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Man Falls Into Canal While Taking Selfie In Flooded Venice & We're 'Going To Hell For Laughing'

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A hilarious video of a man walking through flooded Venice is doing the rounds on the internet. Well, it is hilarious because the man, totally unaware of the water's depth, falls into the canal while managing to click a selfie. 

Venice was left completely devastated as it faced severe floods recently, and was hit by its highest tide in more than 50 years this month.

Ever since the video was made available on Twitter by a user named StanceGrounded, it has garnered over 4.6 million views and also was retweeted 51,000 times.  

The clip shows a man walking through the heavily flooded area with a selfie stick in his hand to get that perfect shot, while completely forgetting that there is no ground left and falls into the canal.

Check out the video here

Tourist in Venice, Italy ðð¤£

I'm going to hell for laughing ð­

— StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) November 25, 2019

One of the users wrote, “Guess he forgot how Venice got its name City of Canals.” 

Here are some of the reactions:

Yes they have had major flooding but the idiot did not notice the bridge he was looking at to understand that was there for the canal he just walked into! ððððð

— Deb Hodges (@debhodges1413) November 25, 2019

This guy is italian he's always doing pranks like this. Also he's wearing a wet suit. Still funny tho. ð

— ðð¯ (@lavenderhunnyyy) November 26, 2019

Thank you so much. The politics was depressing. I needed a laugh.

Now, back to the politics.

— â«Please, tell the truth or shut up (@neil_mutch) November 26, 2019

Weird how he thought about protecting that phone at all costs.

— OMG I'M NOT A BOT (@Crawley41028176) November 25, 2019

This is heart breaking. This city was one of my favourite. Side note- funny video to brighten spirits ð #Venice

— Angelica ð§ (@hereforthesweet) November 26, 2019

Oh man! That made me laugh....

Then I remembered how polluted that water there was...

The fecal count is probably more than a little toxic.....

— David Douglas (@davedouglas111) November 26, 2019

Tourist in Venice, Italy ðð¤£

I'm going to hell for laughing ð­

— StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) November 25, 2019

Venice was hit by one of the highest tides from the Northern Adriatic Sea which led to flooding after a decade. 

According to IANS, the city was flooded on November 12 this year by a tidal surge of 187cm, which is recorded to be the highest since 1966.

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