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11 Tricks No One Shares About Landing Interviews & Getting Hired That Make All The Difference

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Have you ever spent sleepless nights, tossing and turning in your bed because your mind wouldn't stop working in overdrive, and your heart won't stop racing? No, not over a girl you onetrack dimwit, but because you're finally ready to send out your 'bespoke' resume to the company of your dreams, and the future has you excited and shit scared all at once.

Tricks Of Landing That Interview & Getting Hired© Excel Entertainment

We understand how unnerving these situations can be, and we also realise that job hunting in general isn't the most exciting part of life. However, since most of us find ourselves in the said situation at some point in time anyway, we might as well make it count, right?

So check out these 11 simple, yet foolproof tricks that can ensure that you not only land that interview with your dream company, but also end up taking that job by the end of it.

1. The 'Objective' Tab On Your Resume Is Passé

Tricks Of Landing That Interview & Getting Hired© 157arw

Really, we know it used to be a 'thing' until a couple of years ago, but recruiters and hiring managers are done trying to understand what your plans are. Instead, they want to find out what you will be bringing to the table, and the 'objective' doesn't help your case there.

2. The Cover Letter Is Your First Ticket To The Actual Showdown

While almost all of us were taught about the dos and don'ts of writing a resume, nobody ever bothered to underline how important a cover letter can be. Written in a crisp, well-defined manner and customised for the job - it can earn you a lot of brownie points.

3. Question Your Interviewer & Make It Count

Tricks Of Landing That Interview & Getting Hired© Yash raj Films

We are sure you are already aware and prepared about the 'Do you have any questions for us?' part of your interview, but did you know that the only trick to make that work for you is to ask them unpredictable questions? Move beyond the obvious and show-off your research skills by asking important questions about particular projects or goals.

4. It's Completely Acceptable To Talk About Money

However, that being said, it shouldn't be the first thing you enquire about. If nothing regarding your pay or renumeration has been brought up, feel free to seek the details without any hesitation. 

5. It's No Crime To Have A Two-Page Resume

Tricks Of Landing That Interview & Getting Hired© Flickr

We know that those fancy, one-page resumes are all the rage currently but no one's going to come at you if your CV spills over to a second page. The only trick to decide if you need  another page is by determining if the 'extra' information is important and/or relevant.

6. Rescheduling A Telephonic Interview Due To 'Awkward Timing' Is Completely Okay

Whoever told you “never” to reschedule a telephonic interview, no matter how bad the timing might be is an absolute douche. It is totally possible that they caught you while you're boarding the bus or taking a dump, and the most reasonable thing to do then is to tell them you aren't in a position to talk at the time, and reschedule it according to their availability.

7. Do Away With Showcasing Your 'References'

Tricks Of Landing That Interview & Getting Hired© Mensxp

References come in later in the hiring process, so set it aside until it's time. Besides they'll always ask for it when they need it. Use that space to highlight your abilities instead.

8. Don't Reveal Your Address

This one can really backfire at times, because a lot of times recruiters do turn down applicants from the same state because their commute time is too high. Hide that address we say.

9. Pull Up Your Experience, Education Can Come Next

Tricks Of Landing That Interview & Getting Hired© Mensxp

While it's wise to follow the natural order of things, we suggest that you make this simple change to your resume. Simply move your 'Experience' tab above the 'Education' tab and let the change work its magic. Unless you're a fresher, your last two to three jobs should do the trick for you.

10. All Things 'School' Isn't Cool Anymore

Again, unless you had some major achievements in school, skip all school-related details from your resume. Though it might still work for fresh graduates, the degree weighs in more and would cut through during the interview.

11. Introduce A Detailed 'Qualification' Tab

Tricks Of Landing That Interview & Getting Hired© Pexels

It's a good idea to introduce a 'Qualification' tab on your resume where you highlight your major achievements, skill set, and important experiences. Not only does it work well with the applicant tracking systems with relevant keywords, but also helps appease the recruiter with all the meat laid out at the very beginning.

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