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  1. One of the most unprecedented things that has happened during the lockdown has been the return of the â90s. From games like ludo to TV shows, nostalgia has made this lockdown rather comfortable for privileged people like you and I. And you canât talk about nostalgia without naming one of the biggest shows of, now our adulthood, too - Ramayan. Amidst news of breaking records and then raining on our parade, thereâs no denying that Ramayan is one of the few shows that has given us something to look forward to in the lockdown. However, speaking to IANS, Prasar Bharati CEO Shashi Shekhar Vempati remembered how his WhatsApp groups were buzzing with laughter when DD had announced the broadcast of nostalgia shows including Ramayan, soon after PM Modi ordered the first lockdown. WORLD RECORD!! Rebroadcast of #Ramayana on #Doordarshan smashes viewership records worldwide, the show becomes most watched entertainment show in the world with 7.7 crore viewers on 16th of April â Doordarshan National (@DDNational) April 30, 2020 "They're all, like, laughing. Who's going to watch it? I had to tell them that, you know, India is very different. It's not just the English speaking elite, it's much bigger, much more diverse. So there was that worry," Vempati told IANS during an interview. Needless to say, after the re-runs of the Hindu Epic started, Doordarshan soared past in rankings for top Indian channels, amassing millions of viewers over the course. However, it wasnât easy to piece the show together and required immense effort from the team. © Doordarshan "The tapes were in the deep archive of the (Ramanand) Sagar family, and in Mumbai it was like operating in curfew. Someone had to physically retrieve these things. The formats had changed. People had to work through the night to figure out how to get it into a compatible format, and then push it from Bombay. Because the file sizes are so large, you can''t do it over the internet, it would have taken forever. So we had a satellite-based mechanism by which the content was beamed from Bombay and downloaded into servers here, so that the next day''s episodes could be aired," said Vempati. "The combination of lockdown and Ramayan," he said, "showed us that families can still come together around television if the content is wholesome and appeals to every segment. Nostalgia was always a trend for Doordarshan. While we leverage nostalgia, we can't rely on that alone" Speaking about the way ahead for the channel, Vempati is actively pursuing organisational collaborations with academia and startups to transform Indiaâs public broadcaster for the digital age. Prasar Bharati is working with IIT Kanpur, around research collaboration on direct-to-mobile broadcasting. "We have asked IIT-Kanpur to create that enabling environment, create the test-bed to bring in startups. And then let's see what we can do in this whole ecosystem. So that effort is on," he added. View the full article
  2. The lockdown has brought to the fore the plight of millions of migrant workers who have endured an arduous journey back home - most on foot. A similar story of 15-year old Jyoti Kumari made it to national news after the teenager cycled 1200km all the way from Gurugram to Darbhanga, Bihar with her injured father. She covered the distance in seven days garnering attention from not only Indians but also, Ivanka Trump. Donald Trumpâs daughter and adviser, Ivanka had Tweeted saying, "beautiful feat of endurance and love has captured the imagination of the Indian people and the cycling federation." 15 yr old Jyoti Kumari, carried her wounded father to their home village on the back of her bicycle covering +1,200 km over 7 days. This beautiful feat of endurance & love has captured the imagination of the Indian people and the cycling federation!ð®ð³ â Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) May 22, 2020 Ivankaâs tweet didnât go down well with a lot of desi people on Twitter, including former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah and Congress MP Karti Chidambaram: Her poverty & desperation are being glorified as if Jyoti cycled 1,200 KM for the thrill of it. Government failed her, thats hardly something to trumpet as an achievement . â Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) May 22, 2020This is not a feat of excellence. Itâs a feat fuelled by desperation caused due to the callous attitude of the @BJP4India government headed your âfriendâ and âhostâ @narendramodi â Karti P Chidambaram (@KartiPC) May 22, 2020Jyoti and her father, an autorickshaw driver, were stranded in Gurugram due to the lockdown. Due to her fatherâs injury, he was left unemployed. Finding it hard to make ends meet, the father-daughter duo decided to start the journey back home to Bihar. Theyâd bought a cycle for the same with whatever money they had left. Ivankaâs tweet drew ire from many Idians for romanticising and glorifying the plights of the underprivileged. Hereâs what others had to say Educate yourself â Amit Mehra (@amitmehra) May 22, 2020Are you seriously this clueless? This kid and her family had to go through this horrific experience because of India's ill-conceived total lockdown which has resulted in a humanitarian disaster, not because she's aspiring to be a professional cyclist. â Rupa Subramanya (@rupasubramanya) May 22, 2020*Minor girl had to take father in extremely hot summer where we won't allow own kid to walk a mile, she covers 700 miles & we praise resilience of poor *A superhuman act, no one should be forced to do it. Passed through dozens of districts, no admin-officer came to help, shame â Shams Ur Rehman Alavi Ø´Ùس (@indscribe) May 22, 2020Romanticism of poverty and misery during a pandemic! The worst kind of apathy! â Alinda Merrie Jan (@alindaMjan) May 22, 2020Fixed it 15 yr old Jyoti Kumari, carried her wounded father to their home on the back of her bicycle covering +1,200 km over 7 days. This ugly DEfeat due to poverty & government's failure has had every true Indian's head hang in shame. No wonder, you have failed to MAGA! â Saahil Murli Menghani (@saahilmenghani) May 22, 2020Never seen a more apt depiction of what exactly is poverty porn. Shame on you. â Sanjukta Basu (@sanjukta) May 22, 2020After witnessing the struggles of Jyoti, the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) had said that it will invite her for a trial next month. CFI chairman Onkar Singh told PTI that if Kumari passes the trial, she will be selected as a trainee at the state-of-the-art National Cycling Academy at the IGI Stadium complex in Delhi. "We spoke to the girl this morning and we have told her that she will be called to Delhi next month as soon as the lockdown is lifted. All the expenses of her travel, lodging and other will be borne by us," Singh had said. View the full article
  3. Another year of celebrations and good food. Ah! Donât we just love the festivities! Despite having to tone down the size of our celebrations this year, we still got to eat the long awaited delicacies. Well, the celebrations are now over and we have to get back to our old lifestyles. This means making your body go through a drastic change. But before we can do that, we need to give our body some time to recover and catch up. Time for a detox. These post Eid detox recipes will help you get back to your pre-Ramzan self within days. __ECOMLOOKS__581__ __ECOMLOOKS__582__ __ECOMLOOKS__583__ __ECOMLOOKS__584__ __ECOMLOOKS__585__ Explore More View the full article
  4. Part of the reason as to why many of us suffer from rapidly fluctuating internet speeds boils down to the current infrastructure. While the relatively recent spread of optic fibre connections has boosted speeds greatly in metropolitan cities, things are far from perfect - but one group of Australian researches is out to revolutionise the way we transmit data, and the difference is absolutely incredible. According to The Independent, the team from Australian universities - Monash, Swinburne and RMIT - used a 'micro-comb' optical chip containing hundreds of infrared lasers to transfer data across existing communications infrastructure in Melbourne. The result? A staggering 44.2 terabyte per second connection - a solid one million times faster than the equivalent local internet connection. The research was led by Monash University's Dr. Bill Corcoran, RMIT's Arnan Mitchell and Swinburne's Professor David Moss. © RMIT Mitchell explained that the future ambition of the project was to scale up the current transmitters from hundreds of gigabytes per second towards tens of terabytes per second without increasing size, weight or cost. "Long-term,â said Mitchell, âwe hope to create integrated photonic chips that could enable this sort of data rate to be achieved across existing optical fibre links with minimal cost.â "Initially, these would be attractive for ultra-high speed communications between data centres. However, we could imagine this technology becoming sufficiently low cost and compact that it could be deployed for commercial use by the general public in cities across the world." The researcher also elaborated on the need to scale up infrastructure at the base level - allowing more people to receive access to more data, and doing so at a rate that will leave our old memories of dialup connections back in the dust. "At 40 terabits per second, we were able to put through one single fibre about three times the peak data rate that the NBN has ever seen over its entire network. If you've got 400 gigabit per second to share amongst a bunch of people, that cake only gets chopped up so many times before the slices become too thin. If you've got a bigger cake, then you can give people bigger slices." According to an RMIT press release, the internet was tested on 76.6km of 'dark' optical fibres between RMIT's Melbourne City Campus and Monash University's Clayton Campus. This is known as the testbed. The team used a new device that replaces 80 lasers with one single piece of equipment known as a micro-comb, which is smaller and lighter than existing telecommunications hardware. © Swinburne University It acts like a rainbow made up of hundreds of high quality infrared lasers from a single chip. Each 'laser' has the capacity to be used as a separate communications channel. Researchers placed the micro-comb - contributed by Swinburne University - onto the testbed optical fibres and sent maximum data down each channel, simulating peak internet usage, across 4THz of bandwidth - a first-ever achievement for telecommunications scientists across the world. Meanwhile, Twitter began to react - first of all with disgruntled Aussies expressing disbelief after having to deal with famously overpriced and underperforming internet providers for years. Researchers in Australia claim they logged a data speed of 44.2 terabits per second At that speed, users could download more than 1,000 HD movies in less than a second ð¤¯ â BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) May 22, 2020Meanwhile having sky broadband is like having these as your reception... â jimmy thompson (@jimmy_thompson5) May 22, 2020In a lab? Because you know Australia went for the cheap broadband & has some of the slowest speeds anywhere â Richard (@Rdonair) May 22, 2020Servers when this is tested. â Declan Robinson #StayHomeSaveLives (@declan_robinson) May 22, 2020 Others flared up conspiracy theories about Chinese tech-thieves showing up in Australia, Communist China may be aiming to steal the tech. Thatâs what they do. Take highest precautions - especially when they are located in Victoria. â Kobrick Chan (@ChanKobrick) May 22, 2020Hopefully, the researchers may prove all the skeptics wrong, and one day weâll have this tech available across the world. Until then, we hope that cat video youâve queued doesnât take any longer to load. View the full article
  5. Post the widespread success of Pataal Lok, Prime Videoâs latest socio-political crime thriller seems ready to make a strong comeback, as director Sudip Sharma and his team have confirmed plans to hit the writer's table and come up with a sophomore season. As mentioned in Mid-Day, lead actor Jaideep Ahlawat, who was critically acclaimed for his role as small-time cop Hathiram, has also confirmed his reappearance as the second seasonâs lead. Reportedly, a source close to the daily stated that the showrunners, this time around, are looking to delve into Indiaâs murky underworld without relying on any adapted screenplays. While season one was inspired by Tehelka editor-in-chief and rape-accused Tarun Tejpalâs book titled The Story of My Assassins, which was further inspired by true events - and spiced up with elements of dark humour and erotic romance along with the gritty crime drama elements. Ever since 2009, the novel has been widely reviewed and highly rated - finally finding its way into Sharmaâs hands. âUnlike the first part that had its roots in a book, creator-writer Sudip Sharma and the creative team are developing an original plot for the second instalment,â said the source, adding in that the writers plan to throw Hathiram Chaudhary into an even more complex web of crime, with a story primarily centered around him. For Sudip Sharma, this is just another in an impressive streak of writing credits for films, almost all of which have been tied together by themes of social commentary and a willingness to explore the darker side of Indian society - two of his most successful works to date have been NH10 (2015) and wildly popular Shahid Kapoor starrer, Udta Punjab (2016). Backed by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharmaâs Clean Slate Films, Paatal Lok also featured Abhishek Bannerjee, Neeraj Kabi, Swastika Mukherjee and Gul Panag in major roles. View the full article
  6. Admin

    Honest Reviews: Paatal Lok

    Zain, Shubham and Rajesh watched the much awaited Paatal Lok on Amazon Prime this week. Did they like the show? What ratings would they give to the show? Watch to find out. View the full article
  7. The entire planet is facing one of the worst times a lot of us have seen in our lifetime - economies are crumbling, death toll due to the pandemic is on the rise and we are locked down inside our houses till who knows when. Everything seems to be in dire straits, unless youâre a billionaire, of course. © Reuters Especially if youâre a US billionaire, whose fortunes have risen 15 percent in the last 2 months, states a study. Needless to say, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg saw massive gains too. In fact, from March 18 to May 19, their total net worth went up by $434 billion (roughly Rs 32.97 lakh crores) while people continue to lose jobs, in the US and worldwide too. © Reuters More than 600 billionaires in the US became richer as tech stocks rose during virus lockdowns. And while Bezos' wealth grew over 30 percent to $147.6 billion (roughly Rs. 11.21 lakh crores), Zuckerberg's riches rose by more than 45 percent to $80 billion (roughly Rs. 6.07 lakh crores), according to a research by Americans for Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies' Program for Inequality. In comparison, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett saw much smaller gains of 8.2 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively. © Reuters Amazon and Facebook, both have used the time to their advantage, by pushing for new program announcements. However, Amazon has also drawn a lot of flak for not providing the ideal working conditions for its employees. At a time when unemployment toll has surpassed the 35 million mark in the US, this may seem disconcerting, especially while a lot of people struggle to make ends meet. And these reactions sum up peopleâs feelings: .@JeffBezos is a very sad man. To think he would rather put his employees, their families & his customers at risk than provide sick leave, adequate PPE & so on. I bet Jeff has a roof over his head & enough food to eat! #NoVentilatorsEither â Cara NicAine (@CaraNicAine) May 22, 2020Every billionaire is a policy failure. That means Jeff Bezos is one thousand policy failures. #GreedyBezos â Quarantined Tom Rogers (@tomprogers) May 20, 2020He also makes ~1200 times more than his average employee. We do a lot of pretending that this isnât 21st century feudalism. #BoycottAmazon â Colby Williams (@PeaceOverProfit) May 20, 2020 View the full article
  8. Now that most of us are going to be in our homes for who knows how long, our usual workout sessions need to be of an even higher intensity. Less walking and more binge-eating is not good for anyone. You can follow these workout tips at home as well as the gym. These tips for working out at home will make your no-equipment workouts super efficient. These workout tips will also help in maximising your calorie burn while doing your usual favourite workouts! __ECOMLOOKS__576__ __ECOMLOOKS__577__ __ECOMLOOKS__578__ __ECOMLOOKS__579__ __ECOMLOOKS__580__ Explore More View the full article
  9. If you are one of those who thrive on Bollywoodâs gossip, then Koffee With Karan is the one-stop destination for you. Karan Johar has a knack of making the celebs spill their secrets out in open and he doesnât give up until the stars give him some headline-worthy material for that matter. You can trust Karan to give all the latest scoops and scandals in the Hindi film industry. As an entertainment journalist, I have always made sure that I watch the show because you do get to know the inside lives of the Bollywood celebs. From Bollywood celebs to cricketers, stars have been brutally honest on the show and some of their big confessions have also backfired badly. Those confessions have shocked us, made us laugh and some even disgusted us. Here we have put together a list of a few shocking and weird celebrity confessions made on the show that made us go âWTFâ: 1. Salman Khan Is A Virgin Even after gulping down three vodka shots, I cannot believe that Salman Khan is a virgin. It took many by surprise when Salman confessed that he is a virgin and is saving himself for his marriage. The statement made a stir but the response came from Arbaaz Khan when Salman was invited to the show with his brothers. In the rapid-fire segment, when asked who can never win âNo sex for a monthâ challenge, Arbaaz could not help but look at his Bhaijaan. We are wondering what the truth - are you still practicing celibacy? 2. Ranbir Kapoorâs rendezvous with his friend's GF Ranbir Kapoor is no less than the character of Sanju that he played in the movie.If you have seen the movie, you would agree why Ranbir was chosen for Duttâs controversial biopic. In the episode where Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh were invited on the show, Karan asked a question about sneaking around with their friend's girlfriend. To which Ranbir confessed that he had slept with his friends' girlfriend. Now, this is one brutally honest confession, Ranbir. © Star world 3. Twinkle Khanna and her terrible acting in Mela It takes guts to honestly confess that their terrible acting took down the whole movie and well, Twinkle Khanna did admit that people remember Mela because of her terrible acting. Twinkle is known for her outspoken nature and has always made fun of her acting skills. In fact, she had once said that all her films should be banned so no one can watch them. © Star world 4. Priyanka Chopra on her intimate desires As a famous personality, itâs hard to come out in open up about personal lives let alone their sexual desires but Priyanka has no qualms about baring it all. She made a few confessions like â she likes sex on the call, she loves making out when lights are turned ON and moreover, she even confessed that she had a shower with her partner during their relationship. Now, this is more honest than we all have been about our sexual lives. 5. Hardik Pandya and his sex talks with his parents We never can forget this episode because Hardik Pandya was an all-rounder - misogynist, sexist, and racist. He did confess that he shares the details of his sexual life with his parents which is not so easy for all of us for obvious reasons. His statement - âWhen I lost my virginity, I came home and said, âMain karke aaya hai aaj (I did it today)â - took him down and made it into the headlines. Hope, he has learnt his lesson that confessions made on the show can be disastrous too. There are many more such confessions but these were the ones that caught our attention the most! P.S: Diljit Dosanjh confessed to making out in a car on the show! View the full article
  10. Personal hygiene is something that we have been taught about since childhood. From brushing your teeth to showering every day, there surely are a lot of personal hygiene habits to follow. However, taking care of your body and keeping it clean is something that not all of us are habitual to. Whether you like them or not, they are extremely important in order for us to stay healthy and look good too. More often than we realise, signs of poor hygiene are always visible and form a bad first impression. Continue reading to know more wellness tips and the personal care products that you should be using in order to avoid them. © iStock __ECOMLOOKS__568__ __ECOMLOOKS__569__ Beard Hygiene Men with beards, need to add another step to their everyday hygiene routine. If youâre keeping or growing a beard, beard hygiene is of utmost importance. The oil and sweat build-up forms the best residence for unwanted germs and bacteria. This is why cleaning and trimming your beard are essential parts of your hygiene routine. __ECOMLOOKS__570__ Beard Conditioner: This step is just to give your beard extra softness and is absolutely essential for any beard longer than ½ and inch. After the beard wash, your beard will get a little dry. Use a conditioner to regain the softness. __ECOMLOOKS__571__ Regular Trimming: This step is not only important to maintain your beard style, but also crucial for good beard hygiene. The longer your beard is the more important it is to keep it hygienic. __ECOMLOOKS__572__ __ECOMLOOKS__573__ __ECOMLOOKS__574__ __ECOMLOOKS__575__ Explore More View the full article
  11. Ajay Devgn starrer Bhuj: The Pride of India joins the list of films that have been rescheduled, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Originally slated to release on 14th of August, the film has been now pushed to the 16th of December, the day when we celebrate Vijay Diwas. © BCCL; The Indian Army, observing Vijay Diwas The film follows the incidents that took place at the Bhuj Air Force Station and follows the story of Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik. Although he may be portrayed as the hero of the film, (because after all, Bollywood) in real life, as courageous as Sq Lr Karnik was, the women of Bhuj were the actual heroes, who played a vital role in our victory over Pakistan. © Instagram/ajaydevgn; A young Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik, 1971 So, what actually happened in Bhuj, in 1971, that inspired a big-budget Bollywood film? Why is it often called, the Pearl Harbour moment of India? And why are the women, and Vijay Karnik, who retired as a wing commander, indeed heroes in real life? © BCCL; Recent photograph of Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik These 5 facts answer all such questions: 1. The Sheer Volume Of Airstrikes © CIA; Representational Image: Pakistan Air Forceâs Sabres In the winter of 1971, the Bhuj Air Force Station was raided a total of 35 times in 14 days. That means over twice a day, sometimes, even more. Over 92 high powered explosives and bombs, and 22 rockets were used, in Bhuj alone. Strategically, Bhuj was important for the Indian Air Force, given itâs proximity to the border with Pakistan. However, it was also very understaffed. At that period of time, because of a number of reasons. 2. The Attack That Almost Did It © BCCL; Remnants from the attack The most devastating attack came on the evening of the 8th of December. A squadron of Sabre jets from Pakistan Air Force, attacked the strip, dropping over 14 napalm bombs. Unlike other regular missiles and ammunitions used by any air force at that time, napalm bombs were designed to be highly incendiary in nature. They were mainly used in the Vietnam war by the US Armed forces. © WikiCommons; Representational Image: Simulations of Napalm Bombs That meant that they would not make a massive explosion when they went off. Instead, the bomb would torch the place where it went of, and just incinerate everything. The resulting fire would burn for hours, even if there was a proper and state of the art system to put the fire out. Of course, we didnât have those back then. Needless to say, the facility was heavily damaged, and the airstrip, obliterated, meaning no aircraft could take off. 3. The Role Of Civilians © WikiCommons; File photo of women working on the airstrip In spite of being a strategically important airfield for the Indian Air Force, the squad posted at Bhuj was short-staffed. Moreover, after the attack, it wasnât possible for the Air Force to send their engineers and construction team to rebuild the airstrip. So, Squadron Leader Vinay Karnik had to turn to a local village, named Madhapur, for help. 300 women came from the village and completely rebuilt the airstrip, enabling the Indian Air Force to launch a counter-attack. 4. The Challenges © WikiCommons Rebuilding the airstrip wasnât exactly a piece of cake. It had to be done within 72 hours, and it had to be done right. Air Force Aircrafts need a proper runway if they are to take off and land safely, without any incident. On top of that, the airstrip had to be a long one as well. Moreover, the Pakistan Air Force was constantly raiding the nearby airfields as well. So, the women had to cover up the portion of the airfield with cow dung, as they made it to hide it from prying eyes. Adding to their woes was the season. During winters, the temperature in Bhuj would often drop to 5 degrees back then. Imagine doing something so labour intensive in winter clothing, that too if they had access to it. © BCCL; The Indian Air Force built a memorial, honouring the women who built the airstrip Eventually, the women were able to build the airstrip back, and Squadron Leader Vinay Karnik, along with his 2 officers, and the rest of the crew were able to launch a counter-attack. Squadron Leader Vinay Karnik and his crew, also successfully saved the aircraft from the raids and the bombings, which proved to be vital for our chances of success. 5. The Humility © BCCL; As of 2010 only 50-60 of the women who built the airstrip were alive. As per a 2010 interview with the Times Of India, one of the 300 women who worked on the airstrip said that after the war was over, the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi felicitated them and offered the group a reward of Rs 50,000, which was a lot of money back then. However, the women refused to accept it, saying they did what they did, not for the money but because of their patriotism, and because rebuilding the airstrip was something that needed to be done. The entire airfield and the airstrip had to be built again, because of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake. With that being said, from the looks of it, Bhuj: The Pride of India should be one cracker of a film. We just hope the film does not get delayed anymore. View the full article
  12. At a time when the entire world is surviving on human empathy and kindness, some people in Delhi have brought great disgrace upon themselves by exposing how petty and disgustingly selfish they can be. According to a report by NDTV, a fruit-seller in North Delhi's Jagatpuri area was robbed of multiple crates filled with mangoes by a handful of random passers-by. The street-vendor had made the mistake of leaving the crates unattended for a few minutes when people noticed it and launched a loot. Delhi crowd loots mangoes worth thousands from street vendor â NDTV (@ndtv) May 22, 2020 The crowd emptied every single crate as they loaded their bags and helmets with as many mangoes they could stuff in them, and fled the scene. Talking about the devastating incident the fruit-seller, Chhote, said, "They had a fight over there, near the school. A group of men came here and asked me to move my theli (push cart).â Thatâs when people saw the crates left unattended and decided to steal from the poor vendor. Some shameless thieves even called out to others around them to join in and take some for themselves. View the full article
  13. Ever since the release of Pataal Lok online, there has been an immense buzz around it. Be it the characters or the storyline, this cop-investigative thriller series has become one of the most intriguing crime thrillers in India. With insane reviews across the country, it has definitely kept the audience hooked to their laptop screens. Produced by Anushka Sharma's production company called Clean Slate Films, the story unfolds many mysteries. By this time, you are either done watching the series or would binge-watch it in your free time, but whatever the case, we are not here to give you spoilers. Here's a little trivia away from the show about Paatal Lok's cast and their real-life partners and their families. Check it out. 1. Neeraj Kabi © TOI Neeraj Kabi who plays the role of a journalist in the series is a popular name of the industry. He has also worked in movies like Hichki, Laal Kaptaan, Talvar etc. In real life, this established actor is married to a fashion designer named Deepali Kosta. They are both parents to their daughter Saptakshi Kabi. 2. Abhishek Banerjee View this post on InstagramBye bye 2019 you were great.. 2020 be kind like the sea behindðð¤ð¤ @tina_merlyne #newbeginings #beachlife #beachlover #traveler #traveldiaries #urbanhippies #mauritiusð²ðº #2020 #newyear #actorslifeA post shared by (@nowitsabhi) Abhishek Banerjee is named Vishal Tyagi in the series and happens to be a serial killer. In real life though, this actor has done amazing supporting roles in movies like Dreamgirl, Stree and Bala. But the actor's portrayal in the series is completely opposite of these roles. Abhishek is 32 years old and has been married to Tina Noronha since 2014 who is a model, architect and an interior designer. 3. Gul Panag View this post on InstagramI loved today's chat with @actormaddy ! What he said reasonated with me. That we're all under stress. Even the ones that don't show it. And that the true test of these times is whether we can continue to be good role models for kids in these trying times. It's a big ask, no doubt. That compassion and empathy are what we need to survive if we are to come out of this in one piece. 20 years ago it may have sounded like a 'Miss India type' thing to say. Today it rings true like never before. You can still catch our LIVE chat till noon tomorrow. Head over to stories and tap the bottom right of the page where it says LIVE. Tomorrow at noon I'm in conversation with @guneetmonga , someone who has redefined independent cinema in India. Do tune in.A post shared by (@gulpanag) An actress who is widely known for her stellar performances, Gul Panag is shown as the wife of an inspector, who brings feistiness to her role in the series. On the work front, the actor has played prominent roles in movies like Dor, Student of the year 2, Rann etc. She is married to Rishi Attari and they are proud parents of a baby boy named Nihal. 4. Swastika Mukherjee View this post on InstagramGot it right finally. Heehaw ðð @pratapud #behindthescenes #beforequarantine #life #work #happyselves On the sets of #shrimati directed by @arjunndutta my favourite ð¥°A post shared by (@swastikamukherjee13) Swastika Mukherjee is a Bengali actress, who plays the role of the wife of a journalist in Paatal Lok. This actress has won hearts in her Bollywood debut Mumbai Cutting and has also worked in other ones like Byomkesh Bakshi, Jaatishwar etc. The actress in real life who is known to have a sharp tongue has landed in several controversies. She was first married to Pramit Sen at the age of 18 but since it was an unhappy marriage, she filed for divorce but continued to hit the headlines for her other alleged relationships as per reports. 5. Jaideep Ahlawat View this post on InstagramFrom Jaideep Ahlawat to Insp. HaathiRam Chaudhary,, Thana Outer Jamuna Par ... The Transformation was Good ... I think ð¥â¤ï¸ð¥ ... Came a Long Way. Thank you so much everyone for believing in me ... I canât Thank enough you guys for the love and support you gave me in this journey of HathiRam and #paatallok ... Without you guys there wonât be any HaathiRam love you all ð¤ððâºï¸â¤ï¸ð¥°ðð¤ðð @primevideoin @officialcsfilms @anushkasharma @kans26 #sudipsharma @manojmittra @saurabhma @prositroy @avinasharun24fps @gulpanag @swastikamukherjee13 @nowitsabhi @serialclicker811 @sagarhaveli @ijagjeetsandhu @ishwaksingh @aasifkhan.1 @magniloquent_spoony @aninditaa_bose @saurabh_goswami13 @mukundgupta @maria.tharakan @dsouzavinit @djangokaza @benedmusic @_naren @salam_ansari9 @ankitmalik3 @polome_b @its_just_roo @vahishaikh @henthoimairembamA post shared by (@jaideepahlawat) Jaideep who plays the role of a lower-class cop has an intriguing story in the series. In his prolific career, he has also portrayed some memorable roles in Hindi cinema and in the digital world as well. Speaking of his family, both his parents are teachers in Haryana and he holds an MA in English from FTII. 6. Ishwak Singh View this post on Instagram"Dear mama Don't you know I love you? Dear mama Place no one above you Oh mama, I appreciate you Although my shadow's gone I will never leave you I appreciate you I love you I need you Oh mama I love you Appreciate you I need you Oh mama" Tupac @neena.singh.792740 #happymothersdayA post shared by (@ishwaksingh) View this post on InstagramClick by @kavishsinhaA post shared by (@ishwaksingh) Veere Di Wedding made Ishwak Singh the talk of the town, but even in Paatal Lok, this actor's role as a young cop is quite inspiring and high accolades. The actor made his debut in Bollywood with Raanjhanaa and in real life, he is an architect and has worked with Fabinteriors but he later moved into acting. Speaking of his family background, his mother's name is Neena Singh and his father is also an architect. 7. Niharika Lyra Dutt View this post on Instagram.....Continued Im 21. You, me and Baba are in Vietnam, on a junk cruise. And like the other 20 people from across the world, we too were given bad weather advice and have only carried light summer wear. In actuality it is biting cold and the sun hasn't shone for days. There is an oppurtunity to go kayaking and you egg me on, and I wet my only jeans through and through. After, we sit in our room. I, wrapped in a few towels after a warm bath watch you, as you stand next to the bed and dry my jeans with the hair dryer for two hours straight. You crafty minx, lover of junk and salmon, with moves much better than Jagger and a heart of gold, have my heart, forever and more. I love you. The end. ð¸@abeerchakraA post shared by (@niharikalyradutt) Niharika Lyra Dutt plays the role of Sara Mathews in the series. As far as her career and personal life goes, she started her career as a theatre artist, after learning acting in Mumbai. Her mother is a retired teacher while her father Piu Dutt is a filmmaker and an actor and has appeared in films like Madras Cafe, Jolly LLB etc. 8. Anindita Bose View this post on Instagram~Happy Happy Momma Day~ ð . . @anima0210 #likemotherlikedaughterA post shared by (@aninditaa_bose) Even Anindita Bose has hit the headlines in Bengali films. The actor has been garnering a lot of praises for her role in the series as a con artist named Chanda. In reality, though, the 34-year-old actress tied the knot with Saurav Das who is also a popular Bengali actor. She is also a popular doodle artist on Instagram. 9. Jagjeet Sandhu View this post on Instagram"ਠਹਿਰਾਵ" à¨à©±à¨ à¨à¨à¨¿à¨¹à© à¨à©à¨ ਹ੠à¨à© à¨à¨²à¨¦à¨¬à¨¾à©à© ਠਨਹà©à©° ਮਿਲਦਾ ! #jagjeetsandhu #paatallokA post shared by (@ijagjeetsandhu) Jagjeet Singh Sandhu is a part of Punjabi Cinema and is known for his stellar performances in movies like Rupinder Gandhi and Dakuan Da Munda. The actor plays the role of Tope Singh, in Paatal Lok and is shown as a ruthless killer. In real life, he holds a Masters degree in Theatre and shot to stardom in for his versatile acting skills. View the full article
  14. â10 saal baad isi station pe vaapas aayenge. Aaj hi ke din... Aayega? Aayega?â If you are a complete Bollywood âbhaktâ, you cannot forget these words as you will be instantly reminded of Omi Vaidya aka Chatur from 3 Idiots. You canât forget the infamous speech as itâs a rarity that a movie scene is written in such hilarity. Now, Omi has come up with one speech but itâs about those idiots who arenât taking the Coronavirus seriously. The speech gets us back to the old Chatur because he has given this monologue too in 3 Idiots style. He captioned the video as, "CHATUR ON CORONA!!! Aadarniya Social Media Family, Aapne mujhe bahut miss kiye hogey. That is why I am aa gaya hu â Aapko firse HANSAANE, aur Corona ko RULAANE. Created by these idiots -: @kkay9616 @seedhasaada @shrreyasinghania @i._.amanparmar @saiket_sengupta." View this post on InstagramAadarniya Social Media Family, Aapne mujhe bahut miss kiye hogey. That is why I am aa gaya hu â Aapko firse HANSAANE, aur Corona ko RULAANEð Created by these idiots -: @kkay9616 @seedhasaada @shrreyasinghania @i._.amanparmar @saiket_senguptaA post shared by (@omionekenobe) In the video, he said, âNamastey... Mere priya darshakon...jaise ki aap jaantey ho ki mera Virus se purana rishta hai. Isliye maine iss virus pe kuch likha hai. Ye virus jaanleva hai lekin iska prabhaav ek aur chiz par pada hai. pata hai kispe? Sthann ki prapti pe... (omi takes the marriage ring out of his finger) Sabse pehle apne haatho se ling nikale aur haath ko Jal ki boondi ke neeche rakhiye...Phir saaboonn ki jhaag mai shukranu ko aise masaliye ki uski naam-o-nishaniii mit jaaye⦠Iss nirodh ke kaal mai bahar jaye toh muh pe mask hamesha lagaye. A for Apple B for Ball, C for Corona...Goodbye Idiots.â The creators like Saad Khan, Karan Kothari, Shreya Singhania, Aman Parman, and Saikat Sengupta are the mind behind this video and have done an amazing job delivering the message. Well, this is hilarious. This would have surely reminded of the old speech so hereâs it for you to see it again. In one of the interviews, Omi Vaidya had said, âI remember thinking how hard (and exciting) it would be to interpret the speech the way it was intended, sans Ranchoâs indecent alterations. I remember thinking how difficult (and challenging) it would be to play the speech straight with cameras rolling and a full house rolling in their seats. And then flash, I remember it all being over and everyone loving it, even the lighting crew who rarely stick around to watch the action.â Well, Omi Vaidya rose to fame with this movie, and by seeing him giving this Corona speech, we would want to see him soon on the big screens. View the full article
  15. We had gone so long without an extremely stupid comment by a minister, I had actually started getting worried about their well being, but well, the comeback was worth it. Recently, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri made one of the most illogical comments during this coronavirus pandemic and I'm impressed at how absurd it is. So, as everyone knows, social distancing is the new norm and how important it actually is to minimize the spread of coronavirus as much as possible. It's not that hard to follow, it's pretty basic. Since domestic air travel is starting from May 25th, preparations for restarting have been going on. Talking about that, he was quoted by Press Trust of India saying that even the middle seats won't be left empty on flights. Social distancing requirement not met even if middle seats in flights are kept vacant, so we will fill up middle seats: Aviation Minister â Press Trust of India (@PTI_News) May 21, 2020 Okay, I get that the social distance rules won't be fulfilled even with passengers on the window and aisle seat, but leaving the middle seat is pushing it too far. People should not be in such close proximity to each other during a freaking pandemic. View the full article