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  1. Delhi's history, culture and basically everything that makes it dilwalon ki dilli is in sheer jeopardy, as the city struggles to get some fresh air with the rising pathetic bad quality air index. The odd-even scheme, people being urged to wear masks, kids not going to school might be a discounted way of living but it is still not the ideal solution. While citizens have been marching and trying to raise awareness, the government has been under the radar ever since pictures of MPs going MIA from the urgent parliamentary meeting meant to take a decision for this situation went viral. © TOI Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is an environmentalist in his own accord, is known to raise his voice and express opinions on issues which affect the world, mostly climatic. He recently shared a detailed post about the rising level of pollution in Delhi and expressed his concern over the same, urging people to understand how it was affecting the blanket of atmosphere for humans all across the globe. View this post on Instagram #Regram #RG @extinctionrebellion: Over 1500 citizens gathered in at India Gate, in New Dehli, to demand immediate action on the cities hazardous pollution levels.⣠⣠According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution in India is estimated to kill about 1.5 million people every year; these statistics make air pollution the fifth-largest killer in India. ⣠⣠People of all ages joined the demonstration, which succeeded to directly trigger action for Indian citizens:⣠1. The Indian Prime Ministers office set up a special panel to address the issue, within a few hours of the protest. The panel is due to report on the issue within 2 weeks.⣠2. The Supreme Court of India asked the Central Government and respective state governments to fix the crop and waste burning issue of Dehli within a week. ⣠3. The Center accepted that Green Fund will be used to combat toxic air pollution. ⣠4. The Indian Prime Minister asked the Agriculture Ministry to distribute equipment urgently so that crop burning is no longer necessary. ⣠⣠Despite these promises, the air is still unsafe and activists will keep the pressure on until the air pollution reaches safe levels. ⣠⣠The protest was organised by a collaboration of movements; @xrebellionind @LetMeBreathe_In @FridaysForFutureIndia_ along with other activists. ⣠⣠Photography by Arjun Mahatta and co, via @FridaysForFuture ⣠⣠#RightToBreathe #ExtinctionRebellion #IndiaGate #SolutionNotPollution #ActNow #RebelForLife A post shared by Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) on Nov 18, 2019 at 7:24am PST Leonardo has his own non-profit which was set up years ago, and works ardently for the protection of the environment. People on the internet are in full support of this post and are, in fact, questiong the celebs in India on their silence over this alarming issue. #LeonardoDiCaprio ne bhi delhi ki pollution problem ko leke insta me post kr diya,ab humare desh ke deshbhakt bollywood star kaha hai,abhi bhi sarakar ki campening kr rhe hai kya? — Cañ Official (@CaOfficial4) November 19, 2019 This time to shame our India government even the biggest star of Hollywood industry @LeoDiCaprio has protest for Delhi pollution..#LeonardoDiCaprio #DelhiAirQuality #DelhiPollution #IndianEconomy #indiagoverment #RightToBreathe #IndiaGate #solutionNotpollution #NarendraModi — Kaif Mumbaikar (@Kaif10047218) November 18, 2019 It is actually alarming and the silence of the authorities is deafening now. I have no idea what these poster kids of paparazzi are doing when their voice is actually needed in a time like this, and sadly, when it comes to promoting movies or a political party, they are plastered everywhere. Also, as far as the government agencies are concerned, they might be trying to do something magical for the citizens, like gift everyone an air purifier but until they speak up and show us what is being done, we really cannot stop coming down hard on them until a concrete solution emerges. View the full article
  2. There are two types of bike lovers in this world: first, who just talk about brands and the second who not only know all the technical bits but can also identify the bike and model just by hearing it roar on the streets. Well, I am no bike enthusiast but there are still a few bikes that I can identify by their sound and the one on the top of the list is Royal Enfield. Almost every single person in this country can recognise an Enfield without actually seeing it. The bike has a distinct voice that the engine makes and that is one of the many things that enthusiasts fall in love with. Since 1955, Royal Enfield has been a staple in our country and the one thing as iconic as the bike is the Madras stripe that sits on it. Unlike most bike brands that still use machines,Royal Enfield still uses these steady-handed painters who hand paint the pinstripes on Bullet tanks and now, Royal Enfield is bringing the same human touch to its helmets. You read that right! Royal Enfield has launched helmets that come with the trademark stripes. The idea behind the launch is to bring the culture and the legacy of the bike to another canvas close to a rider, helmets. They have manufactured only 200 of these unique helmets where the stripes are painted by the same hands using the same paint that is used on the bikes. Multiple riders have gone on long road trips on their Enfields and created numerous memories that they will forever cherish. People who love bikes know that they are more than just a mode of transportation, their bikes are a part of their lives, their treasured possession and something that will always be there for them. This is why most bike lovers are so passionate about the gear they buy as well. The helmets, just like every product that Royal Enfield manufactures, are made with high-quality materials like single unit fibreglass shell for better impact absorption and also making it lightweight, ventilated EPS internal liner, premium leather internals and much more. These are a collector's item meant for anyone who has loved the iconic pinstripes on the tanks of Royal Enfield Bullet and also for any enthusiast who wants to own a mark of this legacy. The helmets will be exclusively available on the Royal Enfield online store, only to those who sign up for the sale. View the full article
  3. Sony's next-generation console isn't coming out at least for another year. However, we may have gotten our first look at the console's new controller. Yes, we're talking about the PS5 controller. Newly published images by Japan's patent office gives us some clues as to what to expect from the controller in terms of its design. According to VGC, who first spotted the images online, the pictures are attributed to the PlayStation manufacturer and match a description of the PS5's prototype which Sony had revealed earlier. © Japan Patent Office As you can see, the new controller doesn't seem to look a lot different from the current Dualshock 4. The overall silhouette appears to be the same, but there are some noteworthy differences. First of all, it looks like the new controller won't have a light bar. It could very well be a decision taken in favor of the battery life, but we're not sure yet. The trigger buttons also seem a little bigger, but it's hard to tell from the diagrams. It's also worth pointing out that there are two separate headphone jacks on the bottom of the controller, as opposed to the single headphone jack found on the current one. © Japan Patent Office The diagrams also make it very clear that Sony is sticking to its signature symmetrical layout for the thumbsticks. That's what makes a PlayStation controller look different from an Xbox controller, so we're not surprised to see the same design. Apart from that though, we don't see anything else that's worth pointing out from the patent images. In case you missed it earlier, Sony has already revealed some info about the controllers. The new controllers will feature enhanced rumble and haptic feedback to deliver the experience of different sensations to players. It will also include "adaptive triggers" which the developers will be able to program to represent in-game tension and force. © Japan Patent Office The PlayStation 5 is shaping up to be a really good console, but we'll have to wait for at least another year to see what Sony has cooked for us. Source: VGC View the full article
  4. The Abu Dhabi T10 League is turning out to be a lot more excited than we'd hoped for. While batsman Kieron Pollard decorated his wagon wheel with four sixes and one four in a single over to show how he still can make the bowlers suffer, there is yet another man from the league, people on social media can't stop talking about. A 21-year-old Kevin Koththiigoda from Sri Lanka, who is currently a part of the Bangla Tigers roster, came out to bowl with the idea of sending the opposing batsman into frenzy with his rather unique bowling action. Turns out, his 'hurricane' actions, as the fans have now started calling it, had a deeper impact, and confused the hell out of the traditional fan base of the game who dropped everything they were doing and began to analyse the anomaly that Koththiigoda's bowling action is. #NewFavePlayer Kevin Koththiigoda. Consonant in a blender — Paul Radley (@PaulRadley) November 16, 2019 Incorrect. He can. It's similar to Paul Adam's action who took 134 test wickets in 45 games. — Sanj (@sanj156) November 17, 2019 Don't think he even generated any spin. More of a physc-out — Bomberland ð´â«ï¸ (@gouldygould_n) November 18, 2019 His arm ends up at mid wicket ð — Adam Ryszkowski (@AdamRyko) November 17, 2019 Clearly, Koththiigoda's action is more of an upgraded version of the South African legend Paul Adams' 'Frog in a Blender' bowling style that helped him scalp 134 wickets in just 45 international Test matches between 1995 and 2004. However, Kevin Koththiigoda isn't the first cricketer whose work resembles the great Proteas from 24 years ago. During his Indian Premier League debut with the Gujarat Lions, Shivil Kaushik too made headlines for his unorthodox and painful looking bowling action. As soon as he delivered his first ball, people were already talking about his version of the 'Frog in a Blender'. View the full article
  5. As an AirPods user myself, I know what it feels like to experience the horror of losing or feeling that you may have lost, one of the AirPods. That's just how it is. They don't stay in most people's ears and are very easy to lose. Well, a genius in San Francisco decided to have some fun with this common fear by making life-sized stickers of AirPods. Yes, he placed those stickers around the city on the sidewalks, roads, etc. to troll people. He's an artist and a creative director who's quite popular for some of his pranks on Instagram, so I am not surprised to see this coming from him. I made life-size AirPod stickers and stuck them on the ground, all over the city 𤡠 — Pablo Rochat (@PabloRochat) November 17, 2019 Don't they look like actual AirPods? I don't know about you, but if I see them on the road, I'd definitely stop to take a second look. In fact, I'd legit reach for my ears just to make sure that's not mine. He even posted a video of him placing one those stickers on the sidewalk right next to a pole. — Pablo Rochat (@PabloRochat) November 17, 2019 And lastly, he was kind enough to give a download link for the stickers to prank others. Yes, you can download the sticker template for free and yes, he made a template for the new AirPods Pro too. While we don't recommend printing them and placing around the city and make it chaotic, it'd be fun to mess around with your friends and colleagues at work. You can download the sticker template from here. View the full article
  6. On Sunday, Arhaan Khan was evicted from the Bigg Boss 13 house. The actor-entrepreneur entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry after the mid-season finale. Arhaan entered the house with a lot of high hopes but was in there only for a short duration. Before entering the show, Arhaan said in an interview with Indian Express, “It was all baseless rumours. We are just great friends and nothing else. Rashami has denied it and I am also saying that there is no truth to those stories. I am single. I am not in a mood to romance in the show. There is no one who seems interesting. I am only going on the show to entertain the audience.” View this post on Instagram Today's mood , Beast mode on! ðªð» #TuesdayTransformation . . #arhaankhan #ArhaanKhan #VoteForArhaanKhan #SupportArhaanKhan #TeamAK #fitness #biggboss13 #BB13 @colorstv @voot A post shared by Arhan Khan (@arhaankhaan) on Nov 12, 2019 at 7:59am PST He also said, “I am not on Bigg Boss for Rashami and neither does she need me. We both are strong players in our own place. Rashami is an independent woman and she needs no support. I hope we both have a good stint on the show.” After his eviction, he took to his Instagram account and shared a post saying, “My journey in the Bigg Boss house may have been short-lived. But all this love and support from you guys is overwhelming and unbelievable! Thank you for supporting me and I think it's kind of you to think that I shouldn't have been evicted. It's a little upsetting because I was just starting to get a good grip on the game! I'll miss my bestie, Rashami Desai ⤠Play well, and get the trophy! You deserve only the best! You're one of the strongest women I know! You have all my love and support!” View this post on Instagram My journey in the Bigg Boss house may have been short lived. But all this love and support from you guys is really overwhelming and unbelievable! Thank you for supporting me and I think it's really kind of you to think that I shouldn't have been evicted. It's a little upsetting because I was just starting to get a good grip on the game! I'll definitely miss my bestie, Rashami Desai ⤠Play well, and get the trophy! You deserve only the best! You're one of the strongest women I know! You have all my love and support! . #ArhaanKhan #RashamiDesai #Arhmi #WeLoveArhaanKhan #TeamAK #biggboss13 #BB13 @colorstv A post shared by Arhan Khan (@arhaankhaan) on Nov 17, 2019 at 12:44pm PST However, fans are still finding it difficult to accept his eviction, whereas Arhaan expressed how grateful he is for being a part of Bigg Boss 13. Stay tuned to MensXP for all the latest updates. View the full article
  7. It hasn't even been 12 hours since the trailer of Good Newwz dropped and people on social media are already having a field day churning memes out of it. Fans call Akshay Kumar 'Khatron Ka Khiladi' or 'Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi', but in the movie he and Diljit Dosanjh actually become Khiladis who take the biggest risk of their lives, when their sperms get exchanged in a goof-up. In case you missed the trailer, the story is about two couples - Mr. and Mrs. Batra (Akshay Kumar-Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh-Kiara Advani), who get entangled in a bizarre situation, when the hospital they go to for IVF procedure confuses their names and ends up exchanging the sperms. It's fine if you didn't watch the trailer, but you cannot miss these memes. Although, I want to say that all these memes are better than Arjun Kapoor's performance in 'Panipat', but I won't say it. Anyway, just like Diljit Dosanjh stole the show in the trailer, he's become a favourite for the trolls too who just can't get enough of his dialogues and his 'baby face'. #GoodNewwzTrailer @karanjohar *When a Star-Kid is born* Karan Johar: — Shancasm (@iamshaan04) November 18, 2019 #GoodNewwzTrailer #GoodNewwz Reporter ask something in English after match Pakistani team:- — dank_city_memer (@dank_city_memer) November 18, 2019 #GoodNewwzTrailer How my dad how my mom Sees me. Sees me. — Sahil Bhalerao ð®ð³ (@Tera_saa) November 18, 2019 Other Parents: Mera beta Engineer Banega/ Doctor Banega His Parents: Mera Beta Kylie Jenner ke Peeche Paagal hoga #GoodNewwzTrailer — Nasticissist (@nasticissist) November 18, 2019 Salman Khan Fans After Watching Laughter Riot #GoodNewwzTrailer : — Mumin (@ImMumin) November 18, 2019 Meanwhile Taimur Reaction :-- 2rs Good Newwz Trailer#GoodNewwzTrailer #GoodNewwz — पà¥à¤°á´ á´á´É´ à¤à¥á´á´Ê नाÊá´á´ ð®ð³ (@kumar_nayak124) November 18, 2019 SSC Hindi medium students after taking admission in Science #GoodNewwzTrailer — Engineer (@adam_styris) November 18, 2019 #GoodNewwz #GoodNewwzTrailer Shashi Tharur doing stand-up comedy Audience : — BekaarAadmið¶ (@RealFun14) November 18, 2019 View the full article
  8. Warning: Spoilers Ahead. The Star Wars universe is mind-bogglingly massive. According to Swiss data scientists, there are a whopping 21, 647 named characters across 36,000 years of storyline. If you want to exclude minor characters, you're still left with a whopping 7,563 - a number that's steadily rising as the Disney-owned franchise releases more films, TV and video games than ever before. This means that with every new iteration, there's an even greater wealth of references and carefully hidden surprises for fans with a keen eye for detail and droid-like memory for dialogue, and The Mandalorian is no exception. Just barely out the gate with two episodes, fans have exploded into a frenzy of speculation, theories and wishlists for the show. Just like them, I bought into the hype - and found myself standing at the precipice of a deep rabbit-hole full of callbacks to the Star Wars legacy. Here's my top picks: Baby Yoda & ET In a twist that several fellow fans and I couldn't possibly see coming, the big cliffhanger/setpiece moment of Episode 1 wasn't some thrilling backstory or face-reveal for The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), but a literal baby Yoda. via GIPHY At least that's what fans have taken to naming this cute ball of green fuzziness. While we're certain that Disney executives are rubbing their palms in glee at projected merchandise sales figures, many of us sci-fi fans were pleasantly surprised with a reference to E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. One of Steven Spielberg's most personal, emotional and yet pathbreaking films, the creators of The Mandalorian paid homage to the classic in this shot. © Disney/Lucasfilm © Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures Celebrating 'Life Day' The Mandalorian's first bounty is an unassuming blue… person by the name of Mythrol. While in the process of being whisked away by the bounty hunter, he mentions wanting to be free for 'Life Day'. While in most stories you can fairly confidently chalk this off as lazy worldbuilding, this actually happens to be a reference - one that's nearly 40 years old. 'Life Day' is basically Wookie Christmas. A cringe-inducing 90-minute long holiday special was released in 1978 - while it hasn't aged well, it's nice to know that the series writers have a firm grasp on obscure memories such as these. The Mandalorian's Rifle Whoever wrote this script really remembers 1978 well - 'Life Day' isn't the only holiday special reference in the pilot episode. In a segment from the special, an animated Boba Fett wanders around while the animators really went to town on colouring both him and his gear - just look at that rifle! © Lucasfilm What's really cool, though, is that the design has been toned down somewhat, and provided to the Mandalorian to wield. via GIPHY Not too shabby, writers. Beskar Metal Also known as 'Mandalorian Iron', this fictional metal draws many parallels to GoT's 'Valyrian Steel' and the MCU's 'Vibranium'. © Disney/Lucasfilm While being incredibly stronger than regular metal and being the armour of choice for Mandalonian warriors, one interesting aspect of this metal is that it provides protection even against lightsaber blows. Does this mean that The Mandalorian will come across a lightsaber user? We'll just have to wait and see. Dr. Pershing's Emblem In the first episode, our antihero finds himself assigned to an off-the-books bounty, which turns out to be baby Yoda. During this briefing, he comes across a timid-looking scientist, which some eagle-eyed fans have been paying close attention to. Partial credit to @bhower1138 for noticing the symbol on his sleeve. — MarvelSW (@NumidianPrime) November 13, 2019 The emblem fans have noticed belongs to Kamino, the planet where the cloning facility was featured in Attack of the Clones. This provides us with a useful clue as to why baby Yoda is the target of the bounty - Dr. Pershing seems to want baby Yoda back alive. Could this mean that the child is a clone of Yoda himself, who dies around 5 years before The Mandalorian's events? So many theories, so little time. Stay tuned for more updates as we ride the hype train, all the way to the December release of Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. View the full article
  9. Joker is probably one of those movies which have left a mark on people who probably don't even enjoy cinema in general. Joaquin Pheonix's stellar performance and a few impromptu acting moves during the shoot gave this movie the thunderous applause that it deserves. Few scenes where we see his character break into a dance trance of his own was improvised by the actor himself and has also become a pivotal point of the storyline when we see him stroll down, dancing in glory on those stairs. Someone on the internet pointed out to Matthew Perry that maybe it was Chandler's moves that the Joker copied and Matthew, being the hilarious self, shared it on his social media. You're welcome. — matthew perry (@MatthewPerry) November 16, 2019 Soon all the FRIENDS fans united and joined the banter when everyone started pointing out more hilarious similarities between the two. What about this +++ — ð (@legendannyy) November 16, 2019 Joker stole all his moves from Chandler Bing — Oldreruns (@oldreruns) November 16, 2019 But the best tweet that describes this whole situation is actually this! plot twist- Chandler's job, that no one knew, is being Joker — Kristine (@__kristine_h) November 16, 2019 If you think about it, maybe that's the reason we never found out what was his job all about! Guys he's back ð±ððð — ððð¥ð (@nataagbo) November 16, 2019 Joker has put Joaquin Phoenix running unofficially for the Oscar next year as his fans are convinced that the man deserves it all. View the full article
  10. Even though the likes of Jason Momoa and Ranveer Singh continue to set high-standards for the kind of beards men can flaunt, the actual task of growing (and maintaining!) a well-shaped beard hasn't become any less challenging. In fact, given the level of air pollution that most Indian cities have become synonymous with, maintaining your beard's health should be a greater priority than ever before. Fortunately, when it comes to men's grooming, Ustraa is one brand that needs no introduction. After all, their range of products helps take care of most of your grooming needs, be it their beard growth oil, moustache wax, face scrub, or hair gel. If we were to talk about beard care specifically, joining that impressive list of products is Ustraa's new range of trimmers which will help shape your beard to perfection 1. Ustraa Black Makes For A Powerful Addition To Your Grooming Kit © Ustraa This powerful trimmer is for those who take their beard seriously. Equipped with titanium coated T-shaped self-sharpening blades, as well as a comb-locking mechanism, trimming your beard has never been this easy or effortless. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery, you also get up to 2 hours of wireless usage after 60 minutes of charging. And after registering on Ustraa's website, you even get two years of warranty on purchase. MRP: Rs. 1,899 Buy it here 2. Give Your Beard Care A Futuristic Upgrade With Ustraa's Chrome Trimmer © Ustraa Thanks to the LCD panel that it comes equipped with (one that displays the battery level), the Ustraa Chrome trimmer immediately grabs your attention. However, that's not the only reason why you should be adding it to your grooming kit. After all, it also has quite the powerful specs to boast of, including sturdy ABS combs, a quick charging Li-ion battery, precision length settings that range from 0 mm to 4 mm, and an efficient low-noise monitor. Also, just like the Ustraa Black trimmer, this also comes with two years of warranty. MRP: Rs. 2,499 Buy it here So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these power-packet trimmers from Ustraa and let your beard do all the talking! View the full article
  11. ASUS is one of the only PC hardware companies that have been doing everything right. They've been killing in the gaming laptop space, networking devices and even gaming motherboards. And now, the Taiwanese company is looking to capture the market that targets working professionals with a laptop that does not cost a bomb and offers great performance at the same time. The company launched the AMD-powered ZenBook 14 this week and we've been using the laptop for a while for this review. It isn't as expensive as its Intel counterpart and doesn't come with the company's ScreenPad 2.0 feature. However, it is still a worthy laptop for daily users who want a light and good looking laptop that gets the job done. Here's what we think about the new ZenBook 14: Performance © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The most important thing in a laptop today is the performance and the ZenBook 14 does not disappoint. Considering the price, the AMD-powered laptop can deliver great performance when compared to other laptops in the same price segment. It is powered by AMD's Ryzen 5 3500U quad-core processor that is cooled with a Radeon Vega 8 GPU. The processor has a clock speed of 210 MHz and can be overclocked to 3698 MHz if needed. When it comes to the RAM, the ZenBook 14 comes with 8GB RAM that can be upgraded to 16GB if needed. In terms of storage, it comes with a 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD which is more than enough for office professionals. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla We performed a simple PCMark 10 test and it managed to rake in a score of 3630. While it may not surpass its Intel counterpart or even other expensive laptops that are available, it is still good enough for using as a daily laptop. The ZenBook 14 is not really a gaming laptop and doesn't come with a powerful GPU, so we kind of expected average performance. In 3DMark's Fire Strike and Cloud Gate benchmark tests, the laptop scored 1797 and 10209 points respectively. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla In everyday use, the RAM management on this thing was quite impressive as we were able to run multiple applications with ease without facing any lag or throttling issues. Since we work at a publication, we have to edit documents, images, respond to emails, research topics and use it for communication throughout the day. We are happy to say that even when we put the laptop's performance to an excruciating stress test, we were still able to multitask without any major issue. The case remained the same for transferring large files thanks to the SSD. Design and Display © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The display on the Asus ZenBook 14 is one of the marquee features on the laptop as it has a 14-inch FullHD LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The quality on the display is quite impressive as the colours were at par with other flagship models. There was no sign of over-saturation and the colours looked vivid while watching movies on Netflix. The display also comes with a matte type finish so that it is easier to read documents under bright light. It is perfect for use in an office space where you are generally surrounded by bright white light. The matte finish on the screen prevents glare that is a major complaint on both flagship and entry-level laptop. The display has a 78-degree maximum viewing angle, making it flexible enough to look at content at different comfortable viewing angles. ASUS also claims that the ZenBook 14 delivers 100 percent sRGB range which is an added benefit for people who like edit images on the go. The ZenBook 14 also comes with an added feature for people who are always typing and is engrained in the design of the laptop. The ZenBook 14 uses the “ErgoLift” hinge that basically lifts the keyboard by 4.5 degrees. This lift makes it easier and more comfortable to type on the keyboard. This lift also helps in the airflow to keep the laptop cool and deliver a better audio experience. The laptop comes with two top firing stereo speakers giving you one of the best audio experiences on a laptop. These speakers are tuned by Harmon Kardon to deliver a balanced audio experience. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla In terms of the overall look of the laptop, the Utopia Blue variant looks very sexy and elegant at the same time. It isn't gaudy in any way while being a head-turner at the same time. It weighs only 1.39kg and has an all-metal design to give it a premium appeal. The palm rest, the keyboard and the top cover all feel excellent and are in line with the high design standards we expect from ASUS. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Lastly, in terms of ports, the laptop comes with an HDMI port, a USB-A 3.1 port, and a USB-C 3.1 port on the left side of the body. We were quite disappointed to see that the laptop uses a round pin power port instead of the USB-C standard. The port makes it easier to fast charge the laptop as the Type-C port is now becoming the standard for faster-charging speeds. In addition, the laptop also has a single USB-A 2.0 port, an SD Card slot and a headphone jack on the right side of the port. If you want more security, ASUS has also provided a fingerprint scanner on the top right corner of the touchpad. Keyboard and Touchpad © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The final piece of the puzzle is the touchpad and the keyboard. These two features can either make it or kill the overall experience on a laptop. You can have a great display, an ample number of ports and an awesome design, however, if the keyboard or the trackpad is not up to the mark, it can really affect your overall experience. It's a recurring problem with MacBooks which has made it hard to use the laptop in the long run. The ASUS ZenBook 14 does not have that problem. It uses scissor-switch keys and has a travel of 1.4 millimetres. It is backlit with warm lights so that it doesn't strain your eyes and is very responsive especially when typing fast. The only confusing thing about the keyboard is the placement of the power button. It is too similar to the rest of the keys and sometimes you can mistake it for the delete button. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The touchpad accuracy, responsiveness and smoothness are also at par with what we expect on modern MacBook Pros. You can also customise certain functions and gestures from the Windows settings according to your liking. Overall, the touchpad is very responsive and gets the job done for fast navigation and doing daily tasks. The Final Say If you've been looking for an affordable yet powerful Windows laptop, the ASUS ZenBook 14 fits the bill. It starts at Rs 59,990 and has all the essential ports, features and functionality you need to carry out daily tasks. It looks beautiful and is a definite head-turner whether you are in a cafe or at work. It is a great alternative to Intel-powered laptops that cost more and don't offer any extra performance. If you are looking for a beautiful laptop that can also be used for minor image editing, fast typing, and viewing video content with great audio, you can't go wrong with this one. View the full article
  12. There are biryani lovers, and then there are biryani lovers. No, really. It almost feels unreal to imagine that such people may exist who don't like this absolutely drool-some non-vegetarian delicacy. Yes, non-vegetarian. Because nothing like a veg-biryani exists. But let's save that discussion for another time. The reason why we are discussing biryani in the first place is because Pakistan's Minister of Agriculture of Sindh, Ismail Rahoo came up with the most absurd solution to deal with the current onslaught of locusts in the city of Karachi - Locust Biryani. In my balcony in #karachi. Massive swarms of locusts! — Ayesha Mysorewala (@ayeshamysore) November 11, 2019 Just to give you more context, here is the deal. So, of late, Karachi has been under attack from swarms of locusts infesting the city, and agitated people are reaching out to the government to come up with a solution for this nuisance. Reportedly, when Agriculture minister Rahoo was contacted by the media and asked for a response, he gave the strangest 'solution' - cook the locusts and enjoy them as barbeque or as biryani. The swarm of 1000s of locusts invades Shahra e Faisal , tipu sultan road, baloch colony , kokan ground and nearby areas. Beware everyone! #Locusts #Karachi — Asim Jofa (@asimjofa) November 11, 2019 Say whaaa? Mr Rahoo said, "Iska aap barbeque kar sakte hain, biryani bana sakte hain. Kadhahi bhi ban sakti hai iski. Iski badi badi dishes banti hain." Here's the video that went viral. #Locusts #Karachi Ù¹ÚÛÙÚº Ø³Û Ø®ÙÙ ÙÛ Ú©Ú¾Ø§Ø¦ÛÚº بÙÚ©Û Ù¾Ú©Ø§ کر کھائÛÚº Ø Ø¨Ø§Ø± Ø¨Û Ú©Û٠بÙائÛÚº Ø Ú©ÚاÛÛ Ù¾Ú©Ø§Ø¦ÛÚº Ø Ø¨Ø±ÛاÙÛ ØªÛار کرÛÚº اÙر ÙØ²Û Ø§ÚائÛÚº — sanjay sadhwani (@sanjaysadhwani2) November 11, 2019 Now, what sort of a solution or even response is that? As a public servant, the least Mr Rahoo could have done was to show some concern and offer some sort of assistance. But alas, that was not to be, and he ended up offending scores of biryani lovers instead. Janta maaf nahi karegi Rahoo sahab. View the full article
  13. 2019 has been Keanu Reeves' year, for sure. Along, with John Wick, he has popped up in so many weird unexpected places and people, obviously, loved it because, well, it's Keanu Reeves and he's breathtaking. Looks like he's spent the year rounding up the Keanu Reeves Cinematic Universe, and his latest stint might be the most unexpected one. Today, when people started watching the SpongeBob movie trailer, they did not expect to see a tumbleweed with Keanu Reeves' face pop up but, oh well. Are you ready? The best part. "Call me Sage. I'm made out of sage and I am a sage, so it works out." How will we ever get over Keanu Ka Ghosla? For years, everyone has been waiting for him to maybe do a superhero movie and join DC or Marvel. Marvel even approaches him on a regular fan for every movie they do, but nope, this guy takes on roles like these. This is it, this why everyone loves him. Maybe someone should start a thread of Keanu in unexpected places, I would most definitely follow that. For the meantime, we have some gems from this year. Keanu Reeves has made in so much appearances lately that it's crazy. — Raziinator (@BlastDynamite) November 14, 2019 It most definitely is. I can't believe 2019 is the year of Keanu Reeves — ðM.A.T.E.ð (@An_Awesome_Dude) November 14, 2019 So wholesome. I'm so happy Keanu Reeves. Charismatic actor, loveable person, recently introduced his gf to the public and he keeps getting work. Absolutely deserved all this new found love. btw, he is in the new spongebob movie as a tumbleweed — Luluððâ¡ðª (@luulubuu) November 14, 2019 Still hard to believe. Keanu Reeves is in the newest SpongeBob movie as a Tumbleweed, I'm not joking — Pixelbuster (@Nitomatta) November 14, 2019 He's a sage. Keanu Reeves is such a versatile actor, look at what he's accomplished this year Badass Assassin Futuristic Cyberpunk Android ... Magic Tumbleweed... — TRAFON (@RiseFallNick) November 14, 2019 Seriously, thank you. To the executive or animator or writer working on #SpongeBobMovie that came up with the pitch of, "You know what live-action cameo this new Spongebob Movie needs? Keanu Reeves!" Thank You. — Rendy Jones (@Rendy_Jones) November 14, 2019 Our saviour. Keanu Reeves has been the only consistently good thing about 2019 — Alex Zalben (@azalben) November 14, 2019 Forget Beyonce. me when i saw keanu reeves in the trailer #SpongeBobMovie — ðððððð. (@keanusre) November 14, 2019 The best universe. Keanu Reeves cinematic universe. All this shown in 2019 (some coming 2020). — Miraculous Maku (@RedMakuzawa) November 14, 2019 View the full article
  14. Not just in the Indian cricket team, Hardik Pandya is definitely someone with an unconventional sense of style that stands out rather easily, even among B-Town celebs. Not just on the cricket field but outside of it too, Hardik is one of the best-dressed sportsmen in the country. Amongst celebrities who love to dip their toes in high fashion like Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah, Hardik is not too far behind. From splurging on blingy Versace sneakers) to a Louis Vuitton shirt that costs as much as the rent of a sea-facing apartment in Mumbai, Hardik has pulled it all off with some aplomb. All said and done, accessorising is clearly Hardik Pandya's MVP in styling his outfits. Recently for Katy Perry's welcome party at Karan Johar's place, he was spotted in an all-black outfit, with a neon blue jacket tied around his waist. To complete the look, he had chosen a blingy silver chain with a pair of white high-top Louis Vuitton sneakers with a chunky gold chain from their SS19 collection. Take a look: © Viral Bhayani It is a regular pair of white high-top sneakers with Louis Vuitton trinkets attached left, right and center of the silhouette. The gold chunky chain on his sneakers takes his outfit to another level. We wonder if Katy Perry was taken aback with the kind of bling that Hardik Pandya was flashing through his chunky accessories. View the full article
  15. Faith and religion tend to be such sensitive topics these days, that most of us would rather talk about the smog and Kejriwal instead. You never know who's snooping, who might get offended or worse, when you might get cornered by religious fanatics out of nowhere. While terms such as 'intolerance' and 'sickular-ism' are thrown around, and the disconnect between Left and Right continues to grow wider, every good instance of unity and brotherhood needs to be shared every chance we get. © Twitter/ANI Just like the news that Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board Chairman Wasim Rizvi donated Rs 51,000 for the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. This gesture of fraternity, which comes just days after the historic Ayodhya verdict, is being hailed by people on social media. The #UttarPradesh #ShiaCentralWaqfBoard Chairman #WasimRizvi, has announced a donation of Rs 51,000 for the construction of the Ram temple in #Ayodhya. — IANS Tweets (@ians_india) November 15, 2019 Mr Rizvi has shown true sportsmanship and this gesture of goodwill shall be taken in good faith by Hindus and Muslims. He also stated that the Board favoured the construction of a Ram Temple in Ayodhya and that the Supreme Court's judgement is the "best verdict". That was a solid gesture Mr Rizvi. View the full article