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11 Brilliant Indian Web Series Of This Decade Which Prove That Content Is The Real King

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This last decade, the content in terms of global cinema and the Indian cinema has taken a drastic turn (for good obviously), and proved that while some classic recipes with people dancing, romancing and living with a happy ending is great for the heart to watch, good content is the real king when it comes to some of the best shows. 

The whole scene of shifting from the big screen to the web-series scenario blossomed like crazy in the last three years, courtesy the availability of multiple streaming services. 

Here are 11 incredible Indian web series that mastered the art of serving good content:

Sacred Games

The show needs no introduction and plays a big role in putting Indian content on the global map in a major way. Anurag Kashyap ad Vikramaditya Motwane's brilliant storytelling combined with the stellar acts of Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui ensured that we got a killer show. 


This show came at a point when we were just done with Sacred Games and were looking for a well-made crime drama to binge watch. Imagine an Indian 'desi' version of the Godfather and put the brilliance of Ali Fazal and Pankaj Tripathi at work.

Made In Heaven

This is one show which went down the hearts and minds of Delhiites for the kind of minute details it explored in terms of how the people actually are in some parts of the city. Tara and Karan, two best friends coming from extremely different backgrounds in life, come together to run a wedding planning agency. 

Family Man

Give Manoj Bajpai any script and then trust him to work his charm on it. The series follows a common family man who lives a dual life as a spy as well. The whole struggle of how desperately he tries to manage both his family life and his duality makes it an interesting watch. 

Permanent Roommates

Back in 2014, when Netflix was still something we didn't have here in India and Prime was not there, few shows made waves for good content on good old Youtube. This show is about a couple who, after being in a long distance relationship for over three years, now juggle with the prospects of getting married. 

Bang Baaja Baraat

Another absolutely hilarious show dealing with the 'Tinder' generation and the problems of getting married with two absolutely crazy families to join the drama. YRF has made some really awesome shows and this is one of them. Also you have never seen Ali Fazal getting crazy like in this one, so watch it.

TVF Pitchers

As the name suggests, TVF's production back in 2015 was meant to go viral in a time when web series were still at a nascent stage. This is one show that any and everyone will relate to at an emotional level and the 90's kids will shout 'same' all the time. 

Little Things

Dhruv and Kavya's absolutely relatable and real life couple problems became like a mirror for every urban couple out there when this show was released. Three seasons later, people are still in love with how raw and honest this show is!

Delhi Crime

2019 saw some stellar, power series making their debuts on the digital space and this series, out of them all, chronicled the entire time line of the infamous Delhi gang rape case. The makers used the world of digital media to show something that was important to see and be made. Also, Shefali Shah has done a wonderful job here. 

Bose Dead/Alive

A highly recommended drama, this has Rajkummar Rao playing the titular role and follows the journey of one of the bravest freedom fighters in our country. Watch it to know everything that was skipped in your history books. 


Probably the OG of digital disruption, Mahiway is important and brilliant in many ways. Insanely realistic to a point that it will force you for an intervention and give you a virtual hug for times you have been hard on yourself. Pushti, the lead actor plays the titular role and takes you on a journey of how a woman tries to continue living her life the way she wants in a society, which only pressurises her to do otherwise. 

In case you have more to add to the list, let us know in the comments section below and we'd love to see more recommendations. 

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