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Varanasi Youth Develops 'Desi' Iron Man Suit For Indian Army & People Are Having Mixed Reactions

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Taking inspiration from the Iron Man franchise, a part-time employee working at a private university in Varanasi has developed a prototype 'Iron Man' suit to help the Indian Army.

No, we aren't joking!

According to ANI, Shyam Chaurasia from Varanasi said that he has made the suit prototype keeping the Indian army soldiers in mind.

"It is a metal suit designed to help the Indian Army soldiers during their encounters with terrorists and enemies. Currently, it is just a prototype, but it can help the soldiers immensely during the times of the battle,” Chaurasia told ANI.

While, Chaurasia thinks that the Iron-Man suit can help the Indian Army, here's what the internet thinks-

You Vs the Guy she told you not to worry about

— Jitesh Rochlani (@jiteshrochlani) November 19, 2019

If the idea is to kill the enemy by laughter, this might work.

— Ashwin (@ashwin_thm) November 18, 2019

WTH is that? Some villain from Shaktiman??

— #KamleshTiwari #justice4valayarvictims (@GunjanMallik) November 19, 2019

Need any other proof of unemployment and joblessness in India?

— Ashutosh Mishra (@Tweetingchintu) November 19, 2019

Iron man: am I joke to you?

— Ajay J TPN (@bipolardoggo) November 19, 2019

ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð» isko bhejo border pe is suit ke saath ye khud nahi jayega aur bike ka helmet konsi goli rokega ð yeh jarur peene ke baad isko idea aaya hain

— ND_gabbar (@dhi_gabbar) November 19, 2019

— Anand (@couch_batata) November 19, 2019

Bahubali movie dekha tha kya isne.

— Nihar Somani (@nihar_somani) November 19, 2019

While the suit seems to be made of jugaad technology, Chaurasia is determined to seek funds to turn it into a working model.

“I would urge the government agencies like DRDO to take note of this suit and to build upon it to help the soldiers as other countries like Pakistan among others too are working on such models. The cost of a soldier's life is very high, what I have done is just an attempt to bring it in the radar of DRDO and other agencies,” he also said.

What do you think about the desi Iron Man suit? Let us know in the comments below.

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