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5 TV Shows We Can�t Watch With �Desi� Parents Sitting In The Same Room Without Being Awkward

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Indian parents are the best in the world but they love practicing control in their kidâs life. No matter how old youâre going to be, you are always going to be a âbacchaâ for your âdesiâ parents. They are always going to be a curfew time to get back home and honestly, the only people happy with the lockdown are our parents. 

Theyâd want to know about our friends and would also want to control the kind of content that we watch. If it were in their hands, theyâd put the camera in our rooms and maybe clone our phones to know every bit of information about their kids. There are a few TV shows our parents wouldnât approve of, and itâs best to watch these while theyâre asleep. Why disturb their peace of mind? So, here is a list of TV shows that you should never watch with your parents because they are not ready for it yet-

1. Game Of Thrones 

If you havenât watched this show, youâre missing a lot in life and most of it Iâd fail to explain. But your parents wonât be able to take in the kind of content it offers maybe and if youâre planning to watch it on your smart TV,  make sure that your parents arenât around.  

Imagine- You are watching Game of Thrones and your mom walks in your room and the screen has Cersei and Jamie Lannister making love. Exactly, a total disaster! 

2. Sex Education 

Our parents think that we are failing at the basic education and if weâd try to make them understand how important is Sex Education,  not all parents will be cool about it. But, this show is pure gold and everyone should watch it but not in front of their parents.  

3. Shameless


If your mom catches you watching Shameless, thatâs exactly what sheâd call you. Also, the content on the show might not be mom approved. So, just do everyone a favor and lock your room before watching it or just watch it in the absence of your parents.  

4. Sex and The City 

Call it a chick flick or a show you want to binge watch, but if you enjoy watching Sex and The City it is what the name suggests. The TV show revolves around the story of a writer and her three friends and their experience living in the city. Now, there is a chance that âdesiâ parents assume that we are watching something really wrong if the name has the word âsexâ in it.  

5. The End Of The Fu*king World 

This show is just a little messed up and your parents will definitely feel that something is really wrong with you if youâre hitched to this show. So, spare them the horror of choosing it to watch the show with them. 

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