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Men Are Erecting Their Resolve For #NoNutNovember But The Consensus Is It's Going To Be Hard

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NoFap, like the name suggests, involves abstaining from habits such as porn and masturbation for extended periods of time, and if the reports are anything to judge by, it's been changing several lives for the better. Men have been reporting everything from better sleep patterns to healthier sex lives and even recovery from depression. Even actor and bodybuilder Terry Crews, who you may recognise from Brooklyn 99, has publicly shared his own struggle with this recovery, in a video that took over the internet back in 2016.

NoFap practitioners, who commonly call each other 'Fapstronauts', eventually began the #NoNutNovember trend - and over the last few years, this challenge has picked up immensely. Let's take a closer look at how guys have been dealing with it.

There's several men who picked up the challenge for the first time, and shared their thoughts across the first week of the month.

FIRST WEEK OF #nonutnovemeber PASSED!! YES!!! #nofapnovember

— Moathon (@moathon) November 7, 2019

I guess most of the people who follow #NoShaveNovember  is just an excuse to leave their beard long and it doesn't help for a good cause.
Why not try #NoFapNovember and focus and accomplish on your personal growth goals and see the difference?
Just a thought.

— Manju VK (@quality_richest) November 3, 2019

Started #NoFapNovember 3 days early. Day six for me. I took a shower for the first time in 3 weeks and cleaned my room today. Have a strange feeling in the middle of my forehead. Had a dream about God and the 5th dimension. I think i'm gonna make it.

— Lyr â­ (@Fatlittelman) November 4, 2019

As with everything on the internet, there's always another side. Several users feel that #NoFap is excessive, and took to trolling. The sh*tposts came in hard.

#NoFapNovember costs jews millions in lost revenue and decades in cultural subversion progress

— justshitpoasts (@justshitpoasts) November 3, 2019

Jack off or you're a Nazi #NoFapNovember

— Greg (@HarmfulSpeech) November 2, 2019

#NoNutNovember @ #nofapnovember

— Ð¥ÑмÑÑина Hemyrina (@hmpolymath) November 7, 2019

Several men also shared their frustration - after years of porn addiction, withdrawal symptoms are bound to show up.

Nearing the end of day 1 of #NoFapNovember and you look at the ceiling and see dis. #nonutsnovember

— Bröther Pig (@OatsPls) November 2, 2019

When she sends nude
But it's November#nofapnovember

— á´sÊɪsÊ ð®ð³ (@Lone_wolf__18) November 6, 2019

Day 3 of #NoFapNovember everything starts looking like...

— Aye Skee! (@SkeezyDoesIt) November 3, 2019

Fortunately, some longtime abstainers stepped in to provide encouragement and information.

#PornHub awards are shaped like a molecule of seretonin - the hormone that is released when you ejaculate.

They know porn is a psy-op.
They know porn is addictive and destructive.

And they're laughing at you.#NoNutNovember#NoFapNovember

— Lenny Henry Rollins ð¬ð§ (@rollins_hank) November 3, 2019

#NoFapNovember this is Day 7. Typically during days 7-14 there is an increase in the temptation to relapse.
First, this is normal so do not FREAK out.
Second, it is time to Double Down.
Third, be honest and accountable.

— Aaron Walter (@AaronWalter80) November 7, 2019

Will you be taking the challenge up this month?

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