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Monkey Hanged To Death In Telangana To 'Send A Message' To Other Monkeys Causing Problems

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Just in the last couple of months, we've seen some of the worst crimes humans have committed against defenceless animals and those were just the few that someone managed to document. There are probably so many cases that we never even get to know about and the poor animal never gets the justice it deserves. Adding to the long list of reasons why humans are actually trash, the new incident to cause widespread outrage - and rightly so - is the hanging of a monkey.

A video of the horrific incident was being shared online and it shows the monkey struggling while hanging from a noose. A visual like that is enough to make everyone recoil and question if there's actually any humanity left in the world. The answer to that last question is no, from what I've seen.

#Heartbreaking: These visuals may annoy you. This incident proves again that we are (humans) very dangerous and cruel than all on the planet. A man at #Vensupalam village, #khammam in #Telangana, brutally killed a monkey. Hours after being tortured, the monkey leaves its breath.

â Balakrishna - The Journalist (@Balakrishna096) June 28, 2020

This is intentionally cruel, they're torturing the monkey. Reportedly, this incident took place on June 26 in Telangana's Khammam when a troop of monkeys entered the area and the people there decided to set an example and teach them a lesson. This was apparently done as a way to send a message to all the other monkeys and scare them. 

Talking to PTI, Sathupalli Forest Range Officer A Venkateswarlu said, "The perpetrators, who admitted their guilt, are being booked under the Wildlife Protection Act. The accused wanted to scare other monkeys by hanging the one which was caught. We found the carcass in a decomposed state. The accused are being booked under the Wildlife Protection Act."

At least the poor monkey will get some justice but we all know, we've all seen that nothing is going to change. So many people commit such heinous crimes against animals because they know there will be no consequences.

An eye for an eye?

Same treatment should be given to that person

â Radhakrishna anumalla (@Radhakrishnaan2) June 29, 2020

Fair demands.

Give the same punishment to that basturd accuse

â sriram sankar (@sriramyellapu) June 29, 2020

We really do.

Sometimes I feel like, humans deserve whatever the shit happening in 2020

â Deadpool Reddy (@DeadpoolReddy) June 29, 2020

Set an example with them, much like what they were doing with the monkey.

And we shamelessly still call ourselves human!!! Shameful...rot in hell you brute
Pls take note...such behaviour needs punishment severe punishment@ParveenKaswan @susantananda3 @PrakashJavdekar @SuPriyoBabul @Manekagandhibjp @KTRTRS

â Payal Mehta/પાયલ મà«àª¹àª¤àª¾/ पायल मà¥à¤¹à¤¤à¤¾/ পাযà§à¦² মà§à¦¹à¦¤à¦¾ (@payalmehta100) June 28, 2020


I think we lost humanity somewhere, RIP to this innocent soul. i hope strict action should be taken on these people.

â PIYUSH ASWALE (@iam_psg) June 29, 2020


Disturbing video. I hope the people seen in this are booked. This country needs tougher animal rights law.

â Snehesh Alex Philip (@sneheshphilip) June 28, 2020

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