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People In Quarantine Centre Refusing Food Made By Dalits Shows Casteism Is The Biggest Virus

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We're going through probably the worst time right now, I mean, nothing says a horrible year more than a global pandemic, right?

During such a time, one would hope that people would come together to defeat the Coronavirus and help end the pandemic any way they can, but turns out, it's all wishful thinking. People are still surprising us with how terrible they are and one of the worst things being highlighted right now, is how much casteism is still prevalent, even in the middle of a f*cking pandemic.

Recently, a video of an incident at a quarantine centre, reportedly in Bihar, kind of went viral online because it shows the ugly truth about casteism. 

The video shows a man yelling and another one kicking plates of food. Why? Because that food was prepared by a Dalit woman.

Merit Dhari refusing to eat food cooked by a Dalit women at a quarantine center.
What arrogance.....

â Alex Ambedkar (@ganikapudi_) May 20, 2020

It's hard to imagine that there are people who act like this, especially during these times. It's the reality and honestly, it feels like even if we get rid Coronavirus, India will never be rid of the more dangerous virus that is the caste system. 

People like these don't deserve food made by anyone, they should starve and rethink their actions. But, that won't happen, of course. 

That won't happen rather he'll make that dalit go hungry and jobless , his arrogance will win

â Naveen Padmanabha (@NothinNeu) May 20, 2020

Another similar incident reportedly occurred in Nainital where a 23-year-old refused food and water touched by a Dalit woman. Thankfully, a complaint has already been filed against him. 

We're doomed. 

21st century India.
Food cooked by a Dalit woman is not good enough .
In a quarantine centre.
Can you hear the 𦠠virus 𦠠laugh???

â Mini Nair (@minicnair) May 21, 2020


Bc it's the year 2020 and this is still happening. Give him two choices- eat Dalit made food or starve.

â Kartik Dimri (@Weeeyerd) May 21, 2020

Well said.

To all those who say "There are poor Brahmins also" STFU!
This is brahminism. What goes on in their head is privilege. They are caste conscious even when they starve. This entitlement is what casteism is. This is exactly what needs to be eradicated.

â Arya (@RantingDosa) May 20, 2020


He should get no food going forward

â ðð»ð²ððªð¼ð±ð¶ð²ð½ðª ðð¾ð±ðª (@priyashmita) May 21, 2020

The doctor is correct.

As a doctor ,i should not say .But u guys deserve to die

â Dr ramkumar (@draaarkk) May 20, 2020

It's frustrating.

People are starving on the roads - eating roadkill, leaves, anything to survive. And these Brahmin idiots don't want to eat easy meals cooked and served by Dalit (untouchable caste). This is a view into the Hindu Rashtra that RSS, BJP is fighting for.

â Ahl-e-junoon (@DuneKhaal) May 20, 2020


Let them starve n let's see how long they stay hungry.. Their caste privileges, my foot!

â ~ | ಪà³à²°à²¸à²¾à²¦à³ | Prasad | ~ (@Manjina_Hani) May 21, 2020

'Idiot' is too nice a word for them.

That guy kicked the food ! Fck them and their arrogance that arises out of nothing ! Bloody idiots

â à¤à¥à¤®à¤² :) ð®ð³ (@Komal_Indian) May 20, 2020


One more shining example for Anti Reservation folks out there.. Its time to open your eyes..

â ಮಲà³à²²à²¿à²à²¾à²°à³à²à³à²¨à³ ಬಿ (Mallikarjun B) (@arjuna04) May 21, 2020

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