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Single Life vs. Committed Life: A Parallel Comparison To Find Out Which One is Better?

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We all have wondered at least once âTo be or not to a relationship?â And the grass always looks greener on the other side. Committed people see super happy singles and singles sulk at the sight of a couple holding hands in the street.

Relationships are mostly you apologizing for saying something hilarious

â Brian Gaar (@briangaar) November 14, 2012

If itâs any consolation, and to state the obvious, we are going to list down the good and bad of both sides of the coin - draw a parallel comparison, which might just help you realise itâs not too bad to be on the side of the line youâre at.

If you like to try new things, like cheeseburger flavored CheezIts, then you should definitely send your husband to the grocery store.

â the Mom TruthBomb (@momTruthBomb) September 25, 2017

Hereâs how a typical Sunday looks for both kind of people:

First Half of the Day

Well, thereâs always the chance to start your day by getting intimate under the sheets if you are in a relationship, but cooking your breakfast together is also a healthy and fun activity for couples.

Every husband's fantasy: Hopping in the shower with his wife and gettin' it on.

Every husband's reality: Hopping in the shower with his wife and getting second-degree burns.

â Moderately Mom (@momtribevibe) October 25, 2019

WIFE: hey wanna try some role play?

ME: [unaware she just completed a 10 hr hallmark christmas movie bender] wow, sure

WIFE: ok iâll be the big city executive visiting my rural hometown and you be the old bff who is still single and grew up hot

â mark (@TheCatWhisprer) November 10, 2019

The home-cooked breakfast is usually followed up with a discussion on whether to go shopping or catch the latest Oscar-nominated movie since you know, itâs a Sunday. But since there are two individuals, thereâs always the chance of disagreement. But, we guess an agreement is inevitable because itâs the company and not the plan that makes the day fun. Here are some fun tweets on how couples make the most out of the lows with a sense of humour:

I've been home for 2 hours and my wife has rolled her eyes at me at least 9 times. I gotta land on an even number so wish me luck!

â Dadman Walking (@dadmann_walking) November 14, 2019

Top Movies Your Boyfriend Wants to Watch:
-An Idiot Saves the President
-Rich Boy Hero 4
-Silent Hero Journey Boy
-Fight Fight Fight

â Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) March 23, 2015

*Bae asked what do I want to eat*
Me: I want chicken alfre-
Me to me: tell him you don't know

â Kai (@_Makilaa) November 15, 2016

For single people, mornings, more often than not, start with morning wood and kinda wasting it. Did we say morning? Make that noon actually, because breakfast usually happens by 01:00 PM, accompanied by left and right swipes on dating apps. The first half of the day is spent watching Netflix and ordering the first thing you see from Big Basket so that the cook doesnât complain for not ordering the vegetables. And since there is only one individual involved, there can be no disagreements on whether you should waste the second half as well or make something out of it. Here are what some #beingsingle tweets read like:

Even iPhone has an X, but i don't#haqsesingle #beingsingle

â Rohit Mamidwar (@RohitMamidwar) February 12, 2020

The one and only text I got from

Instagram: #beingsingle

â MUSKAN DHALIWAL (@MuskanDhaliwal) December 20, 2019

Second Half of the Day

This part is pretty much similar. Usually, whether you are a couple or a single person, chances are youâd be out on a date or try to be out, at least. But while the latter has a chance of meeting new dates every Sunday, a couple, though within the comfort of familiarity, always has the opportunity to try out new things together.

Writing a 7-part mini-series about asking my wife where she wants to go for dinner

â Rodney Lacroix (@RodLacroix) November 15, 2019

For single people out there, Sundays can either come with the excitement of a date or the complete lack of it because you couldnât find one. If you find a date however, the thrill of impressing them and having a fun night, knowing you may never see each other again is a bit bittersweet.

Valentine's day be like
Bestfriend: Aur Bhai Kya scene...?
Me: old monk...!
Bestfriend: tu ruk mai aa raha

â Soham Panda (@SohamPanda8) February 12, 2020

Couples usually go to their favourite restaurant, have their favourite meal and perhaps, catch up on how their weeks were - that is if they arenât in the mood for adventure. Whether adventurous or not, couples will always find comfort in knowing that there is someone with whom even the mundane can be fun and thrilling.

Marriage is spending years carefully learning your spouseâs likes and dislikes so you can order things they hate and wonât steal off your plate.

â Maryfairyboberry (@MaryJustice86) November 7, 2019

What my girlfriend thought, first 4 dates:
1. Nice shirt.
2. Wow. A second nice shirt.
3. Okay, first shirt again.
4. He has two shirts.

â ristolable (@ristolable) August 13, 2014

At the end of the day, itâs always about you. While being single surely seems adventurous and exciting, being in a relationship has its own perks. You get to have a life which might get a bit monotonous at times, but it will for sure be comforting and fun. It all comes down to what you want at the moment - act accordingly and your happiness wouldnât depend on your relationship status.

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