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Ahead Of Delhi Polls, AAP Sparks A Meme War & The Battlefield Is SRK & Kajol's 'Baazigar'

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As the clock ticks closer to the 8th of February, all eyes are on the capital for a variety of reasons. After becoming the epicentre of India's current nationwide protests, another massively important political phenomenon looms heavy on the horizon - Delhi's Legislative Assembly Elections. And like any good election bout, the finger-pointing started well in advance.

It all began when the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) put out this tongue-in-cheek tweet - and surprised us all by referencing one of India's favourite 90's films, Baazigar.

All the best Sir @ManojTiwariMP

— AAP (@AamAadmiParty) January 12, 2020

For context, the scene implies AAP Chief Kejriwal (Shah Rukh Khan) setting his sights on Delhi's MLA Seats (Kajol) - while BJP Delhi Leader Manoj Tiwari (Siddhart Ray) looks on from the sidelines.

Note that they didn't even mention the Indian National Congress. 

The BJP Twitter account wasn't going to take such an insult lightly, however - and unfortunately for AAP, they seemed to be pretty serious SRK fans themselves. 

In Baazigar, Khan plays the role of a man hell-bent on revenge regardless of the cost - going so far as to cheat, murder and die in the process, and the BJP wasn't going down without reminding everyone about the film's, uh… chronology.

Whoever is handling this account is writing Arvind Kejriwal's political obituary. SRK was a manipulative villain in the movie who was plotting against Kajol & her family. He killed Kajol's sister.

And, in the end, he got killed for his sins. Same fate awaits Kejriwal in Delhi!

— BJP Delhi (@BJP4Delhi) January 12, 2020

Last (and probably the least), the Delhi Congress showed up late to the party.

Dear @AamAadmiParty & @BJP4India,

As you can see in the picture, Kajol (Delhi) doesn't seem interested in either of you and is actually looking towards Congress! We assure you that we will rescue Delhi from both of you.

— Delhi Congress (@INCDelhi) January 13, 2020

Jokes aside, it's strange how a meme war over Twitter can hold parallels to a real-life election. Thousands of users chimed in with their own tweets, making light of the situation and supporting whichever side they wanted:

If we go by your meme, this is going to happen in the end :

— THE SKIN DOCTOR (@theskindoctor13) January 12, 2020

Others considered the memes unnecessary.

Stop unnecessary thing. Use time for sharing positing thing rather than trolling. This is official handle of AAP. Keep some respect.

Dont behave like BJP ideology.

We are not BJP.

We have values.

— Think Wisely (@ThinkWisely5) January 12, 2020

It's definitely a strange time for Indian politics, that's to be sure. After a well-publicised #MeToo scandal, event management company OML's CEO Vijay Nair has played a hand in working with the AAP's digital media strategies - perhaps this 'millennial' angle owes itself to his influence within the organisation. 

A recent video further makes that target demographic even more clear with a 'Super-Mario' themed promotional animation.


— AAP (@AamAadmiParty) January 13, 2020

We can only expect more of this in the coming weeks.

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