to get the puck under Gibson’s blocker on his third attempt from in front for his 24th goal of the season. A no-look backhand from the slot by Puljujarvi at 16:05 and a short-handed goal by Brodziak with 11 seconds remaining marked the first time since Jan. 21, 2017, at Calgary that the Oilers have led by three or more on the road at the end of 20 minutes.It was the third time this season Anaheim had allowed three goals in the first period but it was the first time it trailed by three or more in the period since Feb. 3 last season at Montreal.Draisaitl scored his 23rd at 7:25 of the second when he corralled a shot by Jones that was blocked by Anaheim’s Ondrej Kase and fired a wrist shot past Gibson to make it 4-0.NOTES: Anaheim D Cam Fowler played in his first game since missing 23 after taking a puck to the face Nov. 12 against Nashville. The puck ended up breaking Fowler’s right orbital bone, right cheekbone and right jaw bone, requiring surgery. … Edmonton D Kris Russell returned to the lineup after missing 10 games due to a groin injury. … Brodziak has four short-handed goals since the start of last season. … Anaheim executive vice president/general manager Bob Murray became the fifth person in NHL history to both play and serve 1,000 games as a GM. He joined Bobby Clarke, Bob Gainey, Bob Pulford and Doug Wilson.UP NEXTOilers: Play at San Jose on Tuesday.Ducks: Host Ottawa on Wednesday.
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    TAMPA Tobias Rieder Jersey Womens , Fla. (AP) On a Florida road trip against two streaking teams, the Ottawa Senators have been no pushovers at all.Mike Hoffman scored two goals and six other Ottawa players had multipoint games as the Senators beat Tampa Bay 7-4 on Tuesday night, ending the Lightning’s 10-game run without a regulation loss.One night earlier, the struggling Senators (25-33-11) halted an eight-game home winning streak for the Florida Panthers.”It’s something positive that we can look at in a season that really hasn’t gone the way we expected,” said Hoffman, who reached the 20-goal mark for the fifth consecutive season. ”These two games show that no one in this room has quit. It’s probably the toughest two teams you can play back-to-back in the entire league as of right now. We want to finish on the strong side.”Tom Pyatt, Erik Karlsson, Ryan Dzingel and Marian Gaborik each had a goal and an assist for the Senators. Magnus Paajarvi also scored, and Mike Condon finished with 42 saves for his first victory since Feb. 1, ending a seven-game winless stretch.”It’s been a while, personally,” Condon said. ”It’s a good feeling that I have missed.”Tampa Bay, tied with Nashville atop the NHL standings at 100 points, hadn’t lost in regulation since Feb. 17. But the Lightning’s lead over Boston in the Atlantic Division was trimmed to four points after the Bruins rallied past Carolina.The defeat also spoiled the first career hat trick for J.T. Miller Mike Hoffman Jersey Womens , who has five goals in seven games for Tampa Bay since being acquired from the New York Rangers at the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Nikita Kucherov and Steven Stamkos each had three assists.The Lightning, however, allowed seven goals in a game for the first time since Jan. 12, 2015, at Philadelphia.”Turnovers. Bad tracks. Inability to block shots. Inability to kill a penalty,” coach Jon Cooper said. ”Add them all up. Probably a little bit of bad bounces I guess, but maybe that drops it by one or two. Still score four and lose by three … that’s a tough night at home.”Tampa Bay opened the scoring 4:19 into the game but Ottawa scored three times in the first period and never looked back, allowing the Lightning to get within a goal just once the rest of the way.”Playing a team coming in on a back-to-back and giving up seven goals … it’s unacceptable,” Tampa Bay defenseman Anton Stralman said. ”It’s hard to win games giving up that many goals.”NOTES: Tampa Bay activated G Peter Budaj off injured reserve. Budaj saw his first action since Dec. 27, entering in relief of Andrei Vasilevskiy for the third period. … Lightning G Louis Domingue was reassigned to the Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League. … Ottawa RW Alex Burrows appeared in his 900th NHL game. … Senators D Erik Burgdoerfer got his first NHL point. … Tampa Bay D Victor Hedman got his 100th career power-play point. … Kucherov became the fifth player in franchise history to reach 90 points in a season, joining Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis, Stamkos and Brad Richards.UP NEXTLightning: Host the Boston Bruins on Saturday.Senators: Host the Dallas Stars on Friday.— GLENDALE, Ariz. — Now that the Vegas Golden Knights have proven they can win with the goaltender who had the fewest wins in the NHL Peter Budaj Jersey Womens , they’ll try to win another with the goalie who leads the league in wins.Marc-Andre Fleury (21-10-4) is expected to start when the Golden Knights play the second half of a weekend back-to-back against the Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena on Sunday. Darcy Kuemper (5-10-2) will start for the Coyotes, who defeated the Anaheim Ducks 5-4 in overtime Saturday.Fleury’s 21 victories are one more than Frederik Andersen (20-9-1) of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Fleury stopped 31 of 32 shots during the Knights’ 2-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Thursday, before Malcolm Subban made 30 saves during Vegas’ 4-1 win against the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday.Article continues below ...Subban lost his first five starts as the Golden Knights scored just six goals combined. But he finally got his first victory of the season as the Golden Knights won for the second time in as many games. They also gained a point for the fifth consecutive game and the ninth time in 10 games (6-1-3).“Like the Colorado game, it was a good, solid road game,” Vegas coach Gerard Gallant said. “We worked hard, we did the right things with the puck and we got an early lead.”Or something Fleury is more accustomed to than Subban.Fleury is 8-5-1 with a 2.05 goals-against average against the Coyotes, including a 3-2 win at Arizona on Nov. 21 in which he stopped 19 of 21 shots. Max Pacioretty scored the game-winning goal 3:36 into overtime.William Carrier, Alex Tuch, William Karlsson and Paul Stastny scored against the Kings, who had won four consecutive games.“We kept going at them and eventually we started to break them,” Stastny said.Stastny has four goals and seven points in 11 games with Vegas.“He’s real solid. When we got him (as a free agent in July), we know what he does,” Gallant said. ‘He’s not a big Andrew Hammond Jersey Womens , big point producer, but he’s a great defensive player, wins face-offs, does the right things. And when he plays the way he played (Saturday), he’s going to contribute offensively, too.”Almost everyone contributed for the Coyotes, who trailed 3-1 before rallying to defeat Anaheim. Nick Schmaltz won it by scoring 33 seconds into overtime as the Coyotes won for only the fourth time in 12 games.“It probably wasn’t the most fun game for the coaching staff,” said Christian Fischer, who began Arizona’s comeback by scoring in the second period to make it 3-2. “But this was great to see. Everyone stayed with it. The first period wasn’t our best, but it’s nice to have it (their resiliency) pay off.”Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Nick Cousins and Jakob Chychrun also scored for the Coyotes, while Adin Hill made 37 saves.Arizona has won one of six games against Vegas since the Golden Knights began play last season as an expansion team. The Coyotes’ only win was a 3-2 decision on March 28 in the fifth and final regular-season meeting in 2017-18.
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    The New York Islanders have everything working right now as demonstrated by the 4-0 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday night.The game never felt like it was ever in doubt Authentic Jarvis Landry Jersey , Islanders coach Barry Trotz said after Mathew Barzal scored three goals in the victory at Toronto.The Buffalo Sabres, on the other hand, cannot seem to get results even when they play well as they did Saturday in a 3-2 overtime loss to the Boston Bruins.Article continues below ...“I thought we played a very strong 60 minutes and overtime,” Sabres coach Phil Housley said after the Bruins tied the game at 17:31 of the third period on a power play and won in overtime.The Islanders, winners of three in a row and six of their past seven games, will try to keep it going Monday when they visit the Sabres, who have lost three of their past four.“I liked the fact that we stayed with the game plan for the full 60 minutes,” Trotz said after his team dominated Toronto and former Islanders captain John Tavares in his first game against his former team. “We didn’t really deviate and that to me was real good growth. We have to continue to do that. We knew we were up against a real good hockey team and we had to do things the right way and we did.”“I can’t fault our effort,” Housley said after Sean Kuraly’s overtime winner for Boston. “We attacked the game. It’s going to be like this throughout the rest of the season where it’s going to be tight. I thought we felt really comfortable in the situation.”This will be the first meeting between the teams this season.Barzal Authentic Bradley Chubb Jersey , who also scored two goals in a win over the Ottawa Senators Friday, scored a natural hat trick in a span of just fewer than eight minutes in the second period on Saturday. He has 10 goals on the season. Robin Lehner made 36 saves for his second shutout of the season and 10th of his career.“You could tell before the game that the guys were dialed in, Barzal said. “They were ready to go. We knew what was at stake against one of the top teams in the league. If we play like that, this team can be pretty special.”Barzal has six goals and two assists on his four-game point streak.“He’s shooting the puck,” Lehner said. “He’s one of the most skilled players in the league and one of the fastest. Just seeing him shooting more in practice, he’s starting to trust his shot and have confidence in his shot. He has a good shot. He just has to keep shooting and he’ll score a lot of goals.”Buffalo is 4-6-4 since its 10-game winning streak Nov. 8-27.The Sabres are struggling to score goals.Jack Eichel has one goal in five games and Jeff Skinner has one in four and they are the team’s top two scorers. Jason Pominville has no points in 12 games and no goals in 14, Conor Sheary has one goal in 19 games, Casey Mittelstadt has one goal in 16 games and no points in seven and Tage Thompson has no goals and one point in 13 games.Eichel missed practice Sunday for what Housley termed as “maintenance” and is expected to play Monday. Goaltender Linus Ullmark returned to practice after being unavailable Saturday because of illness. Goaltender Scott Wedgewood was returned to Rochester of the American Hockey League.Right winger Kyle Okposo was used on the fourth line Sunday with Johan Larsson and Remi Elie. Okposo, a former Islander , has not scored a goal in 21 games.“Everybody knows the production, right,” Housley told reporters Sunday. “You look at the statistics, but I think (Okposo) just has to get back to work. I wouldn’t read too much into the lines. We’re just trying to create more balance, and I think (Larsson) has played terrific hockey.” PITTSBURGH (AP) Alex Ovechkin knocked his own rebound out of midair and by Matt Murray with 1:07 remaining to lift the Washington Capitals to a 4-3 victory on Tuesday night in Game 3 of their increasingly testy Eastern Conference semifinal series with Pittsburgh.Ovechkin gave the Capitals a 2-1 series lead when he collected a pass from Nicklas Backstrom and fired a shot that ripped by Murray before hitting the right post.Ovechkin stayed with it and his baseball-like swat gave him eight goals in the playoffs and the Capitals their fourth consecutive road win in the postseason.Ovechkin has also scored in four consecutive playoff games this postseason.Matt Niskanen, John Carlson and Chandler Stephenson also scored for Washington. Braden Holtby finished with 19 saves. Backstrom had three assists.Jake Guentzel had a goal and an assist for Pittsburgh. Sidney Crosby and Patric Hornqvist also scored, but the Penguins lost consecutive playoff games for only the fourth time since the start of their runs to consecutive Stanley Cups began in 2016.Matt Murray made 18 stops but couldn’t get his glove – a problem area all postseason – on Ovechkin’s initial shot, allowing the Russian star to have a shot at the rebound.JETS 7, PREDATORS 4WINNIPEG Womens Bradley Chubb Jersey , Manitoba (AP) – Blake Wheeler scored on the power play with 4:59 to play and Winnipeg roared back from an early 3-0 deficit to defeat Nashville and grab a 2-1 lead in the second-round playoff series.After missing on a number of earlier chances, the Jets captain connected on a rebound off Mark Scheifele’s shot from a tight angle for his second of the postseason.Dustin Byfuglien had two goals and an assist for Winnipeg, while Paul Stastny added a goal and two assists.Wheeler also had an assist and added the empty-netter with under a minute to play. Brandon Tanev also scored with Rinne on the bench in the game’s final minute.Jacob Trouba scored a goal and set up another for a two-point night. Connor Hellebuyck made 26 stops.Filip Forsberg and P.K. Subban each had a goal and an assist for Nashville, while Mike Fisher and Austin Watson also scored.Mattias Ekholm and Ryan Johansen both added two assists for the Predators, who got 38 stops from Pekka Rinne.—
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    BOSTON (AP) — Bo Horvat had two goals and two assists and the Vancouver Canucks extended their winning streak to five games with an 8-5 victory over the Boston Bruins on Thursday night.Loui Eriksson added two goals and an assist and spurred a five-goal outbust in the second period. Ben Hutton and Erik Gudbranson each had a goal and an assist Scott Wedgewood Jersey Womens , and Antoine Roussel and Jake Virtanen added goals for the Canucks. They have scored 26 goals in the last five games.Jake DeBrusk scored twice, and Patrice Bergeron, Matt Grzelcyk and Danton Heinen added goals for Boston. Jaroslav Halak was pulled after allowing five goals on 19 shots.LIGHTNING 4, ISLANDERS 2TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Andrei Vasilveksiy made 35 saves, Tyler Johnson broke a tie with 1:26 left in Tampa Bay’s victory over New York.Vasilevskiy has allowed two or fewer goals in nine of 12 games.Johnson scored from just outside the crease off a pass from Nikita Kucherov. Steven Stamkos added an empty-netter. Mathieu Joseph and J.T. Miller also scored to help Tampa Bay improve to an NHL-best 12-3-1.Josh Bailey scored twice and Robin Lehner stopped 23 shots for the Islanders.FLYERS 5, COYOTES 4, OTPHILADELPHIA (AP) — Shayne Gostisbehere scored on a one-timer 1:01 into overtime after Dale Weise tied it with 2:13 left in regulation, and Philadelphia beat Arizona.Scott Laughton had two goals and Travis Konecny also scored. The Flyers began a five-game homestand after earning seven of a possible eight points on a four-game trip out West.Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Michael Grabner each had a goal and an assist, and Brad Richardson and Derek Stepan also scored for the Coyotes. They lost 5-2 at home to Philadelphia on Monday night.PANTHERS 4, OILERS 1SUNRISE Conor Sheary Jersey Womens , Fla. (AP) — Roberto Luongo made 26 saves in his second start since missing nine games with a knee injury to help Florida beat Edmonton.Evgenii Dadonov, Nick Bjugstad, Jonathan Huberdeau and Colton Sceviour scored for the Panthers. Mike Hoffman and Vincent Trocheck each had two assists.Leon Draisaitl scored for the Oilers, and Cam Talbot stopped 29 shots.HURRICANES 4, BLACKHAWKS 3CHICAGO (AP) — Andrei Svechnikov, Jaccob Slavin, Phillip Di Giuseppe and Calvin de Haan gave Carolina a four-goal lead early in the second period and the Hurricanes held off Chicago to Jeremy Colliton’s NHL coaching debut.Colliton became the 38th coach of the Blackhawks on Tuesday after Joel Quenneville was fired after 10 seasons. Chicago is 0-5-1 in its last six.Patrick Kane, David Kampf and Nick Schmaltz scored for the Blackhawks.STARS 4, SHARKS 3DALLAS (AP) — Devin Shore scored his second goal of the game to break a tie, Anton Khudobin tied a season high with 33 saves and Dallas beat San Jose.Dillon Heatherington’s shot from the left point went off a defender’s leg to Shore in the left circle, and he beat Sharks goalie Martin Jones with 5:47 to play.Stars scoring leader Tyler Seguin had a goal and an assist Tage Thompson Jersey Womens , and Gemel Smith also scored. Evander Kane, Timo Meier and Joe Pavelski scored for San Jose.WILD 3, KINGS 1LOS ANGELES (AP) — Zach Parise had a goal and an assist to reach 700 points in his NHL career as Minnesota defeated Los Angeles.Nico Niederreiter scored on the power play and Devan Dubnyk made 27 saves for the Wild, who have won eight of 10. Mikael Granlund added an empty-net goal.Jake Muzzin had a goal and Jack Campbell stopped 21 shots, but the Kings were unable to put together their first three-game winning streak of the season.Parise put the Wild ahead 2-1 at 14:42 of the second period, getting his 700th point in 887 career games. Parise’s 339 goals are the most among active American-born players.Niederreiter had gone 22 regular-season games between goals dating back to March before scoring off a pass from Parise.SABRES 6, CANADIENS 5, OTMONTREAL (AP) — Rasmus Ristolainen scored at 1:38 of overtime to lift Buffalo past Montreal.Vladimir Sobotka and Jeff Skinner each scored twice, and Conor Sheary added a goal. Linus Ullmark gave up five goals on 32 shots through two periods, and Carter Hutton made five saves in the third.Jonathan Drouin, Matthew Peca Dalton Prout Jersey Womens , Andrew Shaw, Tomas Tatar and Nicolas Deslauriers scored for the Canadiens. Max Domi had three assists to extend his points streak to five games.GOLDEN KNIGHTS 5, SENATORS 3.OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — William Carrier put Vegas ahead for good after Ottawa rallied from a three-goal deficit.Jonathan Marchessault, Shea Theodore, Nick Holden and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare also scored for the Golden Knights, and Marc-Andre Fleury made 27 saves. Matt Duchene, Ryan Dzingel and Thomas Chabot scored for the Senators. WASHINGTON — The Washington Capitals go for their fourth straight win when they host the Detroit Red Wings on Friday.But the Red Wings (10-9-2) are no soft touch these days. After a 1-7-2 start Detroit is 9-2-0 in its past 11 games. Their latest outing was a 3-2 overtime win against the visiting Boston Bruins on Wednesday night.Andreas Athanasiou tied the score at 8:29 of the third period off a rebound and won it 49 seconds into overtime. Tyler Bertuzzi added a goal and Jimmy Howard made 34 saves for Detroit.Article continues below ...Athanasiou has eight points (five goals, three assists) in his past six games.“Obviously it was a little bit of a slow start with some unfortunate bounces and a lot of things that just weren’t going our way, but we stuck with it and kind of worked our way out of it and can kind of see things are starting to turn,” Athanasiou said. “We’re playing really good hockey so it’s definitely a lot of fun.”Howard is 6-1-0 with a .936 save percentage in his past seven starts and the Red Wings are above .500.“To me it means we’re one game above .500 and we’ve got to go play Washington and find a way to win Elias Lindholm Jersey Womens ,” coach Jeff Blashill said. “We’ve got to keep getting better here, keep finding ways to win, and keep putting points on the board.”Washington (11-7-3) is playing strong hockey despite the continued absence of top-six forwards Evgeny Kuznetsov and T.J. Oshie. They did not practice Thursday and will miss Friday’s game with upper-body injuries.Braden Holtby made 37 saves for the Capitals in a 4-2 win against the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday.Tom Wilson scored in his first home game since returning from suspension for Washington. Andre Burakovsky, Michal Kempny and Devante Smith-Pelly also scored, and Jakub Vrana had two assists.“Yeah, that was a really balanced attack tonight,” Capitals coach Todd Reirden said. “I feel we did the best we could to shut down their top line and still get contributions offensively from some other guys as well. So, it was a good team win for us.”The win gave the Stanley Cup champions their first three-game winning streak of the season. The first two games of which came on the road in overtime.“Obviously, it was a shorter summer for us and a shorter time to prepare ourselves for the season,” Burakovsky said. “Just to get back after a year that we had, I think it’s tough to get in and get going right away. So Alan Quine Jersey Womens , we’re building our game slowly and tonight I think we did exactly what we wanted.”Nicklas Backstrom had an assist Wednesday and has 11 points (four goals, seven assists) in his past 10 games.Washington is third in the Metropolitan Division, one point behind Columbus and the streaking New York Rangers. The Capitals visit the Rangers on Saturday.Holtby is 9-2-2 with a 2.19 goals-against average, a .920 save percentage and one shutout against the Red Wings. Howard is 4-3-3 with a 2.82 GAA and .900 save percentage versus Washington.Ovechkin has 21 points (12 goals, nine assists) in 23 games against the Red Wings.The Capitals were 2-0-1 against the Red Wings last season with one of the wins coming in overtime.
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    That was about what we could expect based on the stats coming into the game.The Chiefs had five first half possessions Josh Bynes Jersey , they scored on four of them, and the fact the Arizona Cardinals held them to two field goals to go along with two touchdowns felt like a win.The Cardinals forced one punt in the half and now they trail 20-7 at the half.The Cardinals offensive line is just being overwhelmed by an average Chiefs defense in pass protection.However, the Cardinals seemed to be doing a pretty nice job running the football, so seeing them not stick with the run as much is not surprising based on the score, but is surprising based on the success.Josh Rosen is 6-12 for 79 yards and one touchdown, while David Johnson has 10 carries for 40 yards and three receptions for 44 yards and the lone Arizona Cardinals touchdown.The biggest news in this game for the Cardinals is that through the first half, Larry Fitzgerald is without a catch.Which would be the first in... forever. Let’s hope they get that out of the way early and then ride David Johnson the second half to limit the Chiefs possessions.Ravens vs. Bengals: Game time, TV Schedule Cheap Chase Edmonds Jersey , online stream, odds weather and more It is Thursday Night Football one and all and we have a great, black and blue division rivalry game this week.First, everything you need to know about the Thursday Night Football Game.Who: Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) vs Baltimore Ravens (1-0)Date/Time: Sep. 13th, 2018 at 5:20 p.m. Arizona TimeLocation: Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OHTV: NFL Network (FOX Crew)NFL Announcers: Joe Buck (play-by-play), Troy Aikman (analyst) Cheap Chandler Jones Jersey , Erin Andrews (Bal. sideline), Kristina Pink (Cin. sideline)Streaming: Yahoo Sports app (Download app on iOS and Google Play, Activate location services to watch live games)NFL Sunday Ticket fuboTVOdds: Ravens -1Over/Under 43.5This is a great matchup of two teams who looked good in week one.Now, we get to see them faceoff against each other in a divisional game that will no doubt be a physical game.Joe Mixon looks like he is going to be tough to deal with for Bengals opponents all year, but the Ravens defense looked menacing, even if it was against the Buffalo Bills.In the end, I am going with homefield.Bengals 26Ravens 24 × Pasted as rich text. Paste as plain text instead Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
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    Raiders week three snap counts vs Dolphins: Clinton McDonald leads all defensive linemen Youth Johnny Townsend Jersey , registers team’s only sack It didn’t take long for Clinton McDonald to acclimate to his new team. The defensive tackle was signed two weeks ago, ahead of the team’s week two game against the Broncos. He rotated into that game and Sunday in Miami he led all defensive linemen with 34 snaps (77%).Just as the Raiders had done in their first two games of the season, they had one sack in the first half. Bruce Irvin had the first, then Maurice Hurst, and now Clinton McDonald. It’s rather surprising to see considering McDonald was cut by the Broncos in the final roster cuts and wasn’t picked up by a team. It just shows you the lack of depth on the Raiders defensive line, due in part to the injuries to Justin Ellis (foot) and PJ Hall (ankle).Other notes:TJ Clemmings played most of the game at right tackle in place of Donald Penn who left with a concussion.Brandon LaFell played 33 snaps (43%) and didn’t see a single target. Meanwhile Seth Roberts who caught a touchdown last week was inactive.No matter how well Erik Harris seems to play and how much Gruden gushes about him, he still plays few snaps than Reggie Nelson and Marcus Gilchrist.Marquel Lee saw the second most snaps among the linebackers , more than Derrick Johnson.Karl Joseph played one snap before suffering a lower leg injury and not returning.Week 3 snap counts..Offense.Defense.Spec Tms...Offense.Defense.Spec Tms. NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL will stage four games in London and one in Mexico City next season, with the Jaguars, Chargers, Rams, Raiders and Buccaneers serving as hosts.When the games will be played and who the opponents will be won't be announce until the spring, when the league schedule for 2019 is released.The Jaguars have a deal to play annually in London. The Chargers, Rams and Raiders are considered to be playing in temporary stadiums — the Los Angeles teams will move into a new facility being built in Inglewood that won't be ready next year — and the Raiders will be leaving Oakland for Las Vegas in 2020. Days after the Chiefs-Rams game scheduled for Azteca Stadium was moved to Los Angeles because of poor field conditions in November Marshawn Lynch Jersey , the NFL announced it would be returning to play a regular-season game in Mexico City in 2019.This season had three games at Wembley Stadium in London — one of those was scheduled for Tottenham's new stadium, but was switched to Wembley because the Spurs' building was not ready. Previously, the NFL announced that two of the 2019 London games would be at Wembley, the other two at TottenhamEarlier this year, the Seahawks beat the Raiders 27-3, the Chargers defeated the Titans 20-19, and the Eagles beat the Jaguars 24-18.The NFL has played regular-season games in London since 2007. It played one in Mexico City in 2005 Justin Ellis Jersey , then not again until 2016 and '17."Our league's global presence continues to grow and expand through the success of the NFL International Series and we look forward to showcasing the Buccaneers organization to an international audience," said Brian Ford, the team's chief operating officer.The Bucs agreed to participate in an international game as part of their bid to host the Super Bowl in 2021. They've played twice in London, losing to the Patriots in 2009 and Bears in 2011."I've been associated with games out of the country before," coach Dirk Koetter said, "and when you get to them, I think the players do enjoy that week. Trips are long Cheap Leon Hall Jersey , usually you're rewarded on the back end with your bye week. Once you're over there, it's football. It's new and it's different."
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    CLEVELAND (AP) — Quarterback Matt Ryan packed his belongings Youth Takkarist McKinley Jersey , left Atlanta's subdued locker room and slowly walked down the corridor toward the team bus, pulling his wheeled luggage.He and the Falcons may have left their playoff hopes behind.Their three-game winning streak came to a screeching halt Sunday with a 28-16 loss to the Cleveland Browns, who put together one of their best all-around games in years against an Atlanta team that had seemingly turned its season around following a 1-4 start. But the Falcons (4-5) committed a costly turnover in the second half, gave up a Cleveland-record-breaking 92-yard touchdown run to Georgia native Nick Chubb, and failed to execute on a critical trip to the red zone when the game was still winnable.Afterward, Atlanta coach Dan Quinn was at a loss to explain his team's puzzling performance."I thought we had made some improvement and some progress, so it's a setback," Quinn said. "I like the fight of our guys. I know we'll come back to fight. When you miss an opportunity, whether it's a team that people on the outside say you should win or one people think the other way, I go into it and think you can get them all. When you don't get that done, for sure it stinks."It was shocking considering the Falcons were coming off a well-balanced win over Washington last week and had fought their way back into contention in the NFC South."It was disappointing Youth Calvin Ridley Jersey ," said Ryan, whose solid stats (38 of 52 for 330 yards and two touchdowns) obscured other offensive issues. "Obviously, you have to give credit to Cleveland. I thought they played really well and made a lot of good plays. We fell short and did not make enough plays when we needed to. We didn't play up to the standard that we are capable to playing."We need to do that as we move forward and get ready for next week. We have got to play better."Despite their problems, the Falcons were only down 14-10 at halftime, and with their high-powered offense, a comeback seemed inevitable against the Browns (3-6-1), who had dropped four in a row.Atlanta got the ball to start the third quarter and got a 23-yard completion from Ryan to Julio Jones on the first play. After an 8-yard loss, Ryan connected on a 4-yard pass to wide receiver Mohamed Sanu, who fumbled after a hit by Browns cornerback T.J. Carrie.Cleveland recovered at Atlanta's 41 and quickly drove for a touchdown as rookie QB Baker Mayfield hit Duke Johnson for an 11-yard score to give the Browns a 21-10 lead.Sanu's fumble had given the momentum right back to the Browns, but while they were shaky, the Falcons still seemed OK when they pinned Cleveland at its 8 after a punt.The worst was yet to come.On second down Womens Robert Alford Jersey , Chubb found a crease on Atlanta's right side, cut toward the sideline and outran several Falcons to the end zone on the longest rushing play in Cleveland history — and the longest by any rookie since 1949.As Chubb raced by, Quinn, Ryan and everyone else dressed in black and red on the Atlanta sideline could only watch helplessly as any thoughts of a comeback completely vanished.Quinn didn't want to speculate on what went wrong on the play. Suffice to say, little went right.Still, the Falcons were hanging around in the fourth quarter when a series of head-scratching plays perhaps best sized up their day.Atlanta drove to Cleveland's 6 before a short pass was followed by two runs up the middle that were stopped by the Browns short of the end zone. Then, on fourth down and inches from a TD, Ryan was inexplicably in the shotgun before he threw a pass toward third-string tight end Eric Saubert, who had no chance of making a catch.Ryan's choice of targets was peculiar given his other options: Jones, Sanu and tight end Alex Hooper, who caught 10 passes. Even a running play made more sense.The hard-to-understand performance and loss overshadowed a personal milestone for Jones Womens Ryan Schraeder Jersey , who reached 10,000 career yards receiving faster than any player in NFL history."It's always tough when you lose," said Jones, who had seven catches for 107 yards and one TD. "We can make up stuff here and there, but at the end of the day it's on us. I'm going to keep saying that we can play better and we can do better, but with opportunities and things like that, we have to do better. That's it. That's the bottom line. We just have to get back to work."If you could steal one Carolina Panther for the Falcons, who would it be? The Atlanta Falcons are good. Yes, they looked like crap on Thursday night, but let me assure you that this roster does not lack for talent. Yet they could be more talented, if only they could steal players from other football teams.Predictably , that’s what we’re talking about today. Who would you take from the Carolina Panthers, if you could steal one player away in the middle of the night and add him to this roster?As old as he is (and currently injured), I might be tempted to take Greg Olsen at the moment. A healthy Olsen is a better tight end than anyone else on this Falcons roster, and given this offense’s struggles in the red zone, he’s a player I’d feel very good about adding. Otherwise, I’d look at this defensive line again. It would be great to bring back Dontari Poe, add Kawann Short to the interior of the defnesive line, or Julius Peppers off the edge to add to the pass rush. Who would you take?
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    Lions vs. Browns final score: Detroit ends pathetic preseason with loss to Cleveland Customized Detroit Lions Jerseys , 35-17 The Lions lost their final preseason game in another ugly game, dropping their preseason record to 1-3. Here’s a recap:First quarterThe Browns got the ball first and didn’t take any time driving downfield against the Lions’ second string defense. They got a big play out of tight end Devon Cajuste (of “Hard Knocks” fame) after Rolan Milligan fell down in coverage and was injured on the play. Just a few plays later, Nick Chubb would convert a fourth-and-1 for a 3-yard touchdown run. With Jake Rudock as the starting quarterback, the Lions offense quickly went three-and-out. Here’s what their starting offensive lineup looked like: Baker Mayfield and the Browns continued to move the ball downfield with little pushback, but the Lions did eventually force them into a field goal. Brown 10-0.But during commercial break, the play of the game happened:Love you, Lions fans.Rudock took his second drive and nearly went three-and-out again, but a defensive holding extended the drive... for three more plays. The Lions punted again without earning a first down. The first quarter ended with the Browns continuing to drive, and the Lions declaring two roster bubble players, Rolan Milligan (chest) and Zach Zenner (back) out for the rest of the game. Second quarterThe Brown offense continued to look unstoppable. Facing a third-and-6, Browns running back Matthew Dayes took a draw play for a 42-yard touchdown. 17-0 Browns. The Lions took the ball, and stop me if you’ve heard this, but they went three-and-out again. Thankfully , the Lions defense finally got a stop of their own, and the Browns punted for the first time. But the Lions offense couldn’t muster up anything. They did get another first down (by penalty, again), but that was it. Another drive, another punt. The Lions defense forced another punt, and it was time for Matt Cassel to put in his best efforts for a two-minute drill to end the half.Surprisingly... he did well... well, up until he didn’t. Cassel quickly drove the Lions into Browns territory, but on a third-and-1, Cassel threw a pass right into Brown defensive lineman Nate Orchard’s hands and Orchard took it 64 yards for a Cleveland touchdown. The Browns rubbed it in with a two-point conversion. 25-0 Browns. Third quarterThe Lions finally got on the board, but it was thanks to a Browns turnover. After punting on their first offensive possession, the Lions recovered a muffed punt that hit an unsuspecting Browns player. Already in field goal position, it didn’t matter that the Lions would end up going backwards, as Ryan Santoso knocked through a 46-yard field goal. 25-3 Browns. The teams would trade punts for a couple of possession Authentic Kerryon Johnson Jersey , with Cassel unable to move the Lions offense downfield and Browns third-stringer Brogan Roback struggling the same. In the end, the Browns would end up adding a field goal, too. 28-3 Browns.Fourth quarterWith Jake Rudock back in the game with some third and fourth stringers, the Lions offense showed a little bit of life. Thanks to a big pass interference penalty, and solid 21-yard scramble from Rudock, the Lions got down into the red zone and Dwayne Washington punched it in from the 1-yard line. 28-10 Browns. The game would end unceremoniously with no “exciting” comeback this time. The Browns would essentially put the game away with a nine-play, 90-yard drive, ending with a 22-yard touchdown pass. 35-10 Browns. Rudock would again lead the Lions to a late-game touchdown thanks to a superb grab from Teo Redding and a solid fade pass to Chris Lacy. 35-17 Browns.PregameThe 2018 NFL preseason mercifully comes to an end on Thursday night. All 32 NFL teams will be in action, including our beloved Detroit Lions.The Lions exhibition season ends as it always should: with a contest against the Cleveland Browns for the glorious Great Lakes Freighter Trophy. Yes, the two teams used to actually award a trophy to the winner of a preseason game. The Athletic’s Ty Schalter has a phenomenal read on the history of the pathetic-yet-hilarious bronzed ship. “The Great Lakes Classic preseason series was a throwback to the leather-helmet days of the NFL, an echo of decades-old college football traditions and a revival of a proven concept,” Schalter wrote. “It was an innovative way to generate excitement around exhibition games, and a clever leveraging of dollars earmarked for charity.”Of course , what followed was over a decade’s worth of ineptness for both franchises, leading the trophy to become a joke and the preseason matchup to become an even bigger farce than before.The Great Lakes Classic was scrapped in 2015, but with both franchises looking to be on the rebound, maybe this is the start of the revival of the Great Lakes Classic. Or maybe this is just another preseason finale we’re all in a hurry to get past.Either way, if you’re interested in watching, the game happens to be nationally televised. Here’s how to catch Lions vs. Browns. How to watchDate: Thursday, August 30, 2018Time: 7 p.m. ETLocation: Ford Field—Detroit, MINationally televised: NFL NetworkLocally televised: WJBK (FOX/2 - Detroit)WNEM (CBS/5 - Saginaw)WSYM (FOX/47 - Lansing)WXMI (FOX/17 - Grand Rapids)WFQX (FOX/32 - Traverse City MI)WUPW (FOX/36 - Toledo OH)WJMN (CBS/3 - Escanaba MI)Online streaming: NFL Game Pass (free 7-day trial), Announcers: Matt Shepard, Chris Spielman, Tori PetryLocal radio: WJR-AM NEWS TALK 760Radio announcers: Dan Miller, Lomas BrownReplay times:Friday Womens Taylor Decker Jersey , August 3112 a.m. ET - Fox Sports Detroit3 p.m. ET - Fox Sports DetroitSaturday, September 112 p.m. ET - NFL Network12 p.m. ET - Fox Sports DetroitSunday, September 29 p.m. ET - Fox Sports Detroit As we head into the weekend, suddenly the floodgates are opening with Detroit Lions rumors. First, there was the report that the Lions were interested in Steve Sarkisian and Nathaniel Hackett for their offensive coordinator vacancy. Then we heard that Hackett actually scored an interview. Now, it appears a third name has entered the race.According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Lions are one of three teams set to interview Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken:Monken is an interesting candidate to emerge, mostly because of his affinity for passing the ball and big plays—something this coaching staff seems somewhat averse to. Take, for example, this quote from Monken:That doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a team that has been harping on running the ball in December to be successful, or the team that spent the last four months grinding out long-lasting possessions with a dink-and-dunk offense.Of course, that dink-and-dunk offense resulted in one of the worst offensive outputs for the Lions in years. The Buccaneers, on the other hand , had one of the wildest years offensively. They ranked 12th in points scored, third in yards, and 12th in DVOA. Perhaps most interesting, Monken’s offense ranked ninth in passing DVOA but just 23rd in rushing DVOA—which seems to go against the philosophy the Lions were transitioning to in 2018.We’ll see in the upcoming days whether the Lions’ interest is real. If they’re interested, they’ll also have to convince Monken to come to Detroit, which may be easier considering the Browns and Packers have head coaches with offensive backgrounds, meaning Monken could have more freedom with the Lions. It seems likely Monken will land some job, as he already interviewed for several head coaching jobs, and he apparently “crushed” those interview (though, obviously, not enough to actually land the jobs).FOLLOW ALL THE LIONS COACHING NEWS AND RUMORS HERE.
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    Twitter reacts to the Arizona Cardinals’ 20-15 win over the New Orleans Saints Preseason might not matter but you’d rather leave it with a win than a loss all the same.The Arizona Cardinals defeated the New Orleans Saints 20-15 last night and at time had struggles but also at times looked pretty good doing it.How did Twitter react to the W?Let’s take a look:The game began with an injury to DT Corey Peters that was suspected (and later confirmed) to be cramping.But it could have been worse:He ended up returning later Youth Budda Baker Jersey , however, much to a sigh of relief to Cardinals fans.A bullet dodged for the veteran defender there.The Cardinals had a roller coaster on defense in the first quarter, as they had a hard time stopping the run and Robert Nkemdiche was having a rough night.However, if there was something that the Cards ALSO couldn’t stop, it was their knack for forcing turnovers tonight.The Cardinals defense retaliated and forced yet another interception, this time batted in the air and picked off by Haasan Reddick.Wow!Robert Nkemdiche, meanwhile, went down with a foot injury and would not return.Nkemdiche has struggled to stay healthy each preseason and has had multiple lower leg injuries early in his first three seasons.Wilks confirmed post-game he was going to be alright.His replacement, Olsen Pierre made up for it with a sack.Meanwhile, Sam Bradford helped lead an impressive drive, completing passes to 5 different receivers before it was capped off by an incredible David Johnson touchdown run:DJ might just be unstoppable.The turnovers for the Cardinals continued, with Bene Benwikere making a crazy athletic play to haul in a deep interception.Benewikere might have locked his spot on the roster down tonight.Then Cheap Christian Kirk Jersey , it was Rosen time.And oh boy, were there takes after he looked like a different guy from the week before.He drove down the field after a well-placed deep throw to J.J. Nelson that the defensive back had to interfere to stop the catch and overcame some offensive penalties and lack of movement to make the throw into a VERY tight window.How tight, you might ask?1 x 1 feet.Whew.Fans, as expected, were thrilled and optimistic after the rookie’s first TD in a game.I guess all of those overreactions from last week were a bit unwarranted, huh?The defense held the Saints to only 3 field goals and a late run from J.T. Barrett.And even though Drew Brees wasn’t on the field, they showed flashes of talent from both their veteran and younger players alike.Oh, and a certain ex-Cardinal who now plays for the Saints happened to show up late.And, a bit of humor wasn’t lost on some fantasy experts:But in the end, it was about the rookies and the fact that on Rosen’s touchdown pass to Christian Kirk (1st round to 2nd round) it also featured Mason Cole (3rd round) and Chase Edmonds (4th round) buying him time in the pocket.Twitter seemed to have fun, but the fans had nothing but optimism about their future overall as they develop while playing a major part in the 2018 season all the same:You can follow @blakemurphy7 on Twitter.Steve Keim back with Arizona Cardinals after five week suspension Yesterday, Steve Keim was eligible to return to work for the Arizona Cardinals.We did not hear anything about his return Youth Robert Nkemdiche Jersey , so that left the question of when.Now, a day later, he is back, reinstated and has met with the media to address his time off, how he is doing and of course what is next for the Arizona Cardinals.Sporting a grown out beard and looking like he has caught some sun, the Cardinals GM spoke to the media openly and honestly about the last five weeks.While the organization can and did get by, it was always Keim’s family that should have been first in this and it was nice to see Keim open up with that thought.There is no doubt that the remorse is real, but the biggest thing that you take away from the comments made by Steve Keim was actually about looking at this as a potential positive:That’s what you have to do when you make a mistake.You own it, but you also learn from it and grow from it. Now starts the next chapter for Keim and the Cardinals and hopefully, it is without conflict off the field.Welcome back Steve Keim.
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    It’s prop bets time! Every year the Super Bowl has a plethora of great prop bets. Some are actually for what happens on the field and some are not. Really anything you can think of Womens Kolton Miller Jersey , there’s a bet for that. Who will score first, margin of victory, total points scored Youth Justin Ellis Jersey , pass or run first, and progressively weirder after that. The non-game related stuff get downright comical.Let’s start with the stuff on the field and go from there with all odds courtesy of In-game odds Odds to win MVPTom Brady -120Jared Goff +200Todd Gurley +1200Aaron Donald +1500CJ Anderson +1500Sony Michel +1500James White +2000Brandin Cooks +3500Julian Edelman +4000Robert Woods +5000Stephen Gostkowski +6000Rex Burkhead +6000Aqib Talib +7500Dante Fowler Jr +7500Greg Zuerlein +7500Ndamukong Suh +7500Rob Gronkowski +5000Chris Hogan +7500Cory Littleton +10000Kyle Van Noy +10000Marcus Peters +10000Trey Flowers +10000Cordarelle Patterson +10000Donta Hightower +15000John Johnson +15000Michael Brookers +15000Stephon Gilmore +15000Josh Reynolds +15000Devin McCourty +20000Elandon Roberts +20000Gerald Everett +20000Lamarcus Joyner +25000Mark Barron +25000Patrick Chung +25000Phillip Dorsett +25000Tyler Higbee +25000James Develin +50000Matthew Slater +50000Field ( Any Other Player) +1000Margin of victoryPatriots Win By 01-03 Points +650Rams Win By 01-03 Points +800Patriots Win By 04-06 Points +900Rams Win By 04-06 Points +1150Patriots Win By 07-10 Points +700Rams Win By 07-10 Points +850Patriots Win By 11-13 Points +1500Rams Win By 11-13 Points +2000Patriots Win By 14-17 Points +1000Rams Win By 14-17 Points +1350Patriots Win By 18-21 Points +1350Rams Win By 18-21 Points +1800Patriots Win By 22 Or More +550Rams Win By 22 Or More +850Total Points scoredNew England Patriots O/U 30.0 (-115)Los Angeles Rams O/U 27.5 (-115)Jersey number of player to score game’s first touchdownOdd Number Jersey -110Even Number Jersey -120Patriots Player Props Rams Player Props Pre-game propsCoin toss outcomeHeads -110Tails -110Fun propsU.S Government Shutdown ends before kickoffYes (Government Opens) -130No (Government Remains Closed) EvenColor of Gatorade poured on the game-winning coach Lime/Green/Yellow +225Orange +250Red +275Clear/Water +375Blue +1000Purple +1000No Liquid +150Who Super Bowl MVP will mention first in his speechTeammates +200God +400City +500Coach +700Owner +1000Family +2000Does Not Mention Any Of The Above +180How many times Gisele Bundchen will be shown on TVOver 1.5 (+115)Under 1.5 (-145)Follow @LeviDamienRaiders preseason week four snap counts vs Seahawks: Mario Edwards Jr plays deep into 4th quarter, looking at possible trade or cut If you sat through the Raiders entire final preseason game Womens Jordy Nelson Jersey , you may have noticed something. Mario Edwards Jr was still on the field. The fourth year defensive lineman started 14 games last season and had run with the first team all through the offseason and training camp. But while most other starters on the team were not even dressed for, there he was, still in the game in its waning minutes.Typically the players on the field at the end of the final preseason game are those who will not be on the roster the following day. Leading to the inevitable question of whether that could very well be Edwards’s fate as well. Gruden didn’t exactly offer a ringing endorsement of Edwards after the game.“He had a number of great looks tonight. They were throwing the ball in obvious passing situations with a backup offensive line Youth Marcus Gilchrist Jersey , we’ll take a look at what he got done in the 1-on-1 situations. I can’t really comment any further than that.”Despite the good looks Gruden said Edwards got versus backups throughout the game, he had just 2 assists with no QB hits.There’s a lot of competitors for along the Raiders defensive line this year, making for some tough calls for Gruden today and tomorrow as the cut down deadline is Saturday.“He’s in a competitive situation and we’ll have to let you know in the next day or so what we’re gonna do Youth Rashaan Melvin Jersey ,” Gruden said of Edwards. We should soon know whether Edwards’s time in Oakland is up or not.Update: As expected, the Raiders are shopping Mario Edwards Jr in the hopes they can get something back instead of just cutting him.Snap counts vs SeahawksOffenseDefenseSpecial tms (select)OffenseDefenseSpecial tms (select)Notes:Rookie third round pick Brandon Parker started and played every snap at left tackle with top pick Kolton Miller not dressing for the game.Ian Silberman started at right tackle with Donald Penn not playing. He was later replaced by David Sharpe as they continue to battle for the primary backup spot behind Penn.Keon Hatcher started at wide receiver across from rookie Marcell Atemen. Hatcher played 48 snaps (81%), catching 8 passes for 128 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also played 14 special teams snaps (45%).Jason Cabinda led the entire team in total snaps. He played every snap on defense and 23 snaps on special teams (74%). He’s still behind Derrick Johnson and Marquel Lee at the middle linebacker spot so it’s hard to see how he fits on the team. He’s a strong candidate for the practice squad at very least.Rashaan Melvin started the game as the only player fully expected to start come the regular season. He played just 14 snaps before exiting.Follow @LeviDamien
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    Falcons roster cuts: Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff break down the day Now that the Falcons have reduced their roster to 52 players Authentic Vic Beasley Jersey , General Manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn held a press conference to address the moves and to speak about what to look for from the team in the days and weeks ahead. Here are some highlights from the presser:The HighlightsThe practice squad will be nailed down in the next 24 hours or so, but they will continue to watch the waiver wire.Quinn emphasized they can and probably will still make moves to reshape the roster not only through this week, but through the first few weeks of the season.Special teams ability helped guys like Richard Jarvis make the 53-man roster.Quinn and Dimitroff emphasized they are continually looking 2 to 3 years out, thinking of who they can develop now to be ready to take over in the future.Scouting staff is working tirelessly on guys who may be cut by other teams that could be a good fit with the Falcons. Coordination with the coaching staff is always ongoing.The open spot on the 53-man roster is flexible. There’s not one particular position they are currently honing in on.Quinn emphasized that guys like Keanu Neal, Deion Jones and Jake Matthews all had fantastic offseasons.Matt Gono is a guy they think can be a swing tackle. Still very raw but has traits to build on. He stayed during the summer to get as much of an edge as possible.Quick thoughts:Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn seemed to emphasize that the roster is still in flux somewhat. The idea they could still reshape the 53-man roster through the first few weeks of the season was intriguing. They also did not shy away from the idea that they are intentionally developing guys for the long-term in the hopes of avoiding having to spend big on every single position in the future. The business-minded approach to development really came through strongly.Never under sell how important special teams ability really is. Several guys made the roster based almost solely on their ability to contribute on teams. While the team is focused on developing guys, they also need a group of guys they can rely on from day one.For a more extensive breakdown, check out my thread on twitter: The Falcons have the opportunity to finish the season avoiding double-digit losses when they travel to Tampa Bay on Sunday. Meanwhile , the Bucs are already sitting at 5-10 with their eyes on a top-10 draft pick and another year to figure out what went wrong. In fairness, Tampa’s defense has looked much improved since they fired Mike Smith, so this could be a tougher defense the Falcons will face than the one from earlier this season. Here’s how the two units match up.Note: Assessments based on 2018 PFF scores.In the trenchesThe Falcons offensive line has improved as of late. Jake Matthews and Alex Mack have been the two steadiest performers with each ranking in the top-7 of their respective positions. Wes Schweitzer has been decent, though he has definitely had some very rough games during the year. Zane Beadles and Ben Garland have split duty at right guard and neither has been a reassuring presence. Most surprisingly, Ty Sambrailo has played well in relief of an under-performing Ryan Schraeder. Overall, the unit is still in flux but has been showing signs of improvement in recent weeks. The Bucs have some talent in their defensive front. Gerald McCoy is still a disruptor on the inside and rookie DT Vita Vea has really come along as the season has progressed. Jason Pierre-Paul has 11.5 sacks on the year, leading the team. Carl Nassib has also looked better recently. On nickel downs Authentic Alex Mack Jersey , William Gholston comes in at DT and is a huge downgrade from both Vea and McCoy. This is a unit that has the talent to cause headaches and has played better since Mike Smith was fired (we may bring this up repeatedly in this article). Tampa’s unit is dominant, but they have the guys that can disrupt the pocket. This match up is one to watch, as it’s too close to call on paper.Advantage: PushThe skill positionsMatt Ryan is putting up big numbers yet again and has been playing very well, so long as he gets good protection. Julio Jones continues to be one of the most dominant receivers in the league. Mohamed Sanu and Calvin Ridley are a nice compliment, but Ridley has to improve his hands in year two. Austin Hooper has really turned into a good receiving tight end in his third year. In the backfield, Tevin Coleman has proven to be a boom or bust kind of player. His upside is huge, but he’s also prone to completely silent games as well. Brian Hill demonstrated he may have some upside as well , but the jury is still out. Overall, this is still an impressive offensive unit that can be impossible to stop if the offensive line plays well.Tampa Bay’s corners are a definite weak spot. Brent Grimes has not been himself, playing pretty poorly this year. Ryan Smith is a regular in the highlight reels whenever these two teams play - and for all the wrong reasons. Javien Elliott is actually the better player in this unit, but his play is mostly just average. Safeties Andrew Adams and Jordan Whitehead are the definition of average as well. At linebacker, Lavonte David is still a high quality player. However, Devante Bond and Riley Bullough are big liabilities in the middle. There’s little in Tampa’s middle and secondary to be excited about. On paper, the Falcons win this match up handily.Advantage: FalconsOverallOnce again Womens Logan Paulsen Jersey , this game will be determined in the trenches. The only way the Bucs are going to stop Atlanta is if their defensive front can dominate, which is a distinct possibility. The Falcons offensive line needs to continue to play well for this offense to function properly. If they do, it could be a long afternoon for Tampa Bay.Advantage: Falcons