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People Complain About Their 'Co-Workers' Napping All Day While Working From Home & It's Adorable

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Everyone in the world who is able to work from home has been doing that for a couple of weeks now and well, it's going to continue for at least 21 more days for us in India. However, staying at home is the least anyone can do to contribute to stopping this pandemic, it's the bare minimum.

Nonetheless, self-isolation can get very monotonous and lonely, and therefore, people are coming up with creative ways to keep themselves entertained. The latest work from home trend is referring to your pet(s) as your co-workers and honestly, it's the most wholesome thing ever.

for those of you working from home or are in quarantine, and who have pets, tell me what they have been doing most recently but refer to them as your co-worker

— altrey (@aubviouslynot) March 22, 2020

Turns out, everyone has very weird co-workers and HR needs to take necessary action about all the inappropriate behaviour.

Everyone has lazy coworkers.

coworker is a lazy, bug-eyed fiend

— altrey (@aubviouslynot) March 23, 2020

Oh no.

I got out of bed this morning and i forgot i let my co worker sleep outside my room. We've been really enjoying each others company so i thought it'd be okay, until she took a shit on the floor. Now i got her caged up again.

— julieczzy (@julieeeblows) March 23, 2020

She's just vibing.

my coworker screamed at her reflection in the mirror and then threw up on the floor

— eleanor rigby ð¼ (@eelsfeels) March 22, 2020

HR, do something.

my co-worker is straight-up assaulting me on a daily basis

— Milo Szecket (@DocNum4) March 22, 2020

At least he looks guilty.

My BRAND NEW coworker took a huge dump & stepped in it and we had to give him a bath

— this is not a drill (@plaidamdriver) March 24, 2020

Not cool.

my coworker decided to nap at his desk which like, fine, but now he's talking in his sleep????

— neeks (@neekstj) March 23, 2020

This would be so hilarious out of context.

My coworker slapped the fuck out of my other coworker for sniffing her asshole

— ari (@AriannaDantone) March 23, 2020

I can relate.

one of my coworkers goes into the bathroom and screams every now and then

— funny little boy @ acnhð (@GHOST_AND_PALS) March 23, 2020

At least he's getting some.

my co-worker keeps having sex with his toys while watching my other go-worker through the window

— grace (@gracebeverley) March 24, 2020

Sounds like fun.

two of my co-workers fall asleep on the floor, and then one uses the other's ass like a pillow, but then *that* co-worker farts and wakes them both up

this has happened many times

— Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) March 24, 2020

Good one.

my coworker just got promoted to assistant branch manager

— liz (@renaissancebtch) March 23, 2020

He's doing his best.

I don't think HR can help if my coworker is just a beautiful idiot

— R2 (@On_the_prawel) March 23, 2020

A good boy.

my coworker is taking the hand washing thing a little too far

— ¡ kitana ! (@kitanacox) March 22, 2020


My coworker keeps licking my laptop while making direct eye contact with me

— Jbazz (@julia_bazz) March 22, 2020

Such needy co-workers.

my one coworker shat on the floor and the other one screams at me for food whenever i leave my room

— paul rudd (@philsadelphia) March 23, 2020


Chris from accounting won't stop licking my face.

— Andrew Naquin (@AndrewNaquin) March 22, 2020

He's right.

my co-worker is screaming everytime i go back to my own office without stopping to hi to her first ((so approximately every hour))

— Êá´Ês (@breeoff) March 24, 2020

That picture will make your day.

one of my co workers just follows me around all day and the other just stares at me and cries. it gets really uncomfortable sometimes.. this is them having tea this morning

— ni ni ð¥ (@niahcaitlynx) March 23, 2020

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