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Anand Mahindra Believes 'Size Doesn't Matter' But It's Not What You're Thinking About

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When someone says 'size doesn't matter', everyone thinks of just one thing, one very NSFW thing.

But, honestly, it can be applied to almost everything and today, people are talking about the size of the brain. 

Apparently, Indians have smaller brains, according to a study. Comparatively, we have smaller brains in terms of height, width, and volume.

Indians have smaller brains, reveals study

The study has revealed that the Indian brain, on an average, is smaller in height, width and volume when compared to Western and other eastern populations

— Times of India (@timesofindia) October 29, 2019

Side note - this is probably the first time I've thought about the height, width, and volume of brains.

I don't know if it's a bad thing, even if it is, we all can only say one thing. It's not like we can make our brains bigger. 

Reacting to this development, Anand Mahindra said what everyone probably thought of after reading the tweet.

This is the most appropriate time to deploy the old response: 'Size doesn't matter..' ð

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) October 31, 2019

Perfect for this, in every way.

Everyone appreciated his joke, of course, and some even gave some scientific reasoning that kind of actually makes sense.

Thank you for this tweet!

— Kratos (@BhartiVive) October 31, 2019

Another good tweet.

Exactly. During one of those good old days when I used to watch discovery channel and NatGeo, I learnt that it is the number of folds in the brain: FISSURES AND GYRI that determine ones IQ and is not entirely dependent on dimensions.

— sindhana Vee (@sindhanavee) October 31, 2019

Yep, can be said about the NSFW thing as well.

More aptly its not what you have but how u use it that makes the difference ð

— Rohan Anand Vats (@acsrav) October 31, 2019

I thought of the cringey 'chhota packet, bada dhamaka'.

Big Surprises come in small Sizes ð

— Fida (@Fida64372315) October 31, 2019

Does this make all of us Einstein?


— Prernað®ð³ (@Prerna1720) October 31, 2019

Well, there's no mention of intelligence in the original tweet.

Those researchers don't understand that intelligence and brain size are different things @anandmahindra sir.

— Sushrut Oza (@sushrut_oza) October 31, 2019

What gift?

— Karthik Subramaniam (@Karthik287) October 31, 2019

I was waiting for someone to mention this.

Oh so that's why the adage “MOTI BUDDHi”.

— jitendra vashani (@jeet36) October 31, 2019

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