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A Multi Faith Prayer At The Shaheen Bagh CAA Protest Showed Exactly How United India Looks Like



At a time when the world was expected to enter 2020 with new hopes and resolutions, we are facing some of the darkest times in humanity as the first month has not even ended. Australia bushfires and tensions in Iraq are shaking the world and in India, we are protesting the government-imposed CAA and NRC. In case you were not aware, the area of Shaheen Bagh in Delhi has been hosting peaceful protests for over a month now and has garnered a lot of positive support from people all over the city, who now come together every day in solidarity. Last night, however, was special in terms of what one might call an example of what India truly means. The crowd swelled to a large number and people of all faiths came together to not just protest but have an inter-faith ceremony of singing prayers. A traditional Hindu âhawanâ to a proper âkirtanâ, Shaheen Bagh and its people truly touched the hearts of everyone on social media.

Happening right now at Shaheen Bagh #CAAProtests #CAA_NRC #CAA #CAA_NRC_Protests Source: @pooja_prasad

â Somesh Jha (@someshjha7) January 12, 2020

Shaheen Bagh right now. .
Hum Dekhenge!#ShaheenBaghProtest

â Nihal Kirnalli (@NihalKirnalli) January 12, 2020

The biggest gathering yet got a lot of support from people who even travelled to Delhi to just be a part of the protest and show their support.

Close to one month since the protest began, Shaheen Bagh sees its biggest gathering yet. #CAA_NRC_Protests #CAAProtests

â Somesh Jha (@someshjha7) January 12, 2020

This will haunt BJP/RSS for long! #MyINDIA
Shaheen bagh right now #ShaheenBaghProtest

â CAA / NRC Protest Info. (@NrcProtest) January 12, 2020

Gaya's Shanti Bagh = Delhi's Shaheen Bagh

4000-5000 women have been continuously 24*7 protesting against CAA-NRC since Dec 28

This truly is a movement led by women not only morally but also in the numbers protesting.

Let's make Shanti Bagh famous :)

â Srivatsa (@srivatsayb) January 12, 2020

The protest also saw Dr. Shashi Tharoor extend his support and join the protest. He spoke about how it was the first time that a religious test was being introduced to define the meaning of Indian citizenship.

Message to JNU students awaiting me: Decided to give up battling the traffic near ShaheenBagh & have taken the metro instead to get to you. Will still be late, but not as late as if Iâd stuck to four wheels! See you all soon! Looking forward to our interaction.

â Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) January 12, 2020

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