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  1. POCO launched the new M2 Pro a couple of days back. It got a lot of flak for being just a rebranded Xiaomi phone. We've already reviewed the phone and we think the POCO fans deserve much better than what they've offered this time. With all that being said, POCO is back in the news today. This time POCO is in trouble after people in the reviewer community pointed out how the phone comes pre-installed with some of the Chinese apps that were banned in India recently. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla This is indeed something that raises a lot of eyebrows, but POCO has assured that they're not defying any law. The company noted that the review units shipped to the reviewer community entered production before the government's directive. That explains why those apps were pre-installed on the POCO M2 Pro. Here, check it out - An open letter to the entire POCO community. â #POCOForIndia (@IndiaPOCO) July 9, 2020 POCO says that they're working on a software update to fix the same and provide a secure user experience to the end-user. We're not sure when this software will roll out to us, but we'll definitely keep an eye on the same. That being said, if in case any user buying the phone ends up seeing these apps pre-installed on their phones, then it looks like the same update should fix the issue. So just make sure you're on the latest software before starting to use the device. POCO says that they're not sharing any personal info or other data with anyone. Some people also raised some privacy issues with reference to how the phone handles app permissions. POCO hasn't knowledged the same, but we hope it'll be fixed via a software update too. View the full article
  2. Rajkummar Rao has had his own fair share of struggles before he made it big in the film industry. He has, time and again, said that he has been rejected because of reasons like his complexion and looks. It was in 2013 that Rajkummar gave a brilliant performance in Shahid and still he wasnât considered for NH10, Anushka Sharmaâs first production. Rajkummar was the first choice for the movie and for reasons unknown, he was replaced by Neil Bhoopalam. © MensXP Rajkummar never officially signed NH10 but was approached for the movie. But, the reality is that Anushkaâs film got delayed and Rajkummar moved on to other films like Shahid and Kai Po Che that gave Rajkummar a much-needed recognition. "I never signed 'NH 10' officially. I was supposed to do it. Then it got delayed. Then I moved on to other films like 'Kai Po Che' and 'Shahid'. Then I started working on another film. I can't do two films at the same time. I prefer doing one film at a time," Rajkummar told in an earlier interview with Times Of India when he was asked about the replacement. âSo it was a mutual decision. I share a very good relationship with the team. I think Anushka is also a very sensible girl. She is a really good actor and I don't think she will do anything like that," he added. But according to some reports, it was Anushka who decided to replace Rajkummar with actor Neil Bhoopalam. A report in Deccan Chronicle stated that Anushka tried to amend ties with Rajkummar through a mediator but it didnât work. A source told the daily, âRaj hasnât forgotten how he was dropped from the film without even being informed. He got to know from news reports that he has been replaced and he felt that it was very unprofessional on Anushkaâs part. He doesnât seem to be in a forgiving mood and would rather work with those who supported him during his days as a struggler in the industry.â Well, Raj did get rejected a lot of times but has proved that with talent, you can win the world. View the full article
  3. As the rest of the world slowly eases back to their regular lives amid the coronavirus pandemic which continues to remain as prevalent as ever, India seems to be becoming the new global hotspot for the contagion. With 24,879 positive cases coming forward in less than 24 hours (highest single-day spike in the country) India recently overtook Russia for the third spot on the list of the most adversely affected nations in the world and is currently standing at 7,69,150 total cases. JUST IN: India reports its biggest daily increase since coronavirus outbreak, with 24,879 new cases and 487 new deaths. Total of 767,296 cases and 21,129 deaths. â Norbert Elekes (@NorbertElekes) July 9, 2020 But the cause of worry might be more than what it feels right now. According to a recent study carried out by Professor John Sterman & Team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), India might see 2.8 lakh positive cases daily by February 2021. Prof. John Sterman & Team at MIT who established the discipline of System Dynamics that I used in my Paper on Disruptive Innovations posit huge jump in COVID in India - 2.87 Lakh cases per day. We need to be very careful, need to test & isolate! @yadavakhilesh @samajwadiparty â Prof. Abhishek Mishra (@profamishra) July 8, 2020 The research suggests that India will be the worst-affected country in the world because of the COVID-19 disease with the USA (95,000 cases per day), South Africa (21,000 cases per day) and Iran (17,000 cases per day) on the second, third and fourth spot, respectively, by the beginning of March next year. Researchers say that the lack of timely testing and awareness led to approximately 35.3 million cases and 1,97,000 deaths which could have been avoided at a global level. However, these measures wonât be as effective now and that future outcomes will depend on âthe willingness of communities and governments to reduce transmission.â The study reiterates the importance of social distancing, "future outcomes are less dependent on testing and more contingent on the willingness of communities and governments to reduce transmissionâ â Tarun Malaviya (@TarunMalaviya) July 8, 2020 According to the data until June 18, 2020, it was also calculated that all nations continue to remain well below the required levels of prevalence and infection fatality rate (IFR) to attain herd immunity (when the majority of a population is immune to an infectious disease, which in turn provides indirect protection to others). Earlier this week, panic ensued when a group of scientists reported their findings to the World Health Organisation that suggested that the virus might be airborne. However, experts at Indiaâs Council of Scientific and Industrial Research believe that there is no need to get overwhelmed. Is coronavirus airborne? Is herd immunity possible? Hear out @WHO chief scientist Dr @doctorsoumya's response to @sardesairajdeep. #NewsToday Full video - â IndiaToday (@IndiaToday) July 8, 2020 â... what is being communicated to WHO is that the virus can be at least temporarily airborne, which means it can travel in droplets of smaller size less than five micron which will mean that it will be hanging in the air for longer than bigger droplet which settles down in a few minutes,â director of the CSIR-CCMB, Rakesh Mishra, told PTI. For people on a personal level, the need to practise social distancing and avoid being in a crowded room, especially without aeration, like AC rooms, is of tantamount importance, more than ever. View the full article
  4. Weâve all tried our hand at using portable USB fans, handheld fans and anything else we can think of to keep us cool during the summers. However, there may just be the perfect gadget now available in Japan for everyone who needs a little bit cooling this summer. Sony created a wearable air conditioner called the Reon Pocket and has started selling it in Japan from this week. © Sony The wearable air conditioner was unveiled last year and Sony said the device supports both cooling and heating modes and can be used on the move. The device is quite small and looks very similar to Appleâs Magic Mouse. It can be worn near your neck and even comes with an undershirt with a pocket to place the Reon Pocket. The shirt is quite breathable as it is made of plaster fabric and has seams to hide the air conditioner in the pocket. You can also use your own undershirts but Sony suggests it should be loose and breathable clothing for the device to be effective. © Sony The Sony Reon Pocket is not meant to be used while working out or anything that involves intense sweating. In order to control the device, one needs to use its smartphone app that connects via Bluetooth. It can even be used manually as users can choose from four different temperature levels. The portable air conditioner is currently only available to buy in Japan and we desperately need it here in India as air conditioners are ramping up huge electricity bills ever since people have started to work from home. © Sony The Sony Reon Pocket costs around 13,000 Yen in Japan which translates to roughly Rs 9,100. The undershirt is sold separately for Rs 1260. However, there is no news whether we would see this product outside of Japan. Sony did show off a âLiteâ variant of the device last year where one could only use the manual modes; however, it seems like Sony may launch that later in the year. Would you buy a wearable air conditioner if Sony sold the Reon Pocket here in India? It does sound like a whacky idea but could just be the solution to our hot weather and high electricity bills. View the full article
  5. Samsung is also looking to remove chargers in boxes of some of its smartphones from 2021, according to a report by ETNews. The company is looking to not supply the charger as many of their customers already have chargers, reduce costs and also help the environment, according to the report. © YouTube/Technical Ejaz Not including a charger in the box of a phone is already being considered by Apple for future iPhones and it seems like Samsung will also follow suit. However, Apple may remove the charger from their phones starting this year with the iPhone 12 launch, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple will be phasing out the 18W and 5W chargers that come with iPhones depending on the model. In Samsungâs case, most of their phones support 18WPD and PPS charging which means you can use any third-party âPower Deliveryâ charger with the phones. Samsung like Apple will also sell chargers separately which customers can buy and only include a USB cable in the box along with the phone. USB C has come a long way as more devices are now supporting the port and becoming the industry standard. From laptops, phones, power banks to even the Nintendo Switch; it seems like USB-C is here to stay and will become the norm for most devices this year. Samsungâs move to remove the charger from the box not only lets them cut costs; but also help conserve the environment as there will be less electronic waste. © Amazon Samsung has not officially confirmed the news; however, it looks like this move will cut costs for smartphones that have already been facing skyrocketing prices in the past few years. It could also serve as yet another business for Samsung where the South Korean giant can upstart accessories as a viable business for future smartphones. What do you think of Samsung removing the charger in the box for some of their smartphones? Do you think it will help Samsung cut costs and help the environment? Let us in know the comments section whether this is a good move by both Samsung and Apple. Source: ETNews View the full article
  6. TikTok is one of the Chinese apps banned in India and even though âdesiâ users supported the government's decision to ban the app, we were looking for a substitute all along and it looks like we have already found one- Instagram Reels. Facebook confirmed that they are coming up with Instagram Reels in India. The 15-second video format platform is a saviour for people who were active on TikTok and enjoyed the app. This video format is going to fill the space vacated by the ban and now people can put similar content on Instagram. Instagram Reels is all about its users sharing short format videos on their feed for their followers. Also, Instagram Reels is on a test in India right now, which means that now everyone can access it and will be rolled out in planned phases. In Brazil, Germany, and France, Instagram Reels is already live for testing and India has now joined the league. As the feature went live on peopleâs phones- the users noticed the similarity between TikTok and Instagram Reels and soon the social media was flooded with memes. Not to forget, Mark Zuckerbergâs smart timing to launch Instagram Reels. Checkout the memes here- #instagramreels First too much tiktok videos on insta and now reels. Le Instagram: â 2G_user. (@ManhasRomika) July 8, 2020Instagram after reels#instagramreels â Mannat (@thandrakhleyar) July 8, 2020*Instagram releases a feature called Reels where you can create & upload short videos like tiktok * #instagramreels Meanwhile tiktokers to Instagram: â शà¥à¤°à¥à¤·à¥à¤ à¤à¤£à¥à¤¡à¥à¤²à¤µà¤¾à¤² (@oyenikku) July 8, 2020Mark Zuckerberg launching "Reels" for instagram after tik-tok ban!#Reels #instagramreels â Harshvardhan Agrawal (@Harsh_humour) July 8, 2020*Instagram introduces a new feature #Reels Le tiktokers: â Sheenu (@Sheenu61598447) July 8, 2020instagram has launched feature of 15 sec viedo. (reels) meanwhile tiktokers to insta:- â à¤à¤à¤à¤¿à¤¤ (@shaktbhakt) July 8, 2020#instagramreels When everyone ask why r you create #Reels on Instagram after tiktok ban Le zuccu â Astitwa Mohanta (@The_bekar_manus) July 9, 2020*Le TikTok to the new Instagram Reels feature â hoes mad (@Chey_anne18) July 8, 2020#Reels #instagramreels Me while watching tik tokiya videos on Instagram reels â SOMIL SACHAN (@meme_jong_unn) July 8, 2020 Reels can be accessed from the camera link in the Instagram app on your phone. The same way you post your Instagram stories on the app. You have a lot of music tracks, filters, and AR effects to make your 15-second videos entertaining and up to the mark. Also, with time Instagram will innovate with more and more features. View the full article
  7. Bollywood celebs keep us excited, not just with their on-screen presence but also with trivia on their investments and big fat pay-cheques. As decades passed, the numbers have only risen and besides all the money being spent on making a movie, the fees of B-town actors continue to make our jaws drop. While we can assume the cost to be a bomb in today's time, let's take a look at what a fat pay cheque looked like in the '90s. 1. Amitabh Bachchan © Twitter/Amitabh Bachchan A legendary actor, who has done more than 190 movies, Big B started his career in 1969 and made his debut with Saat Hindustani. Speaking of his fees in the 90s, he was amongst the highest-paid actors. All the projects that he picked post Khuda Gawah, he charged Rs 3 Crores approximately per film. That's a lot if you consider it in the 90s! 2. Ajay Devgn © Twitter/Ajay Devgn The promising actor made his debut in Bollywood with Phool Aur Kaante. In the 90s, he was earning Rs 70 Lakhs as per reports for each movie that he did. Though his movies failed to strike a chord with the audience initially, the actor's career progressed with time and his earning increased too. 3. Madhuri Dixit © Twitter/Madhuri Dixit Touted as one of the most talented actresses, Madhuri Dixit gave some massive hits back in the '90s. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun hit the jackpot at the box office and broke records. Post the success of this movie, Madhuri charged Rs 50 Lakhs for Rakesh Roshan's Koyla. 4. Sunny Deol © Twitter/Sunny Deol Once the most bankable star of Bollywood, Sunny Deol proved his prowess post Gadar and Ghayal. These two movies established his name in the industry. The actor was said to charge Rs 50 Lakhs for Rajkumar Kohli's Jaani Dushman, but soon enough, his fee soared and it was hiked to Rs 60-70 Lakhs. 5. Shah Rukh Khan © Twitter/SRK King Khan delivered back to back hit movies in the '90s. The actor who gave some massive hits including Karan Arjun and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge charged Rs 30 Lakhs per movie and post that we saw him strike a chord with the audience in Dil To Pagal Hai, Yes Boss and Pardes. 6. Akshay Kumar © Twitter/Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar's star value soared in 1994, when he had 12 films, back to back. The actor earned a staggering Rs 55 Lakhs, post his movie Mohra and the zeroes only went onto increase with time. Cut to 2020, as per reports the actor has plausibly become the highest-paid actor and is said to have signed Aanand L Rai's next movie and has reportedly charged Rs 120 Crores approximately for it. (Yes, you read that right.) 7. Suniel Shetty © TOI Suniel Shetty's first movie Balwaan which released in 1992, tanked majorly at the box office. But, he saw success after the release of his movie Mohra, post which his success streak only rose with Gopi Kishan. His fee for Rajkumar Kohli's Jaani Dushman was worth Rs 30 Lakhs. 8. Nana Patekar © Twitter/Nana Patekar After Nana Patekar's revolutionary performances in movies like Tirangaa and Krantiveer, the actor hiked his price to Rs 50 Lakhs. He has also reportedly donated 90% of his income to charity. View the full article
  8. While most of us watched Karan Joharâs Student Of The Year, we thought such schools donât exist at all. And most of us wanted to study in a fancy and posh school like St. Teresa but didnât know if such schools existed. To our surprise, many schools in India give us the Bollywood set the vibe and are exactly how it was shown in KJoâs SOTY. So, here is a list of 5 such schools in India thatâll astound you and give Bollywood sets a run for their money- Mayo College, Ajmer © Youtube/Kanak Arora This one looks less of a school and more of a five-star luxurious resort. This school has a polo ground and a golf course and is an all-boys institution. This institution has an infrastructure that looks exactly like a royal palace and offers a quality education that enables the students to dream beyond average. Army Public School, Dagshai © Youtube/Mandeep Singh This school is spread across 40 acres of land and is situated right on the hilltop. Also, this one is ranked 6th amongst most prestigious boarding schools in India. It not only helps in grooming the students but also enables them in shaping their personalities for future endeavors. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla © Youtube/Kanak Arora Bishop Cotton School is one of the most iconic schools in Asia for boys. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla has given us many ambassadors, ministers, politicians, and judges of the country. The school is spread across 56 acres and is around 4Kms away from main Shimla. Doon School, Dehradun © Youtube/EasyShiksha This all-boys school was built in 1923 and is spread across 70-acre of land amidst lush greenery. Apart from A-one education the institution also has a huge auditorium and various knowledge-specific departments that allow the students to accomplish all their future endeavors. Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet © Youtube/HYBIZTV The school premise looks like a royal heritage and this school was built in 1923. Itâs an approximately 123-acre huge campus that is scenic, beautiful and luxurious at the same time. The campus has eight horses, larger than life swimming pools, and a dining hall that accommodates 1600 students. Woah! View the full article
  9. Bollywood films are extremely popular in the country and hold a major power of influence at the same time. They're known to influence the audience not just in terms of trends but also mannerisms the people see in the films. Naturally, films also have a huge potential for advertising in them that brands take advantage of. But brand placements that do not make any sense do come across as weird and hilarious at the same time. Here are a few films that went overboard with brand advertisements 1. Mountain Dew In Mission Istaanbul © IMDB A product that the actors in the film constantly drank throughout the film and we wondered whether they were all addicted to Mountain Dew. 2. Saffolla In Ki and Ka © IMDB When Arjun Kapoor cooks in the kitchen, he uses the brand to cook the food in the house. Some believe that this was a smart product placement. 3. Mountain Dew In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara © IMDB Hrithik Roshan has had a long-standing association with Mountain Dew. Even in the film ZNMD, he promoted the brand by using its tagline and drinking it whenever he could. A cheeky reference to the brand is seen when he says, âDarr Ke Aage Jeet Haiâ to his friends before they all go for sky diving. 4. Maruti In Mere Dad Ki Maruti © IMDB For a film with a title that has a huge potential, brand collaboration seemed like the most obvious step. But this was one of the most blatant brand collaborations seen. 5. Bournvita In Koi Mil Gaya And Krrish © IMDB For the film Koi Mil Gaya and its sequel, there was a brand collaboration with the kid's energy milk booster Bournvita. The collaboration was so blatant that it was hilarious when Hrithik drank Bournvita milk. 6. Tide In Chup Chup Ke © IMDB Chup Chup Ke too has done a collaboration with Tide detergent powder in a scene in which it blended so well, it looked like seamless product placement in a film for once. But we have to agree that it did come across as a tad bit hilarious. 7. Bikaji Bhujia In Veere Di Wedding © IMDB In the film, everyone seems to be munching on bhujia almost all the time. In fact, this is the most bhujia we've seen being consumed in a film. From Sonam Kapoor and Neena Gupta's character to the guests, everyone is obsessed with bhujia. While Veere Di Wedding also had other brand collaborations, this one particularly stood out. View the full article
  10. The ones standing guard at our borders, protecting our skies and waters from the enemiesâ evil intents deserve more than the social media uproars and RIPs which follow every time our brave soldiers are killed in action at the line of duty. Over the years, there have been thousands and thousands of Indian soldiers who have fought hard and fought fearlessly at the face of death, to protect their motherland even at the cost of their own life. They thwarted every attempt of the enemy to harm our people, and became the face of courage and hope when the enemies wanted to crush our spirit using fear and hate. © Dharma Productions Their lives, their battles as well as their scars and supreme sacrifices deserve more than a frontpage newspaper coverage. These selfless Indian soldiersâ deeds need to be remembered, their daredevilry immortalised and their lives be made a part of pop-culture for the young and old to take pride in and draw inspiration from. © Honourpoint The upcoming release of Shershaah, a biopic based on Kargil war hero Captain Vikram Batra, starring Sidharth Malhotra as the late Army Captain is one such attempt. Captain Batraâs valor and resilience gave the Indian Army the greatest upper hand in winning the Kargil War in 1999 by enabling the capture of the crucial peak Pt 4875. We believe that just like Captain Vikram Batra these 4 Indian soldiers also deserve their own biopics for their show of courage and sacrifice. 1. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan © Wikipedia There is no way for anyone who has witnessed the 26/11 Mumbai attacks to forget this name. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was an NSG commando who was the team commander of 51 Special Action Group (51 SAG) responsible for rescue operation of hostages who were held at Mumbaiâs Taj Mahal Palace Hotel by Pakistani terrorists. On the fateful day, Major Unnikrishnan displayed extreme selflessness when he brought his wounded colleague to safety and chased after the enemy. He launched himself into a face-off with the terrorists and was shot from the back while he was engaged in a firefight. Even at the face of death, Major Unnikrishnan kept fighting and uttered his last order to the commandos, "Do not come up, I will handle them." 2. Major General Ian Cardozo © Rediff One of the unforgettable names associated with the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, Major General Ian Cardozoâs name goes down in history for his show of immense courage in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Then an army Major with the 5 Gorkha Rifles, he was asked to replace the second-in-command of his battalion who had been killed in action. Towards the end of the war, Cardozo made the mistake of stepping on a landmine and injured his leg badly. Given the state of his injury, it required immediate medical attention, but with no doctor or sedative in sight, Major General Cardozo cut off his injured leg using his own khurki. He was later operated on by a captured Pakistani army soldier and eventually got a wooden leg. Yet, this setback couldnât deter his spirit as he went on to attain such a high state of fitness, even able-bodied soldiers conceded defeat before him. He went on to serve in the Army for another 22 years after the 1971 war. 3. Subedar Joginder Singh © Wikipedia A Param Veer Chakra awardee (posthumously) Subedar Joginder Singh was an army officer from the 1st Battalion of the Sikh Regiment who had joined the British Indian Army in 1963. Subedar Singh is remembered for his gallantry and leadership during the 1962 Indo-China War where he was commanding a platoon in the North-East Frontier Tracts. During the war, as the Chinese troops advanced towards Tawang, they were intercepted by Sudedar Singhâs platoon of 20 men at the Bum La Pass. Though heavily outnumbered, he led his troop against the Chineseâs attack in three waves, each comprising 200 men. While they managed to defend the post for the first two times, due to lack of men and ammunition, Subedar Singh and his remaining men were forced to fight with bayonets until they were finally overpowered and taken captive. Despite a gunshot wound on his thigh, Subedar Singh managed to kill many Chinese soldiers with his bayonet before getting captured. Even under captivity he refused treatment and later succumbed to his injuries. 4. Captain Anuj Nayyar © Twitter Vikas Manhas Army officer Captain Anuj Nayyar was part of the 17 Jat who was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra for his bravado during Operation Vijay in the 1999 Kargil War. During the Kargil War Captain Nayyar's first major operation was to secure a strategic peak within the Pimple Complex located in the Mushkoh Valley. Being a strategic location, securing the peak was a top priority. However, given its extreme slopes and height, an aerial intervention was required. But given the sensitivity of the operation, C Coy, 17 Jat, of which Nayyar was the second-in-command, decided to secure the peak without waiting for any aerial support. During the initial phase the C Coy company commander was injured, and command fell upon Captain Nayyar. Having identified the location of 3-4 enemy bunkers, Captain Nayyar went with the lead section and destroyed three bunkers and killed 9 Pakistani soldiers. However, while clearing the fourth bunker an enemy RPG directly hit Captain Nayyar and he was killed. The securing of the Pimple Complex helped recapture Tiger Hill which eventually forced the Pakistani troops to retreat back across the Line of Control. These bravehearts definitely deserve their own biopics, donât you agree? Which other Indian soldier deserves a biopic according to you? View the full article
  11. The Indian Army wants its personnel to refrain from social media apps for any kind of official or personal communication. On Wednesday, citing security reasons, the Indian Army asked its personnel to delete their accounts from 89 social media apps by July 15 or face action. The range of apps that are restricted now for them include social media accounts, e-commerce and dating sites among other commonly used apps. Some of these apps are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat,, WeChat, Hike, Likee, Shareit, True Caller, PUBG, Tinder, according to a news report. This substantial move has come amid a two-front cyberwar with China and Pakistan as the Indian Army takes into account an "exponential increase" in the number of cases being targeted by their intelligence agencies. Amid the weeks of tensions between India and China following the worst border skirmish in more than five decades, New Delhi is being watchful on all fronts possible. The "all-weather" friends have been trying to trouble India at the LOC and LAC. Even last year, the Indian Army stated in its advisory that the popular social media platform Facebook has turned out to be a crucial source of collecting intelligence, which is why officers holding critical posts in the army must consider deactivating their accounts. Here we have listed out in detail the number of banned apps for the Indian Army personnel under 17 different categories. Take a look: Messaging Platforms WeChat QQ Kik ooVoo Nimbuzz Helo Qzone Share Chat Viber Line IMO Snow To Tok Hike Video Hosting PlatformsTikTok Likee Samosa Kwali Content Sharing PlatformsShareit Xender Zapya Web BrowsersUC Browser UC Browser Mini Video and Live Streaming LiveMe BigoLive Zoom Fast Films Vmate Uplive Vigo Video Utility AppsCam Scanner Beauty Plus True Caller Gaming AppsPUBG NONO Live Clash of Kings All Tencent gaming apps Mobile Legends E-CommerceClub Factory AliExpress Chinabrands Gearbest Banggood MiniInTheBox Tiny Deal Dhhgate LightinTheBox DX Eric Dress Zaful Tbdress Modility Rosegal Shein Romwe Dating AppsTinder TrulyMadly Happn Aisle Coffee Meets Bagel Woo OkCupid Hinge Badoo Azar Bumble Tantan Elite Sinles Tagged Couch Surfing Antivirus360 Security Nw Social MediaFacebook Baidu Instagram Ello SnapChat E-Reading AppsPratilipi Health AppsHeal of Y Lifestyle AppsPOPXO Knowledge AppsVokal Music AppsHungama BloggingYelp Tumblr Reddit FriendsFeed Private Blogs View the full article
  12. Pornography has been a part of our lives for a really long time now. Before the rise of the internet, porn was created and made available to masses via magazines or VHS cassettes or DVDs. But with the growing popularity and easier access to the online world, accessing porn sites is just a click away. The pace at which technology is growing has also made it more immersive than ever, especially with the dawn of Virtual Reality. © iStock The decision to watch porn boils down to a personâs personal choice. However, is it harmful to your health and wellness? According to a 2014 research by the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, the part of the brain which is responsible for triggering pleasure, that is, the striatum, is smaller in those who are regular porn-viewers. This essentially means that they need graphic material to get aroused. It is important to mention, however, that the researchers could not come up with a conclusion on whether the smaller striatum of the test subjects led them to watch more porn or was caused because they watched so much of it. They âassumedâ that the latter is true. © iStock These 7 alarming signs suggest that you might be getting addicted to pornography:If the amount of time you have been spending on watching porn continues to increase on a regular basis. If you feel that you HAVE TO watch porn at least once a day or else something feels missing or your day feels incomplete. If the guilt of watching porn takes over your brain and you continue to do it despite feeling low. © iStock If you spend long periods of time surfing through the internet even at the cost of missing out on other responsibilities or urgent work. If you donât feel aroused by real sex and prefer masturbation over it while watching porn. © iStock If you expect or start asking your partner to âdress like a pornstarâ or behave like one while in bed, during sex. You canât get over the urge to flip out your phone and watch porn even if you know that it is disputing your relationship both sexually and emotionally. © iStock You have to understand that what you watch online isnât real. The people you see âenactingâ sexual pleasure are professional performers who are simply doing their job. The viewers often mistake that as reality and start expecting similar things in their lives and when it feels nothing like what they see online, sometimes they choose to lose themselves in the virtual world. Just keep a check on yourself and if you relate to any of the above mentioned points, act on it for the sake of your happiness and that of the people around you. Also Watch: How to Stop Porn Addiction View the full article
  13. From calling a rescue operator a âpedo guyâ on Twitter to smoking weed during one of the most-watched podcasts, to naming his child a seemingly random combination of characters, Elon Musk surely knows how to stay in the news. However, if there is one celebrity billionaire who is actually, at the face of it, seemingly working for the betterment of human lives, it is Elon Musk. © Reuters We have come to recognise him as that eccentric billionaire who has successfully privatised space travel and is making us rethink cars and personal automobiles, thanks to Tesla. Some of us, who have really followed the man know him since his days at or what came to be known as PayPal. What most of us donât know, is how he came to be the billionaire that he is. © Reuters Well, technically, we know how he earned his billions; what most of us donât know, is how exactly he earned his first billion dollars, the milestone that is the hardest to crack into. The thing is, once you have your first billion, it becomes relatively easy to expand your fortune - most billionaires have said so in a number of interviews. What one really needs to be careful about, is how they invest their money, and that they do not squander it away on pointless things. So how did Elon Musk manage to do it? Making the first billion for him was indeed difficult, as compared to the rest of his $54 Billion. © Reuters 1. Starting Out With Odd Jobs © Reddit/r/muskclan Musk got his first paycheck for $500 when at the age of 10, he developed a computer game. When as a teen, he moved to Canada from South Africa, is where he really started working. Before enrolling in college education, he worked as a lumberjack and would cut trees for a lumber company. During this time, he would also work a number of odd and hazardous jobs that would be paying high, like cleaning out the rooms where the logs were disinfected and cleaned, just because no one was willing to do it. Imagine a guy with degrees in Economics and Physics doing such odd jobs, today. 2. Establishing His First Company © Reddit/r/muskclan Borrowing some money from his dad, Elon and his brother Kimbal, during the Dot Com boom, started a company called Zip2, a company that provided real-time maps to media outlets. This was one of the first rudimentary GPS systems that was easily accessible for the common public. This company was bought by Compaq for about $310 Million, of which, musk got about $22 Million. The brothers went on to open up the worldâs first digital payment and online bank that allowed international transactions. bought a software security company called Confinity, the real founders of PayPal. Soon, the venture was renamed as PayPal. 3. Selling PayPal © Reddit/r/muskclan Contrary to popular belief, Elon Musk did not become a billionaire when e-Bay bought PayPal. All Musk earned from that venture was $180 Million. E-Bay made that acquisition for $1.5 Billion, but because there were a lot of investors, and partners in, Elon got just over 10-12 per cent of the deal. 4. Establishing SpaceX © Reuters With the proceeds he got from the sale of PayPal, Musk started his 3rd company, SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies. Within 6 years, it was regularly getting contracts from NASA to deliver cargo to the International Space Station. During this time, NASA also outsourced the development of some major projects to SpaceX. This is the business venture that vastly contributed to Musk's personal wealth. 5. Establishing Tesla Incorporated © Reuters Musk was always interested in the physics of energy, and had even gotten into Stanford Universityâs doctoral program before he started his first company. After establishing SpaceX, Musk founded Tesla. Although we know Tesla today as one of the most valuable automobile companies in the world, automotive is just one of the many aspects of the company. There was a time when a majority of the companyâs cash flow came from providing plans and components for solar power plants and high volume electricity storages that were sustainable in nature. It was Teslaâs energy division, which was earlier called SolarCity before it was acquired by him, that really earned Musk his first Billion. © Reuters Tesla won a number of government contracts, especially outside the USA regarding his energy storage solutions. Weâre talking about massive storage systems, ones that could power entire cities for days without end. From here on out, Musk went completely bonkers - he founded The Boring Company, which shares, invested more into his Hyperloop project, and invested in his AI company. View the full article
  14. In his words, âEveryone has a pathâ; Sikandar Kher also had his own journey and with Aarya, he feels that people are finally getting to see him properly. To start with, he is a brilliant actor and is trying hard to prove his mettle with the work he gets. With Aarya, he has got the recognition that he truly deserved. It's not easy to survive in an industry where favouritism plays a huge role but Sikandar kept trying and held himself together in all the tough times. Despite being a star kid, he had to face rejections but he kept going till he finally made people feel his presence with the character of Daulat. © HotStar I got in touch with him to talk about how he feels that people have finally started to accept him with wide open arms. I also had a detailed conversation about how he kept going in the low phases of his life. Here are excerpts from my interview: First of all, let me tell you that your character in Aarya spoke volumes of you as an actor. Did you feel that people have accepted you somewhere because they have given such a humble response and loved you in the show? Were you expecting it? None of us expected that show would do what it has done, to be honest, and it's actually quite amazing that so much love is pouring from all the quarters. But, we had a great time making it and for all of us, it is surely a huge bonus. About me being accepted, I have done work and I feel that people havenât got a chance to see my work. I have been working for a while and nothing has fared well. This is the first thing that people have noticed and itâs quite wonderful how the audience loved my character of Daulat. I am glad that I got to work with Ram Madhvani and the detailing he gave to my character is outstanding. Daulat somewhere did connect with people and I am happy that they enjoyed seeing him. SUPER ACT AS DOULAT #SIKANDARKHER SIR â Sudhanshu Kumar Singh (@Sudhans74383049) July 3, 2020SUPER ACT AS DOULAT #SIKANDARKHER SIR â Sudhanshu Kumar Singh (@Sudhans74383049) July 3, 2020Daulat is a twisted character and when I watched the show, I felt that the character somewhere wanted acceptance but wanted to be unnoticed at the same time. Itâs very interesting that you noticed it and itâs time that someone is raising this point. I think he is happy in his space but the thing is that he is not equal to anybody. He is a guy who knows everything thatâs ongoing as he is continuously tracking everything. Itâs not that he wanted to be accepted, it was his job that he was doing. A person like him wants to stay in the backdrop. If you see his back story, you realize how Zorawar has done things for him and looked after his mother. He must have been young when he met Aarya. Thatâs what he is about. He is just going to do his job, come what may. He is not going to ask anything but will keep doing his chores that he has been asked to do. He is somewhere indebted to Zorawar and hence doing everything that he asks. The problem is when Aaryaâs youngest son Adi sees him killing his father (Chandarchur Singh). Now that he knows Adi has seen him, he has a certain sort of moment with him where he is trying to help the kid tackle the big trauma. He has that awareness that he has done wrong. Thatâs why towards the end, when Adi tells Aarya, this is the time he realizes that he has gone wrong and gives up his loyalty to Zorawar. As you said that your character had that compassion and did realize his wrongdoings but cut to reality, we are seeing a very different picture of humanity. Why are people not being human enough? This is a very long conversation and this is something that you might be noticing now but it has been there since humans came on the earth. We are hearing about all of this, brutality and lack of compassion, because of social media. Everything is just a click away. Human beings are so intelligent that they can be destructive. It has nothing to do with a lack of compassion and itâs how the society, in general, has become. I empathize with people who are spreading negativity and somewhere, they might be a bad place and hence they are spreading negativity. © HotStar In the current scenario, people are talking about the lobby culture in Bollywood but donât you think we as audiences are equally responsible for a certain content not working at the box office. Itâs fine with what people like. If you are calling something trashy, it might be entertaining for someone else so the content is very subjective for that matter. Itâs their choice. What might be a good quality cinema for you might be boring for someone else and they just want to do time passes on Saturday and Sunday? Everything that is creative is always subjective. But, I am glad that things are changing that thereâs space for content. The audience is allowed to watch whatever they want. Sikandar, I somewhere feel that people do have the power in their hands. In your case, you have been in the industry for a while now but itâs only Aarya that gets in the notice. Why is that so? Itâs not that you are not talented as you do give your 100% to the characters. What lacked? To be honest, everyone has their own paths. Some might reach âthereâ faster than others but I don't know where is the space I want to be at. In my case, a lot of things didnât fare well, and then, you donât get work that easily. I would go out to meet different casting directors and show my show reel. I could have taken the approach of waiting but I know I am not that successful and this wait can last forever. You have to go out and try to get work. This thought of recognition didnât bother me much as I wanted to keep trying. Aarya happened and now, I can say that the river is flowing. I am indeed glad that finally, things have started to pan out for you. You have had your fair share of struggles and in the recent video that you shared on Instagram, you said at times itâs not easy to reach out when you are going through lows. Did you also have that phase in your life? Of course, I have felt that. Itâs very natural that you would go through some low days and itâs perfectly alright. There will be days you would want to right out but then there will be days, you would want your space. There is this grey area. I have felt really low at times but I always wanted to see the brighter side of the story. Itâs easy to say but when you are going through this, itâs tougher. Thatâs a very complex situation and itâs very important to remind yourself that low will never always be low and high wonât stay as high for life. Nothing is permanent. At the end of the day, you need to keep making yourself feel light. One more thing I want to address is that people are not happy with the favouritism aspect of Bollywood. Recently, Kunal Kemmu and Vidyut Jammwal raised a point that they all need equal platforms. With two celebs speaking up, people are questioning about the Bollywood way even more and are angered with the whole situation as things are not getting better. See, the bubble will eventually burst. There are people who are friendly with a few set of people and you cannot tell them about choosing their friends. I have not got a chance to work with these biggies even after I have grown up in this industry. I can sit at home and feel completely shit about it but you have to move on. About Kunal and Vidyut, I can totally understand their point as I would have raised the same question. I will give you an example. I am sitting on a stage with Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn, I will get the least amount of questions at the press conference. People want to know about them and somebody like me would get 2 questions in one and half hour conversation if thatâs the panel. I can totally understand the space they are coming from but thatâs the bitter truth. And yeh bohot hota hai, mere saath bohot hua hai. At least aap bogi pe toh ho and this prevents me from being bitter. But yes, there have been times when I wasnât invited for the promotions when they are going to a big show and then you are told that the channel wanted only two people. As I said that everyone has a path, itâs about to keep going and you will get disappointed but itâs a part of life. Itâs a very tough line and I am also figuring it out. We hope that you keep getting more ambitious projects! View the full article
  15. Dell's XPS line up offers some of the best ultrabooks on the market. Now, they've launched the refreshed machines with upgraded internals for 2020 in India and they look absolutely marvelous. So we have two new notebooks, the XPS 13 9300 and the XPS 15 9500. They both have a stunning design that has no competition. The XPS 13 sports a 13.4-inch display whereas the XPS 15 sports s 15.6-inch panel. You can configure these machines with a 4K touch-screen panel, which looks absolutely beautiful. © YouTube/ Hardware Canucks Dell says this is their first laptop to come with a four-sided InfinityEdge display and it looks pretty good. We can't wait to get our hands on it. These new laptops are now powered by Intel's new 10th gen CPUs, so you get nothing but absolute best when it comes to performance. You also get up to 16GB LPDDR4x RAM and M.2 NVMe SSD for storage. You also get enough ports, unlike Apple's MacBooks. If you want a more powerful machine out of the two then we suggest you go with the XPS 15 since it also comes with a discreet Nvidia 1650 Ti GPU. You also get these in really cool color options, so be sure to check them out. © YouTube/ Hardware Canucks Pricing & AvailabilityDell has launched the XPS series for a starting price of Rs 1,44,807. You can also choose to splurge on the XPS 15 variant which starts at Rs 1,86,072. Both notebooks are already available to purchase from Amazon India and select Dell Exclusive stores. Check out the laptops here. View the full article