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Kerala Man Who Was On His Way To Get A Loan Ended Up Winning Rs 12-Crore Lottery Instead

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It is true that âlifeâ is what happens to you when you are busy making your own plans. In a wonderfully bizarre stroke of fate and luck, Porunnan Rajan, a rubber tapper from Kerala happened to change his destiny and life in a single day.

Buried under the debris of responsibilities and fighting a very hard financial crisis, Rajan decided to buy a lottery ticket on Christmas, much to his wifeâs dismay. As the couple forgot about it and continued living their life, problems kept paving a harder way for him. As per the news reports, he had taken three loans to get his daughter married, build his house and help his kids continue studying. 

However, interestingly, when he was on his way to apply for his fourth loan to repay the mounting debt, he realised that he had won the grand prize of Rs 12 crore in lottery and well, his life has changed now forever!

Kerala Man On His Way To Get A Loan Hits Rs 12 Cr Lottery © Twitter

In a media interview, he claimed that him buying lottery tickets always upset his wife and when he bought this one for Rs.300 he had to lie about the amount, fearing an argument with his wife. But all well that ends well. Not only can he now help his daughter finish her education, he can also get his daughter married, build his house and help his son, who quit his studies, to lead a better life. 

Also, his dream of having a wonderful wedding for his elder daughter will now be a reality. As per the IT norms, post the tax deduction and agency commission, Rajan will receive a whopping sum of Rs. 7.2 crore. 

Kerala Man On His Way To Get A Loan Hits Rs 12 Cr Lottery © Twitter

It is heartwarming to know that when we decide to give up on something in life, that is where the miracle usually happens. So it is important to continue dreaming and while there is no substitute for hard work, once in a while, some âFelix Felicisâ or âfairy dustâ gives us a stroke of strong luck.

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