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Virat Kohli In Trouble? Petition Seeking Indian Captain's Arrest Filed In Madras High Court

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Making his debut in 2008, not many would have thought a chubby and overtly aggressive Virat Kohli would go on to achieve bigger and greater things, let alone become the captain of the Indian cricket team. But, a career-changing lifestyle change didn't just see him become an inspiration for the country's youth, but also allowed him to become one of India's most prized possessions.

His unmatched work ethic and dedication towards the sport saw him sparking a fitness revolution in Team India. And, his aggressive brand of cricket has allowed his team to scale new heights in recent times. 

While his on-field exploits have earned him plaudits, Kohli's demeanour and conduct away from it has further struck a chord with fans, earning him a fanbase beyond borders.

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