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  1. To all the people who're getting on an airplane anytime soon, I'm sorry for what you're going to read next. There's a terrifying video of some violent turbulence on a plane that is going around right now, because well, it's terrifying. (I know I said terrifying twice, but this video deserves it. Possibly the worst flight ever was an ALK Airlines flight Boeing 737 going from Kosovo to Switzerland where at one point, the turbulence got so bad that a flight attendant crashed into the roof. Yep, the roof of the plane. Passenger Mirjeta Basha managed to capture the moment and well, here it is. Warning - this might make people's fear of flying even worse. The video shows the powerful jolt that threw the flight attendant into the roof of the aircraft. The fear among all the people aboard can also be seen. Reportedly, a few passengers were even hospitalized after the flight landed. Talking to a Swiss paper, Basha said, “People started screaming and crying. I thought we all had to die. My husband has scalded his neck.” A statement from the airport authorities said, “The flight from Pristina with airline ALK experienced turbulence in the air around 20 minutes before landing. The pilot alerted handling agents so that the airport firemen were immediately on the scene when the plane arrived. The aircraft continued for a normal landing, no emergency was declared. Medical assistance was requested after landing, two passengers needed medical assessment. No seats were ripped off at all.”
  2. Can you recall your life as a 10-year-old trotting around the house? Remember how we lived without a care in the world and how our to-do list comprised of just four things - eating, sleeping, playing and a bit of studying - day in and day out, with a want for nothing in our young lives? We had a rather comfortable life, a house filled with toys, a bunch of friends to play catch with, a loving family and all our needs taken care of without having to utter a word. © Getty Images But 10-year-old Siddharth Dhage from Mukundwadi, Aurangabad in Maharashtra was not born with such good fortune. Maharashtra is currently facing one of the worst drought situations the city has seen in the recent past, and Siddharth is bearing the brunt of the consequent acute water crisis in his hometown. © Getty Images Siddharth is a resident of a housing unit located in Nirmala Devi Nagar which houses 300 families, but the water supply in the area is basically non-existent. Like many others in his locality, Siddharth travels long distances to fetch cans of water that would aid his family's daily survival. Travelling close to 14 km daily, class 2 student Siddharth, with his two other companions, 12-year-old Ayesha and her younger sister 9-year-old Sakshi, board the train plying between Aurangabad-Hyderabad to fetch water from the taps of the railway station in Aurangabad. © BCCL Siddharth leaves his home at noon every day to board the Aurangabad-Hyderabad train from the Mukundwadi railway station. He then gets down at the Aurangabad City Junction to fill his cans with water from the railway taps installed along the railway lines. He boards the train back home and reaches home late in the evening after almost six hours of to and fro. © BCCL From waiting under a tree for the train to hopping on to it within minutes of its arrival with the heavy, water-filled cans and making a 14 km pilgrimage on a daily basis, the 10-year-old is the living example of what mindless wastage of water can do to the less privileged and impact the future we are trying to build for the next generation. © BCCL Let's take pity on the reality of so many of our countrymen and do our bit to preserve water, and bring this grave situation to the authorities' attention and push them into action. All of us deserve easy and free access to clean drinking water.
  3. 33-year-old Brazilain Legend Marta scored a second-half penalty in Brazil's match against Italy to break Miroslav Klose's record of most goals scored at a men's or women's FIFA World Cup finals. She is also the first woman to have featured in five World Cups. Marta has now scored more than a quarter of all of her country's Women's World Cup goals. The six-time World Player of the Year, who won the World Cup Golden Ball as the top scorer at the 2007 tournament, has also been a runner-up in the annual Global Player Awards five times. The Brazillian skipper became the first woman to score in five separate World Cups in Brazil's opening game against Australia before netting her second goal this World Cup, her 17th in all World Cups and her 106th on the international stage. The moment of history for #Marta ð§ð· What a night ð#ITABRA | #FIFAWWC — FIFA Women's World Cup (@FIFAWWC) June 18, 2019 With more goals, scored at a better goal-per-minute ratio than any of her Brazilian compatriots, Marta is, by all means, one of the greatest women to have ever graced the game of football. But her popularity is not bound to the borders of Brazil, as she is known all around the world as an emblem for women's football. Widely praised for playing an essential role in raising the level and the stature of women's football amid the sport's steadily growing TV audiences around the world, Marta is nothing but an icon. Marta officially the GOAT. 17th world cup goal tonight. The most of any player... Men or women at a World Cup. Respect!!! #BRA — Eniola Aluko (@EniAlu) June 18, 2019 So much so, that speaking with the press after the match, opposition team Italy's manager Milena Bertolini said "She's emblematic of the women's game on a global basis. When a lot of people have watched her over the last few years, they have really changed their mind with regards to whether women can indeed play football or not." Previous record holder Miroslav Klose, who had 16 goals spread across four World Cups, was considered to be a hero of the game in native Germany and Marta is no less. Unfortunately, Marta has not been on the receiving end of the same kind of reverence and respect. This year's FIFA Women's World Cup has been a referendum on women's sports. With a large spectacle being made for the move for equality in terms of viewership, earnings and (perhaps most importantly) respect, a legend like Marta beating a record set by a man, makes the boldest statement it possibly can. © Reuters Speaking after the game, Marta said, "We are trying to represent women and show how women can play any type of role. All the teams here, we are all representing [women]. Let me be clear, this is not only in sports. This is a struggle for equality across the board." Marta's status as a legend of the sport has been cemented and her statements are further proof of exactly what she is made of. It is journeys and stories like hers which make women's sport so important to be appreciated.
  4. I don't even have to tell anyone how much freaking money 'Avengers: Endgame' has made until now. Hint - it's a shitload of money. I'm betting Marvel is really happy after killing off Tony Stark. Okay, the exact number as of now is over 2.74 billion freaking dollars - I can't even imagine how much money that is - and it's the second highest-grossing movie of all time. It is yet to take over 'Avatar' since the James Cameron movie is at 2.78 billion dollars. While the difference is just about $46 million, which is basically nothing comparatively, looks like the Russo Brothers are not worried about being number one on a list right now. At the MTV Movie & TV Awards recently, Anthony Russo was asked about the mere millions of dollars left between the two movies, you know, because millions of dollars mean nothing. He said, “I know it sounds very sensational, but I try not to focus on it because even if we do not cross Avatar, it's like there's no way I will have a shred of regret about anything associated with this movie. So, I refuse to consider it.” Yeah, obviously, there's no regret, what would that even look like? This? Or this? He also went on about how the movie getting appreciated is enough for him. He said, “You see the movie praised, you see the movie celebrated, it's a very special feeling. There are so many people that have worked so long, so hard to sort of bringing this to the screen and do justice to the story.” While it doesn't matter to Anthony Russo about breaking the record, I really want to see James Cameron's reaction if or when 'Avengers: Endgame' knocks 'Avatar' from the top spot. Remember what he posted after 'Endgame' beat 'Titanic'? — James Cameron (@JimCameron) May 9, 2019 What a guy, such a great sport! I just want to see what he has planned this time.
  5. There is no dearth of talent in India and once again, the world got the proof of the same, only this time on Google Maps. As a tribute to the great warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Maharaj Farm Painting came into existence, and it's one of the most beautiful things we've seen recently. If you don't believe us, then go to Google Maps and search for Maharaj Farm Painting or Balaji Mandir, Nilanga and you will know what we're talking about. Spread over six acres across 2.5 lakh sq ft, this beautiful farm painting of Shivaji Maharaj is in Dapka, Latur and was finished in February. This is an incredible Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj crop art from the Farmers of small village in Nilanga, Latur, Maharashtra. (WA) — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) June 18, 2019 This installation is the hard work of artist Mangesh Nipanikar, which is now being appreciated by people across the country. Mangesh planted over 2500 kgs of seeds a week before Shivaji Jayanti, so that it grows green to make the face of the great warrior. He also made a frame around the painting. Desi Twitter is obviously in love with the creativity of this genius artist and has since flooded the internet with praises for him and his artwork. à¤à¤¦à¥à¤µà¤¿à¤¤à¥à¤¯ — Sambhaji Chhatrapati (@YuvrajSambhaji) June 19, 2019 Amazing..It must be seen by all the citizens of our country. — Rishabh Malhotra (@RishabhMtweets) June 19, 2019 Can't resist sharing this! #incredible truly — Rasika Athawale (@GoRasika) June 19, 2019 This is masterpiece. One of the greatest KING ever. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharajð¤©ð¤© — Mallikarjun D. Luffy (@CRonaldofied) June 18, 2019 This art is priceless — Tzar Khatri (@tzarkhatri) June 18, 2019
  6. For a side that has been busy hammering one opponent after another, the Indian cricket team suffered a blow after Shikhar Dhawan got injured during their clash against Australia at the ongoing ICC World Cup. The Indian opener was initially ruled out for about two to three weeks, but was asked to prove his fitness in a bid to make a comeback in the team. Given his blistering knock of 117 runs which paved the way for India's 36-run triumph over Australia, Dhawan's thumb injury, a hairline fracture, was undoubtedly a cause of concern. His absence would not only leave the opening slot vacant, but will also deny India one of its prolific run-scorers at the top. © Reuters The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), taking note of the situation, decided to fly Rishabh Pant, who was earlier overlooked for the 15-man Team India squad, to England. While Pant is yet to feature in the playing XI, such has been Team India's bench strength that they barely missed Dhawan in their marquee clash against Pakistan at Old Trafford. Moving KL Rahul at the top alongside Rohit Sharma, the Indian team management went for allrounder Vijay Shankar. For someone who struggled to keep his place in the side in the past 10 months, Rahul grabbed the opportunity with both hands, oozing confidence with his sensible knock of 57 runs. Rahul's ascension to the top had also left a void in the middle-order which was adequately filled by Shankar who scored 15 runs and then surprised everyone with his impressive figures of 2-22. Barring, maybe, running between the wickets between Rahul and Rohit, Dhawan's absence, thankfully, didn't really make a difference in India's clinical 89-run win (D/L) over Pakistan. Official Announcement ð¨ð¨ - @SDhawan25 ruled out of the World Cup. We wish him a speedy recovery #TeamIndia #CWC19 — BCCI (@BCCI) June 19, 2019 Thus, on 19th June, when the Indian cricket board announced that Dhawan hasn't recovered well enough to play the World Cup, the news, as sad as it may be for the opening batsman, shouldn't really affect Virat Kohli & Co's title aspirations. With Dhawan getting ruled out, Pant has now been officially announced as his replacement and included in the squad. He will now be eligible for selection in the upcoming games. Dhawan has been India's leading run-getter in the last five ODI tournaments (with more than five teams). He was the top run-scorer for India in the 2013 Champions Trophy, 2014 Asia Cup, 2015 World Cup, 2017 Champions Trophy and 2018 Asia Cup. For someone who seems to thrive on big stages, Dhawan will feel quite unfortunate to be ruled out of the World Cup due to injury. Mixed feelings about this... — Aishani (@AishaniMishra) June 19, 2019 With three wins and a no-result in four games so far, the Indian cricket team is currently placed at the fourth spot in the table with seven points for their showing in the tournament. The Kohli brigade will now take on Afghanistan on 22nd June in Southampton.
  7. Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan's battle was one of the most talked-about controversies of 2016. From the former referring him as a 'silly ex' to the latter slapping a legal notice, everything about their case became daily fodder for the news columns. It's been almost three years, but it seems both are still at loggerheads and are not letting bygones be bygones. In a shocking turn of events, Hrithik's sister Sunaina Roshan took to Twitter and declared that she supports Kangana Ranaut. "I support Kangana all through." She also added, "And living in hell continues....gosh I'm tired." This has only fueled the whole controversy between Kangana and Hrithik. Here are the tweets: I support Kangana all through — Sunaina Roshan (@sunainaRoshan22) June 18, 2019 And living in hell continues ....gosh I'm tired — Sunaina Roshan (@sunainaRoshan22) June 18, 2019 Then came the cascade of tweets by Kangana's sister Rangoli, supporting Sunaina. When a user on Twitter pointed out that Sunaina should be approaching the police or seek another friend's help, Rangoli replied, “I agree, but Kangana was so distressed after so many calls from Sunaina, Roshans are capable of harming Kangana but this time around I am very careful I myself also spoke to Sunaina, I have kept all the messages and recordings, Sunaina is in trouble for sure.” Check out the tweets here: Sunaina Roshan is asking Kangana for help, her family is physically assaulting her because she is in love with a Muslim man from Delhi, last week they got a lady cop who slapped her, her father also hit her, her brother is trying to put her behind bars..(contd) — Rangoli Chandel (@Rangoli_A) June 19, 2019 (Contd).... I fear her dangerous family might harm her, we want to make this public because Sunaina calling Kangana and crying all the time, Kangana doesn't know how to help her...(contd) — Rangoli Chandel (@Rangoli_A) June 19, 2019 (Contd).... so now she has blocked her number but we fear for her safety, everyone has a right to love whoever they want, hopefully this will scare Roshans and they back off ð — Rangoli Chandel (@Rangoli_A) June 19, 2019 I agree, but Kangana was so distressed after so many calls from Sunaina, Roshans are capable of harming Kangana but this time around I am very careful I myself also spoke to Sunaina, I have kept all the messages and recordings, Sunaina is in trouble for sure...(contd) — Rangoli Chandel (@Rangoli_A) June 19, 2019 (contd)...and asking Kangana for help but her father and brother mustn't harm Kangana I have her back but at the same time it's my moral duty to help Sunaina also present these facts to the world on Suniana's request, so Roshans know they are being watched now ð — Rangoli Chandel (@Rangoli_A) June 19, 2019 In a new development, Rakesh Roshan's nephew Eshaan Roshan has come out in support of Hrithik. He wrote, “It's sad to see how people can stoop this low as to use a vulnerable period of the family for their own ends. Even if there is a family crisis, Didi has the law and order machinery of this country for her.” He also added, “Why are these sisters obsessed with this family? My bade papa is undergoing a health crisis, Didi is vulnerable. It's a very sensitive period for our family. I request these people to be sensitive and not act as vultures.” Check out his tweets: It's sad to see how people can stoop this low as to use a vulnerable period of the family for their own ends. Even if there is a family crisis, Didi has the law and order machinery of this country for her. — Eshaan Roshan (@RoshanEshaan) June 19, 2019 Why are these sisters obsessed with this family ? My bade papa is undergoing a health crisis, Didi is vulnerable. It's a very sensitive period for our family.I request these people to be sensitive and not act as vultures. — Eshaan Roshan (@RoshanEshaan) June 19, 2019 We wonder if this mess will ever see its end.
  8. Police. Cops. Thulla. No matter which name we use for them, it's a fact that they always fill our hearts with a sense of dread and foreboding. No one can really tell us why that is, but it is very rare for someone to get overly excited at the mention of police (unless of course you are in need of their services on certain occasions). © Twitter But at the same time, why is it that we forget that they are very much like any of us? With families and friends, hobbies and dreams of their own just like all of us? We have this preconceived notion about them that makes them seem almost non-human, devoid of feelings and emotions. We think of them as just a large network of people whose vested interests lies in fending for themselves and living on all the bribes they can get their hands on. © Twitter But guess what, we just got trolled big time by the Vadodara Police, because they destroyed all our presumptions and misconceptions related to the police force utterly and completely. Here's how. Vadodara residents are currently facing an unusual situation wherein school vans and auto-rickshaws have gone on indefinite strike following a crackdown by the Road Transport Office and Vadodara traffic police for flouting safety norms. © Twitter This put parents and children in a spot, as they are troubled about their commutation to and fro from school. However, the Vadodara Police has come to the rescue of the public and they were seen helping students reach school by ferrying them in PCR vans and motorcycles. Vadodara police provided 46 motorcycles, 21 PCR cans and 9 Boleros to help over 250 students reach school without any inconvenience today morning. © Twitter © Twitter If that doesn't count as a very thoughtful and honourable act on the part of our police force, we don't know what should. Kudos to these selfless officers who are going out of their call of duty to help the citizens.
  9. The clashes of India and Pakistan on the cricket field are bound to generate public interest, but when the two neighbouring countries lock horns at the ICC World Cup, the excitement tends to reach an all-time high. As anticipated, the much-awaited fixture at the ongoing ICC spectacle had everyone glued to the cricketing action which unfolded at Old Trafford in Manchester. But, the match, sadly, failed to live up to the billing as India defeated Pakistan by a comprehensive margin of 89 runs (D/L). In a game, where Pakistan was expected to challenge India's domination especially after their 2017 Champions Trophy win, Sarfaraz Ahmed's men were overshadowed in almost all the departments by a rampant Virat Kohli brigade. Aww THE LEGEND MOMIN SAQIB ð#CWC19 #INDvPAK — Squirrel_Of_RÉmð©ð®ð³ (@Squirrel_Soul) June 17, 2019 After the game, while the Indian fans had a lot of cheer for, Pakistan loyalists were so embarrassed by their team's performance that they began criticising them heavily. While some slammed Sarfaraz for yawning behind the stumps, others questioned the fitness of Pakistani cricketers. Though it's been three days since Pakistan's forgettable outing, the criticism doesn't seem to stop anytime soon. In a more recent case, dejected Pakistani fan has filed a petition in the Gujranwala Civil Court against Sarfaraz & co, seeking a ban on the squad as well as the sacking of the selection committee. © Reuters As per SAMAA news channel, the petitioner, whose name was not revealed, has called for a ban on the cricket team while also demanding chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq-led selection committee to be dissolved. In response to the petition, the judge at the Gujranwala Civil Court in Punjab province has reportedly summoned officials of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Meanwhile, Geo News also reported that the PCB's Governing Board is expected to decide on major changes to the team's management during its meeting scheduled for 19th June in Lahore. The PCB will be looking to let go of several members of the management including coaches and selectors, the report from London quoted informed sources as saying. © Reuters It has been reported that among those expected to be sent packing is coach Mickey Arthur, whose contract will not be renewed by the PCB. Team manager Talat Ali, bowling coach Azhar Mahmood and the entire selection committee can also be dismissed. Managing Director of PCB Wasim Khan has cut short his foreign visit and will be attending the Governing Board meeting in Lahore today. With just one win in five games, the Pakistan cricket team currently finds itself languishing at the lowly ninth spot, just above Afghanistan, with just three points to their name. They will take on South Africa in their next match on 23rd June in London.
  10. Some men age like wine and Salman Khan is one such example. Salman is 53-years-old, but clearly he's still in top shape. Salman's latest shirtless picture on Instagram is surely grabbing eyeballs and how! His body is perfectly chiselled and girls are swooning over it. We are sure men can take some inspiration from the Khan who even at the age of 53 can give his contemporaries a run for their money. Yes, he is looking hot but his caption is indeed hilarious as it reads as, “Woh mere peeche wire kis cheez ka hai... Can you guess please?” Well, are those wires charging you, Salman? Because you surely have a hot bod. His perfect body will remind you of his character Prem as it does take you back to the era of the 90s. If being in his 50s he can do this, we are sure you can do it in your 20s too. This shirtless picture can be an inspiration for those who keep finding excuses for not hitting the gym. We are not saying that having abs is the sign of fitness, but you can totally take Bhai's tips to at least be active and fit. Check out the picture here: View this post on Instagram Woh mere peche wire kis cheez ka hai . . Can u guess pls? A post shared by Salman Khan (@beingsalmankhan) on Jun 18, 2019 at 12:18pm PDT One of the users also commented saying, “You are outstanding sir. You have shown a way how we kept ourselves fit in 50 + age. Outstanding.” His photo is flooded with positive comments. Check out a few comments: © Instagram/Salman Khan Salman was last seen in 'Bharat' which is an official remake of the South Korean film 'Ode To My Father'. Stay tuned in for more such updates.
  11. After being the dominating force of the National Basketball League (NBA) for more than four years, it seems as if the reign of the Golden State Warriors has finally come to an end at the hands of one of the best two-way players of the league in Kawhi Leonard and a feisty Toronto Raptors team who not only made their first appearance in the NBA Finals this season but also won their maiden title along with it. YOUR 2019 @NBA CHAMPS! #WeTheNorth — Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) June 14, 2019 Albeit the Warriors were cursed with extremely unfortunate injuries, taking out some of their best players in Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson at the worst moments possible but this should not take away from the fact that a team like the Raptors who were always considered to be 'good but not good enough', defeated some of the most talented rosters in the league such as the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwuakke Bucks during the playoffs series and the Warriors in the NBA Finals. While role-players like Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam showed up big time, especially in crunch time, when they were needed the most, the contributions of Kawhi Leonard demand a special mention. Board man gets champagne! — Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) June 14, 2019 Traded to the Canadian squad less than a year ago, that too during the time he was down and away with a severe ankle injury, Leonard was not only able to understand how the team functioned but also became their beacon of hope, the leader they desperately needed to make it to the Finals and win it all. After facing toxic levels of criticism from the San Antonio Spurs fans for not representing the city on the court for an entire year, 'The Klaw' winning the title and the 2019 'NBA Finals Most Valuable Player' award was probably the best way for him to redeem himself and consolidate his name as one of the best athletes the league and the basketball world has ever seen. KAWHI LEONARD 2X FINALS MVP! #WeTheNorth — Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) June 14, 2019 This is also not for the first time Leonard has stopped a dynasty from winning three consecutive championship titles or as they say a 3peat. Winning his very first NBA title in 2014 against the powerful Miami Heat which consisted of star players like Dwyane Wade, Chrish Bosh and Lebron James, all in their prime, Leonard won his first NBA Finals MVP back then. Now again, heading into the 2019 Finals Leonard shocked the Warriors and the world when he led his side to winning all three games in the Warriors' homecourt and sealing the deal with a couple of free throws in the final moments of Game 6 in Oakland. Nobody could have written the narrative of the Toronto Raptors' first title any better than this.
  12. Advertisements have become a common sight on the internet. After all, they contribute a majority of the Internet's revenue. Every website, app, or service relies on them to make money. Though, many have observed companies getting too greedy about earning and bombarding the users with intrusive or disturbing ads. We've all come across auto-playing video ads that not only suck bandwidth in the background but are also annoying since they pop-up instantaneously. When users get irritated about ads on their browser, it's fair to assume they'll be furious if ads start creeping out in the mobile UI as well. © MensXP A large number of Huawei users have reported seeing advertisements (especially about on their phone's lock screen. So far, users with the P30 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro, and Honor 10 have confirmed visibility of ads. They're appearing for device owners who are using the preinstalled landscape background wallpapers. Huawei's sister-brand Honor was quick to confirm on Twitter that the company isn't serving these ads. Huawei says the ads are being delivered by third-party services or apps. What's fishy is, the ads are visible on Huawei's factory installed Magazine cycle of wallpapers. We assume the company relies on a third-party to serve these wallpapers, and they've pushed forward a promotional wallpaper without Huawei's consent. © Twitter According to a Reddit thread, four images about were added in the wallpaper rotation. You can delete the particular wallpaper, but there's a possibility the service can push more promotional content in the future, and you'll have to manually remove it each time. Obviously, the best and safest way to avoid these ads is by not relying on Huawei's wallpaper app. There are a lot of options available on the Play Store. Last year, a similar issue had been found on Samsung phones as well. © MensXP Xiaomi's MIUI is infamous for pushing ads in the UI. It does so officially and the users are aware of what they're buying into. Even then, users have been complaining about rising ads within the phone's skin and some reports have also pointed towards "vulgar" ads being served. For Huawei, the timing couldn't get any worse. The company has been blacklisted from doing business in/with American markets and this means future phones will not be able to use Google's Play Service. On a more micro level, even basic resources like ARM's chipset architecture is now out of reach. Via DigitalTrends
  13. The year was 2018, when suddenly this one rugged looking man, with a chiselled face and olive skin, started grabbing eyeballs every time he graced the screens. It was more than his looks though (well quite honestly, his simple features and boy-next-door vibes did wonders too), people were intrigued by this actor who was seen portraying different characters each time, each distinct, and better than the last. © Twitter Vicky Kaushal was finally here, and what an entry it had been. Women swooned over the chivalrous Iqbal Syed in 'Raazi', while others sought friends like Kamlesh in 'Sanju' and a lover as fun and easy-going as Vicky in 'Manmarziyaan'. However, it is 2019 that witnessed Vicky Kaushal's greatest arrival and how! Vicky's 'Uri' broke multiple industry records and put him right at the top in Bollywood. © Twitter He is currently one of the busiest and most sought after stars in the Hindi film industry and there's no guessing why. Directors love him, but his fans are absolute nuts over this guy. © Reuters Yet, all this success, popularity and fame hasn't gotten into his head one bit. And fans love him for being so rooted and humble at all times. Take, for instance, this recent Twitter exchange between Vicky and one of his fans. © Twitter The fan tweeted, saying: @vickykaushal09 my wifey saw you today in the jam jam cafe, was sitting next to your table but too shy to come up and talk. And thought that privacy should be given to the stars. I am saying hi ð on her behalf and we really love your acting. Take care!! — KapilArtistry (@ArtistryKapil) June 12, 2019 Vicky decided to respond to this honest admission and message, and tweeted to Kapil. Pass my regards. I appreciate her for respecting my privacy. Next time, feel free, I'd be happy to have a conversation :) — Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) June 12, 2019 Not only was that a wonderful gesture on Vicky's part, but his thoughtfulness in suggesting that they introduce themselves the next time is truly heartwarming. Fellow fans cannot seem to get over his humility either. Such a humble person you areð­â¤ @vickykaushal09 — Vaanya Bansal (@BansalVaanya) June 12, 2019 How sweet and kind of you... ððð — Priya Arya (@priyasris) June 13, 2019 This is so heart warming to read. Not only a brilliant actor but a good person. Hope I can meet you 1 day 2. Cant wait for bhoot although I hate horror films...only 4 u — VGThoughts (@VGthoughts) June 12, 2019 Traits of a superstar-in-the-making.... — Jayesh Kumar Dey (@dey_jayesh) June 13, 2019 This is called a HUMAN BEING . Thanks for making your fans special. — manish only (@manishs90616427) June 13, 2019
  14. The ICC World Cup 2019 has come to bit of a halt in the birthplace of cricket as the rain showers have decided to take over the tournament and ruin it for everybody from players to match officials to the fans. In the past four days, the viewers of the Cricket World Cup have only been able to enjoy less than a game and a half in total with some of the exciting contests being washed away, thanks to the non-stop downpour in the English cities of Hampshire, Bristol and Nottingham, one such matchup being between the two unbeaten teams of this year's tournament in India and New Zealand on 13th June 2019, Thursday. Ardent fans of both sides only got to their favourite cricketers in casuals rather than their formal jerseys and that too only when one of two players popped out of the dressing room to check the weather conditions before disappearing behind a door. © Reuters However, Indian bowling all-rounder, Kedar Jadhav did contribute towards the day by coming out of the dressing room and sending out a video message that has been making the rounds on social media ever since the covers were put on the field. Haha Kedar Jadhav asking rains from England to shift to Maharashtra ðâ¤ï¸ #INDvNZ #CWC19 — Saurabh (@Boomrah_) June 13, 2019 In the video, the 34-year-old can be clearly seen begging the evil Nottingham rains to move away from the city and instead move to his home state of Maharashtra, which is currently facing immense drought conditions with only 7 percent of water left for consumption that has affected the lives of the locals living there. Jadhav was not only applauded for his quick wit but also the fact that he remembered the struggles of his people back home even though he is thousands of miles away. Boss for this tweet @mipaltan should pick you up for not less than 15 koka the next IPL... Real original one..ð Keep the Josh high this Sunday & all the best to our guys.. — L.V.Subramaniam (@lvsubbu60) June 13, 2019 Aw ! That's lovely⤠— sandeep chamoli (@sandeepchamoli9) June 13, 2019 Here's a brilliant moment from our very own, Kedar Jadhav. â¤ï¸ KeJa [to clouds and rain]: Go! Go to my state, Maharashtra! KeJa [with folded hands]: Rain is required a lot more in Maharashtra, not here (England) at all.#CWC19 #INDvNZ #Maharashtra #TeamIndia #drought — North Stand Gang - Wankhede (@NorthStandGang) June 13, 2019 U win heart, @JadhavKedar may ur request soon hear by rain #kedarjadhav — KARAN KARLE (@karanslove) June 13, 2019 #HaveYourSay @iamharry_88 As said by KedarJadhav Rain should fall in Maharashtra where it is needeed then in England where it is not needed — Amey Mohal (@imadm20052741) June 13, 2019 Heart touching moment: Heard touching words in Marathi from #kedarjadhav@JadhavKedar requesting to rain plz don't fall here in England go to My state Maharashtra (For farmers) there is need of it... "Bhava aaj mann jinklas tu" ð#India #CWC19 #RainStopsMatch @ICC @BCCI — The Beastð ð¥ (@AkhadeKrushna) June 13, 2019 Now that Team India's third game of the 2019 World Cup has been washed out, all eyes will be on the weather forecast for Sunday when the Men in Blue will lock horns with their neighbouring rivals in Sarfaraz Ahmed's Team Pakistan at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester.
  15. The International Space Station, as we all know, is currently the only fully functional space station in the Earth's lower orbit. It's the result of a partnership between European countries represented by the European Space Agency the United States, Japan, Canada, and Russia. Well, looks like there's going to be another space station by the year 2030 and it's going to be launched by none other than India. The same has been confirmed by the ISRO chief K Sivan during a press conference where he also talked a bit more about the project. © Reuters He made it a point to inform that India will not be joining the International Space Station (ISS) and launch its own space station, which will be an extension of the Gaganyaan project. “We have to sustain the Gaganyaan programme. So, subsequently, as a long-term plan, we are planning to have the space station in India. We are going to join the international community in manned missions to the moon, asteroids. We have a clear plan for the space programme,” Sivan said. The proposed space station will likely weigh 20 tonnes and it's said to be used for conducting microgravity experiments. India is targetting 2030 as the date to launch the space station and the preliminary plan is for the space station is to accommodate astronauts for up to 15-20 days in space. We still don't have a lot of details, but we hope to learn more after the completion of Gaganyaan mission. © Reuters As for the Gaganyaan mission, the government is said to have cleared a budget of Rs. 10,000 crore. It looks like there will be two flights from Sriharikota before the maiden flight with crew takes of sometime in 2022. ISRO's complete focus right now is on India's second moon mission, Chandrayan -2. It will take off on July 15 and will attempt to land near the South Pole of the Moon, which has remained an uncharted territory so far. You can learn more about the Chandrayan-2 mission right here.