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Mexican Drug Cartel Delivers Chopped Up Body Parts In Bags & It's Like 'Narcos' In Real Life

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And for some hard-hitting, almost too dramatic to be real news, seven plastic bags dumped in Monterrey, Mexico, have been found to contain human remains. How's that for some mid-week meanderings? The bloodstained bags included a severed human head, which were discovered in a neighbourhood, with a message written on a bloody piece of paper.

Mexican Sends Chilling Message In 'Narcos' Style© Vangaurdia

While this might seem quite abnormal and extraordinary to you, this is apparently very common in Mexico. The message was reportedly sent by the Cartel del Noreste (CDN), known to be one of the most powerful and organised drug cartels in Mexico. 

No, I am not narrating an episode from Narcos to you, this really did happen and just the grave details of it will surely send shivers down your spine!

The chilling message written by the Cartel read:

This is a message from the Cartel Noreste. For the f*cking filthy people from the Old School Las Zetas, let it be crystal clear that the CDN does not sell crystal meth.

We are going after you filthy f*cking people.

So, basically, the note was for the old school peeps from Las Zetas, which could be addressed to the former members of the cartel, sending them the remains of what seems like people associated with Las Zetas. The note went on to give a list of names of people behind this and was signed by a gang known as Tropa del Infierno, which in English translates as 'Hell Troop'. This gang is purely composed of hitmen, which is said to be the armed wing of the famous Cartel del Noreste.

"A report was received about bags with human remains. When officers arrived they spotted seven black bags with a head and a back, as well as a poster with a message" - Mario Perez, a spokesperson for the General Prosecution of the State, told the local media.

#NuevoLaredo #Tamaulipas It is being reported that the captured or death of Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez Alias "Huevo" is not true. the events last night were in retaliation to the 6 sicarios killed. #NarcoTerror

— Alper (@AlperN007) November 16, 2019

A local journalist who is an expert in the field of drug trafficking and security, told the media that CDN have a 'manual' instructing their members on how to deal with different government operations that track down offenders and how to evade the arrest of their leaders.

"The armed arm of the Northeast Cartel, The 'Troop of Hell' the most bloodthirsty group of hitmen among all criminal gangs, already has a 'manual' on what to do in case you try to stop their leaders, prepared with based on the experience in Culiacán" -Journalist Juan Alberto Cedillo

The security in the town of Monterrey is on high alert currently, because of the deaths that have occurred and, while the authorities are in search for the Cartel's leader Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, sometimes referred to as 'El Huevo' ('The Egg').

While India has other issues that are gravely dangerous, living in Mexico certainly comes a notch closer to living in a movie or a series based on heavy drug cartels, sex trafficking and death in plenty. It's  almost like living in a Tony Scott movie!

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