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Frustrated With Traffic, Man Powerlifts Maruti Dzire Parked In His Way & We Wish We Could Do It Too

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Good road manners and Indian drivers just don't mix well - just think of your morning commute, where drivers throw caution to the wind and pull off dangerous maneuvers you're more used to seeing in action films. If not risking the lives of others while in their cars, you can rely on them to double-park in the worst spaces, usually leading to traffic jams and a rising average blood pressure figure.

But this man decided that he had enough. 

Faced with yet another botched parking attempt (trying to remain polite here), an XUV300 driver from Punjab found himself jammed in a narrow lane, with a Swift Dzire parked right in his way -  what followed was captured by top cop and Twitter user, Inspector General Arun Bothra.

Buddha said make your own path.

Punjabi : Okay dude

— Arun Bothra (@arunbothra) November 21, 2019

Channelling through what must have been years of being cut off and blocked by rash drivers, this considerable heavyweight mustered the strength to lift and move an entire car out of the way - a feat that left onlookers absolutely shocked. The last time we saw something like this, it was when Sunil Shetty 'lifted' a car back in 1993's Waqt Humara Hai:

All of this is even more insane if you consider the car itself - a previous-gen Swift Dzire. While the current Swift Dzire weighs around 800kg, the old one averages out at an astounding 1,100kg. That's international strength-competition levels of weight.

Naturally, Indian Twitter users went pretty wild on witnessing this miracle of a man.

Sent him to Olympics.
Get get gold in weight lifting.

— Gen.D.A.Dange.(R) ð®ð³ (@GenDADange) November 21, 2019

Others used the (somewhat useless) bystanders to throw shade.

That guy is my office manager.

— Akash (@feddythechamp) November 21, 2019

While others called notice to just how frustrating the parking situation has become in India's metro cities.

This happens all the time , senseless people park their vehicles in such a manner that it obstructs smooth passage of other vehicles , what to do ? They park their vehicles behind your parked car and pull handbrake without caring a bit about inconvenience to you - very bad

— VINAY. KUMAR DELHI (@wadhawan2011) November 21, 2019

Insert: Screen1 (Twitter/Arun Bothra)

Just look at this guy - all he can do after witnessing such greatness is give a thumbs up.

Ever felt like doing this to someone in traffic? Share your road rage with us in the comments!

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