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5 Pairs Of Trainers That Should Be A Part Of Every Sneakerhead's Rack

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If there's one fad that has taken the shoe-niverse by storm, it is 'sneakers'. Right from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to the rapper Jay Z, the sneaker fan club is soaring across the globe. And why wouldn't it, these shoes tick all the right boxes – comfort, style and versatility.

Partaking in this trend, most of us claim to be 'sneakerheads', but do we really have what it takes to be one? I'm talking about the right shoes!

Take a look at these 5 pairs of trainers that every sneakerhead should add to his lot. They're right out of Bata's latest collection that spells millennial style & aesthetic like never before. The best part? Bata is rolling out new styles every Friday, making it the perfect time to revamp your shoe-rack. 

Good Ol' White Sneakers – A Must

Bata, Sneakers, AthleisureBata India

This all-time-classic should be in every man's shoe closet. The sharp-looking white pair does a fine job of elevating a casual outfit while adding just the right amount of sophistication. For amateur sneakerheads who don't know where to start, we recommend the low-top white sneakers for casual gatherings and the high top ones for when you want to look relatively sporty.

Plimsoll Trainers  

Bata, Sneakers, AthleisureBata India

When it comes to sneakers, plimsolls are a universal favourite. Bata has a range of functional yet fancy plimsolls that'll make a solid fashion statement everywhere you go – the mall, a brunch or whatever tickles your fancy. The only rule of thumb here is to befriend the no-show socks, as the naked ankle is a style statement in itself. 

Back To Black

Bata, Sneakers, AthleisureBata India

We all know how fashion can get a little unnerving sometimes – a tad bit uncomfortable and high maintenance too. Such times call for the 'black sneaker' card. Every man should have a pair of black sneakers – they're low maintenance, undisputedly dapper, and the ultimate shoe back-up we all need.

Sporty Sneakers For The Win

Bata, Sneakers, AthleisureBata India

If you're someone who appreciates fashion but is driven by comfort, this pair should be on top of your list! Sporty sneakers are sturdy, fuss-free and complete any attire seamlessly – whether it's for a movie, a road-trip or just a walk to the supermarket. 

Slip Ons – A Raging Trend

Bata, Sneakers, AthleisureBata India

Want a comfortably-stylish pair of shoes that go with shorts, chinos, jeans and tracks? Get your hands on a pair of slip-ons already! These no-fuss shoes deserve a place in every shoe-rack. Bata has a versatile range of slip-ons in handy colours like beige, grey and black. 

So men, if shoe-shopping is on your mind, you know where to start!

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