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Airline Crew Members Harassed By Neighbours Amid Coronavirus Fears & No One Is Clapping Now

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We're all going through one of the scariest things we've all ever experienced, the Coronavirus pandemic has made everyone panic-stricken and just paranoid about everyone. 

While so many people have the privilege of staying inside and working from home, there are still the ones who are on the front lines and their job requires them to be outside and potentially get infected.

That mainly consists of people in the medical field and everyone working for airlines. They have no option but to still work and risk their lives and in return, they are being harassed for it.

A lot of airline crew members are sharing videos of themselves breaking down because of how they're being ostracised by their neighbours and even their families are suffering because of them potentially being infected.

Yes, it's okay to take measures but acting out of fear and losing all your empathy, especially at a time like this, is not the way to go.

Can't believe how people are treating our airline crew. This @IndiGo6E crew is nearly broken from being discriminated & taunted. When she is gone for her flight, her mother is even refused groceries in her society. Police is also not helping. @amitshah #coronavirus #india.

— Tarun Shukla (@shukla_tarun) March 24, 2020

People applaud them from bringing all the people stuck abroad back home and this how they repay him.

And look at this. @AirIndiain crew being harassed ar 10 pm last night Lawrence Road, Keshav Puram, Delhi. And they are dying to come back to India if stranded outside the country on special AI, IndiGo etc flights. Cc : @DelhiPolice

— Tarun Shukla (@shukla_tarun) March 24, 2020

It's that simple.

The Cabin Crew who are "the invisible heroes" in the fight against #CoronaVirus, are being harassed by housing societies & flat owners. We are not a threat & we do take all kind of precautions onboard our flights. If you can't appreciate us, then atleast don't ostracize us!ð

— BiTANKO BiSWAS (@Air_India_CREW) March 21, 2020

Yes, please.

Doctors, medical staff, flight crews being assaulted/shunned. Aren't these the people we supposedly came together to thank on Sunday? Govt needs to eschew its tokenism, orders,monologues and talk to citizens, answer questions on how to deal with these unprecedented times.

— Suhasini Haidar (@suhasinih) March 24, 2020

No compassion.

This is how our airline crew are treated by 'Indians' who clapped to show solidarity.

She is from Indigo airlines. She and her mother are getting attacked/harassed on the name of #COVID . Even police is not helping.

This is hate, pure

— Sanghamitra (@AudaciousQuest) March 24, 2020

What did the clapping accomplish?

That 5 pm clapping was mere tokenism and a spectacle, another PR exercise for the great leader. The ones who have put their lives at stake are being stigmatised and ostracized by the same people who were a part of that spectacle. This is so inhuman.

— Rana Ayyub (@RanaAyyub) March 24, 2020


this is the main reason that people don't want to be seen going to quarantine. they instinctively know how they are going to get treated.

Indians may not know social distancing but they know how to brutally enforce social untouchability. Its in their blood.

— (((Dominique Fisherwoman))) (@AbbakkaHypatia) March 24, 2020

Unacceptable is the word.

This is heartbreaking to watch and hear. Sunday evening's thanksgiving was not only tokenism but also highly hypocritical if we don't actually believe in what we stood on balconies for. Just shameful, mean-spirited and unacceptable.

— Maya Mirchandani (@maya206) March 24, 2020

This is not okay.

This is really appalling! Doctors returning home from the hospital in Telangana are being stopped and harassed by police for breaking curfew. This is even after they have showed the police their ID cards @thenewsminute @dhanyarajendran @NitinBGoode

— Nimi (@nimeshika_j) March 24, 2020

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