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  1. Thanks to Bollywood, people have varied perceptions of our police force. While some think that they fight goons and rip apart their tight-fitted shirt while on duty; others think they have so much at hand that the entire police force sings and dances in perfect synchronisation. Of course, there are many who also think that they do nothing but take bribes from influential people. *Not everything shown in Bollywood is true, guys.* While we don't know about the latter part, we sure can vouch for the former. No, not the part that they have so much time at hands, but the dancing bit - to relieve stress. No matter who says what, being a cop is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. A feeling of exhaustion and mental stress that no 9-5 or 12-12 person can understand. And to ease that stress, the Bengaluru police decided to do Zumba and shared a video of the same on social media. According to The Times Of India, around 30 teams each with 25 members from the ranks of constable to inspector performed at the Manpho Conventional Hall in Manyata Tech Park. Given how much they are enjoying doing Zumba in the video, it looks like this 'Rhythmic Stress Buster' is working. The video features over 750 police personnel of North-East Division. View the full article
  2. We can make fun of Bollywood movies all we want and honestly, most of the movies deserve that. But, Bollywood does, every once in a while, give us such an incredible movie that not only gets appreciated in our country but also by people all over the world. Recently, Gangs Of Wasseypur earned a similar honour. Yes, I know it was released years ago, but it was just included in the International Cinephile Society's list of top 100 movies of the decade. What an incredible honour! View the full article
  3. If you have ever heard of spiritual guru âRajneeshâ of the Osho movement, chances are you have also heard of Ma Anand Sheela in equal measure. The enigmatic woman is perhaps just as popular as the cult leader himself, if not more. This popularity and the aura of unmistakable mystery that envelops the persona that is Ma Anand Sheela, comes despite her choice to give away precious slices of her life for keen takers to devour. © Twitter/Marcin T Jozefiak Ma Anand Sheelaâs life cannot be called anything less than a fantastic piece of fiction laced with love, sex, scandal, ambition, crime and above all Osho. As she found herself getting enamoured by Osho more and more, life took her under and she resurfaced to swear her loyalty to the Osho movement. A vow that would eventually give rise to the mastermind behind brand âOshoâ and a convicted bio-terrorist with a long jail term. © Twitter As Priyanka Chopra gets ready to portray this charismatic woman on-screen in a biopic titled Sheela, here are 10 terrific facts about Oshoâs âtrustedâ personal secretary Ma Anand Sheela that you ought to know: 1. Long before she became a cult icon Ma Anand Sheela, she was born as Sheela Ambalal Patel in 1949 to her parents Ambalal and Maniben in Baroda, Gujarat. Sheela moved to the United States at the tender age of 18, to study Arts at Montclair State College in New Jersey. © Twitter 2. It was her parents who had been committed followers of Rajneesh and introduced her to the movement. Though it was during one of the visits to her parents when she first crossed paths with Rajneesh aka Osho and felt devoted from the moment she set her eyes on him. 3. It was, however, in 1972 when she shifted base to India with her then American husband Marc Harris Silverman to undertake spiritual studies, that things took a major turn. The couple became disciples of Rajneesh and Sheela Patel Silverman became Ma Anand Sheela. © Twitter 3. Fast forward a few years, and Ma Anand Sheela became the official spokesperson and personal secretary of Rajneesh in 1981 and held the position until 1985, before she was to be charged and convicted by the court of law in the US. 4. It was all her great plan that turned Rajneesh into an international âbrandâ. So, when the Pune ashram had run its time in India and piqued enough global interest, Ma Anand Sheela laid the plan to acquire a 65,000-acre ranch land in Wasco County, Oregon where the cultâs first international base Rajneeshpuram was established in 1981. © Pinterest 5. Eventually, when the population in Rajneeshpuram grew and turned into a mini-city of sorts, it was Ma Anand Sheela who orchestrated ways of creating conflict with other Wasco County residents, which would later come to be known as the â1984 Rajneeshee Bioterror Attackâ in Oregon. 6. With their growing desire to wield more power and expand the movement, Rajneeshees began taking over a nearby town named Antelope by the means of electing a Rajneeshee-majority city council and buying local property. Eventually, when the 1984 County elections drew near, Ma Anand Sheela tried to tamper with the voting process to capture two open seats. © Twitter She tried to register thousands of homeless people from various cities outside the county as Oregon voters, but her plan failed when the state government shut voter registration ahead of the election. 7. It was this failure that would lead Ma Anand Sheela to take desperate measures and try a different tactic to prevent people from voting. She devised the plan to carry out the United Statesâ largest bioterror attack by infecting 10 local salad bars in the city with salmonella. The âattackâ ended up poisoning 751 people. © Twitter 8. She was eventually charged with attempt to murder and assault for her role in the attack in 1986, wherein she pled guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in jail. She was let out on bail for good behaviour after 39 months of serving her term. 9. Later, she moved to Switzerland where she met and married her second husband and a fellow Rajneeshee Urs Birnstiel. There she bought two properties and turned them into nursing homes for disabled people. She now spends her time taking care of more than two dozen disabled people in these care homes. © MensXP 10. In September 2019, Ma Anand Sheela visited India after 34 years and was interviewed by Bollywood director Karan Johar In New Delhi. Besides that, she also attended a few private dinners and interactions while in the country. View the full article
  4. Gay love stories are funny. But this time, the joke is on homophobia. Thereâs a clear distinction between previous efforts at these kinds of films and SMZS - the latter is razor-focused on not just normalising same-sex relationships, but doing so in tier-two/tier-three cities. Having said that, the space and city where the film is set has no relevance whatsoever to the story. But for this alone, the film deserves considerable merit and reflects a welcome change in Bollywoodâs dynamics - but the question remains - how did they sell it? The story opens up with Aman Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) and Kartik Singh (Ayushmann Khurranna) - a young gay couple that finds themselves in love. Thatâs the only detail we get to know about them because well, what more do you need to know about them more than their sexuality? Both of them have different viewpoints regarding how open they are about their sexuality -- Kartik, had come out to his father, he doesnât give a hoot about people who may judge or ridicule him. Meanwhile, Aman (who is the reserved, thoughtful part of this couple as opposed to Kartikâs flamboyance) is terrified of coming out to his family, fearing that their small-town ideals wouldnât ever be able to accept him for who he is. With Kartikâs sunny disposition behind them, itâs only a matter of time before they make their way to Allahabad to convince Amanâs orthodox parents to approve of their relationship. All this happens over a simple conversation in a parking lot almost ridiculing the amount of mental pressure it takes for a person to come out to their families. This follows the age old tradition of instant transformations in Bollywood. If only all my troubles could die with a monologue, alas! © T-Series Cut to them ending up on a train bound towards a family wedding. Where Goggles, played by Manvi Gagroo, is getting married to a guy much older to her. On the train, Jitendra and Ayushman are caught kissing by Amanâs father Shankar Tripathi (played by the exceedingly talented Gajraj Rao). Nothing much happens here - the father is so repulsed by what he sees, that he reacts by literally throwing up. In the midst of a subplot bringing together black cauliflowers, curfews and some pretty hilarious dialogue, Aman and Kartik finally decide to ramp up the PDA to 100% - making out in the middle of the wedding theyâve attended. Closeted to exhibitionist in two nights, well that escalated quickly. © T-Series Amanâs uncle, essayed amazingly well by Manu Rishi, throws a jacket over them, only for them to continue kissing while Amanâs parents look on in bewilderment and shock, the mother trying to seek some kind of normalcy in front of the big reveal. Kartik is sent away while Amanâs family processes his sexuality through all seven stages of grief - from confusion to desperate religious measures and everything in between. Hereâs the thing - weâre quite doubtful that an orthodox family would react to such an event with mere surprise. While Amanâs father does react with threats of suicide and later on in the film attacks Kartik with a lathi, most characters in the film are ignorant at worst and curious at best. In the end, Amanâs parents don`t entirely let go of their homophobic beliefs, but they also admit that the changes cannot happen to them overnight. Director Hitesh Kewalya seems determined to avoid getting too intense with the message he wants his audience to take home - and perhaps this might be the gentler, more realistic way to open them up to discussing the topic with family. But while doing that, he forgets to add more layers of romance between the two boys except a couple of kisses and verbose monologues. When we create a straight love story, the romance involves lot many layers than what Hitesh expressed here. A simple bike ride is the only space where we get to see more layers of romance. © T-Series But the film does answer a lot of questions an otherwise ignorant person would have towards same sex relationships. An inquisitive uncle even poses the question - âDo people decide to be gay, or are they simply born that way?â It all serves as a surrogate for the viewers, and while it is a middle-ground approach, we think it works. As for the performances, the acting in this film is fantastic all across the board. Jitendra Kumar is very much the focus here, and his demure yet grounded and realistic portrayal serves as a firm anchor for the rest of the filmâs actors, most of which give an earnest, solid effort that helps elevate a script that falters with some of itâs jokes. The stand outs however are the others. Gajraj, Neena, Rishi andSuneeta Rajwar deliver stunning performances. Perhaps an unexpected disappointment crops up with Khurranaâs Kartik - who seems far too much like a caricature in front of his co-star. In summary, the film is snappy, quite entertaining and marks a supremely important social change in Bollywood -- making self-aware swipes at old-school Amitabh Bachchan-style portrayals of men, and Laila-Majnu heterosexual-romance tropes. View the full article
  5. In 2017, when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in a rally, "Aisi machine lagaunga, iss side se aloo ghusega, uss side se sona niklega," (I'll install such a machine that if you feed in potatoes from one side, you'll get gold in return from the other side); I think we all misunderstood him back then. Maybe, he was predicting the future. Maybe, that 'machine' he was talking about was actually mining equipment that was supposed to be used three years later to dig up a gold mine that has given a thirsty economy their Lagaan moment. Given how almost everyone on social media and the internet is talking about #Sonbhadra and #GoldMine, chances of you missing out of this golden news is rare. But, in case you missed it, the officers of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) have discovered gold deposits of around 3000 tonne that are expected to be worth nearly Rs. 12 lakh crore. The gold deposits were discovered in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh in Son Pahadi and Hardi areas. Deposits in Son Pahadi are estimated to be around 2943.26 tonne and around 646.16 kilogram in Hardi. Reportedly, according to the World Gold Council, India currently has 626 tonnes of gold reserves and this is almost 5 times India's current gold reserve. Can we now officially change our name back to 'Sone Ki Chidiya' now that we've literally struck gold? Maybe, it's time to create a page on View the full article
  6. Previous rumours over the past few months have painted a near detailed picture of PlayStation 5âs hardware. We already know it will be capable of pushing higher frames, have haptic feedback on controllers and reduce load times, thanks to SSD storage. While we know a lot about the PlayStation 5âs hardware, not much is known about the software changes Sony plans to bring with the PlayStation 5. © LetsGoDigital A new patent that was discovered by Patentscope recently shows that Sony might be working on a digital voice assistant for the consoles. The voice assistant will not only be used for basic commands such as taking screenshots, but it may also be able to help you within games when you cannot figure out a puzzle or donât know how to defeat a boss. This will not only make it easier for users to get help in games, but it will also make the console a lot smarter. Sony calls it an "in-game resource surfacing platformâ as detailed in the diagram from the patent. It shows that players can simply ask "PlayStation, how do I defeat the boss?â And the voice assistant will give players the necessary strategies required to defeat the boss in the game. This feature may also require the console to remain online and the Japanese company plans to use the data collected from consoles and use it to help players when needed. However, there is also an option to buy these strategies which may suggest some form of micro-transactions enabled in this feature. It could be a new way for Sony to monetise services even though players can simply look up a guide on YouTube. This new feature reeks of a "pay to winâ strategy that has been despised in the past in multiple online shooter games. © Sony Interactive Entertainemnt Having said that, there is no guarantee on how well the feature will work as Sony isnât particularly known for making great software. It would be interesting to see how Sony will integrate this feature and make it work with thousands of games that will launch for the PlayStation 5 during its life-cycle. © Unsplash/Bartek Mazurek Playstation using an Alexa-like digital voice assistant may be an added feature for the console that may just change how we play games. However, it's the execution and reliability that matters most and Sonyâs track record on the PlayStation 4 has not been that great this generation. Would you use a digital voice assistant while playing games? Let us know in the comments what you think about Sonyâs new patent. Source: PatentScope View the full article
  7. Kartik Aaryan has come a long way in a short span of time and has carved a niche for himself in the industry. The actor, who was recently seen in Love Aaj Kal with Sara Ali Khan, has now already begun the shoot for his next film Bhool Bhulaiya 2. Kartik took to Twitter to share a video of his look from the upcoming movie as he will begin shooting in Jaipur. He tweeted, âIss look mein Smile hi nahi rukti Ting ding ting tiding ting ting #BhoolBhulaiyaa2 #Jaipur lets Roll Mango Season Begins.â Iss look mein Smile hi nahi rukti Ting ding ting tiding ting ting #BhoolBhulaiyaa2 #Jaipur lets Roll ð¤ð» Mango Season Begins â Kartik Aaryan (@TheAaryanKartik) February 22, 2020 In the video, Kartik can be seen dressed in a yellow kurta-pyjama and his head is wrapped in a scarf, the trademark look sported by Akshay Kumar in the previous instalment. After he shared the video, people immediately started comparing him with Akshay and even went on to say that he cannot step into the Khiladi's shoes. Damn, that's harsh. Sasti copy of akshay kumar â saleem khan (@saniya23343) February 22, 2020 Gareebon ke akshay Kumar â Sankalp (@Sankalp32880535) February 22, 2020Tumse Nahi hopayegq @TheAaryanKartik, Hame tumhare lakshan bilkul thik Nahi lagrahe â Akholic Chetu (@AkholicChetu) February 22, 2020Parody account of Bhool bhulaiya â Sooryanshi (@devil_akkian) February 22, 2020Sasta Akshay â Varun Devoteeá¶áµáµá´¸á¶¦áµ á´ºáµÂ¹ (@DevoteeVarun) February 22, 2020But, then, there are also his ardent fans who showed Kartik major love and support, saying that they are waiting to see him nail this character and are excited to see the movie on the big screen. This is big step in your career. We love you Good luck! â Nitish Hukkeri (@TheXployted10) February 22, 2020All the best @TheAaryanKartik Excited for the Movie !!! â Sree (@sreerc10) February 22, 2020Can't wait for this movie!! Super excited â bishtt_please (@BishtBandana) February 22, 2020In an earlier interview, he had said, âBhool Bhulaiyaa has always been one of my favourite comedic supernatural thriller films and now being part of BB2 makes me happy, especially because Iâve been a big fan of Akshay Kumar sir and itâs a great responsibility to take his franchise forward. Itâs a hilarious script and Anees sir has taken it to another level. Iâm also looking forward to working with Murad bhai.â Bhool Bhulaiya 2 is the sequel to the 2007 film Bhool Bhulaiyaa starring Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, and Shiney Ahuja. The sequel is to be directed by Anees Bazmee. The film is set to hit the screens on July 31, 2020. Are you all excited? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  8. On a day when their top batsmen had been dismissed early and cheaply, the onus was on Ajinkya Rahane and Rishabh Pant to stabilise the innings of a reeling Indian brigade at the end of first day's play in the 1st Test at the Basin Reserve, Wellington. The duo had added 21 runs for the sixth wicket as India ended Day 1 at 122/5. While incessant rain had curtailed play on Day 1 earlier than expected, both Rahane and Pant knew it was a temporary reprieve and there was an uphill battle at hand on the second day. Coming out to bat on Day 2, Pant made his intentions clear with a massive six off Ajaz Patel in the first over of the day. © Twitter/@BLACKCAPS Given the damage done by the seamers on Day 1, both Rahane and Pant seemed watchful of the Kiwi quicks early on. But, what they didn't know was that it wasn't going to be an opposition bowler who'll break the partnership, but their own mix-up will eventually spell their doom. Three overs in on Day 2, Rahane found himself facing Tim Southee who had been wicketless on the previous day. After leaving the first delivery, Rahane nudged the short of a length ball towards point and charged off for a quick single. But, Ajaz Patel reacted quickly which made Pant question Rahane's call. <iframe src='' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' allowfullscreen width='640' height='402'></iframe> â Rohit Sharma Fan Club (@DeepPhuyal) February 22, 2020 Despite saying no early, Pant couldn't stop Rahane from sprinting halfway down the pitch in what seemed like a suicide run. Realising his mistake, Rahane seemingly pulled out his seniority card forcing Pant to run towards the striker's end where a direct hit from Patel sent the latter back into the hut. The left-hander was visibly upset with the senior batsman's decision which forced him to sacrifice his wicket. The horrible mix-up brought an end to a budding 31-run partnership and, as it turned out, opened the floodgates for New Zealand. Southee struck on the very next ball to send Ravichandran Ashwin packing on a golden duck. And, a few overs later, he struck again, this time claiming the prized scalp of Rahane himself. Soon, Kyle Jamieson got the better of Ishant Sharma and Southee dismissed Mohammed Shami to bowl India out for 165 runs. Amongst various talking points on India's dismal batting display, the terrible mix-up between Rahane and Pant which eventually led to the run-out of the left-handed batsman became a topic of great discussion on social media. You gotta feel bad for Rishabh Pant Played after beinch benched for 2 months Was doing so well got hit the previous ball and then rahane messed it up by trying for a risky single when pant called no for it early and sacrificed himself for the senior#INDvsNZTestCricket #INDvNZ â Arsh (@Arsh2323Arsh) February 22, 2020Further Aakash Chopra said the right thing as that decision of Rahane was pathetic! Clearly wrong call by Ajinkya Rahane. Feeling really bad for Rishabh Pant right now! â Shivam Malik (@shivammalik_) February 21, 2020#INDvsNZTestCricket After making Pant run out, Rahane to Rishabh Pant: â Gilly Cricket?? (@NavjaatSPiddu) February 21, 2020Rahane ????#nzvind Rishabh Pant out only bcoz of Rahane worst running â à Prabha Harish à (@prabhaharish07) February 22, 2020Was doing gr8 thing's with the bat but foolish rahane got him run out. If Rishabh would have batted for an hour India could gone past 200. So no need to curse Rishabh pant in every Match he played Better than shaw kohli and puji ???????? â MEMER RISHI (@MemerRishi) February 22, 2020Did we wake up just to abuse Rahane??? . . . . .#rishabpant #ravishastri #rishian #rishabh #rishians #rishabhpant #rishianthings #NZvIND #WTC #worldtestchampionship â (@jersey_no_17) February 21, 2020 View the full article
  9. As the clock ticks further towards US President Donald Trumpâs first-ever visit to India, the US Secret Service has been hard at work to make things easier and safer for the POTUS, and part of this involves a massive shipping effort involving millions of dollars worth of equipment and gear. © Reuters While three C17 Globemaster cargo aircraft made their way into Ahmedabad International Airport this week, perhaps the flashiest kit of all flew down to Agra, and weâre sure that if youâre there, youâll see it coming. © Reuters âThe Beastâ, as the Secret Service calls it, is a massive, custom-built SUV introduced in 2009, and has recently been updated into a sleek 2018 model. Weighing over 9 tons, it certainly deserves the name itâs been given - this hefty mass owes itself to a host of features that make the vehicle less car and more Batmobile. © Reuters To start off with, thereâs the defensive bulk of the vehicleâs protective layers. To start off with, The Beast is covered with five-inch thick military-grade armour made from combination material like steel, titanium, aluminium and ceramics - the same materials youâd find shielding modern main battle tanks. Thereâs also a reinforced steel chassis capable of protecting the cabin from explosive threats such as bombs or mines from underneath. © Reuters This is paired with five layers of glass and polycarbonate on the windows, making them easily withstand armour piercing bullets - only the driver's window can open and just up to 3 inches. Even the tyres are nigh indestructible - they come Kevlar-reinforced, with steel rims, shred and puncture resistance ratings. The car can escape even with burst tyres. © Reuters Even the doors and fuel tank are modified to negate threats - the former can hermetically seal the cabin to thwart chemical weapon attacks, while the latter comes with explosion-prevention foam, allowing it to take a direct hit from any weapon - provided it makes it through all that armour. Moving on to gadgets. To begin with, the Caddy comes with night-vision cameras, infrared smoke screens to throw off targeted rocket launchers, oil slicks to hamper assailants in a chase situation and even tear gas grenade launchers. Adding to the James Bond-esque nature of all of this is a comms system capable of connecting the President to the Pentagon in seconds, and in a worst-case scenario, even a refrigerator containing blood bags suited for the Presidentâs blood type. © Reuters What if the vehicle ends up underwater, for whatever reason? No worries - the cabin can airlock itself and provide Trump with all the oxygen he needs. Itâs safe to say that this is probably the safest thing on four wheels - though perhaps not for the environment. The Supreme Court order of India 1998 bars the use of any vehicle except electric conveyance in close proximity to the 16th-century monument - The Beast, however, runs on a Duramax V8 power plant, so weâre quite sure that the Taj Mahal isnât going to breathe easy this weekend, unless an alternative is provided. Apart from the Presidentâs own vehicle, a couple of other interesting vehicles were shipped in - namely Trumpâs official âMarine Oneâ helicopter, and the WHCA Roadrunner. © Reuters/Paul Carter The latter is perhaps one of the more interesting diplomatic vehicles youâll find at the Ahmedabad roadshow - it serves as a mobile communications centre for the Presidentâs motorcade and packs a SATCOM dome on its roof. This allows the President to remotely access the US Militaryâs network of satellites - which means that Trump has the ability to launch a nuke while reclining in the plush interiors of The Beast. Let that sink in for a bit. View the full article
  10. One of the most heatedly discussed topics in Indiaâs sporting scenario as of this moment, is whether or not Mahendra Singh Dhoni should retire. Whether you are one of those who believe that he should retire now, when he still has his legacy intact, or you are one of those that believe that he can still contribute immensely to Indian cricket, you simply cannot deny the fact that he is sorely missed on the field. Add to that, the quagmire that we are in when it comes to finding a suitable keeper-batsmen across formats, and youâll get what we are on about. © Reuters The fact remains that as a sporting figure, MS is still largely popular. His absence from the field ever since the 2019 World Cup already feels like it has been a decade ever since we heard a stadium chant his name - thatâs how terribly he is missed. © Reuters Given his legacy, and what he has done for Indian cricket, it should not be a surprise if people see him as a God. To celebrate MS Dhoni, the cricketer and the man, the Florence based Italian Watchmakers, Panerai, dedicated a series of limited edition watches to him. And given how ardent a horologist Dhoni himself is, we have to say, that it is actually quite a high praise. © Reuters The watches in question are part of the Luminor series of watches and are called the GMT and the Chrono Flyback. The GMT is a more basic, but rugged watch, whereas the Flyback comes with a few more complications, and functions. © Panerai As for the aesthetic appeal of both the watches, they come with military green dials, which is a homage to Dhoniâs service with the armed forces, and the high regard that he has for the Indian Army. © Panerai The back of both the watches, again, is a thing to behold. While the GMT has a portion of the Indian map, and an outline of Dhoni going ham on a ball, along with his signature on a basic metal plate, the Flyback, because of its gold casing, and sapphire glass, has the same details, engraved in gold. © Panerai Both the watches are available with an alligator leather strap, for those who want to go the luxurious route. As for the more environmentally conscious folks, the watches also come with a military green rubber strap, again, as a tribute to the armed forces. © Panerai We have heard through the grapevine that the production of these, âDhoni Editionâ watches will be a limited one, with India getting about 80 of the Flyback editions, and about 250 of the GMT editions. © Panerai And we can see why. Like all legacy pieces, not only are these watches expensive, but they are also meant to be rare collectibles. The Flyback has been listed for just shy of Rs 20,00,000, whereas the GMT is listed for just under Rs 7,00,000. Give it a decade or two, and youâll easily see the prices of these watches shoot up and double. © Panerai We have often seen celebrities collaborate with brands and come up with pieces that, well, arenât that aesthetic. For a change, we have a timepiece that actually looks good, and something that surely will go down as a classic. In short, a watch that will make even the snootiest of horologists go, âI want one.â So do we, actually... View the full article
  11. Remember how weird the news of Abhishek Bachchan playing Amitabh Bachchan's father in the movie Paa was? Well, I can't decide if the idea of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone playing none other than Ranbir Kapoor's parents in the upcoming movie Brahmastra is more, less, or equally weird, to be honest. Apparently, we almost had this weird real-life ex to reel-life mommy situation happening for real and it just seems extremely uncomfortable for all parties involved. Imagine playing your ex-boyfriend's mother? And, imagine playing your wife's ex-boyfriend's father? Yikes. I mean, okay, maybe it wouldn't be that weird, they're all professionals, but just hearing that Ranveer and Deepika will play Ranbir's parents is just so unexpected, it's hard to wrap your head around it. People have some interesting reactions. Hey Ranbir, whoâs your daddy ?? â Malhari (@wahoowon) February 21, 2020 People are very suspicious about the news, though. I think it's PR article... Pahle, part one release kardo..... Part 2 ki rumors humko nahi Chahiye.... If it's true, we don't want that film. Don't ruin Ranbir and Ayan dream project with this casting â RK - Risk taker (@Rk_unique) February 21, 2020 Very very suspicious. Oh So brahmastra Promotion has started. â â (@xoVictoriaoxxx) February 21, 2020 Extremely suspicious. Bharamstra promotions starts..... Karan: Let's use Deepika and Ranveer. "Everyone" at Dharma: YEAAHHH!!! â Neil Desai (@NeilDesai666) February 21, 2020 The emojis work. WHATTTTT??? ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ â Suraj Jayamravi Fan (@SurajRaviFan) February 21, 2020 What is this picture? â Pâ¡ (@HridoyerRong_) February 21, 2020 Honestly, every reaction is just a variation of this. ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ â Manan MehtaË¢áµáµÊ³Ê¸áµáµáµâ¿Ë¢Ê°â± (@RanveersGalaxy) February 21, 2020 ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ð𤧠 â Manan MehtaË¢áµáµÊ³Ê¸áµáµáµâ¿Ë¢Ê°â± ð¥ (@RanveersGalaxy) February 21, 2020 View the full article
  12. If there is one thing about humans which can be declared a universal fact, it has to be our greed and selfishness. Over the many years of our existence on this beautiful abundant planet, or should we say once-abundant planet, humans have managed to rob and massacre a gazillion precious things that made Earth the blessing that it is. © Pexels From almost a million giraffes that lived in sub-Saharan Africa only a hundred years ago, the number has dropped down to only about a lakh remaining giraffes in Africa now. Whatâs even sadder is that out of the 28 African countries where these tall beauties were found, seven countries have already declared them as âextinctâ. These seven countries are - Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria and Senegal. © Pexels At the on-going Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, experts shared the sad detail and called for immediate and aggressive action for the conservation of the remaining giraffes. This is yet another reminder that we humans have only learnt how to take from others around us - from the environment, from the animals, from Earthâs resources, we have only learnt to devour anything and everything that comes our way. © Pexels We have taken away natural habitats, fresh air and a million precious lives of various living creatures who no longer breathe on the face of this earth. And in turn, given this beautiful planet a live time-bomb called âclimate changeâ which will perhaps be the end of us all. With the extensive exploitation that we have exposed our dear Earth to, it is quickly losing its perfection to house all of us together in harmonious coexistence. View the full article
  13. At the end of 2019, we *who never learn our lesson* made resolutions ONCE AGAIN and most of them revolved around losing weight or getting healthier. After all, when you have spent so much on your gym membership, you should at least visit it once, even if you only want to click a selfie in front of the weights. As January 2020 came to an end, most of us started running away from the resolutions of getting fitter and healthier. Well, looks like all you can do is run away because even to catch a train now, you will have to do squats. हम फिठतॠà¤à¤à¤¡à¤¿à¤¯à¤¾ फिठà¤à¤à¥à¤¸à¤°à¤¸à¤¾à¤à¤ सॠहà¥à¤ फिà¤, मà¥à¤«à¥à¤¤ मिलॠपà¥à¤²à¥à¤à¤«à¤¾à¤°à¥à¤® à¤à¤¿à¤à¤¿à¤ To encourage fit India Program, Indian Railways has installed Squat machine at Anand Vihar Railway Station in Delhi. If you perform 30 squats in180 secs, you are eligible for free platform ticket â Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) February 21, 2020 The Ministry of Railways took to Twitter today to announce that they have now installed a 'Squat Machine' at Anand Vihar Railway Station in Delhi, which will give a free ticket to those who perform 30 squats in 180 seconds. But, don't get your hopes high yet, the machine will give 'platform' tickets. The tweet shared a video of a man performing squats at the station, along with the caption "To encourage fit India Program, Indian Railways has installed Squat machine at Anand Vihar Railway Station in Delhi. If you perform 30 squats in180 secs, you are eligible for free platform ticket." Railway Minister Piyush Goyal too shared the video that was retweeted Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju, "What a unique step by Railway Minister @PiyushGoyal Ji Fitness for free & saving money too! Exercise in front of this machine at Anand Vihar Railway station in Delhi & get a free platform ticket. Let's make @narendramodi ji's initiated #FitIndiaMovement a people's Movement..." What a unique step by Railway Minister @PiyushGoyal Ji Fitness for free & saving money too! Exercise in front of this machine at Anand Vihar Railway station in Delhi & get a free platform ticket. Let's make @narendramodi ji's initiated #FitIndiaMovement a people's Movement.. â Kiren Rijiju (@KirenRijiju) February 21, 2020 This machine has got people excited more than a treadmill or cross-trainer could ever do and let's be honest, if you get a free platform ticket for doing squats, how can anyone not fall for it? Wow, Great Initiative! â CMA Rupesh kumar jha (@CMARupesh) February 21, 2020This is the change we need to bring in...hum fit toh india fit â RAJEEV KUMAR (@rk63020) February 21, 2020More such machines needed, inc in tier 2 and 3. Please make it a separate project, maybe tie up with corporate sector for funding. â à¿ Paapi Aatma à¿ (@PaapiAatma) February 21, 2020Creative idea sir @PiyushGoyal â Sanket Rajwanshi (@RajwanshiSanket) February 21, 2020Great initiative @RailMinIndia @PiyushGoyalOffc can you do it all over India â Devil (@thedevil2896) February 21, 2020Changing the way you travel: The most environment friendly means of travel meets the healthiest you. â Anuj Gupta (@anujg) February 21, 2020Up for the challenge? View the full article
  14. Man oh man, does Jassie Gill look dapper on MensXP's February Cover. Apart from the stunning and poised personality that he has, the factor that immensely added a nuanced layer to the aesthetic of the cover was the rather dope set of ensembles that we shot him in. View this post on Instagram Nikle Currant, for our mid-month February cover star, the Gabbroo, @jassie.gill! Despite coming from an industry that flaunts wealth and fame, Punjabi-Popstar Jassie Gill retains most of the small-town charm and grit that propelled him to the peak of the genre and into the Bollywood spotlight. Read our cover story for more! . . . Photographer: @im.freexin Style Editor: @siddharth93batra Assistant Stylist: @aditadutta DOP: @117amitsingh Make-Up: Hair: @alikhanhairstylist Junior Stylist: @shivikapaliwal . . . Shirt/Co-ords: @hoswearofficial from @mensxpshop Socks: @balenziasocks Eyewear: @rayban @luxottica A post shared by MENSXP (@mensxpofficial) on Feb 17, 2020 at 11:42pm PST With normcore as the guiding principle behind the sartorial aesthetics for the shoot, curating a wardrobe that would be on par with Jassie's personal style was certainly not easy. However, given that MensXP means all things style, we took it up as a challenge and got to work. © MensXP In case you too are looking to reinvent your personal style, or are thinking of expanding your wardrobe with some zany and dope ensembles and be a bonafide fashion icon, here's what Jassie wore for our cover. The 'Always Ready To Party' Look © MensXP Who said night suits can only be worn to bed, or a steamy night stay? Amp up your style and turn heads at the next party you go to, with a basic, but dapper night suit. Like this striped white & navy blue one, from Dandelion. __ECOMPRODUCT__276__ Also, add a bit of flair to your suit, by pairing it with a contemporary jacket, such as this yellow banana crepe jacket, from Two Point Two. __ECOMPRODUCT__22__ The 'Seasoned Player' Look © MensXP Playing around with prints, patterns and colours may seem challenging, especially if you want to keep things classy and not go completely berserk. For your base, always keep things simple and go for a classic and basic t-shirt, like this one from MensXP Basics. __ECOMPRODUCT__277__ To off-set the sombreness of the t-shirt, pair it with this zany neon green relaxed fit cargos from HOS. After all, you can't really go wrong with neon. __ECOMPRODUCT__278__ Finally, throw in a quirky jacket, that sits in perfect harmony with your ensemble. A printed one, like this black & white semi crepe jacket from Two Point Two, is our go-to piece. __ECOMPRODUCT__279__ The 'Summer Is My Season' Look © MensXP Say what you will, dressing up with panache in summers has its advantages. You get to play around with a plethora of colours, which simply make you look super dope, and you get to play with silhouettes that enunciate your physique. The yellow & red striped slim fit shirt from True Rug is a dapper way to strengthen the base of your outfit. Plus, as a standalone piece, it surely has the ability to turn heads. __ECOMPRODUCT__264__ To add a bit of nuance as well as character to your outfit, pair the yellow shirt with a darker, but playful one, like we did, using the Estetico - a black printed cotton shirt from Prime Porter, that adds a ton of character to any ensemble that it is a part of. __ECOMPRODUCT__280__ Finally, for your lowers, go for a subtle and simple pair of trousers, like this pair of white, handwoven jute cotton trousers, which helps keep things normal and breezy. __ECOMPRODUCT__281__ The 'Coqueish Savant' Look © MensXP Certain men just have an air of confidence and an inherently natural sense of style. With Jassie being one such man, there, of course, had to be one ensemble that oozed style and panache. For this flirtatiously cool, dapper savant appeal that we wanted to recreate for Jassie, we decided to dress him, with this dopey looking, blue floral printed oversized shirt from HOS. __ECOMPRODUCT__282__ This was paired with a co-ord set of off-white corduroy jacket and trousers, again from HOS, which, when layered with the blue shirt, blended seamlessly to create one heck of an ensemble. The blue oversized pockets on the jacket, give it a very technical appeal, whereas the silhouette and the colour of the jacket, help in accentuating the groovy nature and zaniness of the shirt. __ECOMPRODUCT__283__ __ECOMPRODUCT__284__ © MensXP Jassie Gill surely knows how to carry off these pieces with elegance and a playful panache. Seriously guys, take extensive notes from this one, and you'll be sorted for the summer. View the full article
  15. If I gave you 10 seconds to think of all the times your parents went out of their way to make your day better, how many such incidents do you reckon will come to your mind? Five, thirteen, twenty-eight odd times or would it be seventy times too many to count? Take 10 seconds and just think about it. © Dharma Productions Chances are many of you could think of a hundred different occasions when your parents found the most innovative ways to make your day better, or your life significantly easier. You see, thatâs how most parents are wired, they wonât think twice before fulfilling our most earnest desires, even if it might put them in a spot. © Junglee Pictures So, when young football lover Sebastian went to the stadium to support his favourite team, his father ensured that visually-challenged Sebastianâs excitement and love for the game doesnât see a single dull moment. And hereâs what Sebastianâs father did to make sure his son doesnât miss a thing. He relayed every move that happened on-ground to his son by way of a personal commentary only meant for Sebastian! View this post on InstagramAyer tuve la oportunidad de vivir un lindo acto que me conmovió mucho, quiero compartirlo con todos ustedes, estando en el estadio metropolitano pude apreciar la pasión y el amor que siente un padre hacia su hijo, el mismo amor que sienten por el equipo de sus amores Junior. Sebastian es un hermoso niño con deficiencia visual, pero esto no le impide sentir la pasión por su equipo, su padre con dedicación y empeño le transmite cada una de las jugadas y toque a toque del balón que corre en la cancha. Que la discapacidad o la enfermedad no se convierta en un límite para tu vida ðð» Pdt - Pedi permiso al señor para grabarlo y hacer pública su acción â¤ï¸ #JuniorEsMiPasionA post shared by (@junioresmipasion) In a video that was recorded during the match at Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez in Barranquilla, we can see the father-son duo sporting Junior FC jerseys, as Sebastian gets live minute-by-minute details of the on-going game. © Instagram The video which was shared on the teamâs fan page âJunior Es Mi Pasionâ has since gone viral and came with a caption which read, âSebastian is a beautiful child with visual impairment, but this does not prevent him from feeling passion for his team, his father with dedication and commitment transmits each of the plays.â Itâs amazing isnât it, how parents would do anything to put a smile on our faces, and ensure that we donât miss out on the good things in life? View the full article