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Molestors, Hooligans & Offensive Scumbags, The Gargi Culprits Are Everything But Real Delhi Men

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Before anything else, let me say this, I feel sorry for men these days. I mean, why is it always you guys being made into easy targets? I reckon itâs rather easy for people to rope you all in onto a doobti naiya headed for definite doom. Blamed for no fault of yours, misjudged based on another individualâs actions and mistreated for circumstances beyond your control.

I mean, look at what some of the fellow men from your man-dom have brought on. They are proudly wielding their privileged tongues and penises in peopleâs faces. Harassing women and spreading fear, they are getting thick by abusing basic morals and laws that otherwise make up a civilised society.

Students breaking the college gate and entering in the college #gargicollege

â The Students' Press (@studentspress_) February 9, 2020

These guys are intoxicated by the romanticised âDilli se hun behnch*dâ attitude which has been popularised by Bollywood and pop-culture. Now, a bunch of these mistaken men have taken things too far and overstepped their sense of entitlement by encroaching upon your domain. A safe haven that guarded your own sense of self-righteousness and powered your #NotAllMen sloganeerings.

When truckloads of men barged into a student-only, exclusive college festival being held in South Delhiâs Gargi College, they attacked much more than womenâs dignity and safety and abused every effort that good men like you put in every single day to set the record straight on #NotAllMen.

Testimonials of the shared by the student of Gargi College #GargiCollege #Reverie

â Sushmita Panda (@SushmitaPanda) February 9, 2020


But unfortunately, your own have stabbed you in the back and have made a run for it.

However, while the Gargi incident has, yet again, shaken our faith in the law and order system of the city, it has also succeeded in slinging mud at the larger group of men in the city who categorically reject and abhor such actions, and donât believe that respecting women is beyond them.

I suppose those goons were trying too hard to be Delhiites because a true blue Delhi man is nothing like those hooligans who decided to gate-crash and mass-molest scores of young girls in their own college campus.

Growing up in Delhi over the last 19 years, I can tell you how to identify a true Dilliwala from a sea of wannabe(s) spoiling the face of the city and its men to no end.

First JNU
Now Gargi College
This suggests anyone can enter anywhere and molest , beat us#GargiCollege #shameondelhipolice

â Piyush (@i_m_piyush3623) February 9, 2020

I found a true Delhi man in the school senior who jumped in to disperse pestering high-school Romeos, and gave them a piece of his mind on how to let a girl be.

I found a true Delhi man in the guy from my society who used himself to guard my personal space and safety in a crowded bus.

I found a true Delhi man in the colleague who enquired about my ride back home from Gurgaon after an extended meeting one late evening.

I found a true Delhi man in my boyfriend who encourages me to live my life on my own terms and be proud of my choices.

The Act of Sexual Harrasment at #GargiCollege is highly condemnable bt the Leftist Morons leave no stone unturned to blame #RSS #BJP Workers for everything. The statmnt reveals lack of security n breach even in â19.I wonder if @deepsealioness will blame thm for its birth as well

â Veer Vikrant Singh (@LexHindVVS) February 9, 2020

I found a true Delhi man in the autowala who decided to wait on while I waited for a friend to catch up one afternoon.

I found a true Delhi man in my best friend who dropped everything to intercept my cab mid-ride and picked me up because an over-friendly (read nosy) driver was making me uncomfortable.

I found a true Delhi man in that random guy in the metro who gave a rude aunty an earful because she said girls in skirts and shorts were âasking for itâ. 

A real Delhi guy doesnât look anything like the shamelessly-offensive mob that gate-crashed the Gargi College fest and went about groping, molesting and abusing young girls, laughing in their face at the caused discomfort.

@JubinNautiyal ï¸.
Dil Ka dariya beh hi gaya tum ko dekh kar or Bawara Mann kehta gaya baar baar Tum Hi Aana .#JubinNautiyalLive #GargiCollege #Delhi #BeautifulNight #MemoriesForLife #Love âðº

â Gãrìmâ TyÄgí (@garimat1406) February 6, 2020

These miscreants are highly mistaken if they think they can get away with this shit for too long under the Dilli se hun BC garb. Because whatever else it may be, the real Delhi man will not tolerate some pseudo-Delhiite trying to deface his identity and shred his pride to pieces.

Sure, there is no doubt that foul men do exist in the city and add to the pollution we live in, but letâs not give them the right and power to take away the due credit from the good men who have nothing to do with the assaulters who attacked women left, right and centre because âbaap ka raj haiâ.

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