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Brazil Prez Bolsonaro Accuses Leonardo DiCaprio Of Funding Amazon Fire & We�re Not Even Surprised

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Just months ago, the world witnessed an environmental catastrophe in the form of the Amazon fire that gripped the world's largest tropical rainforest in August. Acres and acres of rich flora and fauna went up in flames, and it was eventually declared a state emergency in Brazil.

During the same time, not only Brazilians but people from across the world criticised Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro for his lack of action on the matter, and for encouraging deforestation and farming in the rainforest. Now, the Brazilian President has made a statement that has left people dumbfounded.


President Bolsonaro has accused Hollywood actor and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio of financing the Amazon fire and also claimed that DiCaprio is a part of an international "campaign against Brazilâ.

Talking to a group of supporters, the President said, "This Leonardo DiCaprioâs a cool guy, isnât he? Giving money for the Amazon to be torched." However, no substantial evidence was presented in support of this accusation.


It must be recalled that earlier this year DiCaprio vowed to donate $5 million dollars to help protect the Amazon after fire destroyed large parts of the Amazon.

This is a massive accusation against DiCaprio and weâll have to wait to see if and how Leonardo responds to this. 

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