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Mr. McIntosh said the other councils had had no issue with taking on any extra costs associated with the cameras. He said the council was fully aware that the funding was only for installing the cameras. The government had written letters to the council about the issue, including one last October. In one letter, seen by the Weekly Mariano Rivera Jersey , to Hume Council's Margarita Caddick, Mr. McIntosh writes: "I am advised that the Department of Justice wrote to your acting chief executive officer, Mr. Steve Crawley, on 11 October 2011 Alex Rodriguez Jersey , providing further information about the terms of the commitment." Sunbury Business Association president Michael Osborne said he was "shocked by the announcement". "From my point of view, it's a travesty of justice if they let this funding slip. We are hearing of more reports of damage to shops in the town centre, so something needs to be done." 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China, Brunei to boost ties Rally held in London calling to maintain rights after Brexit Guterres attends press conference on 72nd session of UN General Assembly Monaco draw with Leipzig in UEFA Champions League Bird's-eye view of Zibo City in east China Fire drill held in S China's Guangxi China, Pakistan air forces hold joint training exercises Pic story: Chinese grape and wine expert TOKYO Curtis Samuel Youth Jersey , Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- Japan's economy grew an annualized 2.5 percent in the April-June period with the figure being downwardly revised from a preliminary estimate of 4.0 percent growth, owing to a weaker-than-expected rise in capital spending, data from the Cabinet Office showed on Friday. The revised GDP figure also missed median market expectations for 2.8 percent growth, with growth in private consumption, a vital driver in the world's third-largest economy Devin Funchess Youth Jersey , revised down from an initial 0.9 percent to 0.8 percent. 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Malaysian Ainil Bakar and Chinese Taipei's Chen Yu-ju were one shot back at 69 at the 4 million baht (about 120,000 U.S. dollars) tournament Authentic Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , a tri-sanctioned event between the China LPGA, the Australian LPG and the Thai LPGA. China's Li Jiayun shot a 70 over the Panya Indra Golf Club composite course (Palm and Garden nines) to sit equal fourth with Thais PK Kongkraphan, Renuka Suksukont, Chatprapa Siriprakob, Nemittra Juntanaket and Parinda Phokan. Saranporn Authentic Jason Witten Jersey , the current China LPGA Tour Order of Merit leader who won last week's Kenda Tires TLPGA Open, started her early morning round from the 10th tee and came out firing. The 17-year-old carded five birdies through her first seven holes to make the turn at five-under 31. The front nine proved a different animal as she had three bogeys and two birdies. ""Really good today. I love my shots, really nice. Being the champion in the TLPGA Open last week gave me more confidence with my shots, especially my driver and putting. The golf course is in really condition, the fairways and greens are amazing Authentic Dak Prescott Jersey ,"" said the Phuket native, a winner of four tournaments this year. ""Tomorrow, I'm going to stay on my plan and try to fix the bogeys that I got today because some of the bogeys were crazy and stupid. My highlight today is hole 14. I missed the fairway and then the second shot I used my hybrid. The bunker is on the left side so I hit on the right side. I have 18 yards for a birdie putt and I aimed at the back of hole and made it. It's a really long shot, I just feel wow!"" Bakar registered four birdies on the front nine and had a chance to grab a share of the lead until she bogeyed the final hole, a 366-yard par four. ""I feel good today Authentic Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , the putting is good. I just missed a couple greens and one bogey on the last hole. 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Steinmeier told reporters that the atmosphere of Wednesday's talks was better than the previous meeting in Paris, and the participants had made progress in the area of security, referring to a plan to separate military units along the front line in order to create demilitarized zones, and to complete the agreed full withdrawal of weapons from the front line. The four ministers also agreed on the necessity to improve contacts between the conflict parties and the exchange of information along the front line, as well as to halt military exercises in conflict areas to prevent escalations. Steinmeier cautioned that the plans still have to be put into action. ""If we are to succeed in making the ceasefire truly sustainable with these measures, that would be a really big step forward and become the basis for making progress on all other issues,"" he said. The minister, however, acknowledged that the outcome of Wednesday's meeting was a ""mixed picture"" and there had been no breakthrough regarding the political process and local elections in eastern Ukraine. ""It is true that the political process is further stuck. We failed to achieve really substantial progress today on important issues regarding the political process of the Minsk agreements,"" Steinmeier said. There are still many unanswered questions with a view to ensuring security for local elections in eastern Ukraine, he added. The minister called on the conflict parties to show willingness for compromises, with an aim to moving forward in settling the Ukraine crisis. Conflicts escalated recently between the Ukrainian army and anti-government militants in Ukraine's eastern regions, with heavy weapons being used again by both warring parties. 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