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News Channels Use Same ‘Expert’ For Everything & People Now Call Him Johnny Sins Of Journalism

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Many people watch Prime Time news as they expect it to give them the relevant information that one needs. But, time and again Prime Time news shows have become a joke!

News channels have been over-exaggerating and dramatically covering a topic without giving any valid information to the viewers. And this isn’t anything new. Everyday viewers come across instances that leave them disappointed and now some of us only watch prime time news shows for entertainment and eerie graphics.

But, we still depend on news channels and didn’t expect them to make things up. However, it seems like logic and facts have been thrown out of the window years ago.

Me making different profiles for free Netflix

— Manish (@Man_isssh) July 30, 2020

Recently, viewers figured out that an expert K. Siddhartha, a guest who has been seen on multiple TV channels as an expert has been giving his opinions on multiple things.

A Twitter user pointed out saying, that this man has been giving his opinions as an expert as an environmentalist, an expert on India-Vietnam relations, a geologist, and an educationist among others. Now, that’s very shocking and new!

Checkout the post here-

Ye Waali Education Policy Chahiye

— Tempest (@ColdCigar) July 30, 2020

According to his website, he is actually an author and consultant. His website states as a 'strategic thinker, geostrategist, knowledge and perception management consultant, thought leadership trainer.’

Soon this picture went viral on Twitter and here’s what people have to say about this-

A TV debate panelist in 2020:

— PuNsTeR™ (@Pun_Starr) July 30, 2020

Johnny sins of journalism

— Pratik Hingankar (@Pratik_hi) July 31, 2020

— Sir-Kesham (@SarKesam) July 30, 2020

News channel be like @AnonEagleFlight bhai dekh isse

— meetbrar (@meetbrar1) July 31, 2020

— Rahul Dua (@Rahul_Dua84) July 30, 2020

Ye TV ka dhruv rathee hai🤣

— Pooja Sangwan ❁ (@ThePerilousGirl) July 30, 2020

K Siddhartha be like ....

— ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ (@theesmaarkhan) July 31, 2020

Arnad- educationalist, environmentalist , geographical expert needed in my panel

K siddhartha

— राज (@memeskaraj) July 31, 2020

K Siddhartha in a nutshell...

— WTF_Memez (@MemezWtf) July 31, 2020

These memes are hilarious and have entertained us beyond everyone’s expectation.

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