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People Are Sharing Things That Can Be Said During Cricket & Sex And Rishabh Pant Is So Unlucky

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Have you ever thought some of the things that can be said both during cricket and while having sex? No? Okay, maybe it's time to think about it.

Recently, the Twitter account for asked this very, extremely important question and it, obviously, got people to put their most hilarious and creative foot forward.

Reply with something you can say during both cricket and sex

— (@sportsbetcomau) December 2, 2019

If you actually think about it really hard, it's kind of disturbing how there are so many things that can be said during both. Is cricket a way more 'dirtier' sport than we previously thought? Apparently yes.

Here's the best answer by desi Twitter. They're killing it.

Pant's gone, Hardik's next.

— Suneer (@suneerchowdhary) December 3, 2019


The ball is running down the fine leg.

— Manya (@CSKian716) December 3, 2019

I think that's just specific to one person.

A lot of hopes from Babar Azam but he's lasted for only 10 seconds.

— Yash (@sassy_penguin5) December 3, 2019

Unfortunate name.

Here comes de kock!

— Sabudana khichadi (@Dishasatra) December 3, 2019

Good to know!

The pitch is wet so we can expect more pace and swing

— à¤à¤¾à¤à¤¾ lame मà¥à¤à¤ (@oldschoolmonk) December 3, 2019

Poor Pant.

Pant needs to be dropped

— Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) December 3, 2019

Uhh part two.

Lungi removed by de kock!

— Mr. A ð (@cricdrugs) December 3, 2019


wat a shot !!!!!

— Kuptaan ð®ð³ (@Kuptaan) December 3, 2019

They're answering their own question.

Just one more and we're finished#AUSvPAK

— (@sportsbetcomau) December 2, 2019


" Too short "

— Zero (@IamRhn_) December 3, 2019

Great going.

Nice moisture in the pitch today.

— Aniket Deshpande (@aniket0608) December 3, 2019

'Sorry' is required.

"De Kock goes big" ðððððð

Sorry guys ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£

— Sabeeha Majid ♥ð¿ð¦ (@SabeehaMajid) December 3, 2019


Pulled it at the last moment. Brilliant timing there.

— The Sarcastic Jerk (@The_Sarcastic_J) December 3, 2019

That is like a conclusion for both.

The pitch was very wet, the ball was swinging either way.. but due to the hot conditions and intense power play, both teams performed well.

— à¤à¤°.à¤à¤® (@runjhunmehrotra) December 3, 2019

The first step for both.

The covers are off.

— Saad Amjad (@SaadAmjad_) December 3, 2019


“It's good length & he's putting it right into the block hole”


— Rors (@Rorsroars) December 3, 2019

How is that one-sided?

It's been a bit one sided so far, 69 for 2.

— Professor Dr RED (@Theodahad_) December 3, 2019

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