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5 Times Kurt Cobain Inspired Fashion

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Kurt Cobain inspired grunge and unintentionally ignited generations of angst-y teenagers to religiously follow it, love it and make it a part of their lives. Just like his iconic music—his messy, platinum blonde hair, distressed plaid shirts, bleached T-shirts and worn-out jeans, became a part of international runways and inspired fashion designers all over the world. What set his look (and grunge) apart—was that the idea that it required little-to-no-effort to pull it off. It was lazy fashion at its best. Fast-forward to 2016, his carefree look is exactly what cool kids, all over the world, want to wear to hyped-up music festivals, underground EDM parties and smoke-filled house parties in dingy basements.

To celebrate Cobain’s long-lasting impact on fashion, we look back at 5 of his best fashion moments: 

1. His wedding to Courtney Love was a low-key affair where he wore checked pyjamas—which is one of the biggest trends now in 2016! 

Kurt Cobain Is A fashion icon© feelnumb

2. His 1992 MTV Unplugged performance was iconic for two reasons—1) It was recorded 6 months before his death. 2) His acrylic-mohair blend cardigan sold at an auction for $137,500 (92 Lakhs approx)

Kurt Cobain Is A fashion icon© thefashionisto

3. In 1992, Kurt appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, alongside Nirvana, wearing a T-shirt that read, ‘Corporate Magazines Still Suck’. Talk about making a statement! 

Kurt Cobain Is A fashion icon© Rollingstones

4. Kurt Cobain's gender-blurring style inspired Hedi Slimane (at YSL) to create several iconic collections based on him and the grunge movement! 

Kurt Cobain Is A fashion icon© Dazed Digital

5. Kurt Cobain was extremely pro-gay and believed in equality for all. To make a controversial statement, he appeared on the cover of the now defunct (and legendary) The Face magazine in a floral dress.

Kurt Cobain Is A fashion icon© David Sims_Face Magazine

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