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The Trailer Of 'Scoob!' Is Here & It's Making All The 90s Kids Very Nostalgic

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It would be fair to assume that almost all of us grew up watching Scooby-Doo and well, we're all about to get very very nostalgic.

The first trailer for Scoob! is here and it was the entire gang as adorable little babies. While the entire trailer is there to make us feel nostalgic, the best part is how Scooby-Doo and Shaggy actually met and became BFFs.

The Trailer Of 'Scoob!' Is Here

Fun fact: Scooby-Doo was named after the Scooby snacks.

It also shows teenaged Shaggy and his best buddy trick-or-treating and meeting Fred, Daphne and Velma, completing the gang.

The Trailer Of 'Scoob!' Is Here

All of them are back to do what they do best - solve mysteries. Moreover, the movie has brought together some great actors to voice these iconic characters. From Zac Efron to Amanda Seyfried to Gina Rodrigez to even Mark Wahlberg, there are very diverse and brilliant actors lending their voices to the main characters.

The Trailer Of 'Scoob!' Is Here

Here's the trailer:

While some people have a few issues with Scoob!, people are mostly very excited about it and can't wait to relive their childhood.

scooby doo will forever be the classic, hell yeah my 18 year old ass will go to the cinema and watch this #SCOOB

— yaffa (@aweyaffa) November 11, 2019

Yep, they look like twins.

Am I the only one seeing this?.. #SCOOB

— ᱬ ððððð ᱬ (@vizwandamaximof) November 8, 2019

The main reason why people are upset.

#SCOOB is missing someone very important. MATTHEW LILLARD.

— Michael Bell (@That6uy) November 11, 2019


My crush on Velma has been awoken once again


— ð¸Bitch-Senpaið¸ (@neetfriek) November 7, 2019

There's criticism.

Yeah, sorry, not feeling the #SCOOB trailer at all. Character designs are great, animation looks decent - but I hate how they've tried to make Scooby actually talk properly in recent years, the voice of Shaggy isn't right, the origin story looks dull and uninteresting...not sold.

— Jim Caddick (@Caddicarus) November 11, 2019

Adorable little babies.

I gotta say, I think Scoob looks exciting! I definitely want to see it! The VA for Shaggy sounds odd but this movie seems really heartwarming, I'm gonna love it haha #SCOOB

— Antoine ð SONIC TRAILER HYPE (@hedgehoglover26) November 11, 2019


I haven't seen anyone point this out from the #SCOOB trailer yet but the bowling center is called "Takamoto Bowling"

Iwao Takamoto is the person who came up with Mystery Incorporated's iconic designs#ScoobyDoo #ScoobMovie

— NegiKitsu (@NegiKitsu) November 11, 2019

It's so cute.

Loved the trailer! Plus, the flashbacks is giving me a Pup Named Scooby-Doo vibes ðð¾ #SCOOB

— Devin (@DevinScott64) November 11, 2019


Did I get a little too emotional while watching the #SCOOB trailer?

— Chibs @ Go watch Fist of the Blue Sapphire (@little_chibs) November 11, 2019

Can't unsee it.

i see it. #Scoob

— jaden _(:3 ã∠)_ (@brxxyshorty) November 8, 2019

I know, right?

don't know how I feel about the voice acting or story yet BUT THE ANIMATION OF THEM AS KIDS IS SO CUTE!! IM CRYING #SCOOB

— â julia called kj apa old â (@areadersworld) November 11, 2019


I'd be okay with this if Fred didn't look like a fucking Chad in the new Scooby Doo movie #Scoob

— Chris Montes (@chrisEmontes) November 7, 2019

Can't unsee that also.

I dunno, is it me or does Shaggy look like a cartoon PewDiePie?#Scoob

— Ben Mills (@Benjanime) November 7, 2019

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