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7 Ridiculous Stories From WWF That We Blindly Believed In Our Childhoods

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Pro Wrestling is much like theatre - albeit a lot more physical. Much of what fuels the high-octane action behind the matches weâve loved throughout the years are the winding, unpredictable and often ludicrous characters that weave together the wrestling world.

Letâs take a look at some of their moments that have truly stood the test of time, and are a great riot to watch even today.

The Brothers Of Destruction Backstory - 1997


Even if youâve never followed a WWF match in your entire life, chances are that youâve definitely heard of The Undertaker and his massive 7-foot tall behemoth of a half-brother, Kane.

While both wrestlers have immense legacies of their own, a truly dark backstory binds the two of them together, which by itself, sounds like the premise to a horror movie. According to Paul Bearer, The Undertakerâs ex-manager, he had a secret affair with the wrestlerâs mother that resulted in the birth of Kane.

Eventually, The Undertaker committed arson/murder by burning down the family funeral home - killing both his parents and horrifically scarring Kaneâs face. Bearer, who survived the fire, hid Kane in a mental asylum until adulthood - and meanwhile, backed The Undertaker for six years of his career - eventually betraying him at SummerSlam.

Pretty intense.

The Three Faces Of Foley - 1996


Known as The Hardcore Specialist for his propensity at making himself and his opponents bleed, all while slamming through tables, chairs and whatever else he could get his hands on, Mick Foley was another legend of the WWF era. Perhaps the most impressive part of his WWF career, however, was the multiple personalities he played in the ring - each with its own unique twist.


Foleyâs first and oldest persona was that of âCactus Jackâ, a bloodthirsty brawler who often fought with sharp and dangerous objects, ranging from barbed wires to baseball bats and trash cans.

His second, and perhaps most famous one was âMankindâ. A figurative portrait of the dark side of humanity itself, Mankind was a deranged, ruthless and rather lonely freak who spent a surprising amount of time hiding away in basements and boiler rooms. He gained massive notoriety for his insanely reckless stunts - jumping off Hell in a Cell cages and on one occasion, ripping his ear off in the middle of a stunt.

Finally, thereâs Dude Love - a complete contrast to the other two. This time, Mick played a chilled-out hippie with a penchant for female company and funny wisecracks - a standout role that saw him earn a tag team championship belt alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Boogeymanâs Worm Diet - 2005


The mid-2000s were a time of realism in the WWE - with new faces such as CM Punk and John Cena making a name for themselves. The Boogeyman, however, was a total blast from the past - with an old-school catchphrase, massive camp appeal and above all, a shocking trademark taunt.

In several of his matches, The Boogeyman has chewed up and spat out live worms - and apparently even asked the WWE to include crickets, beetles and other sorts of bugs, which they refused to do.

While most of these worms ended up on the ring floor, and occasionally on the faces of competitors, things took a seriously gross turn when the wrestler faced off against Sharmell, who is wrestler Booker Tâs wife. Unfortunately for her, The Boogeyman wasnât the only one with a mouth full of worms that day.

If that ainât shock value, I donât know what is.

The Undertakerâs Immortality - 1998


Across The Undertakerâs storied history was an old gimmick that several of us bought as kids - that the Phenom was in possession of seven lives, and was indeed being raised from the dead every other season.

The most common way of taking the âTaker out usually involved coffins. While heâs been buried multiple times in one, perhaps the most epic, standout trick involved a match where Kane - backed by Paul Bearer, chokeslams his half-brother into a coffin, hacks into it with an axe and in a final flourish, douses the whole coffin in petrol and sets it on fire.

They donât do wrestling like they used to, huh?

Rikishiâs Stinkface Surprise - 2000


A second cousin to The Rock, Rikishiâs move saw the light of day in early 2000, when his rival The Big Bossman received the dishonour of having Rikishi lock him in a ring corner, and proceed to smother him with his buttocks. Ever since then, the wrestler has humiliated dozens of WWE stars - but Iâve gottaâ admit, the best one of all was a team effort with his cousin - with Vince McMahon playing the unfortunate victim, as usual.



 Now thatâs not a guy I want to piss off.

Goldust Flirting With The Undertaker - 1996


Despite his immense fanbase, The Undertaker isnât exactly what you might call⦠attractive. Despite his dark exterior, it seems that romance can bloom pretty much everywhere - especially in the ring, and definitely when Goldust is performing.

While the bit is funny enough for the time when it came out, what truly brings the icing on the cake here is Goldustâs bevy of pickup lines - so unbelievably cheesy, that I had a hard time believing that The Undertaker kept a straight face.

Papa Shangoâs Voodoo Magic - 1992


Charles Wright has gone by many ring names in the wrestling world - Sir Charles, Kama Mustafa, The Godfather and perhaps the weirdest of them all, Papa Shango. Armed with a magic skull that billowed smoke, could âcontrolâ the stage lighting and even âcast spellsâ, fans were taken aback by his uncanny acting and stage presence. 

Things took an even weirder turn back in â92 when he faced off against the Ultimate Warrior - one of the most popular wrestlers of the 90s.


During this match, Papa Shango casts a âcurseâ on his opponent, seemingly causing the Warrior immense pain. It all went a little too far, when the curse reached its icky climax - causing the convulsing wrestler to throw up his lunch on the emergency responders.

Love it or hate it, the WWE has been a weird, wacky and often hilarious world through itâs near-40 years. Felt like we missed out on a moment? Share it in the comments!

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