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Hindu Seer Wants Cow To Be National Animal As 'Tiger Being National Symbol Is Causing Terrorism'

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Tigers cause terrorism, apparently. Yes, according to a seer, the tiger, being the national animal, has been causing terrorism in the country, or at least is the "reason behind increased terrorism." 

While this is one of the most absurd things ever, people - mainly politicians - have made so many wild claims in the last few months that this doesn't even make it to the top ten.

Hindu Seer Says 'Make Cow The National Animal'Youtube

Coming back to Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji's, of Sri Pejavar Mutt, Udupi, hilarious views on terrorism, and tigers, he thinks that our "national animal being a tiger is the reason for terrorist activities in India," the news reports said.

Can anyone guess what he thinks should be the national animal instead? The winner will get nothing because it's the most obvious answer - a cow!

The reports further said, the seer believes that, if we had "embraced cow, the symbol of love and innocence," no terrorist would be born in India. 

Is anyone surprised that a cow is a part of a wildly absurd claim being made? It's a routine now, and I honestly feel bad for all the cows now for being dragged into these discussions all the time. They probably want to just chill and eat grass, but no, everyone's trying to politicise them.

Hindu Seer Says 'Make Cow The National Animal'Youtube

This absurd claim was made by the seer during the 'Santa Samagam', a congregation of saints in Udupi yesterday, where he also asserted that the Union government should take strict actions and ban cow slaughtering.

Another point he brought up - the purification of river Ganga. Wait, isn't that supposed to be already pure? 

But, that is still not as bad as the claims about tiger, I mean there's no reason to defame them like this. What have tigers ever done to him?

Hindu Seer Says 'Make Cow The National Animal'Youtube

In the end, we should thank him for bringing us our absurd story of the week, even though it's kinda scary how regular this has become. 

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